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  1. Oh goody, a player specific role and plays! Yep, that should work out nicely.
  2. Derek Stingley should have and it really shouldn't have been close.
  3. Like others, I didn't agree with her politically but I respect the position and the fervor in which she held it with. I hope she passed quickly and painlessly. I also hope that another justice isn't forced through. If they want one, campaign on it and let the people choose which direction they want it to go.
  4. Its not pretending. It's attempt to be better than the fray. Do I always? No, but I always try to. I'm glad it's been noticed.
  5. Do you not understand the difference between a personal attack vs an attack against one's actions? I've never attacked Homer personally.
  6. Only ignorant to those that are intentionally blind to it. It should be easy to prove. In fact, here you go... https://www.aufamily.com/forums/search/?&q=Www&type=forums_topic&author=bigbird&nodes=122&search_and_or=or
  7. That's rich. So you've never made a comment that wasn't on topic? Or ever made a "needlessly and counterproductively aggressive" comment. Let me know when you want to dismount and I'll gett you a ladder to climb down on. I don't hate Homer. In fact I respect him greatly. I don't agree with him, but that doesn't affect the way I think of him personally.
  8. I have on many occasions called out Trump and his actions. I've never seen you say an ill word towards any left leaning persona. The articles I've, on rare occasions, posted are only anti-biden to those that read them that way. The majority of articles I've posted in the past have been arguing against the unconstitutional articles of impeachment. They are only read politically by those that don't agree with the facts layed out in them.
  9. Again, I wasn't responding to the topic. I was responding to Grumps' comment. My comment was relevant to what it was posted for. It what way am I wrong? Or do you really think Homer et. al would post 27 articles a day attacking his preferred candidate
  10. Because neither side acknowledges much of their own hypocrisy. If HRC had won, and the "Russians helped", then the left wouldn't be saying s*** about it. In Fact, they'd be arguing that the right was just sour over the loss. Just like the right has done for four years. As far as how it relates to your thought of Trump being Putin's preferred candidate, its not relevant. It's relevant to the post I quoted.
  11. In the 2016 primaries, a lot saw Trump as the only candidate that could beat HRC and so he won the nomination. Similarly, Biden won this year's election for the same reason. He was the only candidate that many perceived as capable of beating Trump. Both elections and candidates reached their position because the majority were/are concerned about winning rather than any policy or compromise. Seriously, I can't think of any policy being discussed to try and sway any electorate. It's all about, I'm not the other guy. It has become a win at all cost ground hog day As far as the allegations g
  12. Depth in the secondary is a concern both in numbers and experience
  13. We were affected very similarly. We had the opportunity to really reconnect as a family and took full advantage of it. In a way, I really enjoyed the lockdown and the time we got to grow and evolve as a family. Even though we once played monopoly for 4+ hours, we had some really good times during it...I considered that an outlier.
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