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  1. NC ranks: 81st in effective field goal percentage 74th in three-point percentage 99th in two-point percentage. 6th in adjusted tempo 5th in average possession length 100th 3pt FG defense 184th TO/gm (13) 82nd TO forced 87th steals per game (7.0) 13th Offensive rebounds/gm (13.06)
  2. I believe he has fumbled 3 times in 3 years with zero lost.
  3. Apparently S2H is the new ICHY. @cole256 , first I steal your material and now I've stolen your stalker. 😂
  4. Horace: ...and Sheena was a man.
  5. And rightfully so. A well deserved opportunity to an awesome guy.
  6. Told you, @ellitor. Perfectly predictable in every way. 😂🤣
  7. That's because his last name isn't Kennedy
  8. No need to fret. I've been assured that we have enough walk-ons and long snappers to fill in.