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  1. Maybe his Route’s will be a “Maze” for DB’s😉. I know...it’s corny.
  2. Thank You for the suggestion. I will for sure watch it. Continuing to pray for you ‘72.🙏🙏. Hope you are enjoying the fireplace in your new home today. I bet it is chilly in Tennessee today. We have ours going today for the first time. Take care and God Bless You!!
  3. Great News!!! It is going to be a LOT of fun to be an Auburn fan again!!!
  4. Done!! Thanks for all you (and everyone associated with AU Family) do to keep this site up. .
  5. Man I thought it was just me. Had to read it twice. 😁
  6. The story where he played basketball with Prince....hilarious!
  7. In my best Dave Chappell voice “Charlie Murphy”! Good luck Christian.
  8. Me too @Eagle-1. I’m 56 and still get around pretty d@!# good. Not much I can’t do now than I did back then. I do like to be in bed by 10 though. 😁
  9. The “Twid Idiots”. I love it.😂
  10. Can you elaborate any further? Did not know about this. Thanks.
  11. Ronnie James Dio (RIP) perhaps?😁
  12. Out of “likes” today so 👍👍
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