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  1. As I remember he was the QB that took KY to the wire against ultimate NC Auburn and a transfer QB in 2010. Bet he has some answers about quick throws to small receivers against an overpowering SEC defensive front with future NFL players. Little doc
  2. I watch the reruns on "Skip Sundays"
  3. Friends, Tigers, Plainsmen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Bo, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones; So let it be with Bo. The noble posters Hath told you Bo was ambitious: If it were so, it was a grievous fault, And grievously hath Bo answer’d it. Here, under leave of posters and the rest– Little doc - see no reason to pile on after the fact. The answer of who next would be any that aspire to lead our team by example, as often seen at media days and before the coin toss.
  4. Lets see Graduated Did not steal, rob, assault anyone 1and1 vs the REC Played hard, no embarrassing behavior on or off the field (ok he sulked a little bit) Not my pick for the role but have no objections Little doc
  5. Milo's was supporting Auburn by giving BN an NIL deal. Everyone that boycotts should ante up the money for the next NIL deal.
  6. NEVER to YIELD! Little doc- never forget 1972 Iron Bowl
  7. Austin Davis as OC and David Cutcliffe as quality control assistant coach I would be all in Little doc
  8. Before you fire Anders and anoint the new king of college kicking, ask yourself if you would allow your friends to tee up every golf swing from the fairway and a $20 nassau bet on the table. If you are a high school field goal kicker, you are allowed to kick field goals with the assistance of a tee. The tee, which you can use in place of a holder, can be no more than 1 inch high. This differs from professional and collegiate football rules in that a kicker can kick the ball only with a holder in both of those settings. Rules for Field Goal Kicking & Pads in High School Football www.sportsrec.com/482057-rules-for-field-goal-kicking-pads-in-high-school-football.html www.sportsrec.com/482057-rules-for-field-goal-kicking-pads-in-high-school-foot… Rules for Field Goal Kicking & Pads in High School Football www.sportsrec.com/482057-rules-for-field-goal-kicking-pads-in-high-school-foot…
  9. bdc81

    20 pts

    Is it adjustments at halftime or has the defense " seen the offense" like a a hitter sees the pitcher in baseball and reacts quicker. Is this team in better condition in the 4th quarter and it shows. Think CDM may be a cool customer and letting the game come to his defense. What say you?
  10. He didn't wear socks in school, none of the college guys did. At University of Chattanooga he was a 5' 7" 165lb tailback and safety Played Auburn that year, went to give his Experimental Cooking 101 class professor/AU grad 1948 a pass to be out of Friday's class to travel to the game with the football team. Her response was "are you the water boy?" No Ma'm, I am I the starting tailback" "Oh my, you're in trouble!"
  11. Last time I read AL.com was to ask them why half the stories under the Auburn football tab were about another school. Forgot who emailed back but was an AU grad just named sports editor, must be a tough career to earn a living.
  12. Respect 3rd generation, she has friends, powerful friends.
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