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  1. I like TJ, not that I don’t like Bo, but he deserves to start next week. He obviously brought some fire to the team today.
  2. That’s a very nice ride. Love it!! Wish I was there, but have to work tomorrow.
  3. What an idiot. 65 - AU 6. - Team with idiot coach
  4. I see a bunch or orange in those stands!!! Come on AUBURN!!!!
  5. Wow. They’re still using the old school pick up. Looks like an early 1970’s F250.
  6. Congratulations to you and mama!!
  7. Not sure if this is the case, but the army worms did a number on my yard this year. I’ve heard they have been extremely bad this year.
  8. #16 catching that TD reminded me of Greg Taylor.
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