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  1. The Republic is failing. Socialist Democracy is alive and growing.
  2. She’s worse than a liberal. 🙃
  3. It's ok.... he doesn't remember any of it so it's like starting over for him. Poor guy.
  4. Any city that wants too. I know it's just talk but still....let them if they choose it.
  5. It was more in reaction to how this post started out. I could care less about where people stand on Trump. I'm not one of them (Trump supporters) either.
  6. Let them abolish the police...and watch the cities go into a spiral not seen before. Departments need to be held accountable. First step is to drive out the unions.
  7. End Public Sector Unions! They work for the people, not the union/themselves.
  8. Your opening Remarks make this post smack worthy. You can’t help it I know.
  9. We’re doomed. Pick between two nitwits. I’m choosing
  10. He got the idea from a special forces soldier. Get over yourself
  11. We need a clean slate that excludes the likes of elephants and asses. carry on