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  1. kingfish

    Prayer request for my family (and me).

    72 I'm praying for a recovery with your head held high looking up for our help comes from above.
  2. kingfish

    Watched Replay of 1986 Cotton Bowl vs Aggies

    I attended the '86 Cotton Bowl game. Bo scored a TD on a long pass play as well as a rushing TD. A&M really put it to us in the 2nd half. Tough loss to take and a long flight back to Bham.
  3. kingfish

    Prayer Requested

    Asking for our Heavenly Father to handle Freebird’s needs.
  4. kingfish

    Barkley's TV ads

    Personally I have no problems with these ads. Actually think they are funny and not to be taken seriously.
  5. kingfish

    Prayers please

    Asking for our Heavenly Father to intervene on behalf of your son. May His peace and comfort fill James, you , and loved ones. Our God is an awesome God.
  6. kingfish

    JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    I'm looking forward to getting the man back that produced well on the field.
  7. kingfish

    Merry Christmas!!!

    For God loved each one of us so much that He gave His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. May all the AUFAMILY have hearts that are receptive to His great love. Merry Christmas to all.
  8. Don Machen was talented on both sides of the ball. Bear Bryant said pound for pound Machen was the best player in the SEC.
  9. kingfish

    SEC Football Financials

    Ranking by profit 1) TN 80.6 2) TAM 69.6 3) LSU 55.3 4) AU 50.6 5) GA 48.7 6) FL 47.8 6) UA 47.8 8) AR 40.5 9) SC 30.8 10) OM 27.3 11) KY 18.6 12) MO 13.5 13) MS 13.2
  10. When I read the topic, the first name that came to mind was Tucker Frederickson. He was great both on offense and defense.
  11. kingfish

    Other than Bo Jackson, who is AU's No. 1 RB?

    I saw all the RBs mentioned and my opinion is Brent Fullwood.
  12. ESPN3 is the channel I saw that would be televising the game.
  13. kingfish

    OT: Prayers needed

    I'm just now learning of your loss. I'm asking my Heavenly Father to allow His awesome peace and comfort to fill you and your family members' hearts and souls.
  14. kingfish

    2017 3* HB Thomas Johnston

    I wanted this young man at AU. So sorry he doesn't end up with our orange and blue.
  15. kingfish

    Carlson adds to the trophy case...

    How many total FGs does Carlson have during his three years?