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  1. While I agree that we should probably be getting more production from the younger guys. We have to remember that this was not a very attractive program for Coach Barbee to be selling, he is making it more marketable every year. IMO he is doing a great job with the talent he there is alot to be said for a Coach that rewards his upper classmen for their commitment to the program by affording them more playing time. I have questioned at times why Coach Barbee has left some of the guys in the game when it was obvious they were struggling or over matched, but I am not on the bench and don't see the whole picture.
  2. I like this group of kids. They have a chance to make some SEC noise. Future looks great though!
  3. No bueno on iPad. I was hoping though. ESPN3 or WatchESPN Watching it via my Vizio Google box on my 50" plasma I'm so happy for you, really.
  4. No bueno on iPad. I was hoping though. ESPN3 or WatchESPN Watching it via my Vizio Google box on my 50" plasma
  5. This team just needs some good things to happen to build some confidence. Coach Barbee has done a great job building them.
  6. From Twitter: RT @ScottR334: People are getting this Strong "interviewed" twisted. He didn't interview, he had a "phone conversation" #Auburn #HCSearch #SEC RT @AUBlog: RT @YahooForde Charlie Strong, just now: "I didn't interview with Auburn, I have a job." RT @AUBlog: MT @SIPeteThamel Just spoke to Charlie Strong. He's angry, says he did not interview at Auburn and has not spoken to them. "It's not true."
  7. Quote: "The final episode of Auburn Football Every Day, a behind-the-scenes television program featuring Auburn players and coaches including head coach Gene Chizik, which would have been aired after the Iron Bowl game against Alabama has reportedly been cancelled."
  8. How is a guy successful in the nfl and put this on the field? Something smells in this program. I question that "success"...Falcons D is better this year.
  9. Someone posted "Wallace for President"...that didn't work out too well the first time!
  10. Mark Richt said he needs to rest his team for Ga he's fielding the Pi Kappa Delta flag football team for the Auburn game.