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  1. bigbird

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    It'd be nice if it were an OT, but I won't complain about any OL right now
  2. bigbird

    The anti-bash Gus Thread

    His '09 offense was my favorite that he has run. Running game was dynamic and unpredictable and the passing game, like you said, was all over the field. I remember whenever we we're trailing thinking that it doesn't matter 'cause we're gonna score a few more times. I never felt like we were out of any game. Oh yeah, can you please tell me why in the 9 years since we have not run a single pump-and-go like we did with TZach?
  3. bigbird

    Bama trolls

    Was he a starter?
  4. bigbird

    The anti-bash Gus Thread

    For the most part I'm a Gus fan too, but there are some aspects of his program that are just maddening. Sadly, he didn't start exhibiting those till he became the HC. I loved him as our OC. He was fearless. His offense was creative and dynamic. The best part to me was his play calling was always taking advantage of what the D was giving. To me, he has lost or buried those characteristics. Which is led me to my two biggest gripes. The lack of creative/aggressive play calls and his player utilization.
  5. bigbird

    QB & WR development?

    Yeah, just ask them to read the DB and run an option route. They'd probably start looking for someone to block.
  6. bigbird

    QB & WR development?

    100% agree.
  7. bigbird

    QB & WR development?

    I got crucified when I said SW and Baker were similar. I'm still contend they was just a lot more talented. They were still from the same mold though
  8. bigbird

    Nate Craig-Myers

    Ricardo Louis 50/50
  9. bigbird

    QB & WR development?

    Nah, I'm
  10. bigbird

    QB & WR development?

    The way SW glided around the pocket always keeping his eyes down field was so nice to see.
  11. bigbird

    QB & WR development?

    Can I pulls Viper in this one?
  12. bigbird

    Nate Craig-Myers

    That's just wrong. He routinely was singled out by multiple coaches about how good of a blocker he was. He was always the guy cracking the LB to seal the edges for the outside runs or to pick off the backers that sprung RD and got him all his yards. He was a tireless blocker. Saying he wasn't is just an attempt to propt up a weak argument with bad/imagined facts. And yes, he was given opportunities in practice. Guess what? He started for two years, so I guess he took advantage of those.
  13. bigbird

    Will Stidham Return for 2019 Season?

    No matter though, the majority of the time the end is left unblocked as the read
  14. bigbird

    Will Stidham Return for 2019 Season?

    When it was new, it stressed defenses like the triple option did and was very effective. Remember in the 2000s when Rich Rod, Pat White, and WV were running around making everyone look silly? Since then, defensive coordinators have figured it out. Rather than sitting back and taking the QB or crashing the heel line for the dive, DEs are now tough to attack the mesh point. In doing this, they force the play and essentially take both options away.
  15. bigbird

    Jalen, Nate And JM gone now.

    I'm sorry, but that makes no sense. He can get separation and get targets on scripted plays but not others?