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  1. Ed Tew

    Men vs. Georgia State - game thread

    I have not seen any info on New Williams. What is his status?
  2. Ed Tew

    Jason Smith moves to QB

    Our running attack is already a double-option. It only takes minor tweaks to the motion back's timing, path and positioning to make it a triple-option. The change would not affect the assignments of anybody but the QB and that one running back. And, it will stop teams from crashing down on the QB with an end because they can't do that and defend the outside.
  3. Ed Tew

    Jason Smith moves to QB

    Here is the reason Smith is working at quarterback: When Franklin is in the game teams are going to send an end straight at him every time so he can not keep the ball. The answer for this strategy is the old triple-option. The path of the back that goes in motion will be modified so he can be a trailing back for a pitchout or the back will stop and stack behind the tailback. If the end goes for the QB he will leave the outside vulnerable to the third option. The problem with this is if you prepare a triple-option attack, you will have no one to run it if Franklin gets hurt. Certainly not Sean or JJ. Hence, enter Smith as the backup triple option QB.
  4. Anthony Hines III: A 16-yr.-old linebacker with 65 D-1 offers. He says he wants an Auburn offer but does not have one. His first offer came from Miss. State when he was 14. Wonder why we haven't offered.
  5. Ed Tew

    Really Bret, Just Say We Cheated

    I can not believe people are reading that and thinking that he is accusing us of cheating. He is saying that people were shown that the Hogs have improved and would be a force to be reckoned with, i. e.,they are better than "people in that stadium and on the other sideline" thought they were. Geez.
  6. Ed Tew

    Nick Marshall cited (confirmed)

    I am astonished at the people that want to do more than the written policy calls for. Every player on the team know the policy. They know exactly what is supposed to happen to Marshall. University policy cuts both ways and should be binding on Gus too. You want to send a message? When kind of message does it send if they tell you one thing and do something else? That they can not be trusted? Ignore their "policies" because they are meaningless? That will go over well..
  7. Ed Tew

    Nick Marshall cited (confirmed)

    Auburn has a WRITTEN drug policy that specifies no loss of playing for a first violation. If this is a first offense, then neither Marshall nor Mincy should lose playing time. However, if either have failed a test previously we would not know. If these are second offenses, they will lose half a seasons. No one should receive punishment that is not called for in the written policy.
  8. Ed Tew

    Best Iron Bowl of all Time?

    Anybody know where a replay can be seen?
  9. Ed Tew

    How ASU fans view this week's game ...

    Troy just rolled up more than 600 yards on Ark. State. This makes our offensive performance seem less impressive. Also SoCal did a far better job of defending Wash. St. than we did. I never know what to make of these types of comparisons.
  10. Ed Tew

    What happened to Tigerland?

    Go to content.tigerland.com. That will get you to tigerland.
  11. Ed Tew

    No ESPN3?

    Ouch! The ESPN schedule shows the game Saturday on ESPN but not ESPN3. I don't have access to ESPN.
  12. Ed Tew

    Dismukes Arrested/Suspended

    I thought Jay Jacobs stated the policy on infractions in an interview last week. A first offense results in counseling, second offense gets you suspended and a third incident results in permanent removal from the team.
  13. Ed Tew

    Best Places To Live

    One more reason to come to Auburn to play football: Only one Alabama city is listed among Money magazine's "100 Best Places To Live", and it ain't Tuscaloosa!
  14. Ed Tew

    Pat Dye Interview

    Look at the roster. Our 2-deep will have maybe nine seniors out of forty-four players. Almost all of them will be replaced by someone as good or better. The other thirty-five will have another year of growth, experience, maturity and Yoxercise. Add to that an exceptional class of incoming freshmen and we should be good to go. If this year's team could be ranked around 15th, next year should be top 5.
  15. Ed Tew

    Qua Huzzie Murray State...

    July 5th. Anybody heard if he is at AU?