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  1. Not for some. Just wait til the election nears.
  2. Davis is a winner. Period. Great program and coaching. Milroe is super accurate. Great program and coaching.
  3. I'm not sure which is better, Slate or Vox
  4. Please don't read this as inflammatory or incendiary. I appreciate your POV even if I don't always agree and genuinely would like your opinion. Just like the "grab them by the *****" comment didn't dissuade many Rs from voting for Trump, would this allegation dissuade any Ds from voting for Biden? I think there is a major difference, IF PROVEN FACTUAL, between the two. I'm not saying one way or the other, but If proven factual or even just credible, would that bother you or any of the staunch D's enough not to vote for him? Also, do you think the same scrutiny and outcry is being applied to this allegation as was towards Kavenaugh's allegation or Trump's comment? If not, why isn't it and why not? If not, should the discrepancy itself be an issue? TIA
  5. What I wouldn't give for Hall and Big Kat to turn into them
  6. I'd love to clone a few of them. Good Lord they were fun to watch. Intense and relentless!
  7. For each person in power It's a critical balancing act between stemming public panic and establishing enough of the right protocols to slow the spread. I don't think any expected the magnitude of the virus and it would've been almost impossible to stop any public panic if they had immediately implemented the appropriate measures early on. This is a brand new situation. We've never faced anything like it while this populated, this interconnected, or this capable of travel. From the science to the politics to the finances, there is an obvious learning curve by all involved. I think it's extremely nearsighted to try and pinpoint blame. Unfortunately it's human nature to try and blame anyone else. Rather than spending time trying to blame anyone we should be trying to climb the curve faster. IMO, blame is an exercise in futility and does nothing good except build animosity and appease one's own need to feel better about the situation. JMO.
  8. The utilization of the backs and TE in the passing game alone will open up the offense by making the defense have to defend the entire field. Because of that, the running game will have better leverage and lanes to attack. JMO...
  9. No reason not to if we're running man 90%+ of the time.
  10. Biggest takeaway from this is that we finally have a dedicated "Buck" coach. I've been wanting this forever.
  11. Funny how 1" makes people not question height and therefore ability