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  1. Out of the ashes rises...AU Softball. And quickly. Nice hire for sure.
  2. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    41-6 Auburn.
  3. Byron Cowart

    Kiffin's number just popped up on B.C.'s phone.
  4. Byron Cowart

    Considering he played on the 2nd best defense in the nation shows CGM had little to do with his decision. Wake up.
  5. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    Our fan base has been relegated to bipolar schizophrenia.
  6. Gus sent a 'message' yesterday

    We should have played Barrett and Martin at least 10 carries each. All Gus is doing is sealing his own fate.
  7. Mercer Game Report Card

    I just wish we ran our offense like Clemson runs our offense...............
  8. New AU Softball Head Coach announced

    I'm fired up about the hire of Coach Dean. He's exactly what we need to keep the program moving forward. Kinda shocked but let's face is AU.
  9. FWIW.

    I have this weird feeling that Miami will be a hurdle in the ACC Championship. And..following Clemson as my second team you can never ever overlook an NC State or Ga Tech. Always a problem for Clemson.
  10. Bad loss for AU but...

    I'm taking this game by game. Gus has burned me too many times.
  11. How Washington Made Harvey Worse

    I was a part of the response to Katrina and Deepwater Horizon and I'm here to say that our govt. sucks at full filling it's promises. Someone is always behind the curtain.
  12. Pettway vs. Clemson

    I believe we win this game because we divert from some tendencies in the first half and burry them in the second with a power run game and play action. Clemson hasn't handled big backs well in recent years but we have to be balanced. KP has 124 yards on 26 carries.
  13. Hurricane Irma - Clemson game

    The frontal boundary sweeping across the nation mid-week could be a good/bad thing depending on where this storm is at that time. Drier air will help as well but the steering could drive it right into the Carolinas.
  14. Auburn vs. Clemson score prediction

    Clemson has historically had a tough time with big, physical backs. Even the last three years. Auburns ready and hungry and will wear Clemson down. Both sides of the ball. Auburn 31 Clemson 20
  15. Georgia Southern Game Report Card

    I think we will be fine. I seem to remember a certain kid wearing #2 who looked pedestrian until the 4th game a few years ago.