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  1. Prayers sent for the Williams family. So tragic.
  2. Quit listening/watching this man about 5 years ago. He is nothing but a ratings monger.
  3. 😁 You have to be over 40 to know who this is.
  4. Time now to watch Jawga and see what they got. Enjoyed this thread very much.
  5. Way to go LSU. Nice job Joe Burrow.
  6. The LED lights don’t quite have the same effect when you’re down by 20.
  7. Did someone forget to pay these refs?💰💰💰
  8. Joe Burrow is one tough player.
  9. Punt bama...punt!!
  10. FG good. Every little bit helps😁
  11. Diggs holding like crazy.
  12. Well crap😫 wide open
  13. Gary thought they caught the ball😁