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  1. Tea Leaves look Dreadful Light is no more than Ember Fans in Anarchy Your comments were so moving, I thought it would be appropriate to turn them into a Haiku. Now that was funny!
  2. After last year I came into this year expecting we would win 6-7 games. I always hope that we will win them all, but being "realistic" I was looking for 6 or 7 and upsetting one of the top teams in the group. Did the players and/or coaches come into the season with the same expectations and are now playing down to them? I have been around a lot of teams that had no business winning, but no one told them. I have also been around great teams that could not win because they forgot they had to show up. Just trying to make some sense of it all. We should expect to win, or at least be in them all every year.
  3. ULM looks like they belive they can win, we look like we are waiting to lose
  4. Overtime in what should be a gimme game to pad sad.
  5. LOL really maybe you two need a room tonight don't be jealous... Lets try to stay on topic
  6. Why do I think TTF is going to be begging for a lock out?
  7. then U have your head in your own underwear, I cannot believe the chicken crap postings, wanting to runaway from the west and give up the alabama game. I cannot abide with such. Why not just move to the ACC or the sunbelt, who would want to play weaker teams just to win? I would rather play in the toughest division and man up that to be the top dog in a weak sisiter division/conference. As I said, if you are wanting to runaway, grow a pair, man up. Cowards die a thousand deathsjavascript:void(0); Nobody is talking about running away from UAT. UT, GA, Florida are more natural than Ole Miss, Miss State, Arky. The only objection I have to moving is playing UAT twice. I think it takes away from the regular season game if we are just going to turn around in two weeks and play it again.
  8. see, I could not stand being blocked from this ^^^^^ it's quality entertainment
  9. Guess I need to start posting comments. I lurk, love Auburn Eagle. I am here every day. I would post at another board and every comment I made I was attacked for not being an Auburn fan. Just got tired of defending myself. In the whole scheme of things it was not that important. I love Auburn, but do not need to defend myself with every post I make. To be clear, I do not think Auburn Eagle is that way. The mods handle everything with class. I do not think you should lock out low post counts.