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  1. I don't trust polls much....I do trust what I hear and see...and I don't trust the current left or right. Makes me an outlaw I guess. lol
  2. Biden is a puppet...and a bad one at that. The problem with this country is the two parties running it. I'm not mad....just stating my opinion.
  3. We (a group of us) called him out on it and student government got involved. I think he adjusted after that.
  4. Worked Michael as a civilian volunteer with the SBP (Disaster Resilience | What We Do | SBP USA) and the State of Florida in Panama City and Wewahitchka. It was a massive undertaking....also took three truckloads of water, food, clothing, blankets, fuel, etc. down to areas off of 431 north of Panama City right after it moved through. Special place down there for me.
  5. We did this once....and for some reason the Senate never followed through with the finishing touches. S.1200 - 99th Congress (1985-1986): Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 | Congress.gov | Library of Congress
  6. Clinton’s sorry ass created the opening for the killing of soldiers in the streets of Mogadishu because of “optics”! We asked for a stronger air support before orders to go in and he said no. Clinton was no saint.
  7. I’m not sure that holds water right now.
  8. Actually the GOP is all about immigration and cheap labor 😂
  9. It was hard to witness. We couldn’t get to everyone but we tried. The Navy and Army helped us a lot. USCG doesn’t have the total assets (especially helos) that those branches provide so some of us jumped on board the Blackhawks and Seahawks to provide rescue expertise to the crews. I’ll never forget it but wished I had never been needed. Thank you for your work….it’s not ideal for sure.
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