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  1. One of my favorite Nick Marshall moments was right before halftime of the 2013 Iron Bowl. Auburn had rolled off a couple of chuck plays to get that scoring drive started before halftime and Tre Mason just kept the ball up the middle for about 9.5 yards. The ref (rightfully so) was trying to see if was good enough for a first down but Nick pumps his fist in the air toward the ref and is basically saying "the the $%^@ out of the way, they can't stop us".
  2. Love it, I wonder if it's all the ESPN channels or just a few.
  3. OPEC, mainly the Saudis, finally realized that $100 was bad for their business long-term. $100 oil made it worth investing in the Western Hemisphere and now they see western countries starting to pump more and more of their own oil. There is a chart that shows it takes ~$70 a barrel for places like California, or the Gulf to breakeven. While the middle east's breakeven point is more like $10 - $20/barrel. The Saudis want to bring prices back down to try and "demotivate" western production. Where I'm going with this is the only safe thing to assume is there will not be any bounce back up this time unless the Saudis abruptly cut production, which all their actions have said they won't. Alabama should see $1.99 gas by January.
  4. I wouldn't get excited from that website. It's full of crazies....
  5. Duke is a first rounder. Remember 7 WRs went in the first round last year. I think if scouts really watch Sammie's film and see that he doesn't actually catch the ball with his hands properly, they will not like that one bit. Of course if Sammie went to the combine, scouts will be drooling over him.
  6. http://blog.al.com/spotnews/2014/05/post_1143.html
  7. Has anybody stepped back and thought to look at the schedule and all the close games and the mental drain this team has had on them? Since the second bye week, Auburn has had the S. Carolina, Ole Miss & Texas A&M games. What these young men have had to do the past month would be mentally taxing on anybody. I think the schedule and the constant down to the wire games finally took a toll on the whole team and it finally caught up with them and they had a bad game. Big deal, we need to get over it. Here's for a breather to get their legs and minds right and go pull the upset! It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!
  8. That was one of the best passes I've seen Nick throw. His passing has really gone to the next level.
  9. Stat, What you said plus teams that play good red-zone defense.
  10. I still think if UAT believes UAB hurts them, Auburn should schedule a game with them and give them a healthy check for a beat down. UAB supportors might actually appreciate the bump in revenue and give Auburn a smidge of presence in Birmingham. Looks like it might not happen now. =/
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