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  1. Let's see... criticize, demean, belittle, name-calling, mischaracterizations, and insult? Yeah you can take your kind of decency back to your safe place as you regroup.
  2. Wow. Maybe you do need a break. It seems the stress of differing opinions is a little more than you can handle.
  3. Don't forgot their favorite question, "Who better could we possibly get"?
  4. Dismissal, misrepresentation, and more name calling and disparagement, yet zero refutation. Thanks for playing your roles perfectly, the consistency is admirable
  5. And the left weren't going to? The only difference is the amount of property that would've been destroyed.
  6. Now if he could just replicate any of that success against our other opponents
  7. My issue with Andy is that a play-by-play announcer needs to be able to paint a picture of what's happening so well that a blind person knows exactly what's happening. He fails to do so. It's the simpler things too. It's like he can't visually process what he's seeing fast enough to talk about it. Too often you hear half of a play or players seemingly teleporting to different areas on the field.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/nov/24/republicans-joe-biden-history-congress-president-democrat I think it's imperative that neither side of the aisle is able to secure both chambers with the Presidency. The only things that would come from that would be alienating half the country, eliminating any need for compromise, and a continued erosion of the country's belief in their government.
  9. The way one speaks to another shouldn't be based in anonymity. Maybe it's just me, but I would talk to all of y'all in person in the exact same manner as I do here. I have no doubts and would happily be down to hang out with you. It'd be a good time.
  10. Seriously, in what world would anyone legitimately think Trump would be able to remain even after a loss. No matter what's said, there is no logical way to consider it a possibility and many are still panicked about it. He is gonna be gone in a little over a month. Why feed the hysteria surrounding him. Let him and his battered ego just drift off and out of sight.
  11. Whatever points you try to get across isn't the problem, it's your delivery. The supercilious tone you use towards those with differing views ensures that your message falls on deaf ears. It's not because others don't want to hear your views or are afraid to engage you, it's that most normal people won't settle for be talked down to like you and others customarily do. People around the country have expressed how toxic everything is currently and many feel there isn't a way back. As long as people summarily dismiss the value of other's opinions and ridicule those with views that di
  12. But if you alienate the audience before you can present the substance, then there is no style. Sure it is, just treat or talk to them as you would if they were standing in front of you. People use the guise of politics to justify rudeness and belittlement.
  13. If condescending is such an issue, feel free to use supercilious, assumptive, pretentious, or disdainful in its place.
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