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  1. bigsixfive

    Gus fired up about new headset rule

    Does the rule prohibit swapping headsets between posessions?
  2. bigsixfive

    Lebron accuses uat of copyright infringement

    Is this barber shop open to the entire student body?
  3. bigsixfive

    AU RBs in NFL - Contract News

    LSU has to be in the conversation. They consistently pump RBs into the NFL... and pretty much every other position except QB.
  4. bigsixfive

    Carlton explains illness that kept him out

    If he’s sick and plays poorly, his draft stock suffers.
  5. bigsixfive

    All-American Hilarious Name Team

    Dee Liner has put on dee weight.
  6. bigsixfive

    (Updated Title) Bama Promotes Locksley To OC

    We’ve already had Mazzone.
  7. bigsixfive

    Herb Hand contract

    He wasn’t wrong.
  8. bigsixfive

    The great debate

    Pellet depth may have changed too. I don’t know how often they add or remove pellets but surely some maintenance was done as often as that field has flipped recently.
  9. bigsixfive

    Men vs. Tennessee

    Is this on TV
  10. bigsixfive

    The great debate

    Shoes. UCF had no issues. We nor UGA had issues a few weeks ago.
  11. bigsixfive

    Georgia vs. Oklahoma

    Oklahoma can block.
  12. bigsixfive

    Jeff Grimes to BYU as OC

    If Grimes is average, where is Hand?
  13. bigsixfive


    AU didn’t screw up. Had uat not screwed up, there would have only been 11 men on defense. He was feet away from the sideline and uat wasn’t in formation, much less set. Refs should have no authority to adjust rules. That’s not their role. There are already too many calls requiring judgement. The legislative body makes the rules, the refs enforce them.
  14. bigsixfive


    Stidham’s face mask was grabbed once. They missed that too. Their TE was unreal. “Great blocking” according to Gary.
  15. bigsixfive

    Gary Danielson

    What if we didn’t run it right then? He doesn’t get to go to practice to say “Hey I saw them working on this, let’s see if they run it.”