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  1. Agree with those that are not sure Gus has really learned his lesson after the LSU game . I will be on nerve medicine during aTm, Ga., And of course Bama just waiting for the same thing to happen. Of course I will also be very happy if we get big leads against those teams for him to NOT make the same blunder.
  2. Burns not going in top 2 rounds really cuts the signing bonus. His Dad went through the trials of minor league ball and didn't fair well. I believe he will want Tanner to get some education and the coaching up he will get from CBT will make Dad happy.
  3. We are in that boat together Mikey
  4. He pitched Thursday and this Tuesday. Close enough to 5 days in total hrs
  5. I would certainly hope that Keegan can go on what I consider 5 days rest and go at least 6 innings, if not his draft stock will drop(IMO). Yes he has had problems but the scouts will know all that and again it will hurt his draft status. Mize should be ready or there are more problems there than is being made public.
  6. I am certainly not a college,or High School coach for that matter, but have several years of coaching baseball up to 18 year olds and many years of watching and learning. In my humble opinion if I am fielding a team I am going for the win. I might have a plan to use both aces in the game but if my starter is pitching well at a certain pitch count and shutting the other team down,I just don't believe I could make myself pull him and run the risk. It ain't softball where I can reinsert him.
  7. Anyway just ordered my tiks for tomorrow ,hope Keegan does start but last game I managed to go to that he started didn't turn out good. A Day 2015, he left game after 2 innings with arm trouble that was the beginning of his troubles before finally having surgery.
  8. Absolutely agree , from Thursday to Tuesday game time is actually 5 days and if any starting pitcher can't do that in a college season, he will for sure not survive a pro season.
  9. Did see that article today. I guess old age is my problem because I thought Keegan started the first game on Thursday not the Friday game.
  10. Would figure so but with Mize not pitching this weekend and if he is ready not sure which way Coach will go. We live in Cullman, Keegan's hometown, so really want to go if he starts.
  11. Has anyone heard announcement of starting pitcher for Tuesday against Ol Miss? Keegan or Daniel?
  12. Rule on Touching Home Plate

    If player entered dugout she could not come back. I do know there use to be something about coaches touching players to assist them but not sure on that.
  13. Looking on to 2017 (Merged)

    How do I find sarcasm emoji? Cause I sure meant it on my CTT comment. 😂😂😂😂
  14. Looking on to 2017 (Merged)

    Maybe by the time CTT has had a year of rest he will come back.
  15. Calling 2 Timeouts To Score the Last TD

    He should have been using better time management before then. The 3rd string QB was moving the team and had finally completed a long pass so yes he should have tried to score. Come on people you can never put players on a field and hog tie them to keep them from scoring.