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  1. THE WHATLEY Bringing some urban living to downtown Auburn. Football related because the units are marketed by Sallie Deen (wife of Rusty) and Sarah Newton (wife of Bill) of Berkshire Hathaway in Auburn.
  2. BigAub

    Is the HUNH offense a thing of the past?

    We don't run a HUNH. We run a HUSPLATSCPRDTGCASW1SOTC. (Hurry up, substitute players, look at the sideline, change plays, run down the game clock and snap with 1 second on the clock)
  3. BigAub

    Auburn inks deal with FOX Sports

    First, I think your assumption of a 4% note rate is too low. Auburn issued Series 2015-B bonds with a coupon rate of 5%. But let's assume your 4% rate is correct. If you borrow $150mm at 4% over 20 years, your monthly P&I payment is $908,870 - or $10,907,645 yearly. So the extra $6mm yearly revenue won't support debt service on $150mm. If you borrow $82 mm over 20 years at your assumed 4% note rate, your yearly payment would be $5.96mm per year. So the extra bump we are getting from FOX sports will get you about $82 million - assuming your 4% coupon is correct. That extra $6mm per year is a big number - but it won't pay for the stadium renovation alone.
  4. BigAub

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Let's assume the FOX deal will bring in an extra $5 million a year. If you used that money as payment on a bond issue over 20 years at 5%, that cash flow would support about $60 million. That covers about 1/3 of the cost of the stadium renovation. (I'm heading total cost of $180 mm to $200 mm)
  5. BigAub

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    This is true, especially for some of the most premium seats in the stadium. If you are in either of the three club levels and you are more than a couple of rows from the front of the club level, or if you are in a suite and are in the entertainment area of the suite, you can't see all of the current score board. While I really like the look of the board, and think it will help sell premium seats in the soon to be renovated north end zone, it was a little bit of a negative for the current premium seat holders. if you put two smaller boards and they are lower down, then everyone can see a board. And yes, there are TV's with closed circuit broadcast of what's on the big board scattered throughout the back few rows, but there is a 2-3 second delay, which is really annoying.
  6. :)/> "study "is code for..... 'we don't have the money but if you want it bad enough and are willing to pay for it....we will try to make it happen. Nah, unless you think Kentucky, Ole Miss and Miss State can afford it but Auburn cannot. No, this is more like code for 'let's drag our feet some more like we have for a decade'. I could dig out my old post about the window of opportunity presented by historically low interest rates, but suffice it to say, these low rates will buy a lot more in capital improvements right now. You must have also forgotten that JJ even saw the light on that one, when he said last year, this would be paid for with a bond issue. A $100 million bond issue at 4% would be a $4 million yearly interest nut to crack. Structured properly, the principal would be back end loaded and retired with revenue and/or all the fund raisers you want to hold over the next 20 years. As for the other schools.....I checked around a bit to see what other schools had done or were doing and the common words in the various articles I found were: "consultant".... "study" ..."feasibility" ..."survey"...."fund raising campaign"...., "bonds"......just saying that nobody had/has the money and all seemed to be hiring companies to help them figure out what they could afford and how much money they could find from various sources. But as for just paying the interest and letting the principle slide for however long the school can get away with.....sounds like how the Feds finance their favorite projects.....letting our children or grandchildren pay the bill some time in the future. Just getting back to my point that more or less there is a finite amount of money that alums and friends can/will donate to AU....and big fund raising programs likely take money from other needs though the current campaign seems to be doing quite well. If the Athletic Department can find a way to pay for these things from athletic revenue.....I'm fine with that but I hate to see the AD tapping the general alum base. JMO The athletic department is already 'tapping the general alum base' every day. I don't know what you know about fundraising at Auburn, but it's extremely competitive and each school/department has specific goals that their development officers must meet, or those development officers may find themselves unemployed. Athletics is already the 800 pound guerrilla and they have exclusive rights to call on some of the largest donors and potential donors at Auburn. That's just the way it works, and that's not unique to Auburn. On an interesting note, Kay Hargrave recently retired from athletics development and Rob Wellbaum moved over to the TUF development job. Rob is a heavy hitter and I think that was a great move on Jay's part - but it's also a signal that fundraising for athletics is about to be cranked up a notch, I believe.
  7. BigAub

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    The latest interview with Jay said renovation plans "could definitely" exceed $145 million. As that number goes up and up, more and more fundraising will be needed. Based on what I've heard, they will have the final numbers back from the contractors by the end of March. They will make a decision and present the plan to move forward to the Board of Trustees at their May meeting (assuming they decide to move forward).
  8. Arkansas currently has 134 suites in their football stadium - all are leased - and this addition will more suites in the north end zone. They currently have around 2,000 seats inside suites. Auburn currently has 79 suites. I couldn't find the number of suite suites inside Jordan-Hare, but if you assume 12 seats per suite, that would be 948. So it's safe to assume that Arkansas has almost 1,000 more suite seats than Auburn has - and will increase that number significantly with the new addition. What I find interesting is the cost of the seats. At Arkansas their most expensive seat costs $2,100 per seat, with their least expensive seat suite being $1,800. I think at Auburn all seat suites cost significantly more than that. Our club seats are $3,000 each and the Beckwith Club costs $3,575 each. I'm almost positive our suites are even higher. If/when we do an addition to the north end zone at Jordan-Hare, there needs to be a lower price point for those seats compared to the sideline suites and club seats.
  9. BigAub

    Steele's Defensive style

    Brent Venbles was viewed as a horrible hire when he got the Clemson job. After all he has just been fired by Oklahoma. How'd that hire work out? There isn't a single coach in all of football that doesn't have a bad game or series of bad games on their resume. Sometimes those bad games cost them their job.
  10. BigAub

    What do you want for the New Year?

