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  1. Dang,.... that's some good readin' right there!! Had to stop about 3/4 of the way down and wipe a little spot of moisture from eyes. Never been enrolled as a student, but I've been on campus since I was about 8 yrs old. Aunt and uncle in the early 70s and many other family members in the years since then. My time for college came in the late 80's, but it turned out Uncle Sam had a plan of his own for me. So, I started spreading my Love of AU also. All over Korea, the Philippines, Japan..... Its true, other places.... they just don't get it. How you can stand and say "Its great to be an Auburn Tiger!!" after a loss----- and Really Mean It!!!! What a great piece, thanks I Love Auburn University
  2. Also my first ever trip to baton rogue. easily the best time i've had away from JHS for a gameday. LSU fans were great. got "tiger-baited" a few times, but i'm near 300lbs and told them "if i was bait, i didnt want nothing they fishing for! " after that it was crawfish and alcohol for us all !! got to tour the baseball facilities and walked alot of the campus. traffic on the way out was incredibly easy!! maybe we just had a good spot, but it was WELL worth the $30. i can see where a night game would be extremely intimidating, but this was an awesome trip.......except for the score
  3. amen!! i've waited a long time to make my first post here. i've been waiting on something that really 'struck' me as something other than just a way to keep up what's happening . it's 75 deg. and i got the same chill, that same christmas morn, first date excitement that i get every time i "get" to make a trip to auburn and drive on campus. i too have not had the privledge of being a student--yet. but i've been an auburn fan for all of the soon to be 44 yrs my brain can remember. thanks for this post, its great to know the auburn spirit is always there! i'm going back in my shell now. you guys:and girls: are great. i'll be reading.... war eagle!!!!