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  1. Baseball vs MSU Game 2

    Bats are cold as ice
  2. Peach Bowl runner-up vinyl

    A lot of Auburn people I talk to discount it like it never happened because of the overall outcome. I won't even consider it. Take a great player from most good teams (and even great teams) and they will struggle against good/great competition. We were snake bit and the Peach Bowl was a result of it.
  3. Peach Bowl runner-up vinyl

    WE WON the damn Iron Bowl! They got their ass kicked so I don’t get Auburn fans discounting the accomplishment based on something we had no control over. Maybe it should read “Auburn 26 National Chumps 24”
  4. Desean Murray to transfer or go pro

    It's 2018. Players play for themselves more than ever.
  5. Baseball @ Samford

    Mid week embarrassment. This team needs to turn it around this weekend or the season may hang in the balance. We can't keep losing SEC series and mid week contests.
  6. A-Day thread

    I feel pretty good about 2018. Sorry to bring sour 🍇 lol
  7. Baseball vs Arkansas Game 2

    The SEC is as tough as it gets. I think this team will win enough to get into a regional but if we don’t start hitting the ball consistently we are in a bit of trouble.
  8. Baseball vs Arkansas Game 1

    I’d take a game at this point.
  9. Baseball vs Arkansas Game 1

    #5 team in the country for a reason other than their 56 homers.
  10. Softball vs. Tennessee

    Both baseball and softball have the same issue. Hitting
  11. Baseball vs Arkansas Game 1

    Damn. This isn’t a team to allow base runners on. They are who I’d like us to be at the plate.
  12. Marsh Possibly Returning to Auburn?

    It's time we retake our spot in swimming and diving. AD Greene...go get our coach.
  13. Equestrian 2017

    Nationals will be very interesting. I think we can flip the script on them.
  14. Pearl named National Coach of the Year

    AMEN! If Auburn were offered a chance at leaving the SEC and it made sense to do so I'd be all for it. this league is ran by turds and lizards with the occasional touch of thUGA. I'm beyond tired of the way they treat Auburn.
  15. Baseball vs Missouri Game 3

    Not a fan of how Missouri has conducted themselves this weekend but we’ve allowed them to leave cocky as hell.