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  1. Give me a DL that charges and rushes like is being suggested and I'll have 400 yards from draws and screens.
  2. Glad you know but to show I'm wrong, please explain how a defense in man coverage is to defend the RB screen,.
  3. It works...until we actually have depth
  4. No worries, we have depth!
  5. Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward... The only position group that can really disrupt a RB screen is the DL, especially if the secondary is in man coverage. But you know...
  6. To be fair, the difference between ACC and SECw is easily 2-3 games a year.
  7. For a team that has really struggled to establish a consistent run game coupled with a simplistic passing game and inconsistent TFr QB it should scare a lot of people. It should be winnable but...
  8. Screens were on the DL, IMO
  9. He is and the call was poor. Looked like he hit the player in the shoulder. There has to be some discretion to the call.
  10. Only by the uninformed. Some of us have been crying for him for years.