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  1. But why? They can further screw AU by letting it hang out there longer and guys like Sharife Cooper who are still undecided become less comfortable with committing given the cloud of punishment still lingering. It would be so NCAA-like for them to continue this slow play. They don’t make decisions in reasonable timeframes. They prefer to let it simmer, and guys like our writer pal, Pat Forde, lap it up and make suppositions into stories with his “it looks like AU might have just made things worse for itself” routine.
  2. That whole article was speculation. Not facts. No photos of coaches mugging with players, no text messages, no emails, no phone recordings, just "AU MAY have been recruiting" and "AU might have just made their problems worse". Just a bunch of "gotchya!" without the actual "HERE'S A PHOTO OF PEARL TALKING WITH SHARIFE! WE CAUGHT BRUCE RED HANDED!" The statement from AU was that they "LIMITED" recruiting, not that they eliminated it. It was the writer that alleged AU said "no recruiting of any kind occurred." It amazes me how these stories evolve. AU beat "writer" (who tends to focus more on the negative coming out of AU than the positive) comes up with a story that Forde comments on on Twitter. Forde uses local beat writer story as the basis for his entire article, and quotes "anonymous sources" and "AAU insiders". It's absurd. But the stink will hang around because of the bar b que Pearl had at TN.
  3. I presume they had to be secondary violations. Perhaps they're "double secret probation" penalties?? It's just something I've never heard a coach say. In some cases, the committee determines that insufficient evidence exists to support the finding of a major violation. When that happens, a case is essentially “thrown out.” In such cases, the committee sometimes has decided that a school committed a secondary violation, not a major one. In that event, the case is sent to the secondary-violations wing of the enforcement staff for processing. In both instances, no infractions report is issued and the committee issues no penalties (although institutions may be subject to minor penalties for the secondary violations).
  4. Ah, yeah, I forgot he didn't actually make that statement on expecting the NOA. Just tired of the whole thing hanging out there. Let's do this thing and move on. Rip the bandaid off, do what they gotta do and move on to some other school. I did notice he didn't explicitly say he was expecting NEW punishments, just that they "weren't finished" (which seems to be referring to the notion that they aren't finished with the existing "private" NCAA punishments rather than it meaning they're "not finished with the NCAA leveling more charges/punishments").
  5. A few weeks ago, Bruce says they're expecting an Notice of Allegations. Now he says the worst is behind AU. Bruce says AU is dealing with non-public penalties and an AU spokesman says, "Huh?" Can someone over there please tell us what in the wide world of sports is going on? The spokesman should maybe just say "No comment" instead of further confusing this issue. These non-public punishments can't be anything big like "no post season play" and such, otherwise they'd have to disclose such to potential recruits and that wouldn't take long to get out.
  6. I'm just not sure what Pearl could reasonably have done to ensure compliance. If someone is going to go to great lengths to conceal something like that, how do they lay it at Pearl's feet? I've seen enough examples to know the NCAA plays favorites, so I am concerned. It would be such an injustice if they did try to lower the boom on AU, especially at the moment things are turning around for basketball after decades of mediocrity. I'm becoming a member of the tinfoil hat club when it comes to the NCAA/FBI and the way things have gone down. Bama seems to have friends in high places - that's the only way they get away with no NCAA sniffing around their place. Yahoo got receipts on DJ Fluker getting impermissible benefits (cash, hotels, flights) and....silence. In the recent trial, Christian Dawkins reveals details of a payment plan for Sexton while at Bama and.....silence. Kobie Baker gets involved in the SAME scheme Person is involved in, gets his first payment ($10k or so?) and then the FBI announces a week or two later that they're going after Person for this scheme. The only difference between Baker and Person is that Baker didn't get caught handing $ to a player, but Baker was only getting started - it was the next step. The timing of that announcement by the FBI was quite fortuitous for Bama! (I know I'm getting away from the subject, so I'll stop! Just ranting!)
  7. Agreed. AU is doing what they can there to distance themself from Chuck for sure and making it is known up front they took pro-active steps to ensure compliance. It’s an outline of their defense so if the NCAA decides to make another run at AU, they’re not doing so blindly and wondering what happened at AU - the entire story is basically told in 4-5 pages. The by-law 11.1.1 allows AU/Pearl to explain the steps they took to ensure their efforts in staff compliance were reasonable. That statute isn’t just a “This happened under Pearl’s watch so we are gonna pound him”. At some point there has to be some common sense applied. There was No mention of Pearl in any of the recorded conversations in the FBI investigation into Person, and Person tried to ensure the parents/players understood to tell NO one of the $ and he hid his activity. Zero proof of Pearl being involved whatsoever. I realize this is the NCAA, though, so fairness isn’t guaranteed. But man, I may lose my mind if AU gets hit again while Bama/LSU/AZ remain unscathed.
