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  1. Things are never as good as they seem....or as bad as they seem....
  2. Even Tony Barbee won an SEC a game each of his seasons.....just saying.....
  3. Vandy was a dumpster fire! Best player or not! Looked like a pick-up game every time they hit the floor.
  4. Do not count the Taters out against UK.....
  5. Looks like Ole Piss took another knee......
  6. Can Vandy get their first SEC win of the season?!
  7. Did Ole Miss just take a knee??!!
  8. Or make our own lyrics to their crap song....let's see what you've got!
  9. Tubs looked like a taxi cab with the doors open!
  10. I have been under-impressed with our DB play of late. Not sure if that's talent or coaching. They play WAAAAY off the line and don't look for the ball. LSWHO & UTK games might have ended differently if our DB's had stepped up....
  11. Stubborn coaches.....why don't they listen to us???? We is smarter than any of dem dummies!!!!!!
  12. Maybe Gus and Bruce should switch jobs? Then we could be calling for the coach's head rather than talk about inconsistent play by the guys in the game.
  13. AUsince72's reference to The Jerk did not go unnoticed!!! Best movie of all time!!!! At some point (I hope & wish), UAT's wheels will fall off for no particular reason and a huge dose of humility will be served.
  14. Let's see how this plays out in 2019. Hiring a guy that got (essentially) fired from an OC job for your new HC....a brave move. Just think there were others out there that would have been a better choice. If you've ever been to Troy, you know it's not an extremely desirable location but they've fielded a very good team lately. I hope Chip keeps 'em going.
  15. 61-41, he's a 7-5 or 8-4 coach, on average. UH will have to pay him many millions when the 1st 8-4 season comes along! They just won't put up with that record! 😆 Five coaches since 2011...not a whole lot of stability in that program.