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  1. Is it to late to retract my previous statement?
  2. bigbird

    2019 3* CB Nehemiah Pritchett

    Give or take...
  3. bigbird

    2019 4* PF Jaylin Williams

    Wish we could recruit a 6'9 265-280 lb PF that could play that intimidator/enforcer role.
  4. I say we let Grimes continue to prove his recruiting prowess.
  5. bigbird

    IMG discussion thread

    Just Google THSCA and IMG
  6. bigbird

    IMG discussion thread

    It depends on if it's a legit transfer. If it was a bad transfer, I would absolutely fault them. Many schools are turned in each year for bad transfers. We were turned in a few years ago because a stud transferred in to live with his aunt because both his parents were in jail. It was ruled a good transfer, but he didn't get to play the first 3 games until it was ruled on.