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  1. Brad Bohannon hired today from kentucky. huge get for Butch. Been with UK since 2004. Just last week was named national assistant coach of the year.
  2. Nick will not be in Decatur and Florence tomorrow. Because of the weather he had to reschedule an NFL physical for tomorrow. His signing has been rescheduled for March 21st. This is from Martin's
  3. good weekend for it. home baseball seires against Ole Miss and a home softball series againt alabama too
  4. as far as on-campus attendance records go, Mississippi State owns the top 11 and 17 of the top 25. (LSU has 7 of the top 25 and Ole Miss has 1). Mississippi State/Starkville does an EXCELLENT job of tying a home baseball series, their spring game and the Old Main Music Festival together during their "Super Bulldog Weekend."
  5. Anthony Hickey. and pretty sure Missouri would have to sign off on it for it to happen.
  7. Cue someone taking Chuck WAY too seriously...
  8. You guys are all wrong...he looks like Mr. burns from the Simpsons. I'd rather he not attend: let him continue making playful bets with the governor of Oklahoma like he's done in the past over bama games. No loss.
  9. Who cares what they say. Did anyone expect anything different?
  10. It was a glorified pep rally. Not a lot of newsworthy stuff gonna come out of it. Saw a few highlights, read a few quotes from Barkley. Nothing big.
  11. kickinwang

    Come on bg

    Almost 19,000 posts and he brings up when he DOESN'T post. Because that's what's being talked about. o_O Also, maybe it's just me, but when you've been a member of a (rival's) message board for over a decade...I don't think you get to play to "visitor" card.
  13. New ownership cleaning house and loading up on draft picks