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  1. And to think you've been on boards all this time.........LMAO
  2. This kid has a knack for being around the football. Diamond in the making is very possible with Powell. If not for a boneheaded former head coach Auburn High would be the reigning AHSAA 7A State Champions and Powell was a major part of their defense.
  3. It's a disturbing trend. I can't speak for black, brown or any other American but what I'm seeing here at Auburn and around the country seems to be a pull towards re-segregation and less about equal rights.
  4. Coach Harsin is going to prove his metal and he's already doing that in workouts. Dude is a beast...machine and the players love it.
  5. He's no superman and neither is the government. Hopefully this will shed light on the issues we face with our energy policy and the infrastructure improvements we need moving forward. dislike by ICHY in 3.....2.....1......
  6. And the far left are pushing their own form an anti-American "Democratic Socialist" agenda. Ying and the Yang.
  7. Godspeed, 72! WAR DAMN EAGLE my brother!
  8. I fear freedom will lose ground if we don't hold onto it as much as we can in today's climate.
  9. I'm more of a Republic kind of guy but I believe we are headed to a Democracy where the majority dictates everyone else. It's inevitable.
  10. Free us from our bondage. I'm all for it myself. And Brad I agree 100% on tossing out the regressive grocery tax.
  11. BOOM!!! Double dipping never looked so good.
  12. Try to view the country from a perspective free of rose colored glasses for once.
  13. “When we cannot rely on that, where do we turn?” A renewal
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