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  1. There was a TAMU family with young kids in front of us. The little girl, about 5 or 6, was screaming and flexing every basket, it was great to see. Afterwards, the dad said, we'll take it, but man I've never seen a game called like that.
  2. It was unbelievable how many fouls were never replayed. It really became laughable.
  3. 9/14 31/39 Even TAMU fans around us were starting to question calls. It was maddening. TAMU fans are always gracious and friendly. Most see the similarities between AU/UA and TAMU/UTx and sympathize and commiserate. Tough loss but the memories he and I made will forever be awesome!
  4. I say the same every morning...
  5. Written across my chest... Just wait for it!
  6. You don't have to remind us...We're from Texas! Also...Mmmmmmmmm
  7. Just sat down for a pregame steak at Sodalaks.
  8. Awesome! Keep us posted on them, please
  9. Exactly what I was trying to say. We haven't had an alpha floor general since Harper, IMO.
  10. Been talking to the Mrs, Huh? 😂
  11. College Station was 6A minus one for a while
  12. This class is gonna be the program defining foundation for championship runs
  13. That is beyond wrong and needs to stop being pushed
  14. Sure was. They split the previous 1A and bumped everyone up a level. I always thought they messed the realignment up, especially at the 3A - 5A sizes
  15. Didn't say that. Steele is a professional though, he wouldn't let it affect his job.
  16. Shooting and final shot aside, we lost this game due to heart and hustle. Every long rebound, every loose ball, every hustle play to be made, was made by UTx. There are things a team can do if they're not shooting well. Drive to the basket, force the rotations, make them chase the ball, force the action. We didn't accomplish any of them. There is no reason that sloppy Serb should've been available late in the game. We played soft and we played scared...besides Broome and even he was letting himself get pushed of the block creating hard angles for the entry pass and congestion in the midrange, clogging up the lanes Another thing, we'd routinely pass on the difficult shots and instead pass out to the impossible shot...which we'd inevitably take. KD needs to backup Westry on the bench. Our shot selection was embarrassing. Our rebounding efforts were embarrassing Yes, it was a foul on the last play but so what? That wouldn't hide the glaring deficiencies we have right now and it certainly didn't cost us the game.
  17. FTR, Steele had little to nothing to do with the coup attempt besides being named Kevin Steele
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