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  1. Lurking Tiger


    Sorry for the slight detail. I'm taking my two sons to A&M this weekend. I plan on scalping the tickets when I get there. Does anyone here have any experience trying to buy tickets on the street in College Station ?
  2. Lurking Tiger

    Hurry for Arky Tickets (Sarcasm)

    Lighten up, Francis. I think that you need to clean out your sarcasm filter. You started this as a sarcastic thread. I was implying making vets watch an Arkansas game would be unpleasant.
  3. Lurking Tiger

    Hurry for Arky Tickets (Sarcasm)

    Why do you hate vets ?
  4. Lurking Tiger

    Hugh Freeze Resigns

    "Tuohy's Escorts, this is Leigh Ann speaking."
  5. Lurking Tiger

    Dye on SEC Divisions

    Give Missouri its walking papers. The entire school is a trainwreck. Pick up a school that is geographically suited to playing in the East.
  6. Lurking Tiger

    Need 4 AU vs Arky Tickets

    I guess not.
  7. Lurking Tiger

    Need 4 AU vs Arky Tickets

    I have two. Might turn into four together later today. Section 43. With seatbacks. I am asking for face value. Are you still looking for tickets ?
  8. Lurking Tiger

    Can we talk about the ESPN broadcasting crew?

    Glad to know that I'm not the only one completely in shock about the way these two clowns announced the game. It was like seeing a car wreck. I kept telling myself to mute the TV, but couldn't do it.
  9. Lurking Tiger

    Two AU - UL Tickets for Sale

  10. Lurking Tiger

    Two AU - UL Tickets for Sale

    Never heard back from this poster, so if anyone else is interested ...
  11. Lurking Tiger

    Two AU - UL Tickets for Sale

    I am interested. How can I get in touch with you? I sent you a PM.
  12. Lurking Tiger

    Two AU - UL Tickets for Sale

    Lower level. Section 140. Row 33. Seats 9 & 10 Face value. $125 each.
  13. Lurking Tiger

    New Scoreboard - Construction Progress

    This. I drove over today. Wow.
  14. Lurking Tiger

    Best Coaching Staff Ever at Auburn

    47-17-1. His next to last season, with ALL of Dye's players gone, we finished 10-3 and came within 2 points of winning the SEC game in Atlanta. He didn't run it too far into the ground. Bowden left enough that Tuberville had the team back in Atlanta in just his second year. People can say they didn't like him as our coach but his record here is impossible to attack. That twenty-game win streak was accomplished with players Dye went 10-11-1 with the previous two years. Unless you pull for the tahd, record is not everything. One end of Sewell Hall was Crips and the other was Bloods. Yes, a little exaggeration, but closer to the truth than it should be. Ever wonder why his time here is covered with whitewash ? Ever wonder why he couldn't get another decent coaching job with his pedigree and record at Auburn ?