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  1. The wheels may fall right off now. We’ve seen this before......
  2. Get used to this Auburn Family. Not a damn thing getting done about it.
  3. That play right there just irks the #%^* out of me.
  4. I think the best way we win this game is by scoring before half and the first possession of the second half (touchdowns). Our defense can’t stop them.
  5. Yeah....but it’s Ole Miss. However it looks better so far regardless.
  6. Should be an easy touchdown on the ground here. Punch it in.
  7. The money is there but the will isn't. And the future isn't looking too good for some of the big money people so don't expect a big buyout. We're stuck in the Gus. Get used to it or wait until Basketball Season for a few more years. Auburn Football is toast.
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