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  1. Here's the thing, Cam can make whatever decision about the vaccine he wants. But at the end of the day all of our actions, both positive and negative, have consequences. You have to be willing to accept that.
  2. Yep. Cam looked better this preseason than he did all last year. He gave a talented kid a golden opportunity. My gut says Belichick decided to go with Mac because of performance/COVID combo. It won't be the last time Cam has to quarantine. He likely gave him the option of being a backup or being released to give himself a shot elsewhere
  3. Meh. Felt empty. Tre Smith is a great one but they shouldn't have been able to run that well with the talent that should be on defense. Offensive woes didn't help that either. Bo is still average.
  4. Hip pointer. Not a severe injury but painful as all hell
  5. *you're When attempting to insult someone's intelligence never make that mistake. Auburn should have lost this game. Full stop. We were trailing when a blown call took an additional touchdown off the board for Ole Miss.
  6. Auburn didn't play well enough to win AND got helped by the refs. Ticky tack but still holding. Worm muffed the kick. Auburn should've been down 8 on an eventual final possession
  7. Bo is not nearly as talented as Stidham. Bo has potential but from what I've seen so far, he's not progressed from last year. OL isn't helping him any but throwing accuracy, bailing on plays too early and hoping he's still the best athlete on the field like his high school days remains the same.
  8. Weather forecasts are available 10 days I'm advance. Plan accordingly. The kids are trying their hardest. They dont call the plays.
  9. Try to justify it all you want--half an empty stadium for a primetime SEC game, the first we could bring recruits to in a month, is a bad look. If you didnt know it was going to be cold, you're an idiot. The appointments you had on Sunday already existed when you entered the stadium. Jesus didnt send you a snap and ask you for a church date at halftime. If that had been LSU, they stay. I get people are giving up on the coaching staff. That isn't how it looks and feels to the kids breaking their backs. When Derrick Brown is trying to hype the crowd on the final 4th and 2 and th
  10. I honestly have no idea what is happening. Is this Auburn?
  11. $40 each, $70 for pair. Both authentic
  12. When I divorced my ex, I considered replacing her with Kate Upton. I didn't have a chance either.
  13. I have some gloves, prints, mini helmets, etc. Nothing I'd say unique
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