  8. I hope you're right. AU already took it on the chin once already with 2 players sitting and it undoubtedly impacted the tourney performance last season given the lack of depth after McLemore went down. It would seem beyond unfair for the NCAA to be taking yet another run at AU so soon when there are other schools that have such egregious things that are known to have happened or at least need to be investigated given what was revealed in the federal trials. (Sexton allegedly receiving $5k and $1500/month, $23k in travel expenses by his parents allegedly paid for, his brother getting a does the NCAA just ignore such allegations and continue to come after AU/Pearl yet again?) I realize the NCAA can do whatever they wish and the whole idea of "fairness" is a pipe dream, but there has to be some level of reasonableness applied with regard to punishing Pearl for Person's actions. What the heck more could Pearl have done to ensure his coaches are playing by the rules? Hire a private detective to track their every move? Nothing was revealed in those trials tying Pearl to anything. They had something like 16 hours of recordings on Person's phone calls, dinner conversations, emails, etc., and not ONE mention of Pearl in any of them. Those conversations revealed he was actively trying to hide stuff from Pearl. I realize the 11.1.1 by-law has language that states he's responsible for the actions of Asst Coaches, but it also has language that, if applied, provides some reasonable approach to punishment. (What did he do to actively promote abiding by the rules, what procedures does AU have in place, evidence of continuing education for coaches, etc.) It will be interesting to see how it plays out - I figure even if they take the unreasonable approach and just say "it happened under your watch", AU loses a scholly and they have to abandon wins when this was going on. Much else would have to be viewed as overkill given the lack of pursuit of any of the other schools with basketball issues.
  9. They paid him 3 times the value he was owed. It’s insane to see the money these guys are willing to throw around. And none of the trustees seem to consider what it might look like agreeing to offer him that kinda $ at this particular moment in time to leave? Heck, if I’m Leath, I grab that money and skip away from AU while whistling zippity doo dah! The bammers are having a field day with it - not that it really matters but perhaps some explanation for such an exhorbitant payout could be helpful.
  10. Sooooo......did he get into AU or not? Sorry if it was explicitly stated above, but in the 3 pages of religious discussion, I didn't see anything "official" above indicating he actually reported to campus.
  11. Indeed. Seems like these days, the trend for big timers who are expected to come in and get the nod relatively quickly but don't will lose heart and start seeking a transfer or start grumbling about it. Hopefully it continues to motivate the kid!
  12. That stinks, but this is in Georgia, so I presume that school is run by UGA fans. Still stinks they won't let him announce that way. That would be a nice moment for the kid. Well, hopefully AU can make up for it by helping him have many nice moments in the friendly confines of a slightly bigger and louder stadium down the road in the Loveliest Village.... Welcome big man!!
  13. Another site ( noted that the assistant issue was one of the final lynchpins in the renewal negotiation with Bruce, so sounds like it's just a matter of time until the announcement is made that the assistants are good to go. Increasing compensation for Pearl's staff, which ranked at the bottom of the SEC last season, was a key factor in the contract extension negotiations. Pearl recently hired Wes Flanigan as an assistant and brought on Marquis Daniels as a graduate assistant and though the contracts for Chad Prewett and Steven Pearl, Bruce Pearl's son, expired Friday, they are expected to be retained.
  14. There really isn't any way they can just let these contracts expire, right? RIGHT??? There hasn't been any real indication this was going to be a problem, 3 of the 4 future NBA players returned, one of the coaches is the head coach's son for goodness sake. I simply can't believe they'd take a stand now, ask Pearl to clean house, and subsequently turn the program on its ear when Pearl walks over this. No way. (Right???)
  15. Saban's comments on this 20 headset thing made me chuckle. Nick Saban on new NCAA rule on limiting staff to 20 headsets: “I don’t know who is driving all this stuff, but to me it’s kind of like mouse manure when you’re up to your ears in elephant doo doo." There's just something about a 67 year old man saying the word "doo doo".