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  1. It's definitely not too early for the picture.
  2. Yes. Danley and Joseph in the backfield, Reggie Slack at QB.
  3. I'm not trying to argue with you, as you are certainly more attuned to the program than I am. However, they have been playing the SEC Championship game the week after the last regular season game. If they continue like this, then either: -We play Bama Nov 21, 2020 and the SEC Championship game is played Nov 28, 2020, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I'm guessing they wouldn't schedule it that weekend, but I could be wrong. -They are ending the regular season on Nov 21st, but the SEC Championship game is scheduled Dec 5, 2020, and they are giving everyone an extra week off before the game. -We are playing UMass Nov 14, someone else Nov 21, Bama Nov 28th, and the SEC Championship game is Dec 5. If this is the case, I would have to guess AAM is/will be scheduled Nov 28th. We certainly wouldn't want to play any SEC game the weekend before Bama. If you Google "SEC championship football game 2020" there is a website named that states it is on Dec 5, 2020. No idea what this website is, so take it for what it's worth.
  4. We play North Carolina on September 12, 2020. Assuming that's week 2. Southern Miss is September 26th, and UMass is November 14th. Alabama A&M doesn't yet have a set date. So unless we play AAM week 1, we'll have to open the season with an SEC team. I doubt we'd open with UGA. Even so, all games between September 26 and November 14 will be SEC, unless AAM gets slid in there. Looking ahead at the calendar, Thanksgiving is November 26th, so last game of 2020 regular season on November 28. So either start season on September 5th with one off week, or August 29th with two off weeks.
  5. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who said Carringer told him at 31 Flavors last night that he was going JUCO.
  6. You can call him "her" if you want....but at 6'7", 320, I'm just going to call him "Sir".
  7. Agreed. I didn't realize the conferences still had the right to block grad transfers from immediate eligibility for intra-conference transfers. Riley doesn't appear to care about losing him, if so, let the kid play. It seems if he thought he was that good to be able to transfer immediately and be able to hurt OK next year then he wouldn't be going hard after Hurts. Or maybe Riley's just an asshat, I don't know.
  8. Article states he and Collins worked together in 2007, guessing they are friends and just want to work together.
  9. I know nothing about this kid, but I think we should sign him just based on his name. I'm not sure if "Octavius Brothers" sounds more like a superhero or super criminal, but I think we should sign him and find out.
  10. No clue, but I would hope like hell that would never even be considered. He was hurt at Auburn. While practicing. With the team. I don't think even the dumba$$es we have running things would stoop that low.
  11. Indications are he could use the racist comments made by the baseball player as some type of grounds for why he should be able to transfer immediately without having to sit. Sounds weak as an argument, but the NCAA has been caving more and more recently on reasons to allow transfers to play immediately.
  12. I don't think he was. I think everyone, including the coaches, assumed he would win the job outright, but Fromm just refused to give it up. You can't blame Kirby for continuing to play Fromm, regardless of having Fields on the bench.
  13. I said this to a buddy of mine as soon as I saw the news. He would be nasty at OK.
  14. Unless the money is astronomically huge, why in the hell would Clemson want to join the SEC? Ideally, conference realignment shouldn't be about football, it should be about the best interests of the university as a whole, of which football is a part. However, Pollyana doesn't live here, and realistically, realignment is almost always about football. Clemson currently has a cakewalk to the CFP because the ACC is so weak. It won't always be as weak as it is now and Clemson likely won't always be as strong as they are now, but even so, their path is much easier through the ACC than it would be through the SEC.