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  1. I suggested that exact lineup earlier this spring. I've been high on ZP for what seems like 5 years. You're right. You brought him to our attention a long time ago.
  2. You mean Neiko wasn't the worst corner to ever play at Auburn? IMO, corner is far and away the toughest position to play and one of the easiest to criticize. There are so many little intricacies that go into playing the position that rarely are seen and, even more rare, understood
  3. Isn't that what we have been saying need? If we were to land him, how would you build your lineup?
  4. What's exciting to me about Simpson's naming is that we know Steele and what he expects from his corners. He prefers tight, aggressive man coverage and won't put out a player he doesn't have the utmost confidence in. Knowing that, including Roger, we could potentially have two lock down corners. Having two corners able to live on the island would allow so much flexibility and freedom to do all sorts of things defensively.
  5. 106? Wow, that's crazy! Classy looking lady that I'm sure is a joy to speak with. What a span of time to live through and all the things good and bad she got to see. Thanks for posting.
  6. That stinks for Joey, but having been the springboard for so many back ups and QB coming out parties, I'm okay if his is postponed a week. I think he is uber talented and will be an extremely effective QB and wish him all the success... against others.
  7. I'm not entirely sure on this one. I think MAR might have that one, although there's most likely not much separating them. Your other checked boxes are right on point though. I'm really excited to see him prove the doubters wrong. What I do find interesting is that the "experts", along with other fan bases, have never questioned his size or ability. They have no problem giving Worm respect and the credit he's due.
  8. Rebuilt? yes. Poor? I highly doubt it. Our OL the last two years was flat out bad, pathetically bad. I said it before the end of last year, this OL will be much better. Addition by subtraction both in personnel and coaching. Players tend to take on their coaches personality and this one has a bit of an attitude. Everyone of the starters this year have what we haven't had in 2+ years. The attitude and skill to be maulers. The bad showing in that game, like most of our other losses, was a direct reflection of our OL. No holes to run through, confusion on assignments, and they never once
  9. I think Jones and Johnson are our two guards of the future and both have that Ed King nasty mean streak.
  10. What I think we'll see is that each one of those storylines will have created rather large, personal chips on their shoulders. It's gonna manifest into a group of hungry, doubted, and disrespected men that are just waiting to unleash their anger against UK, announcing what they think of the prognosticators and their opinions. I think we're finally going to see some real power and nastiness across the entirety of the line.
  11. After giving up a FG, we get the ball on the minus 25. With less than 2 minutes left in the 1st half we don't run a dive and then kneel it to run it out. We instead go hurry up, working the entire field. In hitting 4 different receivers we march down the field and score a TD to close out the half.
  12. UK's OL is for real. Ours might be, but no way anyone can say any of them deserve to be on any of the teams
  13. @aubiefifty when you get a chance, try and explain why ICHY facepalmed my post. I'd love your take.
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