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  1. Barrett Trotter joins staff as offensive analyst!

    I'm remembering Chiz told BT after 2011 that he had no chance to be the starter in was Keihl Frazier's job. BT decided to not return and go thru Spring and Fall camps knowing that he would not have a chance to start. Don't blame him.... Welcome back BT & WDE!
  2. Emmert on hot seat?

    He needs to be! Talk about Teflon Man! He has survived the PSU, UNC, Baylor, Miami, FBI in MBB, et al and now this comes up?! When stuff keep happening on your watch, it's time to make a change!
  3. Dan Enos to uat as QB coach

    I would have thought Shea Patterson would be enough to keep him at UM. May be that Patterson's waiver isn't going to work out and the natives will be restless in Ann Arbor?
  4. uat arrogance

    I'm hoping for a 3-2 game.....not sure which one has 3 and which one has 2? Either that or defense and Saban has an infarction on the sidelines.
  5. Demographic Curiosity

    53 Male 1986 - Industrial/Operations Management Bowling Green, Kentucky Graduated from Enterprise High with Alan Evans in 1982. A year (or 2) ahead of Michelle Robinette-McKenna-Doyle-Jingleheimer-Schmidt.
  6. Theoretical worst day in history

    26-14 gives AU bragging rights for 365 days. I intend to use that privilege at every opportunity. When asked about the Peach Bowl trophy, I replied "No room on the shelf. Iron Bowl trophy takes up so much space!"
  7. Theoretical worst day in history

    Monday's game is a Consolation Game. AU beat UAT by 12 and UGA by 2. They'll be playing for 2nd and 3rd place on Jan 8.
  8. Bret B is a genius!

    Bret's buyout at Arky is $15.4MM! Not prorated as first thought. What a deal! USA Today - Bret's buyout
  9. SEC bowl games

    Mizzoo imploded. Josh Heupel may have been the guy that coached them to 6 wins in a row instead of BO? Joe John (or whatever his name) called some head scratchers last night!
  10. Kansas State to keep Snyder (father)

    I think Sumlin got paid about $11,200,000 regardless of any other jobs/offers. He had a VERY lucrative buyout! Not sure where TA&MU got these delusions of grandeur?
  11. FSU wasn't bowl eligible

    But still...FSU should exercise due diligence pertaining to an opponent's qualifications.
  12. Carlson Runner-up Again For Lou Groza Award

    Carlson pulled our butts outta the fire several times over his career. I hate he didn't win but hope he gets drafted/picked up by an NFL team. Maybe his little brother will pick up where Daniel left off! WDE DC!!!
  13. FSU hires Willie Taggart

    CWT took WKU from terrible to better than average; not great. Petrino & Brohm had WKU clicking. It takes WT a couple of years each place he goes to get his mojo working. FSU better be patient. He was almost fired at USF after year 2 but they stuck with him. I think he'll be OK but not great. Probably a step back for the Noles.
  14. Alabama Only Team That Can Beat Clemson

    After seeing what MSU & AU did on the LOS, I think Clempson wins this one. UGA won't be able to keep up with OU scoring. However, if Kirby & Nicky end up in the title game....who's the catcher and who's the receiver?!
  15. uga fans coming out of the woodwork talking trash

    Use Bammer math on 'em....we're 2 points better than them!
  16. Im so durn mad.

    Truth imaolgatiger; a lot of those same things can be said about the LSU game. Coaches and players have to help each other out in situations.
  17. Im so durn mad.

    We may have turned a corner here folks! People actually defending our coaches and players! Haven’t seen much of that after a loss. I’m disappointed FOR these players and staff; not disappointed IN them.
  18. Teams punished for playing in Championship games

    I think UCF should have been #4. Otherwise, the Playoff Committee is telling EVERY non-Power 5 school that there will NEVER be a chance to make the playoffs. Win all regular season games? Check. Win your conference championship game? Check. Then be told "Thanks for playing but we're going to take a group of teams with one loss each....even a team that, not only didn't win their conference but, didn't even win their division." All non-Power 5 conferences should revolt. Unless you are a Power 5 team, you will never, ever be in the playoffs. But thanks for playing and come back next year!!
  19. Jimbo Hired By Texas A&M

    I must be the only one that is under-impressed with CJF. He probably better than average but not worth $75,000,000! For that kind of money he'd better not lose one $%^& game! UAT handed him his head this year even when Francois was playing....he'll play them EVERY year now. And Auburn...and LSU...and al This whole thing is crazy
  20. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    Let's drag out the dead horse and take a whack! UT would give their left....hmmmm....arm to have Fat Phil back. They got tired of going 9-3 & 10-2; thinking the someone else would lead them to the Promised Land. Nebraska did the same thing. Sometimes it's best to stick with who you've got and improve from there rather than start over with the unknown. We all need to keep this in mind. Of course, sometimes you need to make a change; the trick is to know when and how! UT needs to be good again to keep UF & UGA from dominating the East and to give UAT a game every year.
  21. Tennessee finalizing deal with Schiano

    UT should get Rich Rod or Les Miles. They need someone who has been a big time HC before. If they whiff on this one, they will be irrelevant for another 8-10 years. They are already behind and would take 3 years to get back to competitive with the right coach.
  22. Officiating

    I was surprised (not really) that they didn't review the hit on KJ at the 1 in Q3 just before scored....looked like targeting to me. Harrison's crown of the helmet his KJ in the head. Did not know that too many men on the field was reviewable. That's crazy. Why not review every play for potential penalies and make the games last 5+ hours? If the refs can't count, so be it. Why not review for holding, PI, offsides, early movement. et al?
  23. Need some Gameday help!

    Rain looks likely for Saturday. Bring a poncho & change of clothes! Apparently Tiger Rags is now a drive from campus, out by Duck Samford
  24. Kirby Smart, The Auburn Coach who wasn't

    Meh....CGM won the SEC and was within 13 seconds of a MNC in his first season at AU. CKS lost to Vandy in his first season at UGA. Now that the dawgs have seen some success under Smart, a couple of losses will ratchet up the pressure.
  25. Sumlin

    It would be poetic justice for Gus to win out this year and then bolt for Arky......