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  1. MaxP

    Run up the middle after a first down

    To stall the drive stupid
  2. Post of the night
  3. His body was down before the goal line. Criminal
  4. MaxP

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    We should petition BMW to create a play calling algorithm do be downloaded to Gus' car. Please save our season Bavaria
  5. MaxP

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    I bet anyone our communication issues are Stidham thinking the play called is terrible.
  6. MaxP

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    The refs and Malzahn should resign
  7. It's not like the temps in BR are any cooler...that said 20-6 Auburn
  8. MaxP

    Congrats to Kentucky!!

    I would also like to add how great it is to see Mullen blow it against Kentucky. I hope that oaffish snitch goes winless in SEC play.
  9. Sproles was one of the best collegiate running backs of all time. I would love to see Shivers come close to his production.
  10. I'm sold. Turn him loose on LSU.
  11. Not working on sling or ESPN app
  12. MaxP

    Georgia at South Carolina

    I noticed a forearm to the throat after the play was over in the second quarter.
  13. MaxP

    Georgia at South Carolina

    Georgia is playing pretty dirty. No surprise there
  14. MaxP

    Media crickets

    The New York Times had a very complimentary article on our tigers today. It was on the home page of the website when I saw it. We're coming up...