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  1. Indeed. Seems like these days, the trend for big timers who are expected to come in and get the nod relatively quickly but don't will lose heart and start seeking a transfer or start grumbling about it. Hopefully it continues to motivate the kid!
  2. That stinks, but this is in Georgia, so I presume that school is run by UGA fans. Still stinks they won't let him announce that way. That would be a nice moment for the kid. Well, hopefully AU can make up for it by helping him have many nice moments in the friendly confines of a slightly bigger and louder stadium down the road in the Loveliest Village.... Welcome big man!!
  3. Another site (al.com) noted that the assistant issue was one of the final lynchpins in the renewal negotiation with Bruce, so sounds like it's just a matter of time until the announcement is made that the assistants are good to go. https://www.al.com/auburnbasketball/index.ssf/2018/06/auburn_extends_bruce_pearls_co.html#incart_river_index Increasing compensation for Pearl's staff, which ranked at the bottom of the SEC last season, was a key factor in the contract extension negotiations. Pearl recently hired Wes Flanigan as an assistant and brought on Marquis Daniels as a graduate assistant and though the contracts for Chad Prewett and Steven Pearl, Bruce Pearl's son, expired Friday, they are expected to be retained.
  4. There really isn't any way they can just let these contracts expire, right? RIGHT??? There hasn't been any real indication this was going to be a problem, 3 of the 4 future NBA players returned, one of the coaches is the head coach's son for goodness sake. I simply can't believe they'd take a stand now, ask Pearl to clean house, and subsequently turn the program on its ear when Pearl walks over this. No way. (Right???)
  5. Saban's comments on this 20 headset thing made me chuckle. Nick Saban on new NCAA rule on limiting staff to 20 headsets: “I don’t know who is driving all this stuff, but to me it’s kind of like mouse manure when you’re up to your ears in elephant doo doo." There's just something about a 67 year old man saying the word "doo doo".
  6. Yeah, I'm a little aggravated with that last point (contracts allowed to expire/speculation not being put to rest) as that does seem possible. They have through tomorrow before expiration and maybe it's just some last minute wrangling....or maybe there's more to it. Not sure if tomorrow's deadline is a hard target for them (I'd presume it would be) or if they'd have some arrangement in the interim if the contracts ARE allowed to expire, but we'll obviously know more in the next 48 hours or so. It does seem to take the AU leadership a long time to put speculation to rest. (They waited months after the Person arrest before actually coming out supporting Pearl and left him hanging in the wind for a long time. Perhaps they're trying to make a statement here.)
  7. I can understand the difficult time believing "nobody on staff caught wind of it" thought, but it's hard to monitor your employees when they go home at night. The FBI was monitoring Person's phone. If he and Pearl were in cahoots, surely there's at least one recording between the two of them. A text. A recorded conversation. Something. (If there was, we would've heard about it by now, because the taking down a coach of Pearl's magnitude would be top billing on every sports page. And Person would likely do anything (including turning on a complicit head coach) to reduce the sentence he's going to get). Even if Pearl used a burner phone to secretly contact Person, there would be SOME evidence to point to. Seems like some of the other underlings may have had some knowledge given several others were suspended at the same time this was uncovered, but seems like Pearl wasn't involved at all. Given this funneling players to a financial advisor had no real benefit to the AU basketball team or their wins/losses (which is what he's ultimately measured by) and you can see the proof that Person directly benefited monetarily and you can follow the money trail, it isn't hard for me to believe Pearl is innocent. I'm trying to be as unbiased as I can, but it seems reasonable that Pearl wasn't part of it based on what we currently know. I'd probably feel the same even if it was Bammer that was in this position.
  8. Was very surprised to see UGA didn’t use the same defensive approach that Bama did. Ba gave them the blueprint on how to beat AU. Defend the perimeter and make them drive. AU seems to struggle with the midrange jumper and would rather drive to the basket, and doing that against bigger teams like Bama did not work well. AU would either get called for a charge, get the ball blocked or miss. What a second half AU had against UGA. It was one heckuva turnaround.
