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  1. Guess you missed my follow up to AUcivilEng two post later.
  2. Ah, you're right. That's the one I'm always thinking of, maybe my mind just super-imposes it over the NEZ. Wasn't this score board actually in the SEZ? Surely they got it in storage somewhere? Do a refurb job and stick it in the NEZ. The noise measuring lights on the side were awesome along with the leaping tiger.
  3. Am I the only one that kinda enjoys the nostalgia and simplicity of the NEZ scoreboard? Likely just sentiment to a simpler time of life and sports. This coming from a millennial.
  4. My take on the analyst position: Can communicate with coaches, but not with players. Correct? Are there limitations to communication with coaches in-game as opposed to during week? I was at AU when he was OC. It was a fun time. He would always be at the baseball games in a floral shirt eating a hot dog. Just seemed like he enjoyed the community. War Eagle Gorgeous Borges!
  5. Maybe I misread, but a couple people made reference earlier in this thread. Hah! Execelent point. That will be the true test.
  6. People are saying CCL agreed to let Gus call the plays still. Where is that coming from?
  7. My grandfather (Auburn Fan, who knows Deacon Jones), told me this story after the 2013 Iron Bowl. Evidently Deacon Jones wasnt too pleased with Saban not offering the scholarship to his grandson. I believe I've told the condensed version of this story on the boards here in the past. My grandfather's point of the story is that Carlson (with a bigger leg than Griffith) would have been the freshman kicker Saban would have sent out in 2013, thus maybe-possibly negating the greatest play in Auburn history. Wonder how his grandfather felts after that kick fell short? War Eagle
  8. Golden Eagle Syrup, this is what ptb prefers.
  9. This is a very telling stat. I'm liking our chances even more for a W, if not a complete blowout like the last two. StatTiger - I'm guessing those games were pretty even split home vs away?
  10. I think if we win out, but need to jump a one loss, say WVU, we would. For us to win out, we would be red hot, and add some quality wins. The committee seems to put in the 4 best teams in at the last meeting they have, not best record - which usually had a little more record based bias in the polls, IMO. The committee also usually gives their reasoning behind the 4 rankings. If, and big if, we win out, I think it they would be hard pressed reasoning AU's wins against AL, LSU, SEC Champ, and our other blow out wins against SEC teams plus our 2 high quality appointment losses early in the season over WVU's weaker big 12 wins. All is moot if business isnt handled at Ole Miss - WAR EAGLE! BTW, I went to every 2004 home game, SEC Champ, and Sugar Bowl. still stings a little not getting a 3rd shot at USC + champoinship. (I also went to the 2002 USC away game, and home loss the next year)
  11. I'm guessing your manager lets you go over payroll and lets you decide who is earning their paycheck and who's not. You seem like one with sound judgement and a grasp on things that matter.
  12. So your saying we win the playoff game, and play in the championship?
  13. Yeah, Haven't had this much confidence in our overall receiving core since, Aromashodu , Obomanu, C Taylor, lined up in 2005.
  14. Got 3 guys getting some recognition midway through the season. Thought that was cool. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/17811887/2016-espn-college-football-midseason-all-american-team Can you guess who before clicking the link?