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  1. Is it too late to turn just the entire visitor sideline into a ball pit or maybe just the coaches box...besides obviously filling the visitor booth full as well
  2. Like I said if you didn't know either of those were destined to fail after year two, then you either didn't see it or refused to believe it. Very similar to seeing Gus in 2014 and seeing the writing on the wall.
  3. The 2016-17 Clemson, LSU, and UGA games were the worst I've seen..well, there's a UTk, UCF, and USCe game in there too...and some FCS teams too
  4. He should've been left in Baton Rouge in 2017
  5. For sure! I'd like to see Pritchett get some more reps there
  6. Miss you being around as much. Hope things are going well with you. War Eagle, my friend.
  7. Don't sleep on Jernigan or Johnson. I think both will be players
  8. Last 4 years If it takes four to figure it out, then you probably had your answer after two and either didn't see it or just refused to admit it.
  9. So why use that mold to compare when you know we don't fit it.
  10. When the best available OT was Prince Sammons, that tells you why.
  11. One of the most difficult things I had to learn when I first started "watching" film.
  12. Florida 7 years between Urban and Mullen Bama 11 years between Stallings and Saban TAMU 15 years between Slocomb and Jimbo Tennessee 13 years between Fulmer and Heupel Auburn...19 years between Dye and Harsin. 13 years between Tubs and Harsin. We were already the next tennessee with our carousel of coaches, inexplicable losses, lack of identity and late season collapses. Now, it seems, that we're not. It feels like
  13. A section of our fandom would need to find their balls first
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