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  1. I haven’t seen anything but I don’t really care. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a little less than average SEC so he could spend more on assistants. He seems like somebody who wants to surround himself with the best available.
  2. I figure stuff will just pop up here soon enough.
  3. Interesting listen for sure. Especially about the S&C program
  4. Great Auburn Man. He will do well in whatever he does.
  5. You think he will bring the rest of his body with him if neck is hired?
  6. Their biggest starter is 240. That’s a long way from Dante Hightower.
  7. Linebackers are a little on the small side but you can’t ask a 6’4 270 linebacker to cover a slot in space. It’s just not gonna happen. Most LB are smaller now than they were 10-12 years ago.
  8. It makes me think things may have been wrong behind the scenes. If you are scared to play for a more hardnosed coach, I dont want you on the team.
  9. Great family. Known his parents a long long time. I think Riley wants to play baseball as well unless something has changed recently.
  10. Anybody know when/if TWill interviews?
  11. Agree. Kodi apparently did a great job as the RB Coach when he was at ASU
  12. This was a great birthday present to wake up to after a night shift last night. WDE
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