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  1. MaxP

    Stidham compared to NFL star

    If Gus doesn't start calling a better game, Stidham will end up like David Carr when he played for the Texans.
  2. MaxP

    safety CJ Harris ineligible

    It's federally illegal! The is no rational reason for marijuana to be illegal. None...Period With an idiot like our own Jeff Sessions as AG, we will have to wait longer and ruin more lives through opiate addiction and imprisonment.
  3. I'm sorry, but this post is a complete load of horse manure. Morality existed thousands of years before there were ever Christians. People of all faiths and no faith do works of kindness because they want to help others. Simple as that. I make a daily conscious decision to treat everyone the same with dignity no matter their station in life. You never know when a kind word can help others.
  4. If it was not held on a governmental institution, yes it would.
  5. And I'm willing to bet those that do are overwhelmingly self described Christians. I value the separation of church and state almost as much as freedom of speech. Holding a baptism in an athletic building is a tacit endorsement of a religion.
  6. I agree with you 100%. Baptisms should not be taking place in the athletic complex. This is not a good look for an athletic program at a public university.
  7. MaxP

    Let it SNOW!!!!!!!

    Snowed at the beach!!! Gulf Shores
  8. MaxP

    Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    give him a two dollar bill for a bonus. If Arkansas wants to pay him 7 million they can have him.
  9. It happens when your players aren't ready for the game.
  10. Come on defense, turnover time.
  11. MaxP

    Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    Well then, Tennessee has nothing to worry about.
  12. MaxP

    Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    Skeletons like Trump inappropriate touching, Weistein inappropriate touching, or Sandusky level inappropriate touching?
  13. MaxP

    Gary Danielson

    What a complete load of a steaming pile of poop. Coaches send in videos all the time and we never ever hear about it from the guys who sent it, much less Danielson. CBS must have a contractual obligation to kiss Saban's ass. It's sickening. Is Saban a great college coach, absolutely. Is there anything virtuous in how he runs his program? No, absolutely not. Stop worshipping this man Gary.