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  1. I can't really think of a winning combination from those running. I think Brad is right about the Biden/Klobuchar ticket being the best bet as well as not building the necessary excitement. If they were smart or smarter, they'd prop up Amy and try to position her with a centrist like sinema or a conservative like Murkowski
  2. Is there any history of junior senators rising up against Nancy?
  3. I find a lot of the things you say quite deep
  4. Interesting you found that comment incendiary or provocative in any way.
  5. I agree for the most part. The way it was handled reeks of pettiness. On the other hand, choices have consequences.
  6. Interesting to see who agreed and who pushed back against the article
  7. Not all the time, but a lot of the time things you hear and see are really inexplicable.
  8. And that's a VERY gentle way to describe his efforts and his results.
  9. Oh come on, ICHY! You know that was a good one.
  10. Compared to you, there's not much difference
  11. I'm sure their will be vas deffering opinions
  13. I don't like Nancy, but one thing is for sure, she absolutely knows before any decision what the outcome will be. She is extremely calculating and perceptive to the prevailing winds. She knew it was a pitfall but caved anyway
  14. What's sad is she resisted and opposed impeachment, saying it was a mistake. She got bullied into it by the extreme junior senators.
  15. That's how I'm feeling too. The turnouts at Trump's Rally's and the numbers showing up to vote for an already decided primary can't be ignored
  16. Besides his scoring and rebounding, Wiley was absolutely huge in this game. His back picks and shielding opened up so many drives for Samir and J'von. I wish we could make an entry pass early in the clock. I think he would be able to make the pass out of the post when the double team came. I think we are at our best playing inside out when we are drifting and cutting. We were 7-31 from 3. That's almost 23%...that's terrible! We have to either be able to shoot better or be willing to pass up the 3 for a higher pct shot. They are just wasted possessions that allow our opponents to stay in games. I don't know what I would wish for more, that Bruce would hire a shooting coach similar to Chip Engelland or a coach that can teach our bigs some low-post offensive skill. Probably the shooting coach...
  17. Would be proud to... albeit crying my eyes out. You're one of a kind, 3rd!