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  1. If Gus goes to Waffle House after a win, then where does he go after a loss? Krystal?
  2. Starting next season there will be free Xanax given with each program purchase.
  3. Somebody please arrest Malzahn's pharmacist.
  4. Can any these guys kick a field goal?
  5. When he says "future", just how far into the future is he speaking of.
  6. I could care less. He'll follow the path Chizik laid down.
  7. Why? Trump shows up, bama loses.
  8. Let's invite Trump to the Iron Bowl.
  9. I heard from a very reliable source that there was Russian meddling with respect to the officiating tonight.
  10. Undercover video of Saba in the locker room after beat down.
  11. If our receivers keep dropping freaking passes, it could get horrid.