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  1. I could almost guess who each of these coaches are.
  2. The US Marshall Service (along with the SCOTUS Police) does. Of course they have agreements with other departments as well.
  3. The duopoly at its finest. What a 🤡 show.
  4. Yep.....more proof we need to clean slate.
  5. That’s kind of a blanket statement. Outing bad cops isn’t that uncommon by good cops. You just rarely hear about it in the media. Plus unions can often get in the way where they exist.
  6. Liberals are trying to destroy the Republic.
  7. Funny….a few years ago this magistrate was defending Jeffrey Epstein.
  8. True but consistent application of the law is NOT happening, nor has it, for quite awhile.
  9. I didn't trust him either. The US Government has a long ways to go.
  10. In some cases you are correct. Once again it depends on the department. I worked with some really good officers. I also worked with some duche bags.
  11. Once again it depends on the agency, region/location and tax base. Auburn City officers make really well...they also must work a lot of OT. It's part of their job. "Barney" over in Notasulga makes a lot less. Both are subject to being shot while on duty and "Barney" is more likely to be on his/her own.
  12. No sir it's not. HISTORY is on my side.
  13. Judicial rules and judicial measure along with professional conduct create consistency in the courtroom and in application of the law but it hasn't stopped judges from ruling differently on the issuance of warrants and the like based on their own biases. You know there's judges that prosecutors will go to for the issuance of a warrant due to their likelihood of granting them.
  14. Selective reading? I have always stated LEO's aren't perfect, called out those who deserve it and rarely do I believe the government can be trusted under the current circumstance. Judges are no different than anyone else....many of which are politically swayed.
  15. Trust is earned.......and this government doesn't deserve it.
  16. I know......I just see Trump as the poison that slowly ushers in the opportunity for the country to be fractured event more.
  17. Set to be ready for move in September 29th. the second field will be finished by Friday.
  18. Nearly as much glass as drywall in the building. Windows galore
  19. Snakes and weasels….the political class in America
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