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  1. I think the reason CC gets the ball in those situations is CGM plays track players. From Kodi Burns to Kiehl Frazier to Wallace, these guys were on the field when probably better guys were available just because they were "team players" like CC.
  2. Is that also when Dabo brought in Chad Morris and Brent venables?
  3. If this is true, how do you see the coaching staff shaping up? I don't see anyone coming in that philosophy is different than CGM, including AB, KB, etc. Not putting the cart before the horse, but my guess is hand at oc and Ryan apling at qb coach.
  4. C. Davis reminds me of Carlos Rogers. Great in coverage and just as good coming up in run support.
  5. According to jox found not guilty of dui and leaving scene of accident. Surprise surprise.
  6. Considering jet sweep was first play about 10 times last year, my money is on that.
  7. It tis the season for orange face mask posts.
  8. Somebody might not get their charges dropped because he hasn't been out sweating enough this summer.
  9. Is some of the problems on 1st down production a byproduct of predictability? The ypc is lower but white qb effiency was high looks like the d is loading up to stop the run because everyone knows it's coming. Something else I noticed from last year was 7 out of 12 games I found the speed sweep was the 1st play of the game.
  10. I see more of negative recruiting CGM philosophy than his development failures. Sumlin will sling the ball around, saban will put you in a NFL offense to prepare you for the next level, gus you can run the read option. This perception has to be fixed this year with more 1st down passing, pa passing, and using different receivers with more routes than screens and go routes.
  11. He can retire in hof. Just needs to go to canton and announce it.
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