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  1. Better be clean, the red nose bottom feeder sharks smell blood and will be circling. He needs to swim with a purpose and surround himself with best support staff available. I'd lend my salary to whomever is needed, not a CCM staff of yes people.
  2. Troll, still hasn't recovered from the Camback.
  3. Yes, they did it by "hiring" minor league baseball players to enroll in school, got room board coeds and a chance to whip some prep school graduate butt for a semester. Brillant strategy, until it was disallowed. It is the same game, only the rules have changed.
  4. Thought JR had ended the WR
  5. Still haven't forgiven them for not warning CSJ about the hazards of playing on Tartan Turf?
  6. Had to help someone with a MBA in business buy a car, did not appear to understand anything about the process. Will always be a Carnell Williams fan, go crazy Cadillac!
  7. Andy Kennedy says the guys they recruited are better than the 4 starters coming back from the CUSA NCAA team last year. UAB men’s basketball picked to finish first in C-USA preseason poll - al.com Preseason game, does not mean much but they obviously played up to preseason expectations.
  8. He is into Sabermetrics. Maybe he looked at the Big 10 TV contract and the schedule in the Big 10 West and did the math.
  9. My only problem with TJ was his assessment of this play. Auburn QB T.J. Finley explains what he saw on his 2 interceptions against Mercer - al.com He was Bo's understudy, and not learning from mistakes is an issue. Like the dog in RA, but he is the QB. Needs to let his play lead on the field, not his mouth. Where would we be if we had recruited RA rather than Bo.
  10. Coach Harsin is taking a page from the NS coach book. When he talks about the QB position and the immeasurables that go into naming a QB starter, he is talking to us. He is telling us who is improving in these areas and who is not. He did not spend much time talking about speed, spirals or completion %. This was the opinion from someone who has been at practice. Things are not perfect, this may play out through the season. I think he is asking us to tolerate the intolerable until the picture is clarified by performance on the field. Little doc, venerable outsider
  11. He is a marketing genius Has Amazon NIL and now his name is pasted all over social media, any publicity is good publicity. We ought double the 2023 recruiting class by sundown Should make bank on this in exchange for a ticket. If someone has a video tape he'll be able to buy a stable of mopeds and rent them out to AU fans who want to relive the moment. He deserves a start in the first series just for trying. Little doc, some of my fondest memories involve eluding Barney Fifes
  12. I was at that game to see my hero Pat Sullivan. Remember watching BS limping off the field. Bless you. Thought we lost the UGa game because I slammed the door that Saturday morning on a 12 yo from a fundamentalist Baptist church trying to save my soul. I feel so much better now! Little doc
  13. SACS was based on the BOT disagreement with the Faculty Senate over tenure of a liberal catholic priest Religion Department professor who was at odds with the Vatican and BOT involvement with the athletic department. 1) SACS Special Investigation (auburn.edu) 2)SACS Probation Information (auburn.edu) I asked a BOT member about CTB, he shook his head and suggested that any internet rumor you read about CTB was true. The PTB did not get on the plane to Louisville. The AD and two BOT members did at the behest of the college president. The plane belonged to PTB Bobby Lowder if memory serves correctly and President Walker I presume had the support of the PTB. 2003: The story of jetgate and a disappointing season (247sports.com) I don't have a clue about the current situation. I will support CBH until there are proven allegations that would support his removal or if he has not been successful at establishing his program by the end of his contract. I have been an Auburn fan since 1962, I've seen worse times than these and we will survive and prevail if we adhere to principles and earnest effort.
  14. As I remember he was the QB that took KY to the wire against ultimate NC Auburn and a transfer QB in 2010. Bet he has some answers about quick throws to small receivers against an overpowering SEC defensive front with future NFL players. Little doc
  15. I watch the reruns on "Skip Sundays"
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