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  1. Trump and his team took advantage of every opportunity laid out by the previous three administrations. Very simple to understand.
  2. "The principles of the declaration are still there to unite us, even amid the persistent divisions that define this moment. Much more so than in 1776, there is a widely held belief that all humans are created equal and “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” AMEN!!!!!
  3. I don't trust nor conform to Omar or AOC's vision of the US...but Tucker is a blow hard.
  4. One day, when the country is in a smoky ruin and no longer the United States some of you (those who are left to see it) will realize that the problem isn't liberal or conservative. It's both. The country is becoming a trash heap and the only equality we have is the two party failure.
  5. Donald Trump is the outward expression of Washington D.C. In our face for all to see......birds of a feather.
  6. No sir...and both administration should pay the price.
  7. I believe we will NEVER get past these issues if we keep living in the past. I do not support it merely because I didn't contribute to the atrocities of past transgression. Now I do believe we owe it to every corner of the country equal access to a balanced education and equal opportunities (which we currently do not have) to live out the "American Dream"....but I do not believe in what is being prescribed. It will only galvanize the extremists from both sides and create more division for the United States....which is exactly what some want to see.
  8. The NCAA is as close to being irrelevant as ever. The more they do this the more I believe it's time for the Power Five to cut bait and create... The Power 5
  9. Going down swinging. Damn I wish Bliss had gotten on.
  10. Love these guys though. I haven't had this much to look forward too this late in the season in years! War Damn
  11. Great rally to fall short. One more inning.