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  1. They paid 25 players an average of $120k each and he says they didn't buy anyone?
  2. This has nothing to do with "fairness". Again, there is nothing unfair about our schedule just because Georgia's program has improved significantly the last few years and our program has not. However, with what will be 16 teams, I think a pod system works best just so each team can play every other team within a four-year period and not have to wait a dozen years to play a team.
  3. We'll just have to agree to disagree, but I don't see why you think our schedule is unfair just because Georgia is better than they ever have been. Was it unfair when the series was even? Or in 2013? Or any year we beat them? And I agree, they will have to go to a pod system once UT and OU come in. So the current status quo will likely only be a couple more years.
  4. Like I tell my kids, "The fair comes in September". The SEC West is pretty strong right now. UGA is at an all-time high. One strong OOC game, Penn St. Can't overlook WKU, that's a trap game and then some. I'm not sure what's unfair. Just bad timing with the strength of our conference opponents.
  5. I don't know the "how", but if anyone was still there ordering drinks on a somewhat regular basis they would stay open. I stumbled out of there after the sun came up on a couple of occasions.
  6. That throw on 4th & 8 at the 2:15 mark is oh so pretty.
  7. Any word on if game at Kennesaw State will be rescheduled? Guessing not, just curious (I don't live far away).
  8. It's a bit mind boggling that the HC wouldn't have been on the call earlier this year. You don't have to hold every parents hands, but they are entrusting you with their sons, showing them a little respect and giving them a few minutes of your time wouldn't have been out of line.
  9. Could you clarify? Do you mean it isn't a given we'll get at least four OL commits?
  10. I had to step away from the TV for a little bit and when I came back Penta was pitching. Figured Lowe was just getting a rest, some tough games ahead this weekend. At the end when the team came out I saw Lowe had ice bags on her left hand and elbow. Is this par for the course for her after pitching, or something to be worried about?
  11. Don't forget to include the long snappers... (He says while running for cover...)
  12. Graduated from a tater tot to a full baked potato.
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