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  1. and yet California is still a dumpster fire. Nice win
  2. I'm not sold either. We have a Championship defense with a patchwork offense (it appears from the sideline).
  3. I'll wait until after the Iowa game to see if PSU is the best in the Big 10. Iowa will pound you into submission and they don't care if they win 7-6.
  4. We can't seem to win at home like we should. Raiders are going to be pretty good this season.
  5. Make a play or get beat. This drive is probably the defining moment. Come on Tigers!!!!!!!
  6. Outside of the numerous holding no-calls on 79. He’s living the hold game
  7. Ok here’s where we win it. My prediction. was 27-20. I’ll take 27-21 😉
  8. This team is hard as steel. We just need to get stops
  9. The head down mentality of this team is refreshing.
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