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  1. Cullman Tiger, you are correct. But we didn't play them at the same time, and the three I mentioned had stellar careers.
  2. It was very bad and this year is approaching that low point. We had three backs that went into the NFL and could not score enough points to win. The defense was really bad. You could count on the opposing team making it on 3rd down regardless of the yardage (Much like today).
  3. Thanks, Stat. Good analysis as usual. Very disappointing. I don't think it would have been much different with the Coaching, and play on both sides of the line if we were playing the "Tennessee State Game".
  4. And? We still started slow and did not do what we needed to do. It was close and the refs did make bad calls at times that really hurt us. We had a poor pass rush, and with a few exceptions, did not look sharp in any phase of the game. I wish it could all be on the refs, but it is not, and LSU is not the best team we will face this year.
  5. Very good recap, as painful as it is.
  6. Never said that LSU was not a good SEC team. I said it was our lack of doing what we needed to do, on our own field, that led to the loss. I have not played up the fact that rather than going for it on 4th down and failing, we could have kicked a field goal that (if successful) would have won the game anyway, not to mention changing the momentum at that time. Very poor calls by the refs at very bad times hurt, but my point is it should not have been in their hands. Most of the calls that I saw, were not disputable. I also know they were holding our DL many times and we did not get the call. However, we DID NOT GET the pressure that an elite DL corps should provide. I think in this day of social media, our guys may have been buying the hype, like many on here do. Just because I don't post much, doesn't mean that I don't know the game. War Eagle!!
  7. The refs made a number of bad calls that went against us. The bottom line in big boy football is that it should never have been close enough for the calls to make a difference in the game. I have been an Auburn fan and graduate for a very long time. We came out of the gate cold and slow, and when we had the upper hand, we could not close the deal. Our O line is still a work in progress and struggled big time. Our D line is not as good as advertised. Much can be said of our lack of preparation and in game adjustments by our coaching staff. There is no way we should have lost this game, at home, period. Having said all that, I have been through worse, and still say War Eagle anyway!
  8. Anyone that does not think that J.B. Grimes is a better OL coach than Hand is severely deluded. He will have them tough and mentally ready. The question is whether we have the talent and experience level to excel against good teams. How many "loafs" do you think we had against UCF?
  9. Did anyone notice that it was not until the start of the second half that we looked good, quick and unpredictable on offence? It was also only in the second half when Bubba started looking like his old self. I like the new concept of making adjustments at halftime.
  10. Like the offense in general, it was not until the 2nd half that he looked like his old self. From the 2nd half opening drive on, it looked like a whole different offense.
  11. I agree with TexasTiger. Maybe that is why I hardly ever spend any time in the recruiting forum.
  12. I meet your qualifications PapaWill, and am prepared to give my opinion. My wife and I are both AU grads and all three of our children under age 30, as well as two son in laws are also. I firmly believe in foregiveness and getting a second chance. With that said, there is no way that I want Petrino as the coach at Auburn. There are plenty of other programs that will be willing to give him a chance to coach again. His lack of integerity is more than the infidelity incident. We can not hire him as a coach and mentor for our young players in good conscience. We would be admitting that the Auburn Creed was outdated, and there is nothing about Auburn that makes it a special family that is different than other schools. There are better canidates that can build a winning program that don't have his baggage.
  13. This petition lists in a reasonable fashion why JJ should go. It needs a lot more signatures. http://www.change.or...hletic-director