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  1. So much for Chip Kelley......
  2. Does Chip still have a show/cause associated with him? Or is that only as an HC?
  3. Haven't been on that site in years. The articles are bad enough but the comments.....what a bunch of booger-eating, in-bred morons! Your life will be much better if you avoid crap like that.
  4. Spurrier for OC... not a crazy idea!
  5. Please CGB, teach our DBs to not give an 8 yard cushion to opposing receivers....
  6. Poor guy was in a tough spot but did not handle it correctly. He let the inmates run the asylum and got fired over it. UMinn will struggle to find a coach with the cess pool that's swirling there.
  7. Somewhere in Oklahoma, there is a daddy that needs to find his spine....
  8. <sarcasm on> Is Donald Trump so vile that he makes people hate their own? <sarcasm off>
  9. They'll leave the light on for ya
  10. I wish for a DB coach that doesn't give an 8 yard cushion from the line of scrimmage! Ole Miss, Vandy and Bama wore us out with no DB in sight...
  11. Is is OK if I quote myself? Calling PF "media" is highly insulting to others that call themselves media!
  12. Your first instinct was correct.....a grown man.....who on national TV....calls himself "Booger"...
  13. CTH may be the second coming but he has 2 years of HC experience. LSU (or even Texas) is A LOT different than Houston. You don't get a few weeks off playing Little Sisters of the Poor. You are under the microscope 24/7/365.25. Looks like he just finished the regular season at 9-3 with losses to SMU, Memphis and Navy. Lose to those team at LSU, and you'll be shown the door quickly.
  14. You watch Finebaum?! He could tell me water was wet and I still wouldn't believe it....
  15. Hey! Liberty or Music City Bowl and I can make the trip! Would rather be in a Fla bowl though.