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  1. Arkansas wants Gus

    Yes, and Paul Davis left MSU to be defensive coordinator at AU. Doug Dickey left UT for UF when the gators sucked eggs. Oh, and what's his name that coached the school down the road left for TAM. Make a coach uncomfortable and they will leave for long term security. Little doc
  2. David Langner

    There was a story that Auburn was hosting a lineman recruit the next year, after being introduced to Langer the recruit said, "you mean that little guy plays football for Auburn". Recruit got knocked down by a right punch to the jaw sending him to the floor and later to the hospital. Little doc
  3. Ole Miss voting on replacing mascot....again

    They just need to yank a sorority sis out of the grove, give her a sweater with "Toddy" embroidered over her heart. Little doc ( I've been to there and know a thing or two)
  4. Anbody have any info on Pettway?

    There are long term consequences to corticosteroid use. Repetitive use in a potential NFL player would be poor judgement. Little doc

    My father worked his way through college (until WWII and came back on the GI Bill). Had two tickets for the 1948 renewal of the Auburn vs Alabama series. Gave his tickets to his parents, who boarded the train with the tickets selling for $50, 75 by the time they reached Gadsden and 100 at the train station in Birmingham. Getting off the trolley at Legion Field the price was $150, my grandfather sold the tickets, put my grandmother back on the train and returning home kept the money. Besides the mode of travel the other difference until the '70s was that the gentlemen wore suites and ties and the ladies wore nice dresses to the game. Now everyone dresses like the UA FSU brawlers last week.
  6. Saban has idea to change season schedule

    Expanding the playoffs and shortening the regular season. 18 yo should not play 15 games year 8 top rated conference champions get invite to playoffs-would make every FBS count for something Would not see any further conference expansion. 10 game regular season Conference championship game The 8 teams in the playoff will have enough depth to play 14 games Play a FCS or mid major in the Spring game-no one would care who won except the FCS schools. I'd pay admission just to see who had advanced as a player in Spring Practice
  7. Low Vitamin D - Football Players

    A brilliant piece of investigative science by orthopedic surgeons. Hey guys, if you live indoors your going to be vitamin D deficient. The question is how a college athlete with access to nutritional support, trainers and modern sports medicine would ever be diagnosed with the only vitamin deficiency they are at risk to acquire. A budget of 100 million dollars a you have athletes with puny bones? Little doc
  8. Jeremy Johnson starter saturday

    I think JJ has handled the last two years like a man. If he had run for president last week I would have voted for him . My inside source tells me he is going to graduate next month. Little doc
  9. who do you want to play in a bowl

  10. injuries from the ole miss game

    Uh, didn't vandy beat UGA at home? Little doc
  11. Captions ...

    An Auburn man needs no introduction
  12. Stanton Truitt

    My perspective Stanton Truitt makes Roc Thomas look like Alan Evans Little doc - was there when it happened
  13. Why don't we

    It would be a developmental game Winning would carry the same significance as any pre season game, none (except to the FCS fanbase) We would go and pay for the same reason we have multiple pages of what is happening at spring practice We want to know who the up and comers are. Auburn did not make any money in the Birmingham bowl. Maybe if we new our QB situation we go 6-5 sans JSU OT win.
  14. Why don't we

    Suggest to the NCAA to drop the "12th" regular season game. Allow teams to play "Western Carolina" in the spring game Sell the spring game ticket as part of the season ticket package Bet the players would love the free fall weekend I would much rather watch a 3rd string player trying to improve his stock in the spring than watch a walk over in November Would rather find out a starter had issues in the spring than on the road in September The experienced players could sit out most of the game and as the NFL preseason nobody would care about wins/losses/score The FCS teams would like it, good paycheck, good chance to beat a power five team and sell some season tickets Little doc