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  1. 1a/1b FWIW, It's closer than thought by many. His previous coach is a big pull but he loves AU and the opportunity AU gives. Bicknell is doing a really good job and giving him a lot to listen to.
  2. Truth! This type of info if so fluid that there's no reason to invite the criticism. I learned that after the Evans situation. The info is out there. People just need to know who to listen to and realize nothing is ever 100%
  3. Brother, your journey has been full of peaks and valleys, but your faith and testimony has been inspirational. Thank you for that. We had a little, old refrigerator magnet that somehow made it through 6 Air Force assignments. I saw it every time I opened the fridge growing up. It had a simple saying on it, Man is not stopped by the mountain in front of him, but by the tiny pebble in his shoe. This latest is just another pebble in your shoe. You keep fighting up that mountain! When you're tired and discouraged, let us take our turn to help and, if need be, carry you for a while. If there is anything I can do, or we, as a community, can do for you or the family, just ask. We got y'all! BTW, that magnet still hangs on my parents fridge today. It's cracked and faded, but I still smile every time I see it.
  4. My biggest gripes with Gus have almost always been with player utilization and roster Management and development. Well, that and not having an identity halfway through a season...and bullheaded play calling...and an inability to pivot when plan A is stopped...and
  5. I think Gus isn't willing to compromise the atmosphere he's built for a particular recruit. He has done a tremendous job of recruiting really good players that have the right personality that fits his culture and he's willing to pass on those that might be better that wouldn't necessarily fit. He has certainly missed on more than he's landed as far as the "big time" players go, but he has also passed on a bunch that have become issues and distractions for other programs. His discernment in that area is a plus IMO.
  6. I'd give that honor to ole miss and now UGA
  7. I think Gus is much better than shown publicly. Recruits and their families love him. Could he be better? Sure, but he's not as bad as some think.
  8. Real question...Why is putting America first a bad thing? I get that the world is smaller and much more interconnected than at any time in our history, but shouldn't we want to be placing ourselves first or at least striving to be? That said, the choice to use that image is not surprising from this administration. Forethought isn't and hasn't been a strength.
  9. I really like Gus as the face of the program. He is absolutely what we want/need as a HC with regards to running a program. I hope the addition of Chad and the willingness to relinquish offensive control works like it did at LSU. If that comes together like we hope, then Auburn will annually be in the playoff discussion. If it works, Gus will cement a winning legacy and could possibly go down as one of the best we've had.