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  1. Saw these around the Orange Beach area this weekend 🤪
  2. The new Flags....they are popping up all over the state.
  3. You’ve earned it 10 fold. Honestly it’s hard to love college football anymore.
  4. Trailing 4-3 with some momentum the AU Tigers strolled into the 8th with a shot. After a K Carson Skipper walks three straight and leaves them loaded for a reliever to give up 3 runs. 7-3 LSU. A wasted year continues
  5. Only those who support the “right” ideology get a pass expressing their political views in sports. It’s their way or no way. Sports media will use their slant and torch those who do not share their ideology. sad day in America once again
  6. Auburn University has been looking at this at the Water Resources Center for several years. I have some experience in this area serving as an advisor on a couple of research projects for grad students. The southeast has been seeing an agricultural shift from the west due to water access. I expect it to continue as shifts in population and agriculture continue.
  7. This is from Harsin, in an interview with" The Athletic ". Might explain some of the transfers..... Coach Harsin 🗣 “We’re at the stage now where, right now, I’d say it’s probably 50-50. Some guys have figured it all out, and some are still just trying to show up on time. That’s what this is about every day. We can do something well for two or three days and we can absolutely have a disaster — five, six guys just don’t show up. Don’t show up. Where is your culture? Is it still solid or has it gone backwards? The culture piece is about expectations and behaviors. … To do that day-in a
  8. Don't be too shocked! This is college football in 2021. Get used to it.
  9. I’ve predicted for years a breakup of the US into provinces where there’s merely a shared defense coalition. I prefer a breakup of the two party system myself.
  10. Society is in a very bad place right now. I wish people would get it together.
  11. Ichy so typical. LMAO My comment is based on several factors, but the single parent situation in that part of the city is a major factor in how kids end up. Gangs provide a sense of meaning and purpose in a world where there's so little.
  12. I hope they can salvage the season....maybe go on a roll. We had no business losing the turd series but we did. Still time left to make hay but it will take some really good pitching.
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