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  1. I dont think I've heard any talk of injury to JS. What's your opinion/insight on his injury?
  2. It's what message boards are made for, and fruit....need more fruit pictures.
  3. How much did he even play at AU? Not too much by my recollection.
  4. I hope that both teams get caught cheating, so then the NCAA says the "game never happened", no champ. Cant bring myself to rout for either of them. Wearing my Auburn shirt today. WAR EAGLE! Edit: was thinking "giant meteor", but went with the less harsh "cheating" : )
  5. It would seem he is now out of consideration for "jobs" in general.
  6. What are the putting to the right of the big scoreboard? More Suites? I noticed pylons at the Ole Miss game and notice more structure on each TV showing. Thanks!
  7. Not criticizing, but I didn't notice many (or any) jet sweeps to Eli stove, until late 4th and bammer got a couple shoestring tackles. That's a bread and butter play for us, why did we not try to attack the edge you football gurus?
  8. i was at that game. sat a couple rows behind Bobby Lowder and Tubbs wife. Ah the good ole days.
  9. Hi, Looking for upwards of 8 AU-Ole Miss tickets. We (a couple families) are making a trip over from Texas for the game. War Eagle!
  10. Guess you missed my follow up to AUcivilEng two post later.
  11. Ah, you're right. That's the one I'm always thinking of, maybe my mind just super-imposes it over the NEZ. Wasn't this score board actually in the SEZ? Surely they got it in storage somewhere? Do a refurb job and stick it in the NEZ. The noise measuring lights on the side were awesome along with the leaping tiger.
  12. Am I the only one that kinda enjoys the nostalgia and simplicity of the NEZ scoreboard? Likely just sentiment to a simpler time of life and sports. This coming from a millennial.