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  1. T-Will had about the same amount of coaching experience and look what he's doing for us now. I think we will be fine.
  2. Why cant we recruit like this on the other side of the ball?
  3. No worries. Ive got a bunch of them already. I just like to compare the barrels. I lucked into a WLW this year on allocation day. May crack it for my birthday next month. PM me your store and I'll try to stop by when if I ever make it to town
  4. Nice! Im a huge fan of Weller picks. Let me know if you ship and I'll take one. I know everybody loves Blantons but Im just a wheater guy.
  5. Im looking foward to Boobie and Shivers the next couple of years. Say what you want about Asa but I thought SS and JW were our best 2 backs by far.
  6. He has a fantastic football mind and would make a great coach but his job is also about ratings and drama brings ratings.
  7. I think he is at a place where he can establish himself again as a HC and build something. He would have the same trouble here that he had at Texas and that would be he wouldnt have total control over the program
  8. Always wonder how Dyar and Pettway could have turned out had they stayed out of trouble. I loved watching them run.
  9. I graduated in 97. We ran Wing T my last 2 years. We had the players to do it though.
  10. When I played there we played D and ran the ball. Every game was 10-14. LOL.