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  1. DL is gonna be solid. I hope Pappoe stays healthy and has some LB step up. If that happens, our D will be legit.
  2. Exactly what I’ve been thinking all week.
  3. Agreed but they also have to give him what he needs to be successful and I’m not sure they are going to.
  4. As he should. I LOVE Auburn but these money folks are out of touch.
  5. 1. Grimes 2. Freeze id rather have Harsin and let him win or lose on his own though.
  6. Only if he brings back the shacket
  7. This won’t be out there for very long. Will be forgotten with the quickness.
  8. Listening to JOX this morning and Cole makes it sound like Davis has some personal issues he needs to work out. He said something along the lines of “get the help he needs”.
  9. i follow r/wde but Ive been here a lot longer than r/
  10. Me too. I don’t post a lot but apparently I joined in ‘07.
  11. You dont know many 18-22 year old guys do you? Every one of them is "me against the world" and many dont believe in following anybody's rules. That makes many of them uncoachable, no matter what their talent level is. Why knows what happened. What does it matter? (it doesnt). The parting shot at the end of his post tells me all I need to know.
  12. Yep. They want people to kiss his ass and tell him how awesome he is. He didn’t want to hear the truth and doesn’t seem very coachable. He is not a great leader. Insane athlete and driven. Wish him well.
  13. I thought he would have gotten more exposure at AU but I wonder if he thought he would get more playing time???
  14. Always find it intriguing when guys leave to see how they are used other places. A lot of the time it seems like they also dont pan out other places.
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