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  1. If this is posted on Auburn's site I somehow missed it, but are there any restrictions for non-students for the fall games? I'd love to take my daughter down for one of the doubleheaders.
  2. My daughter's team played Tinsley's team (GWA) last week. The kid is, obviously, damn good.
  3. Which is probably the best description of college football boards like this ever.
  4. First off, I agree with the blonde and brunette sentiment... Second, I don't know how old you are, but I'm guessing old enough you can't relate to the 18-22 year old mindset. That's not an insult, I'm 50, I can't relate either. To say things are different then when I was their age is a huge understatement. Third, all you young whippersnappers need to get off my damn lawn!
  5. Offered the Thompson Twins? Well hold me now and warm my heart...
  6. I agree that would be best, but for the most part if transfers were that "upper level", they'd already have a lock on a starting job and not transferring. Not always the case, certainly other reasons to transfer, but more often than not transfers are looking for more playing time.
  7. As the father of a middle school girl, I wouldn't wish a middle school girl text thread on anyone.
  8. Absolutely. I have a daughter that plays travel softball. I've made it clear that whenever she's at third that mask best be on her face. I hate seeing girls out there without one in the infield, especially at pitcher.
  9. You really think any coach should have to worry about their coordinators conspiring against them?
  10. Yes, I'm aware. This past season probably made it worse for him on the trust front though ongoing. Not defending Gus, but HC's have a hard enough time fighting off boosters, admins, and fans, they shouldn't have to keep an eye on their own staff as well.
  11. After what happened this past season, kind of hard to blame him.
  12. This pic belongs everywhere. Bad ass.
  13. Do you think this approach will work for us? Clemson is at a different level than we are at the moment, so they can take this more aggressive approach. I'm not saying I don't like the approach, but do you think we can afford to go this route at the moment with a new coaching staff who hasn't yet proven themselves on the Plains?
  14. I've never been an official, I just relayed what he told me.
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