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  1. Democrats want non-citizens to be able to yes. The easier the better. Republicans just buy the votes but the numbers would support Democrats winning if they could just allow anyone to vote. Love this two party fracture.
  2. I believe China is the cause.....everyone else is having to react. I don't believe it was intentional mind you (though it could be the result of poor lab practices) but it's pretty clear that the bat virus is from China.
  3. Well...on the ever so minimal bright spot we ended the season with a 22 point victory.
  4. Chad Morris will save Gus if and I mean if we can have decent offensive line play.
  5. I want a successful program on the field in every sport. We seem to be backsliding in softball though it’s certainly understandable.
  6. Bernie Sanders will never get my vote....but he got screwed the last time around. The debates between he and Drump would be interesting.
  7. Yeah....but his wobble on stop and frisk shows he’s spineless when a question is tough to answer for the sake of the far left. Not a fan of Bloomberg per se....just wish he had prepared better for that question. As mayor of NYC it was a major move during his term.
  8. We’re headed back to the days prior to that run we had. Sad.
  9. Auburn has better fix this crap or the season will deflate in a hurry. They look uninterested and that’s a problem.
  10. Horrible basketball game. This is as bad as I’ve seen this year. Just turrible