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  1. Moore or Strange?

    I think Moore will lose and it will rock the political landscape. We will see....
  2. Score Prediction- ULM

  3. Norfolk State- Season Opener

    Winning with improvement can fix a lot of those issues.
  4. Living in Georgia

    I'm a native South Carolinian and I can't wait to drive up I-85 for Thanksgiving from the Plains. War Damn Eagle baby!
  5. Pearl's Job in Jeopardy

    AU Basketball is in real trouble (not much of a shock I know) for many years to come because of this mess. Chuck Person has destroyed everything.
  6. I wish we would play McLain in the TE spot

    Most would think that this game and the Iron Bowl would be great opportunities to throw some different personnel groups. Most being the key word.
  7. Could it be that both parties are doomed?

    It's not's a look at a reasonable feeling in American politics. Personally I hope it does roast both parties. They deserve it.
  8. Texas Church Shooting- Over 20 Casualties

    He's not alone. There will be more...the country has lost it's moral compass and the future is grim. Keep yourself protected and make sure to pay close attention to what's going on around you.
  9. Texas Church Shooting- Over 20 Casualties

    At the end of the day an evil minded idiot decided to act selfishly and take the lives of others. No gun control law will stop that. Go ahead and try won't make a difference. People these days are bent on this crap and it will continue no matter what people do or what law is passed. The wild wild west is back. Sickening.
  10. what are the keys to beating Georgia?

    I like the match up for this one. thUGA will get smacked in the mouth a bit in this game and it will be interesting to see how they respond. The key is as simple as many have said so far: control their run game, pressure on passing downs and throw the ball. If we can do these things it will be a big day on the Plains. We CAN win this game! I believe it.
  11. I agree 100% with this ^^^^^ statement.
  12. WH in full deflection mode

    He's a horrible CIC.
  13. May as well go ahead and try Trump and Hillary. Both deserve jail time......... We are looking more and more like South Korea every day. I was stationed there when they impeached their president and threw him into jail in 1993. They've had several other incidents since then. It's time for some new blood. The old guard is despicable.
  14. Lost Spirit for AU

    October 23rd, 2017 Auburn University, AL It's a Monday following a big win v/s Arkansas 52-20....doubling the line before the game and embarrassing another SEC foe with whom we've had trouble with in the past. And yet......ho hum. Another day at the park....another day on the Plains. At least that's the case in 2017. Not just at Auburn...but across the SEC for the most part. You have traditional powers like Florida barely hanging on (trending downward), Tennessee in a dumpster fire (after losing 11 straight to Alabama) and looking to replace a head coach. Multiple teams losing by huge margins week to week with just a few programs boasting winning seasons and a ranking in the polls. There are two programs at the "top" with Alabama dominating the conference and Georgia trying to keep pace as they look for a spot in the final hour. Texas A&M is showing signs of improvement after blowing a 30 point lead to start the season, South Carolina is playing better than expected, LSU seems to be rebounding from a loss to Troy at home and yet things at Auburn (6-2, 4-1) feel like we belong more with Ole Miss Vanderbilt than the top of the conference. The loss to Clemson took preseason hype and twisted it into post season possibilities. The loss to LSU took that and set the place on fire. Gus being Gus has taken it's toll on Auburn and the Auburn Family. The Spirit That's Not Afraid looks more like the spirit that doesn't really care right now. We're just showing up. Fans and Alumni are just following the team instead of being hyped up about the next game. People are trying to reach from within and get excited but they can't. The two biggest rivals are number 1 and 3 (and undefeated) and await the Tigers down the line. Auburn just lost a game to their 3rd largest rival after blowing a 20 point lead and seemingly in control of the game. If Auburn were to win out would an SEC title game appearance (and a rematch with Georgia) help? Would Auburn make it in the 4 team playoff were they to beat UGA twice, TAMU on the road and Bama at home? Does this question even matter anymore????? Only time will tell but here's something I have noticed with my own feelings the last three years. I've lost something. I don't feel the way I used to. And I know what it is! I've lost my spirit. I've allowed a head coaches decision making, the actions (or inaction) of our AD and the performance of our rivals erode my spirit when it comes to Auburn Football and Auburn Athletics. I've also allowed the mistreatment of people at Auburn University by their superiors affect all of this as well. And that my friends is unacceptable. Moving forward I hope everyone is able to maintain their "spirit" for Auburn. I know I want it back for myself. I'll deal with it in my own way but I see a lot of issues at Auburn right now and it is really starting to show with people that love Auburn and Auburn Athletics. I don't think the season is going to end well. I could easily see us going 1-3 over the last four games...even if the injured players are able to return 100%. I believe that can be justified by how the past three seasons have played out and I can't control that. What I can control is my spirit....and I need to make sure that it's unafraid and back to where it needs to be. Enjoy the bye week my Auburn Family. War Damn Eagle!
  15. next Head Coach

    Give Patterson the big money and bring him to the Plains. I've wanted this guy for years. Lol