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  1. Boneheaded play calling, no slants, no momentum, no real hurry up, pulling players when momentum could be achieved. It's officially a cluster#### on the offensive side of the ball (dropping to damn many passes). Defense is having some issues which I expect to be corrected during halftime. We won't survive SEC play with things the way they are at present.
  2. SPAUT has their hands full today. I'm lovin' it.
  3. That decision told me that Gus trusted his young QB more than his placekicker.
  4. Short answer No. Statistics don't show it. Power rankings are not showing it. Without a 75% plus improvement on offense, special teams and a 25% improvement on defense, I just can't see it. There must be a 90% improvement on play calling from Gus too. I don't care about the ranking, just WIN GAMES!
  5. I believe someone really did steal his playbook and he can't remember s***.
  6. I agree with all of this. I just wished he would show us a little more of the playbook.
  7. THIS^^^ His intonation wasn't that of someone taking a jab at anyone. Totally blown out of proportion.
  8. Has anyone considered the weather might have been a factor? The last several days have been at or near 100 degrees. That takes it's toll towards Saturday. I work in the heat and as Friday approaches, the heat from the week takes it's toll regardless of how well hydrated I may have been.
  9. Front line seems a bit lethargic.
  10. IMHO, Shivers may need to be running wheel routes and bubble screens. As small as he is, he has a lot speed and getting him in open space is a lethal weapon. I love the the guy. He's gutsy player and an Auburn Man. The coaches just need to put in a position to make the kind of plays, IMPACT PLAYS, that I know he's capable of. We'll see how it plays out this year. I still like him in the flats. A few blocks and he goes to the house.
  11. Taking the game seriously allows for a enough run-up in score which gives the 2's and 3's to get some much needed experience.
  12. If the players and coaches take this game seriously then we won't have a problem with Tulane like we did with Vanderbilt in 2016. I was at the Vanderbilt game and it was concerning to say the least. I was also in North end-zone and watched Pettway pull his quad. I knew then it was pretty over for the Iron Bowl. No Pettway, no win. Side note. ABC has some doofus statisticians. They said that was Eli Stove's first career touchdown, when I saw him run the jet sweep and score on the first play of the Arky game in 2016 (He also scored on Miss State too).
  13. KJ Britt is a little ball of hate. He reminds of Stanley McClover, Quentin Groves and Tray Blackmon (especially Tray Blackmon the original "Little Ball of Hate"). This defense reminds me of the 2004 and 2005 defenses.