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  1. Respect 3rd generation, she has friends, powerful friends.
  2. Hey, there is a new sheriff in town. He puts the hay in the barn, then gets up even earlier on game day.
  3. It was Pat Dye's first year, we got beat 17-3 but the defense had the better of Nebraska the whole game, offense could not move the ball. Nebraska was a powerhouse. Pat Dye kicked his only returning All SEC player off the team during the first team meeting. It was obvious by the Nebraska game the CPD was going to build something different on the Plains. CBH has a tougher job, more competition, but I think he is going to build the program. Want a team like UGA then do the things that UGA has done to be successful. We need to quit worrying about immediate results and do the things
  4. Saw MW take UAB apart. Our third string 2019 QB is being picked as the the first QB taken in the NFL draft.
  5. We change a defensive system, how long does it take for the players to understand the schemes, not play vanilla and allow them to play downhill. It took Buddy Ryan and the Chicago Bears 6 years to perfect the 46 defense. Moving Hall around looked like progress. Thought hiring CDM was a great choice, I'm going to give him more than a few games before becoming critical. Just want to see progression.
  6. Lets be clear about what we are talking about. How much money were we paying CTT we he hired TF without an interview. Little doc
  7. I don't think we make the two yards if we ran with a vanilla play. CBH said they had planned for this situation. Penn State had also, placed three receivers wide, confused the defense a little and we lost the edge. That was a great call that had been planned for three months.
  8. I was frustrated last night and I do appreciate the insight. Did see a team that showed up to play in a hostile environment and competed with a chance to take home a win. Looked like an early CPD team. Maybe patience will prove to be virtuous.
  9. Thought Bo played like a warrior. CHB needs to erase all the CGM tapes he has stored and watch some modern offenses outflank good defenses on third and short.
  10. Big headache Found the game on SEC+ through Samsung Smart TV but wanted to pick up other games this year and bit on ESPN+. Can drop ESPN+ anytime. Bizarre method for log on. Why am I using a HULU ID to log into ESPN? If I must do this every time I watch ESPN+ I'll start learning chinese, because they will bury us. However, it is better than going to the cable store to rent a box and being told to leave a $100 deposit. Told them my credit rating was more reliable than their cable service. Followed my father's example and watched the game at a sports bar with a nice hamb
  11. The picture is showtime. Really!
  12. In my experience the NIP occurs in the morning (late August early September) long before it is noticed in the evening. Take the dog outside when the humidity is low, morning temp < 70 and slight movement of wind from the NE and you feel the need a long sleeve shirt. Its football time in the SEC and showtime on the football forum.
  13. NO it is called the scientific method, it is how intelligent people discern truth from ignorant opinions.
  14. You take care of others by everyone (not at risk for allergic reactions) taking the vaccine, reaching herd immunity and eliminating the pandemic.
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