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  1. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    War Eagle! Now let the young bucks run
  2. Offensive line play

    If our o-line practices against our d-line, which we all know is pretty damn good, how did the coaches not foresee this? How can we be in shock that our o-line is doing such a poor job?
  3. Sean White arrested

    This would have never happened at another school in the SEC.
  4. FWIW.

    I'm not trying to argue with you, I like your posts and don't take part in the bickering on this forum. But I don't know what metric we can use to say he is running a very solid program. Other than two miracle plays in two big games, he has lost the rest of our big games. We seem to routinely shoot ourselves in the foot before the season starts. After we lost the '13 championship I thought man we are in a great position to challenge Bama for the SEC. Great returning QB and skill players and coaches with another year in the system. But we have gotten worse and worse on offense every year. I don't want our team to play musical chairs with the head coach, but Malzahn just doesn't have it. The players and our program will suffer the longer he is our coach.
  5. FWIW.

    If our offensive head coach is being told to not run the offense, what is he being paid to do? The guy looks like he is about to poop his pants on the sideline the minute the game starts.
  6. FWIW.

    Face it guys, Gus is our Mike Shula. Time to pull the bandaid off and try and salvage this season. If we don't, our program will start to hemorrhage talent. There is no point in waiting, it will not get better. This is plain as day, our coach is the laughing stock of college football.
  7. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    Look at all that pollution. Clemson scum. War Eagle
  8. Hurricane Irma - Clemson game

    All the main predictive models have Irma hitting the coastal Carolinas as a major hurricane with pressure sub 950mb.
  9. Georgia Southern 10 Positives

    Game day threads are the same on any forum. People are just posting in the moment, no time for reflection. I've been on some flash chat game time conversations during Saint's games. It's pretty fun when you don't have any other fans around.
  10. Rule Change

    Color me shocked. I wonder if those were SEC refs. I can foresee major controversy during conference play.
  11. Steele Curtain Note

    Prior to last year we would have spotted GS 21 points. Our guys played incredibly disciplined, team defense. Seems like we had three defenders on every tackle. Last year we had a championship caliber defense, this year we are even better.
  12. Rule Change

    Maybe this deserves a thread of its own, but I am nervous about the new emphasis on sideline enforcement. Once is a 15 yard penalty, twice and the coach kicked out of the game. There is no way in Hades this will be enforced evenly. Do you think Saban will ever get penalized? How many games will Muschamp be tossed?
  13. Where's WDE?

    I imagine once with the Benny Hill theme song looping in the background for laughs. Gus should force himself to watch it every week so that it never happens again.
  14. uat vs. florida state

    Cash is a great motivator.
  15. We can look at our offense this way. Even if tonight's game plan was not window dressing for next week, having one QB and Pettway start will drastically increase our chance of winning. However, I'm about 60% convinced our offense will look like it did tonight. Our wide receivers need to step up. If Slayton has another game like this he deserves to lose his spot.