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  1. Kid apparently made a mistake in his graphic; he accidentally included UGA instead of us.
  2. I can't recall if I mentioned this on here previously or not. One of my clients has a Big 12 official who I've dealt with on occasion. Before a meeting one time one of the other guys was asking him how they call certain things and what they look for and the topic of holding came up. I made a comment about DB being double-teamed and held almost every play. His response was basically he's usually the best player on the field and he's good enough that it shouldn't matter if he's held or not. That's not verbatim, but the basic gist of it was they aren't going to throw a flag on it on every single
  3. What about "Bingo Bango Bongo!"? Not sure where that came from, but it has just the right mix of excitement, positivity, and stupidity.
  4. Don't worry, we'll end up in a bowl game against them next season.
  5. Almost brought my 14 year old down for the day to watch the games. Damn, I wish I had. Actually, I haven’t even looked at the attendance policy for this year. Guess I should do that before we come down.
  6. https://www.ajc.com/sports/georgia-bulldogs/muschamp-officially-named-defensive-analyst-at-georgia/CSZE75H7PNBK7A6HPD32AIWDMU/ ATHENS -- At long last, Will Muschamp’s hiring at Georgia is official. The former South Carolina coach has been working at the Bulldogs’ football complex daily for a couple of weeks now. But coach Kirby Smart and Muschamp would not confirm anything other than to say that the long-time SEC coach was visiting his son Jackson and “talking ball.” But Smart confirmed in a video conference call with repor
  7. Watch your mouth! My daughter's name is Kablooey...
  8. Good thing I have my Bat shark-repellant, Boy Wonder!
  9. For them, it absolutely is. For us, only New Mexico State would be a gimme and the others we might be favored, but we'd have to work for it. Damn I hate having to type that...Dear 8 pound 6 ounce Baby Harsin...please turn this around..
  10. Yeah, unfortunately agree. Bama's OOC has Southern Miss, New Mexico State, and Mercer. Roughly equal to our Akron, Georgia State, and Alabama State. They have Miami, we have Penn State. Miami probably a little tougher draw, but they get them in their second home (Atlanta) and we travel, so basically a wash. They play Florida and UT in the East, we play UGA and USC. About the same. We both play the same teams in the West. The unfortunate part and only real difference is they are the 700 pound gorilla, and we have to play them. They're scary, we're not.
  11. Love the video. Instead of referring to him as CNE, we should refer to him as CZC (Coach Zebra Cakes).
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