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  1. If they cancel the season, we get another year bragging rights over the bammers. 😆
  2. 2019 too. We lost the Brambletts.
  3. Circa 2020...who is Barbee?
  4. We need a man or two under net for rebounds on fouls shots. I watch them get rebounds from missed fouls shots too many times tonight.
  5. I don't see the big deal. They got an legit extra second before and lost, and now we got a legitimate second a they lost again. Football is a game of seconds, 3600 per game to be exact, excluding overtime. Maybe SPUAT doesn't teach mathematics very well. They should keep their pie hole shut and take an a** kickin' like men instead of crybabies.
  6. Consider the fact that the 85%ers can't read at all, much less understand the NCAA rule book. I'm just blowing it off as bammer ignorance.
  7. We need a definitive article or link.
  8. It's unfair for us to go for it on four down? Okay, yea right. I hope he chokes on a Little Debbie like he did tonight.
  9. If Gus goes to Waffle House after a win, then where does he go after a loss? Krystal?
  10. Go to the 1-hour 8-minute mark.
  11. Starting next season there will be free Xanax given with each program purchase.
  12. Somebody please arrest Malzahn's pharmacist.
  13. I love watching players execute....
  14. Can any these guys kick a field goal?