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  1. Duder

    ***Music City Bowl — Game Thread***

    I honestly have no idea what is happening. Is this Auburn?
  2. Duder

    Oregon - 1st game of 2019 season

    K-State and UW are the only notable attempts...
  3. $40 each, $70 for pair. Both authentic
  4. Any of this still around?
  5. When I divorced my ex, I considered replacing her with Kate Upton. I didn't have a chance either.
  6. Duder

    Auburn Memorabilia

    I have some gloves, prints, mini helmets, etc. Nothing I'd say unique
  7. Duder

    Weight Lifting-Workouts

    I'm super-late to the party but I've been hitting a Gym Jones-style workout for a bit now and love it. For those that don't recognize the gym, they are the folks responsible for the actors in 300 as well as the new Superman. It is CrossFit-style in as much as most of the workouts are based around the oly lifts which also incorporate cardio into it but they are more paced than CrossFit. The goal isn't to hit the gym as quick and hard as you can, throw up and go home. I can post some recent ones if any of you guys are still interested.
  8. Several pieces for sale. Gus Malzahn footballs, Bo Jackson jerseys, mini helmets, full size helmets. You want it, I probably have it!
  9. I promise you DIRECTV will carry the channel. I worked in corporate when we negotiated with Big 10 and they did the same thing--dragged their feet to try and keep the cost per sub as low as possible. The truth is , both entities need the other.
  10. Duder

    Retire Lutz Number

    I think it would be a better tribute to Phil to have people earn the number.
  11. Two Bama killers, one public appearance. 2010 Iron Bowl hero Phil Lutzenkirchen will join 2013 hero Chris Davis at Parkway Place Mall on Saturday the 15th. Chris Davis $39/signature w/ one free inscription 1-3p Lutzenkirchen $25/signature w/ one free inscription 3:30-4:30p
  12. Duder

    Lutz Meet & Greet in Huntsville

    I forgot to add, no fees for signatures
  13. Lutz will be in Huntsville next Wednesday from 5-8 at Status, a clothing store owned by former Auburn center Cole Cubelic. Lutz will be around signing autographs, taking pics, etc. Go check out the store and meet Lutz. Two former Auburn men would love to see you.