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  1. It's been a great run! Thank you for all the information and work through the years. I view this and social media as an addiction. Good luck kicking the habit!
  2. Next year is another 8-4 season. Top of second tier teams with loses to Georgia, LSU and Alabama. S@&+ show. Rip the band aid off now and move forward. FSU is looking for coach get in the game now and do not call Sexton
  3. Just wait until we can open up the playbook
  4. Do not delay the inevitable. Cut the cord and move on. Offense is horrible. It will not change just another excuse. Schedule, youth, fill in the blank....
  5. Arkansas please come get him and put us out of our misery
  6. Spoke to my son next day, I asked him how was the game and if he left. He did leave. He had a date. They tailgated before the game and it was "hot". By the third it was freezing and they were not dressed appropriately for the weather. They left to find some place warm, not a statement about the coach, team or anything else.
  7. VS LSU 2-5 VS Georgia 2-5 VS Alabama 2-4
  8. This is now more than ever a business. We are at the point of allowing players to be paid for their likeness. The quicker he gets his name out there, the better shot he has of transferring to a top program before the best spots are taken.
  9. Hello is this private?

  10. The correspondence our high school has received is that they have no interest in fixing the problem. i graduated from Auburn, have one child there now and two who it seems are locked out due to poor communication between Auburn and Alabama high schools
  11. they misrepresented the admission process to the high schools and locked our kids out of early admission and potentially admission period
  12. i have twins so its double...and auburn gave incorrect info to alabama schools and screwed all the kids..,.
  13. for me it will be out of state and i am sure it is awesome but not 4 times in state at auburn
  14. i think our problems are much deeper than gus(i still think he needs to go).
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