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  1. AGW/Climate change in my opinion is caused by a variety of things…most of which are naturally occurring (polar shift due to electromagnetic change resulting in axis change) combined with man made pollution. Sinking economic growth is ill advised and only helps the rich.
  2. Dismissing is easy. It requires nothing. I see what he’s speaking of but the freedom to speak is still prevalent at AU. At least in my experience. Can’t speak for everything out there…..
  3. Five officers charged with 2nd degree murder. https://amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2023/jan/26/tyre-nichols-five-ex-police-officers-custody
  4. Better add in Allied Health/EMS to that statement. It’s a real burden on medics around the country.
  5. I won’t bash the IRS but I will point out the horrible tax code created by the Congress of the United States.
  6. Poverty Rate by State 2023 (worldpopulationreview.com) A look at overall poverty rates in the United States. Familiar faces.
  7. I’m glad ADEM requested the help of the EPA on this issue. This landfill has a track record of breaking the law and I hope this will begin the process of cleaning up the facility.
  8. Democrats have been known to make similar votes so please fire at will. Just wait until the PFAS suits start coming in. Military, Fire Departments, Airports and DuPont/3M will all be getting a call from Morgan and Morgan.
  9. At least they died (I believe) fighting for what they either believed or were paid well to believe. Mercenaries exist.
  10. I wish for common sense, do what’s best for the populace ideology. Seems foreign.
  11. I’m not into labeling entire parties as racist. Democrat or Republican. I think both have tainted members.
  12. Not going to paint with a broad brush here. If I did I’d say both well to do liberals and conservatives share the same beliefs….just from a different angle. I’ve seen it myself with my own eyes.
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