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  1. My wife worked at a doctors office while I was at my first school. All the doctors in the area started to do this. It worked really well.
  2. So which would be the best board to watch this meltdown?
  3. #Guiltyaschargedbutcanyoublameme
  4. Pretty much, yes
  5. KMart to me, has the highest ceiling of all our backs.
  6. Why 3? Pettway will be gone, but I expect KJ back as well as KMart, Miller, and Barrett. I can see 2, but to me, 3 is overkill for a position that features 1 maybe 2 players. JMO
  7. He likes skins too Beat me to it, E
  8. I've posted a few links throughout this thread about how the THSCA is handling/dealing with IMG. Some good insight/reads.
  9. Img is eroding HS football. They are not welcome in Texas
  10. There will be a clear cut leader. Sean will be a great back up, but JS will be the starter and the team will be better for it. Sean was by far the best an we had last year. He is not this year.
  11. Shameful
  12. Shep is what reporters used to be. Unbiased and unabashed.