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  1. penguin149

    Why is uga only a 14 pt fav @ Mizzou ?

    Almost feels like Mizzou peaked late last season....just don't seem to have that same flash now....
  2. penguin149

    The anti-bash Gus Thread

    Well crap! Ol Nicky boy still loses gut wrenching games!! 2013 Iron Bowl? MNC game against Clemson? ULM?? Gus runs a clean program with guys who seem to be good young men. Some leave to try other avenues in life. Who else would you want at AU? Every coach out there's gonna lose one that they shouldn't and maybe win some that they had no business winning. Gus has yet to lose to an unranked mid-major of FCS school (hope I didn't just jinx us!)
  3. penguin149

    The anti-bash Gus Thread

    So Jimbo has beaten NW State & ULM....that makes him a Super Star?! He needs to produce before I put him in that category. He did well a few years ago in the ACC before Clemson arrived....look at what he left a FSU. Kirby won the SEC last year in his 2nd season in the weak East....Gus won in his first season in the tough West. Played for it last year as well. That's not too shabby considering we've had to win the West against the Machine.
  4. penguin149

    Jalen, Nate And JM gone now.

    Ahhhh....SAGLOM (Sometimes acronyms get lost on me)
  5. penguin149

    Jalen, Nate And JM gone now.

    Jo Momma?
  6. penguin149

    Ole Miss

    I even hear UATaters says that the games are boring. You don't score 50+ three weeks in a row against ANYBODY without having all of the parts working. IF anybody gives them a close game this year, they may struggle to keep it together. I don't think they go undefeated....
  7. penguin149


    Coach Willie T is known for stinkin' it up his first year. Almost got fired at USF before he turned it around. Don't know if he's got it in him this time though...bigger stage and all.
  8. penguin149

    Schwartz time!

    The first name that came to mind....................................Schwartz!!! From a Christmas Story
  9. penguin149

    Hurts and Tua: a tale of deceit and betrayal

    It could be interesting to see how it plays out when CNS sends JH in late in game 6, 7 or 8 to do mop-up duties and Hurts knows he'll burn a year of eligibility....would Hurts dare do like the UTK player did last year and just say "no"?
  10. penguin149

    Bama’s Schedule

    I don't buy into the hype that non-conference games have to be scheduled years in should/could be done like bowl games; alternate home games: you play game #1 at home this year and away next year. A team probably won't get a home & home series with the same team but they could match up top-rated teams 3 times a year in a season-long playoff. Consider those outcomes and conference championships to determine who plays in the NC game in January. Travel and technology has far outpaced this nonsense of scheduling a series in 2024 & 2025, etc.
  11. penguin149

    Liberty University visiting Auburn in Nov

    I do not keep up with ODU but thought they were a somewhat competitive non-Power 5. A quick search: last year ODU beat UMass, Rice, FIU and a couple of others. Close with Western Kentucky and North Texas. North Texas beat Army, UAB and Southern Miss. Liberty may have a little more going than I initially thought?!
  12. penguin149

    uat has already won

    Karma is making up for lost time with CBP.
  13. penguin149

    5 of last 6 opponents Top 10 or Undefeated

    I'm with you Buddy! We were in the 2 losses late in the game and coulda/shoulda/woulda won the bowl game! Let's get our DB's that commit pass interference make sure that the receiver DOES NOT catch the ball. Too many long gains with a PI call where UW caught the ball anyway....
  14. penguin149

    SEC's 139 1,000-yard rushers

    Didn't remember Henry having that many yards in 2015 for UAT. 2,219 yards is impressive!
  15. penguin149

    Hurts frustrated with QB situation

    Maybe he ends up at UTK with Pruitt....they NEED a QB. We need UTK to be relevant again.
  16. penguin149

    Jake Fromm breaks his hand

    Ruh Roh Raggy! Eason has already packed his bags. Sophomore slump headed his way?!
  17. penguin149

    SEC records since expansion

    2013 forward , only AU & Ole Miss have beaten UAT; 2 times each. Let that sink in..... That makes all of the Gus hate a bit perplexing.
  18. penguin149

    best nicknames on the team

    You don't pick Boobee??!!! How can you not pick Boobee???!!! Everybody likes Boobee!!!!
  19. Oh crap! If the AD is telling a head coach who his assistant coaches will be....WE ARE SCREWED! If there is a legitimate reason to let an assistant go, then do it. But to tell a HC, "this is going to be your staff"......???? On Greene being a "yes" man to Leath: a successful manager hires competent people and lets them make decisions. If he micromanages, then it's all on Leath! Will he be telling Gus what plays to run?!
  20. I'm good with him taking his time and getting this right. But if he lets a "clean" CBP slip away....the fans will be VERY restless. With all of the great news of those returning next not screw this up!
  21. penguin149

    Peach Bowl runner-up vinyl

    No one should downplay the 2017 Iron Bowl win. I'm still proud of that game as well as the regular season UGA game. All the stars had to line up and a popularity contest won for UAT to make the playoff. No way that should have happened. I loudly and proudly remind any goober that mentions the MNC that one team already beat both of those groups of knuckle-draggers....the game on January 8 was for 2nd & 3rd place.....
  22. penguin149

    Any Coach Flo news?

    We need somebody like McCowan (sp?) at MissState. That girl dominates the boards. She missed a shot that likely would have won the NC game against ND but still she was a force.
  23. penguin149

    AD : Pearl will return

    I hope CBP is at AU next season. I also hope someone grills Pete Thamel about how he would be shocked if BP were here next year.....question his credibility and ask how someone could take him seriously ever again. What a tool.....
  24. penguin149

    Pearl's emotional journey

    If you love what you do, you'll never WORK a day in your life. He's lucky, AU is lucky, the guys are on the team are lucky.
  25. penguin149

    If we share the title

    Worry not Grasshoppers.....tomorrow shall end this.