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  1. Houston would be a good place. Dallas wouldn't be neutral IMO. I'd love AzSt in Dallas.
  2. I wish they would allow the defensive player to have equal rights to the ball. In my experience, DPI is called a majority of the time when both are making plays for the ball. OPI is seldom called...and you certainly can't tell them both have equal rights. They hate that.
  3. O: Horton or NCM D: Dinson or D. Williams
  4. Between administration, teachers, parents, community, and girlfriends it wears.
  5. Others are using rail guns while we are using a blunderbuss
  6. Hahaha did I scoop him or what?
  7. To me, I am thinking he will be playing a different position than those you mentioned.
  8. I have PMd someone already about him possibly being a STAR. I don't think he has the size to be a buck.
  9. A 6'2" 210 lb. LB with speed and coverage skills? Hmmm, where would I have heard of one like that before?