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  1. Brendan Gant

    Ansley leaving for Oakland didn't help and in fact has been sited by a few recruits as a factor in their pending decisions
  2. Brendan Gant

    Decommitted from bama. @ellitor is there any hope it is it a matter of time before FSU snags him?
  3. Harold Morrow

    I agree he did, but like you said, he was never really given the opportunity
  4. Harold Morrow

    It's been a while since we've had a back that has that break away speed. I'm excited about Shivers' potential.
  5. Who replaces KJ at wildcat

    It is too predictable. If we gave it on the speed sweep every once in a while or maybe a boot action pass then it would be more effective. As is, it is fake the sweep power right.
  6. Site rerouting 2 pop up advertising.

    All of those popped up multiple times while I tried to paste them in the message. It took me 15 minutes to copy and paste.
  7. Site rerouting 2 pop up advertising.
  8. Site rerouting 2 pop up advertising. @RunInRed, is there anyway, besides blocking each URL, to eliminate theses types of ads?
  9. 2019 4* S/WR Jashawn Sheffield

    @ellitor, correct me if I'm wrong, but he is being looked at strictly at Safety for us, right?
  10. Gus is an average coach

    A phrase I use all the time when one of the kids come up with some reason why they couldn't or didn't do find a way, losers find an excuse.
  11. #24

    I think he will be a good one in the same type of mold as those
  12. #24

    From the late 80's till now, Kenny was/is my favorite RB by far. He ran with pure ferocity and hit the hole harder than any other we've had.
  13. Gus is an average coach

    The choke job was at LSU
  14. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    And the NCAA overwatch protection plan.
  15. Gus is an average coach

    I agree completely. We always talk about the OL, which receivers will step up, how the RB will be, if we will utilize a TE, can we throw intermediately, as well as all the QB talk. Defensively, it always seems we have a plan for continuing continuity As well as who is ready to take the next step. The defensive players seem to be experienced and really subscribe to the "next man up" thought process. Offensively it seems we always struggle if plan A is a bust.