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  1. https://247sports.com/player/walker-white-46117707/
  2. Auburn running back that likes to hunt🤔…sounds familiar.
  3. “I’m looking at the pro flight major,”“For me, education is going to play a big part in this whole process. Because Auburn has that, they definitely stick out. Definitely the pro-flight major is big for me.” So glad we have this major. I think we have had a couple players wanting to be pilots, if my memory is correct.
  4. Personalities like Coach Leach’s are not found very often. He will be missed. Prayers to the Leach family.🙏🙏
  5. Congratulations to Deshaun. My youngest daughter is at North Alabama. Look forward to seeing him on the sidelines next season.
  6. Prayers sent for Bobby 🙏🙏🙏
  7. I was at the 2004 Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa. Was not raining during the game. Not sure about before or after.
  8. Please, no Dabo Swinney at Auburn!!!
  9. I was at that game when Cadillac threw that TD. It was a thing of beauty then, and a thing of beauty now.
  10. I wore my 2004 SEC Championship Sweatshirt today, In honor of Cadillac. I think I may have put on a pound or two since I last wore it last😁
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