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  1. What about neck injury? The whole reason the shell is hard in the first place is to deflect blows. If the shell deforms, the impacting object is able to apply more torque to the neck about the spinal column.
  2. April fools
  3. You people are way over complicating this. They win because they score more points than their opponents.
  4. Jim Tressel?
  5. You want Chip Kelly in jail?
  6. As long as they use that spread, they'll never rush for 250 yards.
  7. It's not because of the one loss. It's how they lost. It's a pattern of extremely poor decision making leading to losses against teams that should be beaten. Don't nut get me wrong. He's done some things very well. That's what makes the mind blowing coaching decisions all the more frustrating.
  8. I thought the refs got it right this week. Some of you may see holding in this picture, but it's actually a mid-play bro hug and a guy trying to get an autograph from a future NFL star. Definitely not holding.
  9. You forgot about 2014.
  10. Miles is off the hot seat.
  11. It appears we've been dealt a bad Hand.
  12. The Jags cut Nick Marshall but they put him on the practice squad.
  13. Given how well the OL played, an argument can be made that our QBs played as well under pressure as Watson.
  14. And UAH, and Alabama, and South Alabama, and all over Redstone Arsenal...
  15. Actually, the denominator is Jacobs, and it spans the Tuberville era too.