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  1. This has legs.
  2. Bwahahaha! Screw SPUAT!
  4. KJ Britt gonna step up.
  5. Finebaum has us winning 10 games this year, I say we will win it all this year. I truly believe, if we stay healthy, we can break records and win it all. Our defense should be stifling and our offense will be fast and stealthy. Special teams will be as potent as we have ever seen at Auburn.
  6. @Auburn2Eugene Good question. Since he is from Saint Paul's too, he may participate in their summer workouts along with Auburn. I'm not sure what his plans are at this point.
  7. @StatTiger Would you be so kind as to edit the Wikipedia page for single-season quarterback passing records for Reggie Slack's 1988 season of 2392 yards passing? He passed for more yards than #9-Brandon Cox (2,324) and #10-Dameyune Craig (2,296).
  8. I was looking at the bama schedule and I started craving cupcakes. Geez, they don't play anyone until LSU and then they have us in Auburn. I just can't see the legitimacy of their ranking with that schedule. Needless to say, I hope we hand their asses back to them after ripping it to shreds.
  9. I concur. We have been inconsistent in the area of recruiting offensive linemen for quite some time now.
  10. What I would give for a piece of Pat Sullivan's tear-away jersey.
  11. That's BS. Reminds me of the Auburn-Virginia NCAA tournament game.
  12. I don't like the idea of a QB coming off of the bench cold without any feeling of what the defense is doing (defensive reactions to plays from an on the field QB perspective). It presents a problem and risks turnovers.
  13. One man's opinion doesn't carry much weight in my book. Cam and Nick didn't have much of a problem with the offense.