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  1. IMO, TJ has a better arm and a prettier deep ball. Nix has the upper hand due to spring ball, but it's a new O for him too. I'd let them fight it out and prove themselves to the coaches and their teammates.
  2. One of my biggest wants from the portal. This kid can absolutely play.
  3. JMO, I think we need TJ for depth and real, "competitive" competition at QB.
  4. Why anyone of us would fight so hard against something that benefits Auburn is just strange.
  5. Read my first post in the thread to know where I stand on it. https://www.aufamily.com/forums/topic/176561-rod-and-paulas-killer-gets-slap-on-wrist/?do=findComment&comment=3382419
  6. After Hermann many are hesitating so, June?
  7. To me, he's a great play caller and designer. A great OC, but a lot of people here are in a wait and see
  8. Just to clarify. My comment wasn't directed towards you or your terrible opinion on texas high school football. 😁 😉
  9. I don't like the ranking, just the overall hiring of Beamer to SC
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