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  1. Sure hope he stays with us. Looks like little man wants him now.
  2. It really does change year to year down there. Completely different than it did in the 80’s.
  3. This is so true @gr82be.
  4. So sorry to hear that your mom is going through this. Continuing to pray for her, as well as you and your dad.
  5. Prayers sent for your Mom @ellitor. These are some scary times, but He is still in control. Praying for you and your Dad too.
  6. That is awesome @WarTim. There are still some great people in this world. God Bless your daughter & son in law.
  7. This is great @McLoofus. My nephew just went back home after being there for 16 months. Last scan showed “no sign of disease”. What a wonderful place.
  8. Me too. Iron Bowl was not that stressful. Kept looking away from the TV. So glad they won.
  9. Prayers for Bro Hamm. Such terrible news.
  10. Love the jump suits. Looks like the old school Auburn logo.
  11. Down goes Kentucky! War Eagle.
  12. That’s who I thought. Comes from very athletic family. Thank you sir!
  13. @ellitor who is Gus looking at today at Gardendale HS in Birmingham? I heard from a source (my daughter) that he was there today.