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  1. Need some Gameday help!

    Rain looks likely for Saturday. Bring a poncho & change of clothes! Apparently Tiger Rags is now a drive from campus, out by Duck Samford
  2. Kirby Smart, The Auburn Coach who wasn't

    Meh....CGM won the SEC and was within 13 seconds of a MNC in his first season at AU. CKS lost to Vandy in his first season at UGA. Now that the dawgs have seen some success under Smart, a couple of losses will ratchet up the pressure.
  3. Sumlin

    It would be poetic justice for Gus to win out this year and then bolt for Arky......
  4. Bama Players paid for autographs (merged threads)

    Move along...nothing to see here...
  5. JJ Replacement

    Does Mark Emmert have a son or daughter? Another man-crush? Hire one of them and end all worries about the NCAA! The softball and basketball stories will just fade away..........
  6. UAT player indicted for felony assault

    No mention of this on this board? Thompson has been playing all season. Messed the kid up pretty bad. Possible hate crime since victim was of different race?
  7. Tickets?

    No worries AuMarine! I didn't remember you on that thread but all is good. I just like stirring the pot!
  8. Tickets?

    Good luck on the "name your method of protest" thread!! I asked for tickets early on in the discussions of "I'm not going to any more games until Gus is fired" wah wah wah whine-fest! Didn't get a single offer of tickets to be sold or given away. Lot of huffing and puffing by some on this board! Bought mine on Stubhub for $10 each in the upper deck. $4.50+/- service charge. Didn't want to make the 6 hour drive and not find tickets or have to pay more than $15 each. Don't like spending my pre-game time trying to find tickets.
  9. TCU at Iowa State

    I thought we wanted Gary Patterson?! Now we want Matt Campbell? How about Bobby Petrino? He's an offensive genius....imagine what he could do with a Heisman Trophy-caliber one could stop that offense! Jimbo Fisher? One of the greatest recruiters around....quality QB's and offensive linemen would be plentiful! As someone mentioned in another post, going back as far as Shug, AU coaches have a winning percentage of about 66% to 72% (Tater Tot was the highest....but he left mid-season and likely would have fallen in line with the others). This includes Pat Dye, Tubs, etc. Gus is what? 67% now? If 2017 ends at 8-4; he'd still be 66%. Not sure that's worth spending $6 to $12 million to buy him out and the next guy out at his current school.
  10. Auburn players 'have a lot of confidence...

    Tray Matthews being back will be HUGE!
  11. Florida, McElwain part ways

    What? Nobody's gonna guess Les Miles to UF?
  12. Florida State vs. Boston College

    If we could only fire Gus and hire Jimbo <sarcasm>........
  13. This year's UF is not much different than recent ones. It's just that the horseshoe has become dislodged.....
  14. SEC West, Who Wins it?

    Auburn. Daniel Carlson with a 56 yarder as time expires. CNS has a man deep in the end zone to return a potentially short kick....but DC nails it with room to spare.
  15. Name your method of protesting

    All right CleCoTiger....I was here first asking for tickets from the protesters!!! It's been 5 or 6 days now and I've yet to get a single offer or PM! I watched the DVR today and heard Jordan Rodgers say that about 1/3 of AU's first downs plays in the 2nd half of the LSU game were RPO but the defense dictated a run. I'm hoping Gus, Jarrett and others learned from the meltdown and can apply those lessons to future situations. And I'm still looking for 4 ULM tickets for 11/18!
  16. Sportscall

    If this upsets you this NEED to walk away. Happiness in life should not come from a bunch of 18-22 year old kids that are not your own (biologically). I've cussed, fussed and kicked the dog (not really!) this week but am ready for another game tomorrow night. If we come out and play like we are capable, the sting of last week will be a little less. If we lose? The next week is a bye and we'll have time to rest and recover.
  17. Key Difference in Malzahn and Sumlin

    We (this board) have hit a new low. When Pete Thamel's attacks are quoted and agreed upon over our own HC, a truly sad day has dawned. Remember when CKS ran off multiple 5* QBs? No telling what he let Johnny Football get away with. Lost a 34 point lead in the 4th quarter? Trailed ULM (or ULL) at half time? Never finished better than 3rd in the SECW? Was waiting for an NFL call so he could leave? Gus may have his warts but he's ours....we need to support him while he's here. Kick him when he's gone.
  18. Alabama Receiver Arrested, Kicked Off Team

    It was Upshaw. HER dad said she (daughter) probably deserved it and gave a big "Row Tahd" as he left the courthouse.
  19. Name your method of protesting

    Glad to hear you FWF are boycotting the games! I'm looking to make the 6+ hour drive to the ULM game in November. Send me your tickets! PM me PLEASE! Don't want to pump any more money into that local Auburn economy. I promise to buy my beer before I enter Lee County! I can tell many of you are young. The Barfield years would have killed you!
  20. Michigan State upsets Michigan

    I've been a closet Spartan fan since they did us a solid in 2013 and knocked off TOSU. Even when they layed a brick against UAT in the playoffs.
  21. Troy vs. USA

    Stick a fork in 'em.....CNB just lost all of the brownie points he earned in the LSU game. USA is 1-4, on the road and may get a shutout!
  22. Oregon State coach out

    Barry Alvarez must be a Grade A, #1, certified b*%%hole to work for. Bert B and Anderson both left Wisky for lesser (arguably) jobs.
  23. shame won't see UGA play uat

    Saban would probably take the Bahr's cue and fix the game anyway.....
  24. I think Eason will have to transfer

    Mike Leach could do wonders with Eason! CML is an odd dude but would be wonderful to play for!
  25. Missed Field Goals

    I was more bothered that we need to attempt 4 field goals against GA SO. No offense (pun intended) to our opponent Saturday night!