    A black hole to open up at University of Phoenix stadium on January 11 and transport both teams and their fans to an alternate universe billions of light years away.
  11. BigAub

    Cass Injury

    I was at the mall today and was making idle conversation with a girl buying some houndstooth crap. She said her cousin played at Auburn and it was Casanova McKenzie. I asked her how he was. She said his injury wouldn't require surgery. She said he was going to the Bahamas for a few days and then to Miami to start working out for the draft. But then she said "of course he can't work out right now" That's not official and is definitely second hand information, but I believe she was honest.
  12. BigAub

    A Word from Jay Jacobs - December 2015

    Personally, the biggest problem I have with Jay is that Chizik was under a perfectly good contract (It paid him a $500,000 bonus for winning the BCS) - and Jay tore it up and gave Gene a very lopsided contract with ABSOLUTELY NOT ONE SINGLE TEAM was trying to hire Gene. The original contract buyout was $500,000 times the number of years remaining - and I think it had three years remaining when it was torn up. The buyout was reciprocal. Ok we wont the BCS championship - give him a discretionary bonus and tack on a couple more years. Raise his base. But don't give away the farm. With his new contract, we were on the hook for a $10 million buyout should we fire Gene - but he only had to pay us $3.5 million if he resigned. Why in the world wasn't the buyout reciprocal? And why do you give a coach who isn't being pursued by any team a $10 million buyout? The other issue I have is that we spend over $100 million a year, but none of our big sports are currently relevant. Is Jay too nice of a guy that the coaches don't fear for him -- or because he gave them such massive buyouts they all come to Auburn and then lose their desire? If we were spending $100 million a year and we were consistently successful in football, men's basketball and baseball, then I'd be very happy with Jay. But to spend that much money and go through a roller coaster with football, to be stuck in the SEC basement in baseball for a decade and to have to dig out of the Tony Barbee mess in basketball is just inexcusable. All of that being said, who do you get if Jay retires or gets fired? Jeremy Foley hired Ron Zook and Will Muschamp, both failures. Tom Jurich has two absolute slime-balls coaching football and basketball. Texas hired a hot shot AD only to fire him after 18 months. The same thing happened at Michigan. I wish Jay was a tougher negotiator and I wish he DEMANDED that our three main sports were consistent - but in spite of his shortcomings, if I had the ability to fire him or retain him, I would definitely retain him. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.
  13. BigAub

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Personally, the best option for a renovation would have been to totally gut all of the original bowl structure of Jordan-Hare and replace it with premium chair-back seating. You can't just put chair-back seating where bench seating is - the space doesn't work out. It takes about five rows of bench seating to accommodate four rows of chair-back seating. The folks over in Tuscaloosa just crammed in some chair-back seating between the 30's and it's miserable sit in those seats - partly because you are surrounded by the nasty houndstooth clad redneck fans, but mainly because your knees are jammed against the back of the seat in front of you. There just isn't enough room. So to replace the benches with chair-backs, you'd have to remove all of the concrete under foot - and if you're doing that, you might as well totally demolish and start over with the original bowl seating at Jordan-Hare. That's what they did at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando. It wouldn't be cheap - way more than $140 million, but in the long run, I think it would be a better fan experience and worth the money. The Citrus Bowl spent $200 million Here's a picture from the Citrus Bowl during renovation. Citrus Bowl with new seats:
  14. BigAub

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Civilized? I just questioned the whole athletic department... This plan defies math. Actually I think you are incorrect. If the cost of the renovation is $140 million and you borrow 100% of that money over 20 years at a 5% rate, you will be making payments of about $11 million per year. Let's assume that there are 4,500 seats that go from being general season tickets (generating $500 per seat) and they start generating $3,000 per seat - an increase of $2,500 per seat. Then $2,500 times 4,500 seats is $11 million a year - so break-even. This also doesn't count the revenue that will be generated by moving the press box to the northwest end zone (great move, by the way) and placing premium seating in the location of the current press box. Those seats will be the best in the stadium and will be much more expensive than $3,000 per seat I'm sure. There will also be some philanthropic donations - I'm sure the north end zone club will become the "Mr. and Mrs. Bigbucks Zone" club after someone donates $10 million for naming privileges. The question is, can we sell 4,500 premium tickets at an average of $3,000 per seat in the north end zone - and i believe the answer is 'yes'. I think the worst case scenario is that the expansion is a break-even - and realistically it will generate a few million more per year in spendable revenue. What all comes with the $3G's. Same as scholarship tickets or more or less than? I was told by someone in the athletics department that the days of everyone paying $3,000 for a club level seat ('scholarship seat') will go away with the new renovation. Seats will be priced based on their location and their amenities. It may even be that seats in the same section will cost different amounts. For example, if you have a club seat that is not covered, you may pay $2,500, but if you have a seat a couple rows further back and it is covered by the overhang, you may pay $4,000. If this is correct, this is absolutely the correct way to price seating. Why should someone sitting in a club seat in the end zone that is exposed to sun and rain pay the same as someone who sits on the 50 yard line in a seat protected from sun and rain. The north end zone club will have "expanded food and full-bar service". The field club seats would have 'premium food and full cash bar service". Those quotes are directly from the online survey sent out by the athletics department. I would imagine that the existing club seating areas (North, South, Nelson) would be upgraded to include bar service, but that's just a guess.