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  1. Why does this keep moving to the smack forum? I posted it on the regular forum to discuss it without the constant whataboutism. If a Mod has an issue with a post, then address the poster. There is no reason to have moved it here.
  2. https://nypost.com/2022/04/23/joe-biden-met-with-hunter-biden-business-partner-at-the-white-house/
  3. I like Jernigan and Johnson. They both have the attitude you want on OL. I think Jernigan will be our future Center
  4. And Langlo, Jernigan, and Johnson. We have a core of younger guys that could be good. The recruitment of the super seniors allowed us an extra year to develope those younger guys more fully. If not, we'd have a line full of TFr, RFR, and Sophomores with little to no depth backing them up
  5. At this point I'd have to say downgrade, but a whole lot too soon to tell, IMO I loved Eason's experience and relatability. He knew what it took to be a pro, but more importantly, stay a pro. Jimmy hasn't necessarily had the same successes as Eason, but he seems to be a bit renewed here and the players and recruits seem to be responding to that.
  6. We talked a year or two ago about the potential rebound effect of the lurch to the left. I think we're seeing some effects of that a bit more often now.
  7. I hope Jimmy shuts a lot of doubters down.
  8. Obviously CBH is too soft allowing these players to return. His wishy washy stance on the portal is a weakness that we don't need at Auburn. It has to be impossible for the players to find steady footing. We need a coach that cares more about his players! -24
  9. I believe Coach Roc is going to surprise a bunch of people and be really good.
  10. He absolutely is a gamer. Shines bright under those lights
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