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  1. Did he say how Johnny was doing these days?
  2. Yes. He's Leeroy's younger cousin. If he plays with half the reckless abandon that Leeroy did, he will make a big impact.
  3. My guess is uat's dealings with Sexton have been sent into the memory hole, so they have nothing to worry about.
  4. Saban Upgrading Virtually Every Position on Coaching Staff Bottom right corner of page: Is Malzahn Unhappy About Being Overshadowed by Pearl's Success?
  5. Evidently the semifinal should be called the Preliminary Four.
  6. Refs aren’t calling much so I don’t believe that will work right now.
  7. What’s the perspective look like from the court when it’s in a giant venue like this? Is a different view skewing the shots?
  8. Don't jinx it. You ain't seen it yet!
  9. I'm not sure what I'm looking at.
  10. We must've closed that gap hard in the remaining minute of regulation and OT. UK didn't seem to get but 2 rebounds then.
  11. Figured he’d stay there until Taggart got the boot.
  12. <insert school> coach shows up in a helicopter - he's a busy man with places to be, perfectly ok. My point was the absurdity of shutting down a long car but being fine with a helicopter (especially to a metropolitan area less than an hour's drive away from campus).