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  1. My daughter's take... Ooh who's he? He looks my age.
  2. If I were you, I'd be embarrassed too, dumbass. FYI, synonyms don't necessarily have the same meaning of the words they replace. chastise verb chas·tise | \ (ˌ)cha-ˈstīz \ chastised; chastising Definition of chastise transitive verbal 1: to censure severely : CASTIGATE The coach chastised the players for their mistakes. 2: to inflict punishment on (as by whipping) The fact that you felt "criticized" or "berated" when I said, "you missed one" proves just how insecure you are.
  3. I did set an example. I posted "dumbass" and you continue to show up.
  4. That's where proper footwork, body positioning, and maintaining balance come in. If an OL is off balance then they can't effectively recover from moves as well.
  5. As far as chastising goes, you might want to look up the definition. Using words incorrectly makes you look like a...dumbass. All I said was you forgot one. Maybe if you weren't so sensitive and so obviously feeling inadequate you wouldn't be looking for things that aren't there. Grow up. Time to lose the little man syndrome.
  6. What do you call someone that reports a Mod's post to that mod? Answer: Dumbass Thanks for reinforcing my previous analysis.
  7. You listed 8-5. You have 4 Ls listed Therefore, you're missing one So, who is your 5th loss Dumbass
  8. That's where we differ. I think, if all are used correctly, then Boobee is probably the 3rd or 4th best back. JMO