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  1. No, but I'm not sure I would have anyway. I know Stacy Tamborra and her younger daughter were there, not sure about Malayna, although I don't know why she'd need to attend anyway.
  2. Dean held a three-day prospect camp this past weekend. A lot of the players were out there working with the girls. Pretty cool.
  3. Not being Harsin-level dumb is a pretty low bar to clear...
  4. My bad, thought you had gotten over those issues. Golf and Bird, on the other hand....
  5. A few Momma's Loves and orders of nachos and he'll be alright.
  6. Exactly. Easy to say, oh we should sign ## high school kids and ## portal kids, but it's a two-way street.
  7. It would be 12 stars, but I'm out of eligibility...
  8. The portal is just a massive free agent pool every year now. It's going to completely eff up the game in my opinion.
  9. Hopefully not terrible, but the way you phrased that made me think of this. 😀
  10. I wouldn’t want any coach dumb enough to sign a contract like that.
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