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  1. And the SEC splits all the $$, yeah? So AU or UA in Citrus, schools get the same payout?
  2. Bowl schedule says Outback is on Jan 1. Are we saying it’s not a New Years Six because it’s not the premiere bowl (sugar, fiesta, rose,etc)?
  3. This^^ Seems like Chizik was coaching AU.
  4. Also loved how Nix stayed in bounds on that play, shows he's looking at the game holistically. I'd assume a lot of freshman QBs would have ran it out of bounds without thinking.
  5. Saw that air guitar from the stands...hahah! Didnt know if it made it on TV. Fun stuff.
  6. After we went up 28-10 (late in the 3rd? or early 4th? cant remember), a large portion of aTm folks cleared out. Until then it was full. And everything about this film breakdown is awesome.
  7. True...good catch. We'll call him rusty from the 1st half suspension ; )
  8. Yes, our O had some 3 and outs and our D let some 3rd and longs get converted.....but some kudos have to be given to the conditioning of our D. I was at the A&M game, and I cant begin to describe the heat last Saturday.....unbelievable (and I live in TX). And our D looked good in the later part of the game. Likely as with other stadiums...for a 2:30 kickoff, A&M's stadium is setup so that the home sideline gets the shade from the stadium somewhere in the 3rd quarter, and the visitor side bakes in the sun the whole game....classic gamesmanship (least I didnt hear complaints about no a/c in the locker room like LSU at UT)
  9. To my untrained seems the LBs and the secondary have really been making good tackles, especially in space. Hard to think of a big ply the opposing team has had because of a missed tackle.
  10. Let's say Nix becomes all world QB, and decides to forgo senior year and Gatewood has (for whatever reason) stuck around and played his "role" the next 2 seasons. Then maybe you could see him being the starter his senior year and have a story book ending of a some sort? I know, I know...that's not how it happens anymore, but remember when guys would stick around just to start their senior year? Either way....been a fun 2019 so far. War Eagle!
  11. For 2019.... The "sure" tackling that is happening in space is impressive.......I'm having a hard time remembering a "wiff" tackle from our D in space, especially from the secondary. They've negated some big play opportunities with a great open field tackle. Kudos to the coaches and team.
  12. Anyone been to College Station and have some tips on where to park or tailgate?
  13. I dont think I've heard any talk of injury to JS. What's your opinion/insight on his injury?
  14. It's what message boards are made for, and fruit....need more fruit pictures.