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  1. Lawson must be in bad shape physically. He has been passed up by scrubs. Really sad. Ford is going undrafted.
  2. That is ridiculous. Pro teams do not care what so ever who Saban thinks they should draft. Especially, in the first three rounds.
  3. I have been a huge fan of Ford for the last few years. Definitely, a disappointing 2016. He has all the tools necessary to make it just needs the chance. Good luck to him in the future.
  4. We are terrible at pass protection. Not sure how this was evaluated.
  5. Refs gave them a time out. Wtf
  6. Gus keeps calling long developing plays. What the hell is wrong with him?
  7. Can't argue with you...
  8. How can we pay Malzahn for this product? The players must hate him.
  9. You can't tell me Malzahn isn't calling plays. Clemson game all over again
  10. Ole Miss did sack White only rushing three. We will have to pass block much better against alabama.
  11. Holsey had 3-4 pass break ups besides the interception. Heck of a game and season for him.
  12. We need to get White some really long spiked cleats. Keep him up right.
  13. Malzahn has to be calling plays
  14. 3 man rush for the sack. WTF
  15. Never watched a Saint's game, have you?