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  1. Let it SNOW!!!!!!!

    Snowed at the beach!!! Gulf Shores
  2. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    give him a two dollar bill for a bonus. If Arkansas wants to pay him 7 million they can have him.
  3. It happens when your players aren't ready for the game.
  4. Come on defense, turnover time.
  5. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    Well then, Tennessee has nothing to worry about.
  6. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    Skeletons like Trump inappropriate touching, Weistein inappropriate touching, or Sandusky level inappropriate touching?
  7. Gary Danielson

    What a complete load of a steaming pile of poop. Coaches send in videos all the time and we never ever hear about it from the guys who sent it, much less Danielson. CBS must have a contractual obligation to kiss Saban's ass. It's sickening. Is Saban a great college coach, absolutely. Is there anything virtuous in how he runs his program? No, absolutely not. Stop worshipping this man Gary.
  8. Florida hires Mullen

    In the article... "Additionally, new documentation submitted to the Committee on Infractions by attorneys for Ole Miss claims Lewis told NCAA enforcement he took $11,000 in benefits from his current school, Mississippi State. Unlike Lewis, Mississippi State cannot receive conditional immunity for any former, current, or future statements its current player makes."
  9. Florida hires Mullen

    Here is the thread on it.
  10. Gary Danielson on 105.5 this morning

    Still a Bammer! Last year was last year. No one can say the turds are the better team than Auburn this year.
  11. Florida hires Mullen

    I wonder if Mullen is bugging out of Starkville before the NCAA comes calling. They were caught red handed, again, paying players during the Ole Miss investigation.
  12. Tennessee finalizing deal with Schiano

    Boy is that the truth. Schiano is a lowsy hire without the possible witnessing of boy rape.
  13. Postgame Presser: 2017 Iron Bowl

    Loved when Gus said, "they have a great running back, I mean quarterback."