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  1. Prayed just now AUSince72 that God would intervene on your behalf and fill you with His peace and comfort.
  2. Steele has shown himself to be a great DC, and that is where he needs to stay. A hew HC would not want to replace him. Steele gets the maximum out of his men.
  3. Jimmy Sidle, could run the ball; but many could behind Tucker Frederickson’s blocking. In 1963 he finished 2nd in the nation in rushing yards. He was, I believe, the first QB to run for over 1,000 yards in a single season. In the first game of 1964, his senior year he injured his shoulder in the first game of the season which ending his passing ability. He was also a terrific hurdler.
  4. Thank you 72 for posting the walk you are on and how you walk not alone.
  5. I’ll third this selection Brent Fullwood and Lawyer Tillman. I also go back a very long way. Brent was the most exciting RB I saw with the ball.
  6. It is so hard for a parent to have to deal with big medical issues with your children. It is hard on both. My prayers to the Father you wisdom, great medical treatment, peace, and comfort for all ... asking in the mighty name of Jesus.
  7. Praying that all goes well for you Doc and that you will have peace and comfort with a speedy complete recovery.
  8. Heartbreaking... asking for our Heavenly Father to fill the family members’ heart with His peace, comfort, and love.
  9. 1956 Legion Field versus Tennessee. Johnny Majors ran all over us. Lost 35-7.
  10. It was terrific ... the Auburn spirit is alive and well in many, if not most of AU. Loved it.
  11. Bird, I adding my faith with all the others brothers and sisters on here and asking for the healing hand of God to allow James to touch the hem of our Savior's garment. God delights in showing mercy to His children, may this be true for James and all the family.
  12. This is a heart breaking situation.
  13. The Cavaliers. I hope they blow Texas Tech out. That would look much better for our team to have a one point loss the winner than a loss to the 2nd place team.
  14. Asking for our Heavenly Father to intervene on behalf of you and your wife.
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