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  1. Peach Bowl could be historic

    This. It also gives Stidham a series to calm down/reset if he's getting planted. Who knows if it would be successful, but forcing a defense to at least consider what might happen with a new QB gives them cause to pause with their defensive strategy. At least it's a change of pace. Dang, this coaching thing is easy!
  2. On to UCF

    I'm looking forward to it. The UCF defense was non-existent vs Memphis. It was a track meet in the first half. Based on what I've seen of them, they'll easily be one of the worst defenses AU will have seen all year. I'm sure UCF will be jacked up and wanting to send their coach off to Nebraska with an undefeated season as their going away present, so AU better bring their emotions with them. My biggest complaint is it's a morning game on Jan 1. Getting the family up early Jan 1 and after staying up to watch Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve and stumbling down to the Mercedes Dome would be much easier if they moved it to a mid afternoon game Someone should start a petition to make it later in the day.
  3. Im so durn mad.

    I just ordered one of these for kicks. Never knew they existed. My life is now complete. “Where is my dangit doll?? My head is about to pop off!!”
  4. So What Now?...

    Not a believer in giving such a long term contract for that very reason but I can't believe he'd just get lazy/apathetic. He is still a relatively young guy and seems to have the energy needed for the job. I think he's learned a lot in the past season, to AU's detriment at times, but as long as he keeps growing as a coach, I figure AU is gonna be fine. AU didn't want to engage in a coaching search at this juncture given what has already committed elsewhere and they'd be picking through leftovers and Sexton forced AU's hand. Gus just coached AU to a 10 win or likely 11 win season and got the most out of his team when he was on the ropes and one more loss away (after the LSU debacle) from being shown the door (IMO) after 3 consecutive years of 7-8 wins. Trends in recruiting continue to look solid and the kids continue to fight for wins when he could have EASILY lost them for good after LSU. It was a disappointing day Saturday but sometimes it just ain't your day.
  5. Peach Bowl Ticket Prices

    Agreed. We ain’t that far of a drive for them, especially during the holiday. And this is their super bowl. Had to go ahead and buy ours tonight as I don’t get to go much due to kid sports, and I ain’t missing it, regardless of the fact I’m not overly jacked about the matchup.
  6. Chip Lindsey the "X" factor?

    Cubelic says he believes Gus leaves if AU loses today. I’ve never given much credence to the Gus to Arky thing, but Cubelic knows a lot of folks, so who knows.
  7. Chip Lindsey the "X" factor?

    Agreed on the Chip impact. My uninformed $.02: IMO, two key things have happened to turn this season around. 1) Gus is letting Chip do what they were hired for. I believe we have seen two of the best coached games of the season in each of the last 2 weeks. When is the last time Gus called a jump pass? If Chip leaves, I sincerely believe that AU will have nowhere NEAR the success they have had. We’ve had 3 years of mediocre playcalling and the first half of the year was a continuation of that. What suddenly changed? Gus is letting Chip make the calls. Gus is a good play designer but my theory is he is just a mediocre in-game playcaller. 2. Stidham has developed into the QB we thought he was. He now looks more comfortable each week and is keeping his head on and not running directly into trouble like he was earlier in the year.Both these things combined have not only saved his job but will result in a huge raise/extension. IMO, Gus is growing as a coach, and he has learned on the job (to AU’s detriment at times). But I don’t totally give him the props for the changes. I give him props for allowing the change to happen (he had little choice after LSU as he was about to get run out of town), and is now trusting his qb and his OC to make the right decisions.
  8. A Few Notes From Inside the Stadium Today

    Dang, that’s a heckuva day!! I’m jealous! What a cool opportunity for you guys!
  9. Kerryon Johnson updates

    Folks gonna be analyzing that 30 second video clip like the Zapruder film. “Doh, look, he grabbed at his abdomen!! He’s still injured too bad to play!!”
  10. Kerryon Johnson updates

    Heck, I probably have about 31,000 of the 32,000 views myself. I'm clickin' refresh about every half second to get any updates on his status. I've had a little extra time on my hands this week and am reaching heretofore unseen levels of unproductivity. clickclickityclick
  11. Update on Arkansas HC search

    Yeah, could definitely see that. CEO's take the fall plenty in the business world due to junk they had nothing to do with, so it comes with the territory I suppose. Somebody has to fall on the sword. Hopefully he lands on his feet.
  12. Update on Arkansas HC search

    It is kinda funny that here we are talking about an extension for Gus after the start that AU had to this football season. What a coup for Gus. I wonder if Jacobs would have survived if AU had beaten LSU instead of flopping? Had Jacobs been able to survive just a few more weeks from when he got fired, the pressure to fire him would have been dramatically less with every AU football victory and likely totally off the table after last weekend's victory. Sure the issues with softball are bad, and the basketball issue stinks (although that largely looks to be Person), but when football appeared to be headed for another mediocre season, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. With the big wins, however, football greatness looks possible, and AU is back to just the softball and basketball issues. Timing is everything, and unfortunately for Jacobs, Gus' timing for lunkheadedness against LSU sealed Jacobs' doom, and Gus will get mo money mo money mo money and an extension. A few weeks ago, after watching 3 years of mediocrity, I had a torch in my hand ready to light and chase Gus outta town, and now here I am saying, "Wow, I hope he doesn't go to Arkansas." Funny how just a few games can change things dramatically. Personally I give Chip more credit for the turnaround than Gus, (along with the improved QB play and the astoundingly good defense) but Gus was smart enough (or desperate enough) to finally get out of the way and let Chip do his thing. And lo and behold, Chip looks like a very worthy "in game" play caller.
  13. Kodi Burns

    Isn't that Horton though? Dude knows what he's doing with RB's for sure.
  14. SECCG - Pregame Sights & Sounds

    If the menfolk here are taking their wives, I can vouch for Molly B's Kitchen in the endzone on the "open" side. You need to make a reservation (at least you did for the Garth show there last month, so I presume it's the case for football as well). You can get a table and actually overlook the field. It's definitely more pricey than the regular food options, but the food is outstanding and you will win bonus points from your bride. They planned pretty well for crowds in the stadium so entry/exit isn't bad at all. The crowd for Garth was much larger than what will be at the game Saturday (given they have thousands of seats on the field area when they do concerts there), and we had no complaints having to wait too long to exit the building. Parking tip - don't park right across the street from the stadium. There were long lines trying to exit that lot. We parked in the yellow lot, which is on Northside Drive, right across the street from the World Congress Center and it is a very easy walk to the stadium. (Yellow lot is on the top left side of this link). Do not allow your wives to wear high heels however as the walk to/from the stadium will have them walking barefooted due to the blisters.
  15. Kerryon Johnson updates

    The SEC Network does a show called SEC NOW that I watched last night that had a shot of the play from that corner of the endzone looking back toward the field and there was definitely helmet to helmet contact, but it wasn't the crown of the Bammer's helmet. The sides of their helmets collided. (I was irate about that initially as well, but when I saw the other angle, it wasn't targeting IMO). I haven't been able to find that video on the web, but if you happen to come across last night's "SEC NOW" program, it was at the 17 minute mark just after they show Garner talking to the defensive line about setting the edge. (Don't know if there's a way to post a video from my phone here as I haven't posted here much.)