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  1. Game has changed. Harsin had to go with the hand that was dealt him. With portal next years team will not resemble this one. Year after even bigger changes. Coaches will adapt or move on. I think Harsin gets it and will give him the time. I hate losing but have hope for the future.
  2. Been bad all year for everyone. Look at last drive in Iron Bowl. Not sure if they are that bad or have an agenda.
  3. Exactly, I have been around a long time and our standards shouldn’t be lowered. That speaks to the current state of our program. 40 years ago I would be beside myself now it’s JABA
  4. Seriously no one has even been posting all week at least there is some life.
  5. So tired of Auburn coaches playing not to lose instead of playing to win
  6. Why we did not change QB and why stop blitzing
  7. Corral is not even close to a heisman candidate
  8. Old miss laying down to slow down our offense
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