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  1. Are you referring to Lane Kiffin, who completely revamped Alabama’s offense in an offseason, used Blake Simms, Jake Coker, and a freshman Jalen Hurts in consecutive years to pound Auburn and reach the playoffs, and win two national championships?
  2. I guess the Under Armor contract doesn't cover the band.
  3. That’s not how this works. The Lobos will have their best season ever in 2024 and have an amazingly good team with solid coaching.
  4. The depth chart must've been getting short.
  5. Four wins over 10 win teams too. Would have been 5 but Saban blew his bowl game as he was leaving LSU for the Dolphins. That was a complete football team.
  6. They need to add first lost to UF since 2002.
  7. He had a couple of overthrows and one underthrow. The problems in the passing game yesterday were primarily drops, particularly early in the game. Nix played pretty well.
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