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  1. Since there is no emoji for jealous, I will have to give you a ๐Ÿ‘.
  2. I Love Nashville!!! It has been good to Auburn this year!!
  3. Letโ€™s Go Auburn!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
  4. Praying for you and your family, Masters. May God give you peace.
  5. Hope you get to feeling better, Doc!! The flu is not any kind of fun.
  6. I was at that game. What a lick he put on that wr.
  7. Is this the player Saban landed the helicopter in Ensley to go see? I know JO is in Ensley.
  8. Footloose is exactly what I was thinking too ๐Ÿ˜
  9. WVR


    Yes, my nephew is one tough little fella. He had to be put to sleep everyday while he took his radiation. His port came out as well and had to have surgery to put it back in. The Drโ€™s at St Jude said 2 years ago they would not have been able to help him. Thank God for the ongoing research. They are making strides every day. I have two daughters too, 72. This my prayer as well. To see them grow up and be happy. I feel certain you will get to โ€œRing that Bellโ€.
  10. WVR


    Glory to God! This is GREAT news โ€˜72!!! On a side note, I would like to share a great experience I heard last night. My cashier at Walmart obviously was fighting the same battle. I did not bring it up, but she volunteered her battle to me. After she told me her story I shared with her my Great Nephews battle with this awful disease. (He is 4 years old and taking radiation/chemo at St Judeโ€™s. What a blessing this place is). As we continued to talk, she informed me that she was taking her last treatment on Wednesday. She was so happy. Long story short, I know you were as happy as this sweet girl with your news. Continue the fight my friend and we will continue to pray for you and you lovely family.
  11. So sorry to read this. I will be praying for you and your wife. God bless you both.
  12. Out of likes, but you are so right!!!