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  1. IMHO....As far as cities go, unless casinos are your thing, definitely Bham > Shreveport
  2. Been away from Bham for a while didnt know they've got a new stadium. A new stadium to play in is kinda nice. 15 extra practices, and a new stadium.....trying to stay positive. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Thanks for all the responses! So far I’m getting that HF is a great prospect because he has been able to match if not slightly out-perform Gus at his coaching stops while only needing a burner phone at one. I like those odds. Of course others have shown Gus is matching prowess without the burner phone, but it doesn’t matter bc the Auburn name on the recruiting trail would negate the need for the burner phone. Advantage HF. I’ll leave y’all be for the rest of the evening, it’s been fun speculating even though Gus will pull a miracle and see you Dec 2021 in Atl. 😉
  4. Now this makes sense as to why he’s on peoples short list.
  5. I have, and wasn’t overly impressed, so that’s what triggered my initial question. Which was an honest questions...appreciate your reasoning. (Unless you’re being sarcastic, can’t tell🤔)
  6. I mean maybe? And who’s Lambeth? This is the gist I’m getting too. Was wondering if there was anything else I didn’t understand.
  7. So help me on one thing. What is people's fascination with freeze as an option? His experience is minimal outside ole mess and fighting fallwells, but people have him on the short list with MC. And didn't he leave ole mess in a mess of ncaa violations? Honest question?
  8. And the SEC splits all the $$, yeah? So AU or UA in Citrus, schools get the same payout?
  9. Bowl schedule says Outback is on Jan 1. Are we saying it’s not a New Years Six because it’s not the premiere bowl (sugar, fiesta, rose,etc)?
  10. This^^ Seems like Chizik was coaching AU.
  11. Also loved how Nix stayed in bounds on that play, shows he's looking at the game holistically. I'd assume a lot of freshman QBs would have ran it out of bounds without thinking.
  12. Saw that air guitar from the stands...hahah! Didnt know if it made it on TV. Fun stuff.
  13. After we went up 28-10 (late in the 3rd? or early 4th? cant remember), a large portion of aTm folks cleared out. Until then it was full. And everything about this film breakdown is awesome.
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