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  1. WVR

    RBU Auburn University

    James Joseph was a good one too. I think he was coaching at Samford if I am not mistaken. He and Danley were two of my favorites.
  2. WVR

    RBU Auburn University

    They left off the two bama killers; Stacy Danley and Tre Smith.
  3. WVR

    Men vs. Charleston

  4. WVR

    Men vs. Charleston

    Come on Auburn!!!!
  5. WVR

    Please pray

    Praying for both of you tonight. May God ease the pain of your loss. Both sounded like wonderful people.
  6. WVR

    Men vs. uat

    Thanks for the updates. Hotel in Atlanta does not have SECN 😪
  7. WVR

    Jarrett Stidham has surgery!!!

    Me too, lionheartkc. Took out about a foot of mine.
  8. WVR

    Please pray

    Prayers sent for your mom.
  9. WVR

    Congratulations Asa Martin, Mr Football

    Clint Moseley
  10. WVR

    Prayers please

    Very glad to hear this. Will continue to pray for James.
  11. WVR

    Prayers please

    Prayers sent for James. Prayers sent for Mom and Dad too. Hang in there my friend.
  12. WVR

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    War Eagle Bo!!!! Welcome Home!!
  13. WVR

    Bama vs Georgia

    There is their true self. Stay classy bama.
  14. WVR

    Alabama or Georgia?

    Had a bammer at work ask me who I liked in the game. I said “I do not like either team” and kept walking.
  15. Heard her many times talking to Paul. So sorry to hear this, Warbird. Sincere condolences.