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  1. FCS football. Pay a modest donation and park in a VIP 50 feet from the gates, enjoy a meal and a beer in the hospitality room, walk across the hall to my premium seats and watch some quality athletes with a few NFL prospects play fundamentally sound football against a team of college students from Furman or The Citadel. If they are winning everyone is happy, if they are not you talk to your friends and neighbors and plan a nice evening out. Once a year you travel to a SEC stadium and hope that Rocky can make it to the last round and throw a haymaker. We don't want to throw away colleg
  2. Prayers for you and your team. Remember what the surgeon told PRR in the OR, "we are all Republicans today Sir" Little doc
  3. Prayers have been answered, just need to get Mr Sewell to Pittsburgh and find a match. The Official Dr. Thomas E. Starzl Web Site: The Transplanted Organs, The Liver (pitt.edu) http://www.starzl.pitt.edu/transplantation/organs/liver.html This man pioneered a surgical science that everyone else felt hopeless. His success rate in 1964 was nil, when I was in med school in 1980 it was 5%, which was better than zero. By the time I started fellowship it was 40% in 1984, he moved from Denver to Pittsburgh and by 1988 I had started practice and the success rate was >80%. He tr
  4. He wasn't on parole. He left the day after the shooting if I recall. A team member said a Chattanooga "constable" interviewed him after practice that August and he was not charged, until decades later by a district attorney trying to make news for his run for mayor. Apparently had a change of direction in life after leaving Auburn. The team member said everyone knew he had done the shooting (in self defense apparently). Said no one would talk about it but the tension made team work harder and set the tone for the national championship run.
  5. Nothing better than a "skip Sunday". Little doc
  6. The NCAA should allow scheduling a FCS team for a Spring game (JC for some). Limited time for the starters, I would pay just to see how the new faces performed (how much would you pay to see the quarterbacks efficiency/progressions/mechanics in throwing ? We could pay the FCS school whatever they get in the Fall, they would get an extra off date which would be needed given their limited rosters and expanded playoff schedule, plus the games would give them more exposure. We would treat this similar to a NFL preseason game. You could cut the regular season back to 11 games for our pl
  7. 1973 Auburn vs Tennessee Lost 0-21 The worst road performance of the latter 20th century. Game followed two epic wins against the Vols in '71 and '72 Auburn fumbled the first possession and a driving rainstorm ensued. I was visiting friends and sitting in the student section. Everyone had an umbrella to divert the rainstorm onto my head. Auburns offense was so inept that Coach Bill Battle had Tennessee punt on 1st down the entire 4th qtr. The student section serenaded the visitors by singing "Auburn, Auburn how'd you like to KMA" Real classy folks in the hill country!
  8. First time I went as an adult was invited to use some 50 yd line tickets to see the Tigers play MSU. Watched Bo take the pitch from the 20 yd line. Had a perfect view of Bo cutting into a gaping hole made by perfect blocking and the crowd standing up in a wave yelling GO BO GO as he took it to the house without being touched. Never felt such electricity in a game before. Thank CPD for making the greatest recruiting visit in AU history. Little doc
  9. 1980's Vandy coach George Macintyre throws down a Sports Illustrated photo of the Nebraska O line onto the desk of his SC coach and says "I want my Oline to look like that!" SC coach says sure and a couple years later both were out of a job due to a steroid scandal. Some schools are not allowed to cheat to win, only the preferred schools that make good TV ratings. Little doc
  10. Bitter cold wet night in north alabama. Good memories with a hot drink. Yardbarker rated us in the top 5 in on campus stadiums was the reason for the post, could not get the link to appear. We were highly rated for the build of the stadium creating noise and a home field advantage and for our pre game ceremonies that have been copied. Spent two summers in Auburn as a temporary orphan while my mother worked on her masters. Could walk up the Opelika Hwy with some co-orphan friends collecting soft drink bottles to cash in at the A&P, cross town to play a few games of pool as the t
  11. The 25 best college football stadiums | Yardbarker
  12. Found this tonight: The 25 best college football stadiums (msn.com) Everyone cheer up, its great to be an Auburn Tiger Parents took us to Auburn for homecoming vs UF at Cliff-Hare Stadium, which was a 45,000 seat horseshoe in 1967 Had BBQ at the Pharmacy Building, bought a sweatshirt at J/M Bookstore Saw three touchdowns and and 2 blocked punts in 3 minutes Read about the game in the Birmingham News on my grandmothers porch the next day after church. I don't care what they do with the playoffs, how much the players are rewarded, or where the coach previously work
  13. Cooper plays a different game, smooth and under control like a racer. Eyes always down the straight scanning for trouble and opportunity. Put him in a race car and he would pass you in a tight turn and there would be nothing you could. He needs to stay in college another year and put on some muscle like Flanagan.😐 Little doc
  14. There a people bouncing off the heavens 😅
  15. Go Crazy Cadillac!! Little doc (best opening play of any game I can remember)
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