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  1. Beaten by the better pitcher/team tonight. Regardless of what some think. Like I've said before our lack of hitting will send us home....or keep us here.
  2. Both sides have are often blinded to that fact it seems when it comes to Democrats. Nothing abnormal about it....just the facts.
  3. I doubt we "really" know what normal adminitiations do. Trump is just so arogant that we see his flaws and transgressions out in the open.
  4. Oklahoma heads to Auburn for a Super Rematch Showdown.... Imagine the softball hype surrounding this possible match up! It would be worth tailgating for! lol
  5. I believe both parties are led by undercurrents and backroom cronies. Regardless of what we "see" they are both bought and paid for by the establishment puppet masters behind the curtain. I supported and still support Gov. Kasich because he MAKES SENSE! He has experience and I believe his heart is in the right place. Unfortunately that is no longer a way to the White House. Emotions and money are. Personally I hate the two party disaster but I know a good man/woman in leadership when I see opinion of course. God Save the Republic.
  6. Not when he had a super majority. My opinion.
  7. I'll be shocked if we make it back to Oklahoma City. We just don't have the bats this season in my opinion. Either way it's been a great run so far.
  8. Go find an elephant to ride.
  9. Oh well...that was our best shot at a comeback. Live, learn and move on. War Eagle!
  10. Come on, ladies. Overcome.
  11. I hate them and the league. I know most people may disagree but I feel that the SEC is a freaking wasteland for Auburn. But we're not going anywhere so we have to fight through it.
  12. This seasons momentum hit the wall last weekend. We all know how momentum works regardless of how old you are. We need a win and some positives.
  13. I expected this to happen. Our Tigers are lost in the head. They need some positives or this season will end with a thud. Come on, Fellas!