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  1. Lol....if experience had anything to do with it Obama would have lost to McCain.
  2. Clinton was no more capable than I am. My opinion.
  3. Let's be honest....Trump does in the open what Hillary does behind closed doors. I detest both equally but we didn't have a lot of options outside of the fools representing the duopoly.
  4. 9-0

    Because all of them are foolish children given the reigns by emotional adults.
  5. I think it's a great example of free speech. It's also good to know who the fools are in the community.
  6. Just think...we were 1 out from being here more than likely. Crazy game.
  7. Expected this after what happened this season. Wish her the best. She won't be easily replaced.
  8. We beat Clemson by 10-14 points.
  9. The negativity is boil over from football and basketball. This was our best men's team this year outside of golf.
  10. Base we go.
  11. I disagree. He's played in 21 games out of the pen....he made a mistake but it wasn't a smart decision. He'll learn.
  12. The word isn't something to get pissed about. It was an ignorant play...due to a lack of experience. Simply put.
  13. We look weak at the plate.
  14. Why in the hell do you do that?