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  1. I can see us winning out or losing every game depending on which team shows up. Either way, we HAVE to be able to run the ball.
  2. Ive said it for 3 years and I will say it again but if there was a professional back yard football league, Bo would be the MVP.
  3. everytime i see CJ have a good game, i die inside a little bit because we had him for so long and hardly ever used him.
  4. ChrisH


    agreed. hes the best receiving option out of the backfield. his acceleration is insane.
  5. We make good adjustments at the half but we need to go in with a better game plan. -We have 3 stud RBs that Id take to battle everyday. -DL played better tonight -We cant miss field goals like that -Bo played the game of his life. WDE
  6. I feel like Bo has been told how great he is and how good he played his whole life. I know his dad has coached him the whole time before he came to Auburn but has he criticized him or corrected things or just let it go because he won?
  7. Maybe it’s because I’m buzzed but damn if Harsin doesn’t talk like a football coach and not like a socially awkward science teacher that had a great week at practice.
  8. I haven’t seen anything but I don’t really care. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a little less than average SEC so he could spend more on assistants. He seems like somebody who wants to surround himself with the best available.
  9. I figure stuff will just pop up here soon enough.
  10. Interesting listen for sure. Especially about the S&C program
  11. Great Auburn Man. He will do well in whatever he does.
  12. You think he will bring the rest of his body with him if neck is hired?
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