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  1. Well, he's definitely in the right offense for him!
  2. He took an entire 8 hours to make that hire and the results the last two years reaffirmed his effort
  3. Pretty sure this thread has run it's course...
  4. I'll try better to rein in Mikey, 64, and Shabby
  5. Art is enjoying being a "coach" again and not having the pressure and politics of big time sports.
  6. I'm just curious as to why you are now concerned with POTUS getting congressional approval for the same type of attacks.
  7. Isn't it the same Obama used for his 2800 attacks without congressional approval?
  8. That does happen sometimes You can add Minnesota to that group
  9. The problem is those couple of games were Florida and LSU.
  10. I'd say it was easily about 80-90% of the problem. RBs couldn't find a hole and Bo rarely had the time to scan or the pocket to step up in. I've been hypercritical of Gus' predictability, his game plans, and the timing of certain play calls. However, this year there was a lot less of those criticisms. I actually agree with him this year that most of the issues were due to player execution and to me, that was mostly due to the very poor OL play and inconsistencies