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  1. Who all is going to the Missouri game?

    Without getting political, I worked with a guy whose son and DIL taught at Mizzoo (they have left and are now at a PAC 10 school). They did not have a glowing view of the school or town. Get in & Get out! Spend the night elsewhere.
  2. What's wrong with this picture ...

    When I worked at the AU Bookstore in the mid-80's; on occasion, we would get "University of Auburn" and "Auburn War Eagles" t-shirts....SMDH
  3. Lesson learned from UGA loss

    Hate to say this but JJ at QB in the second half would have won that game. The offense gave up as many points as they scored. Very frustrating... Were "ifs" and "buts" candy and nuts.....
  4. Saban thinks HS players will skip senior season

    Scholarship offers should be binding and LOI signed when a kid is offered and accepts....don't care if he/she is in 9th grade or a senior.
  5. Kick-Off set for first 3 games

    Excellent! 2 night games and one late enough to enjoy the brew!
  6. 2017 SEC Helmet Schedule

    A&M in November? I'll take it!
  7. Best Special Teams Player Ever

    Trey Gainous Scott Etheridge
  8. Bob Stoops retiring

    I wouldn't be more surprised if someone had punched me in the face at a Norman sandwich shop!
  9. Coach Fountain to UGA

    AU had a tight ends coach?! We don't use 'em....know sure why we need to coach 'em! <sarcasm off>
  10. The Three Losses I NEVER Got Over, N.S.

    This is why I want so badly for UAT to have a 3 or 4 loss season...especially with a couple of losses early in the year. It will eat that SOB up inside! The world could sit back and watch the whole thing implode!
  11. Jabrill Peppers fail drug test (diluted)

    Keesler is spot on with his thoughts. An obligatory attempt at "drug" testing but they can't suspend 95% of the find the weakest test possible.
  12. uat Offensive Coordinator So much for Chip Kelley......
  13. Saban considering Chip Kelley or Helfrich for OC vacancy

    Does Chip still have a show/cause associated with him? Or is that only as an HC?
  14. Auburn fans: Lets Unite Against

    Haven't been on that site in years. The articles are bad enough but the comments.....what a bunch of booger-eating, in-bred morons! Your life will be much better if you avoid crap like that.
  15. Tuberville

    Spurrier for OC... not a crazy idea!