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  1. You know, I don't remember much about those games. 🤔
  2. Derek Hall, you continue to work hard. It shows and I appreciate it. Great game and War Eagle!
  3. HALO with a rucksack instead of a chute...
  4. 2016 UGA, for me...but this is sure close
  5. I'd go with Strychnine...
  6. The MSU 3-2 game or this 17-14 embarrassment
  7. Don't let him make it to the locker room.
  8. No, but he's withdrawn his name from consideration already
  9. Absolutely right. Only way I'd want him back is as a DC or LB coach
  10. Don't let him kid you. He defended Gus' ferociously up until the day it was announced he was fired. Then and only then did he change his tune to, "His time played out and we needed a change." It was also said, when Gus was HC, he would defend our current head coach no matter while he was our HC. (Seems like he forgot that and still only defends Gus'...while he coaches at another school...while simultaneously tearing down our current HC) He's a master of moving goalpost, playing semantics, and shifting focus. Hold him and his hypocrisy accountable.
  11. Staring at gnats, yep nailed it. Congratulations!
  12. Again, What's best for Auburn is for CBH to be ultra successful. If he finds a way to turn this season and recruiting around, then that's freaking awesome! That means AUBURN is winning and has found some semblance of stability. Will it happen? I believe last Saturday showed it won't...BUT I SURE HOPE TO HELL HE DOES! Auburn's success should be all that matters. Adjust feathers, straightens neck, stands tall...ok, ready to have my words twisted. Y'all may now proceed...
  13. And has the personality that Auburn fans typically like.
  14. Interesting you found it insulting. I thought it very factually based and truthful. Then again, two things can be right at once. As I've learned in life; Anyone that has to explain why they won something, already knows what everyone else already knew. Maybe one day you'll choose Auburn over your feelings towards her personnel.
  15. Nope, not me. He can be Grime's DC and that's it! Nope Golf said Pittman is a panocha
  16. I've heard there is interest by both parties, TIFWIW.
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