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  1. WVR


    Continuing to pray for you brother. Ring that bell loud and proud on your last treatment.
  2. Bruce Pearl is something special. We are blessed to have him at Auburn.
  3. Thanks for posting this, Stat. Very well done sir.
  4. Oh my. This is heartbreaking news. Prayers sent for Rod and his family.
  5. WVR

    DJ Williams

    Great book, Doc. I actually have a copy Coach Dye signed. He did a signing in Birmingham when the book was released.
  6. Love the interview with Cadillac and Coach Chizik. Carnell sounds like he really loves being back on the plains.
  7. Right there with you brother. I have enjoyed this Auburn team more than any other, but I am done with basketball until Auburn plays again .
  8. We did it. We did it Charlie!!!!
  9. Oh my. Final Four..War Damn Eagle!! Final Four Baby!!!
  10. My Mom is a twin. Twins share a special bond that the rest of us will never know. I know you must be proud.
  11. Since there is no emoji for jealous, I will have to give you a 👍.