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  1. No one “hates” Harsin. At least I doubt. but hardly anyone here thinks he’s a good enough coach to be at Auburn.
  2. Even if we win, Harsin needs to go. Play calling is horrible. Even if I wasn’t bourbonfied, I would say the same. This is painful.
  3. Thank you for making that an option, the dark was giving me a headache. I'm back to normal now, or at least as normal as I get.
  4. Game plan - Tell Mizzou the game has been moved to 6pm. We show up ready to play at 11am. They no show and forfeit, we win!
  5. At least it would save us from a buyout... If he has a bad year and gets fired, there's a buyout and the press will skewer us for only giving him two years and bungling the entire process, which apparently we did. If he wins and leaves on his own accord, it saves us from a buyout and the press will skewer us for being such a toxic place to work that we ran off a winning coach. If he has a mediocre-to-decent year and he stays, it's just a matter of time before the inevitable firing happens, and the press will skewer us because that's what they do. In the meantime, I'm well-stocked on bourbon for what will be an interesting season, and thankfully basketball season is just around the corner.
  6. Gus copyrighted it, along with alternate versions with up to 25 O's.
  7. If any of you have daughters who play softball it's well worth having them go to the Kinesiology building and have them go through strength/agility/hitting testing with them. They are always looking for girls for testing. They do throwing as well, but we didn't have time for that. They'll send them a Rapsodo report with the exit velocities and all that stuff, plus a write up that includes recommended stretches and things of that nature. We did it earlier this year, my daughter enjoyed it. Worth the drive back and forth from Atlanta.
  8. They paid 25 players an average of $120k each and he says they didn't buy anyone?
  9. This has nothing to do with "fairness". Again, there is nothing unfair about our schedule just because Georgia's program has improved significantly the last few years and our program has not. However, with what will be 16 teams, I think a pod system works best just so each team can play every other team within a four-year period and not have to wait a dozen years to play a team.
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