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  1. penguin149

    Jake Fromm breaks his hand

    Ruh Roh Raggy! Eason has already packed his bags. Sophomore slump headed his way?!
  2. penguin149

    SEC records since expansion

    2013 forward , only AU & Ole Miss have beaten UAT; 2 times each. Let that sink in..... That makes all of the Gus hate a bit perplexing.
  3. penguin149

    best nicknames on the team

    You don't pick Boobee??!!! How can you not pick Boobee???!!! Everybody likes Boobee!!!!
  4. Oh crap! If the AD is telling a head coach who his assistant coaches will be....WE ARE SCREWED! If there is a legitimate reason to let an assistant go, then do it. But to tell a HC, "this is going to be your staff"......???? On Greene being a "yes" man to Leath: a successful manager hires competent people and lets them make decisions. If he micromanages, then it's all on Leath! Will he be telling Gus what plays to run?!
  5. I'm good with him taking his time and getting this right. But if he lets a "clean" CBP slip away....the fans will be VERY restless. With all of the great news of those returning next not screw this up!
  6. penguin149

    Peach Bowl runner-up vinyl

    No one should downplay the 2017 Iron Bowl win. I'm still proud of that game as well as the regular season UGA game. All the stars had to line up and a popularity contest won for UAT to make the playoff. No way that should have happened. I loudly and proudly remind any goober that mentions the MNC that one team already beat both of those groups of knuckle-draggers....the game on January 8 was for 2nd & 3rd place.....
  7. penguin149

    Any Coach Flo news?

    We need somebody like McCowan (sp?) at MissState. That girl dominates the boards. She missed a shot that likely would have won the NC game against ND but still she was a force.
  8. penguin149

    AD : Pearl will return

    I hope CBP is at AU next season. I also hope someone grills Pete Thamel about how he would be shocked if BP were here next year.....question his credibility and ask how someone could take him seriously ever again. What a tool.....
  9. penguin149

    Pearl's emotional journey

    If you love what you do, you'll never WORK a day in your life. He's lucky, AU is lucky, the guys are on the team are lucky.
  10. penguin149

    If we share the title

    Worry not Grasshoppers.....tomorrow shall end this.
  11. penguin149

    Barrett Trotter joins staff as offensive analyst!

    I'm remembering Chiz told BT after 2011 that he had no chance to be the starter in was Keihl Frazier's job. BT decided to not return and go thru Spring and Fall camps knowing that he would not have a chance to start. Don't blame him.... Welcome back BT & WDE!
  12. penguin149

    Emmert on hot seat?

    He needs to be! Talk about Teflon Man! He has survived the PSU, UNC, Baylor, Miami, FBI in MBB, et al and now this comes up?! When stuff keep happening on your watch, it's time to make a change!
  13. penguin149

    Dan Enos to uat as QB coach

    I would have thought Shea Patterson would be enough to keep him at UM. May be that Patterson's waiver isn't going to work out and the natives will be restless in Ann Arbor?
  14. penguin149

    uat arrogance

    I'm hoping for a 3-2 game.....not sure which one has 3 and which one has 2? Either that or defense and Saban has an infarction on the sidelines.
  15. penguin149

    Demographic Curiosity

    53 Male 1986 - Industrial/Operations Management Bowling Green, Kentucky Graduated from Enterprise High with Alan Evans in 1982. A year (or 2) ahead of Michelle Robinette-McKenna-Doyle-Jingleheimer-Schmidt.