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  1. Anyone want to answer me this or will it continue to be ignored for the sake of "ideology"?
  2. I don't give a damn about orange man. Never have.....but there's been shootings from people of all kinds so stop acting like it's a single race issue.
  3. I've seen enough to know that there's some far left loons out there on CNN, MSNBC, etc. This country needs to cut bait with these people.
  4. How did this kid get past the red flag law in NY? He was a case study in why this law was created yet wasn’t flagged and allowed to purchase a weapon lawfully since he wasn’t flagged. WTH!?!?
  5. I’m not shocked at all. Our government is on the verge of third world corrupt.
  6. I’m voting Britt. Another one I’m voting for is Jay Hovey who is running for state senate against incumbent Tom Whatley. If I hear another add about how Tom freaking Whatley is going to fix inflation and stand against Washington DC I’m going to puke. He isn’t even trying to run on his responsibilities as AL State Senator.
  7. There’s a place for private enterprise but this isn’t one of them.
  8. The Democrats need to follow suit. There’s several white hating Democrats running up and down the halls of Congress. get rid of it all!
  9. The arms race for the guaranteed government loan backed student has driven up the cost of tuition as much as anything.
  10. I agree. If our public system of government arrests a person, tries a person and holds a person....that person should serve in a public prison. Private prisons should be illegal.
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