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  1. Good grief we are an inpatient bunch. The man is trying to hire staff, recruit the portal, and recruit high school guys before early signing day all at the same time. Most of you guys have twitter pulled up in the background of your Excel spreadsheet and bitching about how we dont have coaches after a week. Damn
  2. Bynes is a more cerebral player. Pappoe is more of a physical player (hence his injuries). Love watching both of them.
  3. If Im able to retire at like 55 and live my days comfortably with my family around, nobody could talk me into that.
  4. Im the same way but they would let him resign like they did Tubbs instead.
  5. ChrisH


    I thought Carnell and the coordinators did a great job. I would not be mad if we took the interim tag off.
  6. If he can stay off the baseball field in the spring and focus on football, I think he has potential to be a stud. He played his heart out especially the last month.
  7. DL is gonna be solid. I hope Pappoe stays healthy and has some LB step up. If that happens, our D will be legit.
  8. Exactly what I’ve been thinking all week.
  9. Agreed but they also have to give him what he needs to be successful and I’m not sure they are going to.
  10. As he should. I LOVE Auburn but these money folks are out of touch.
  11. 1. Grimes 2. Freeze id rather have Harsin and let him win or lose on his own though.
  12. Only if he brings back the shacket
  13. This won’t be out there for very long. Will be forgotten with the quickness.
  14. Listening to JOX this morning and Cole makes it sound like Davis has some personal issues he needs to work out. He said something along the lines of “get the help he needs”.
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