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  1. Well, I suppose the eagle could circle the field and land on their handler's arm at midfield...
  2. I don't remember the day, but I know for a while on a certain day they were $0.99. This would have been 1988/1989. We'd each order 5, eat a couple and put some in the fridge for lunches. Cheap meals.
  3. Late 80's I take it? We used to call Findley's and have them deliver the Chicken Italian's. Good times. I ate my weight in wings at Ryan's on Wednesday's.
  4. Doesn't matter, we can't be held accountable for offers made by The University of Auburn.
  5. Maybe he was close to committing to the University of Florida and Florida University, Like the kids who commit to Auburn University and the University of Auburn.
  6. And my liver would be in much better shape too.
  7. I'm sorry, but the judges have decided that without a "?" your answer was not asked in the form of a question. No points for you.
  8. Riiiiight Don't use your daughter as an excuse. (Frankly, I'm almost curious to see Frozen 2 because I saw the first one several times with my daughter, but she aged out of being interested by the time 2 came along. But I'm not curious enough to actually watch it.)
  9. Not scheduling conflicts with soccer. A pissing match between the GHSAA football folks and Arthur Blank. Guess who won? Hint, the person that owns the stadium.
  10. Well put. I like Woodford, but actually my go to is Buffalo Trace.
  11. On a scale of PBR to Woodford Reserve, how excited should we be?
  12. Fluid is definitely an appropriate description. The kid runs smoothly. On a side note, I like the couple of pass plays in the clip - the QB takes off down field trying to block for him after he completes the pass.
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