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  1. To the OP: Mark Stoops gave that one away - throwing at the end of the 1st half on what should have been a pick six (bogus targeting call). They were running all over us that day. One of the many games that made me wonder why some thought Kevin Steele was a great defensive coach. Elite 8 game - even the UK fans at work said we got screwed twice in the closing seconds....double dribble and foul on the 3 point play. Don't know if we'll ever get that close again.....
  2. Probably as much a recruiting tool as most anything else. He can tell a recruit he's there to 2028. My personal hope? He has a 7-5 season, starts pressuring too much and follows up with another 7-5, maybe 8-4 and retires after losing some luster.
  3. UL Monroe vs. UK could be interesting too. Wonder what Tater Tot will do? Will Gatewood start for UK?
  4. Thought Tater Tot won his first 20 games? 😬 The AU fanbase does NOT have the patience for 6 wins this year, then 8 wins the next and maybe 10 wins in year 3! Gus would have easily been 8-4 in 2020 if not for the 'rona.
  5. Glad AD Greene stepped up and did this. Hopefully he can find a good fit for this program. We're at a point almost anyone would be better! Unique Thompson and others deserved a better coach than what they were dealt.
  6. It's hard to not pick 1989 Iron Bowl! So that has to be the best, most important game in AU history. UAT was undefeated, etc etc etc. If we lose that game we never hear the end of how "Bama beat us in our own stadium so why move it out of Birmingham". Slack to Wright down the sideline and Lectron Williams scoring one of the few TD's in his short AU career. It was 1999 before UAT beat us in Jordan-Hare!
  7. We could be in Title IX trouble if she is not fired after this season. Spent $21,000,000 to fire a men's coach that never had a losing season, etc. etc. If Coach Flo is back for 2021/2022, AU is not supporting women's sport as it does the men's.
  8. UTK lawyers must be idiots! You'd write the contract stating that XX number of games, must be coached, specific date reached, something.....not just you're hired and if we let you go we owe $1,000,0000!! I'm hoping we did something like this with Rocker!! AU shouldn't be on the hook for any buyout at USCe when the guy wasn't even here for 2 weeks!!
  9. What's the word on Powell? He and Cooper available would help keep the flow going!
  10. Pruitt would be wise to squeal like a pig rather than get fired with no payout. NCAA might come for a visit!
  11. Yep! Better get another Joe Burrow, et al for that lightening to strike again!!!
  12. UTK fan HATE JG. If Pruitt survives, he can't keep starting JG. Guy needed to leave....
  13. Any predictions on the score? Hoping we get it together for this game.... Would love to start a win streak on Saturday!
  14. ICYMI, women's team fell to UGA today....76-44 and are now 5-5 on the season.
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