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  1. Avg 4+ losses a year for 8 years. Fact. Not our coach or problem anymore. Fact. Gus sure occupies a lot of mental space for some of you.
  2. Absolutely, the same for conservatives and Trumpers. Too often people try to force others into their preconceived boxes. It confuses a lot being able to hold views across the spectrum
  3. Not trying to be disrespectful with this, just seeking a little context, but how old are you?
  4. https://deadline.com/2021/07/bill-maher-tokyo-olympics-cancel-culture-1234807039/
  5. I know I did, I defended him until I couldn't any more (2015-16). The problems were too glaring. For me, it was the UGA games in 2015-16, the '16-'17 Clemson, the LSU debacle in 2017, and the worst was the UGA 2017 SECCG. Inexcusable and inexplicable performances
  6. Being able to separate business and personal is imperative. Gus was a good man. Gus struggled to coach with any level of consistency at AU. Both statements are true.
  7. Think about it before you accept. Many vocal about the deficiencies in Gus' coaching abilities really liked how he represented and ran the program and said so on multiple occasions. On the other hand, the few that supported Gus to the end...and beyond, chose to ignore the deficiencies in his coaching and therefore rarely, if ever, criticized him or his abilities. A lot were turned off by the good man and ambassador for Auburn that ran a clean program over the last few years that they have chosen not to return as well. Apathy is hard to shake.
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