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  1. penguin149

    Bama departures

    AUsince72's reference to The Jerk did not go unnoticed!!! Best movie of all time!!!! At some point (I hope & wish), UAT's wheels will fall off for no particular reason and a huge dose of humility will be served.
  2. penguin149

    Lindsey is Troy's new HC

    Let's see how this plays out in 2019. Hiring a guy that got (essentially) fired from an OC job for your new HC....a brave move. Just think there were others out there that would have been a better choice. If you've ever been to Troy, you know it's not an extremely desirable location but they've fielded a very good team lately. I hope Chip keeps 'em going.
  3. penguin149

    Houston to hire Dana Holgorsen as new Coach. 61-41, he's a 7-5 or 8-4 coach, on average. UH will have to pay him many millions when the 1st 8-4 season comes along! They just won't put up with that record! 😆 Five coaches since 2011...not a whole lot of stability in that program.
  4. penguin149

    Sugar Bowl post game

    Then go be an UGA fan! Your problem's solved!
  5. penguin149

    Liberty Bowl

    UCF is playing with their 2nd string QB. Not the same team that won 23 (or so) in a row...they struggled until the 4th quarter against Memphis....the same Memphis that lost to Wake Forest the other day and got thumped by Tulane during the season. I think LSU takes care of them by 2+ scores.
  6. penguin149

    Alabama-Clemson to make history

    Maybe we should invest in some good PEDs? Or is that an REC thing coming out since UAT is playing Clemson in a couple of weeks? Maybe start leasing new cars to the team? Pimp out their rides while listening to stories about how the family has struggled all of these years? Dress 'em in new suits? Sell signed memorabilia from current players and funnel the money back to them? Move families from exotic islands to Alabama? Offer house-sitting jobs to player's moms? I think everyone knew that ND had no chance in the Cotton Bowl. OU was done after the 2nd TD by UAT. The match-up for the MNC was predetermined long ago. Sure, recruiting is probably the most important detail but there are others to consider as well!
  7. penguin149

    Oregon - 1st game of 2019 season

    Here's a scenario.....AU has a stellar 2019 season and Gus gives us the one-finger salute as he heads off to Ole Miss or Vandy or any step-down job (a la Bill Curry), leaving AU scrambling to find a coach to take our HC job! The fans who today are Gus-haters will freak out, wanting him to stay...."He's learned how to win and now he leaves!" AU wallows in mediocrity for several seasons while Gus' new team keeps rolling along....the Bus has a new route....
  8. penguin149

    Oregon - 1st game of 2019 season

    We should just buy our way out of this game, mark it down as a loss and prepare for Tulane. Then skip the Kent State game.....' know....Woody Barrett....running QB and all that.
  9. penguin149

    Beth Mowins

    It's like she has her mouth on the mic.....and screams.....
  10. penguin149

    Chizik defends Gus Malzahn

    PTB feel like they live in UAT's shadow....I don't think anyone can deny that! Saban's success weighs heavily on other SEC schools but mostly on our beloved Auburn. In state rival, that just 11-12 years ago we wrapped up a 6 game win streak against....the longest for 1 side since the 70's. They cannot stand Saban's success (it bugs the $%*$ outta me too!) but we won't fire and hire our way into that type of success. His man-crush leading the NCAA, REC, along with the machine that has been built over there can't be found on the shelf at the local sporting goods store. Any AU coach is gonna feel intense pressure. Chiz lost the team in 2012; Gus has never lost a team...they always put their best effort and heart into the games. Bowden was very successful at AU; 20-1-1 in his 1st 2 years; 3-2 against UAT; lost to UTK by 1 point in 1997 SECCG and then a few games into the 1998 season was told he would be fired at the end of the season. Pissed him off and he quit. I don't agree with that but can't say that I blame him. Again....PTB sticking their noses into places they shouldn't be. Tubs got his buyout money because PTB went courting Houston Nutt after the 2008 IB. We must get off of this hire 'em/fire 'em roller coaster. Continuity is important.
  11. penguin149

    Orgeron presser interrupted

    We've had a large enough lead in the 2nd half (both years) to win. Offense went cold but defense (& special teams) hold their share of the blame....
  12. penguin149

    The Turds Bring in DJ Durkin

    When you are winning, nothing is off limits. Lose a few games and the worm shall turn.....
  13. penguin149

    Mike MacIntyre is the new Ole Miss DC.

    He's coming in when the scholarship reductions will really starting to take effect. Better bring his A-game.... Ole Mrs. Q-back is gone after 2018, right? AJ Brown has declared. NCAA will get what they wanted with that program.....knock 'em back 10 years....
  14. penguin149

    Freeze To Liberty as HC

    Maybe Liberty will play the UATaters while Freeze is there! A loss could be part of Saban's "process"
  15. penguin149

    Freeze To Liberty as HC

    Freeze would have been a one-n-done as an OC, no matter where he landed. He won't stay at Liberty for long either.