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  1. Are we really surprised how poorly we have recruited pass catching skilled positions considering our offenses in the last decade? To quote Sean Payton, a bunch of "no catching mother..."
  2. What's worse? The back and forth on this thread or the hands on our team?
  3. If Hudson holds onto the ball, we have a chance to hang around. If the rest of our receivers minimize the drops we just might win. If we drop balls like we have since week 2 we will lose big.
  4. Texas already ruined Baldwin County, now they will ruin the SEC...
  5. It sucks that our players go to the Jets. Hopefully, in a few years they can sign with a team that actually wants to win.
  6. If any junior D linemen have breakout years, I hope they talk to Jeff Holland.
  7. If he came out a few years later, I bet he'd be on an NFL team. What is he up to these days?
  8. I'm sorry, but all these defensive starters leaving to the transfer portal seems like weak decision making.
  9. If any of the three RB left on the roster are dumb enough to transfer now that they are guaranteed playing time we don't need them. Thanks for your work, don't let the door hit you on the way out. Gus was the biggest joke in college football as was his guru offense. You would think any offensive skill player would be dancing for joy to play in a real offense.
  10. So are we going to hire this guy or what? We need a real offensive guru...
  11. I'm going to go out on a solid oak branch here and call this complete BS. No big name coach is coming here.
  12. Dan Quinn? Is that a joke? Who is running this search, the University of Alabama?
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