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  1. If only something major occurred during these dates that could explain this away...
  2. 52 weeks a year
  3. Where in Texas?
  4. Except his aversion to contact.
  5. It will be interesting to see if CCL will look to bring in new talent.
  6. Well, after we told him there wasn't room, he eliminated us.
  7. Let try a little logic... If he was so good and a can't miss prospect, why did he not get an offer from Bama? Fact is, he only had 5 SEC offers and ours was for HB (OM,Arky,LSU,MSU,AU). No one knows if he will materialize. So to be so upset over this just seems like an opportunity for you to gripe about the staff you admittedly hate. I wish the kid all the luck in the world and he achieves everything he desires.
  8. Maybe we could get Vennables too
  9. What are the Powerball numbers?
  10. Well, probably a lot. All of our commits have been very raw
  11. Later this week
  12. Johnston eliminated us
  13. Hope it doesn't come back to bite us. Oh well, our LB class is great. Good luck.