  9. Surprised Petty didn’t hit the pump fake 3 pointer. He’s made everything else.
  10. I’m curious what proof the FBI can offer that money was or wasn’t accepted. In the original complaint against Person, the government witness did indeed witness one of the families take $1,000 cash. While one of the two obviously received illegal benefit, There was no mention of the second family taking cash. When asked by the government witness if they gave the families more money, Person and the suit guy both indicated later that they also gave each family singinicant money, but that seems odd. The whole reason this scam was created was because person and the suit guy (Michel) were looking to benefit financially. Given the way Person was acting in the discussions with Michel, it seemed he was desperate for cash. I don’t know if I can believe Person actually gave someone money when he was in a state of desperation to get money quickly for some reason. Seems odd the suit guy would either. This is the same guy that fought with Dominique Wilkins at a Hawks game over $13,000 in payments that Wilkins owed the suit guy for some suits. Person is obviously a greedy guy if he was willing to risk his job for some quick cash. Seems plausible he just TOLD the government witness that he gave them 5 figures.
  11. Totally agreed. I was in the nosebleed section and echo your sentiments. (Don't know if that was happening all year or not as that's the first game I was able to attend this year.) If he goes to the NFL, he better have a rock solid O line that doesn't get him sacked much because in those games he got sacked more than a few times this year, he became gunshy quickly and as noted above, take off and run directly INTO trouble for another sack even when the pocket was holding together. The NFL is a passing league and he ain't there yet. He obviously peaked in the UGA/Bama games and then regressed.
  12. You should move to Georgia. That UGA hate meter will go off the charts over Bama. Recently I arrived at my car at the same time as another guy, and the guy (in his UGA garb) says nicely "Go on ahead." I thanked him and got into my car, and as I backed up, he saw my AU tag and motioned for me to roll my window down. He then says, "If I'd a known you were an AU fan, I wouldn't have let you go first." I smiled, thinking he was goofing around and then he says without a grin, "I wasn't kidding." and he turns and gets in his car. My kid was in the car with me, and I just stared at him for a few seconds trying to decide if it I was going to say what I really wanted to say. Instead, I shook my head, rolled my window back up and my 12 year old turns to me and says, "Man, who pee'd in his breakfast?" I snorted and moved on. But that's the norm in these parts. They're just as bad as the bammers IMO, and the fact they're going for a natty now has them at near intolerable levels.
  13. No fat to sustain him - That's my excuse for not losing weight. "But honey, I need fat to sustain me. What if we get attacked by a bear one day? I need plenty of energy to outrun you." If a bear attacks, you don't have to be the fastest one in the group as you dash away, just don't be the slowest.
  14. THIS IS BULL SNOT!! My head is about to pop off! This team has played lights OUT without these guys on the court, but DANG it, let's move on this and make a decision. Somebody poop or get off the pot!. Hop to it. ChopChop! Time's a wastin'. Hustle now. I said GIT! Let's do this!
  15. This whole thing with Sexton SCrEAMs “favor with the NCAA”. Bama’s director of basketball operations got canned because he was going down the same path that Person was. He got $10k from the fbi informant. He just wasn’t witnessed giving cash to sexton’s parents. But he was mentioned in the Person investigation and the only reason they didn’t have money changing hands between the handler or coach and Sexton’s parents is the feds decided to break this case wide open right after Bama’s coach got money. Funny how the timing of the investigation being made public let Bama off the hook. It’s almost as if it was by design. Why else would they take things public when they did? Can’t have such a storied institution like Bama getting pulled into this mess, now can we?? Perhaps I’m being a little “tinfoil hat”, but the timing of all this seems awful fortuitous for Bama. Almost like they have a horseshoe in their pocket. Or some high level NCAA types...