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  1. He’s ok. He will be back later.
  2. PTB is out of service for the time being.
  3. So typical of Auburn Football these days.
  4. It’s going to happen and future President Bill Hardgrave will support it to the hilt.
  5. Hell he may as well stir the pot! They tried to make his wife look like a druggie after that doctored tape back in 2011.
  6. Clemson has the type of line we need to strive for considering their style of play. They average around 320.
  7. I hope we can regain some "brains" and get back to a more responsible society where we don't need mother government to lead us into the furnace.
  8. THIS ^^^^^^ is where I see my Steelers in a few weeks.
  9. AB left because he found out the Patriots wanted him late last season and the Steelers refused to trade him. He then led everyone on an OJ in a white Bronco moment that spanned two teams and 8 months before landing where he wanted to begin with. I hope he blows that damn thing up but I'll believe it when I see it. #bitterSteeler lol
  10. You sir are just as bad as the far right loons. Good day to you.
  11. Stop acting like Trump supporters are the only ones who carry insanity cards!!!! You are part of the problem when you do. Democrats have their own set of kooks.
  12. BEMC is still being used for class space so it may be awhile before it’s gone.
  13. At the end of the day.......people at an alarming rate no longer see their fellow citizens life as valuable. Their life is no longer sacred and killing them is no big deal. Thats a huge problem.
  14. It’s not the gun culture. The gun isn’t the only tool being used to kill with. I don’t need a stat to see the obvious but the stats do back up my contention that people do not respect life like they used too. At least here in the U.S.