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  1. How Kerryon Johnson became touchdown machine

    If saban and company stack the line we must adjust our strategy to compensate and wear down their defensive aggression. Running around the line and causing them to become gassed before the second quarter should be paramount. I love the new wrinkles including the screens that so effectively defeated UGA.
  2. #10 in Latest AP Poll

    I can't see any of this without KP in the backfield. Just like last year, no Pettway, no win.
  3. Pettway out indefinitely

    We do still have a TE right?
  4. Auburn avoids same mistake it made against LSU

    I want to see our secondary looking back for the football while defending opposing receivers. They were looking back for the ball at season's start, but have gone back to not looking back for the ball. When an opposing quarterback's pass hits an Auburn defender square in his back, then we have a problem. How to reverse this trend remains a mystery, as it has been for 10 years now.
  5. Pat Dye: As of right now, 4 more losses ... Auburn defenders cannot give up on a play like this. This is totally unacceptable. Where is the heart and effort of the 2004 defense? I clearly don't see it. Our D this year compares to the 2004 team, but I think inside the program players simply don't want to play 110% for Malzahn.
  6. next Head Coach

    Gus Malzahn. We're burdened with an eternal ball and chain of mediocre performances for the duration of Saban's tenure. It's a political game that goes all the way up to the NCAA.
  7. Bashing Gus

    Is this some kind of Warnmeter project?
  8. I guess because it was a vanilla flavored offensive performance, I ASSumed it was Gushlee putting his mind where it doesn't belong.
  9. Georgia Southern's defense was gassed by the time Martin took reps.
  10. My main concern is the offensive line's performance. It was mediocre at best and needs a lot of work. The receiving corp dropped passes and missed blocking assignments resulting in lost points. The offensive scheme seems to have Malzahn's fingerprints on it, which is concerning to me. This team needs to change a lot of things before Saturday. Losing KJ for Saturday is another concern. I will accept any kind of W we can muster again Clemson.
  11. Kerryon Johnson

    After watching the news this morning, they said it's a hamstring muscle pull. I hope he heals up quickly.
  12. We played a Sunbelt conference team.
  13. Hurricane Harvey

    In 1979, Hurricane Fredrick hit Mobile, Alabama and was no joke. Not near the rainmaker that this storm will be, but the winds topping 130 mph devasted the area. The Dauphin Island Bridge was near non-existent. The Causeway was wiped out and we lost power for well over a month. I live in the Cottage Hill area growing up at the time, and as a senior in HS, classes and Foosball practice were delayed. Most of the copper lines for communications were replaced afterward, but that was the last time there were touched. Houses disappeared off of their pilings and found 100s of feet away with pictures still hanging on the walls. This storm will have the worst of Fredrick type winds with the flooding of Danny. I would evacuate if I lived on the coast and even inland to about 60 miles. Clean out the fridge/freezer. Move everything you don't want to be ruined if you live in a flood prone area and head west until this thing leaves for good. Turn off the power to your home and plan on taking a chainsaw to get back in. Don't forget to get your meds and maybe get another one for Xanax. Good luck to all in his path because Harvey will prove to be one of the worst storms to hit the Gulf Coast in quite some time. I heard Harvey is now a Cat 4, get the heck out of dodge.
  14. Kris Frost on SEC Network