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  1. 6'3" 175 and will easily add 15 pounds the first college summer. He's a safety, and one we NEED
  2. Not at all. He has the tools, he's just struggling to put them together.
  3. Lynching by sword. Hate crime absolutely and absolutely despicable, but some words have connotations that lend themselves to be more inflammatory than necessary. Lynching is one of those, IMO. When things are consistently said and referred to at level 11, things begin to lose their level of outrage and people begin to become numb to it.
  4. Praying for y'all. Keep us updated.
  5. Well, don't keep it a secret, let your brothers pray for y'all.
  6. It matters who you were listening to. Many of us were saying it.
  7. Didn't just move ahead, but left him standing there holding a clip board
  8. Just messing with you, E
  9. He can't name a starter until Sean is given the chance to compete for the job. Yes, everyone in the world knows it will be one of the two, and most likely which one, but both need the chance. If not it will cause animosity amongst the team. We need to remember how much Sean is loved by his teammates. It needs to appear he is given every opportunity to winbor lose the starting position.
  10. Click
  11. I've been phoning it in for years