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  1. bigsixfive

    Leavitt out at Oregon

    Figured he’d stay there until Taggart got the boot.
  2. bigsixfive

    Saban visit by helicopter to Jackson-Olin

    <insert school> coach shows up in a helicopter - he's a busy man with places to be, perfectly ok. My point was the absurdity of shutting down a long car but being fine with a helicopter (especially to a metropolitan area less than an hour's drive away from campus).
  3. bigsixfive

    Saban visit by helicopter to Jackson-Olin

    AU coach shows up in a limo - too excessive. uat coach shows up in a helicopter - he's a busy man with places to be, perfectly ok.
  4. bigsixfive

    Prince Tega graded highest pass blocking

    Has to be inflated by screen passes. Has to.
  5. bigsixfive

    Liberty Bowl

    We copied LSU.
  6. bigsixfive

    men vs. North Florida - game thread

    His teammates showed him no mercy during that walk.
  7. bigsixfive

    Clemson v Notre Dame

    Notre Dame is for real this year! Just getting a head start on next season.
  8. bigsixfive

    Reap what you sow

    What a fiasco. Leath needs to be gone yesterday.
  9. bigsixfive

    Auburn is the new Tenn

    Thanks Leath!
  10. bigsixfive

    Malzahn meets with Green today

    Greene hired him at UB.
  11. bigsixfive

    AU President

    Leath's metric isn't whether or not Gus wins football games. His metric is the impact of his decisions on the university. The present situation looks like he made a very poor, hasty decision that will ultimately result in large reductions in revenue to AU for half a decade or more. Remember, the academic side benefits when athletics (i.e. the football team) does well, so it's not just about football. Were your degrees not accredited by some organization/institution directly related to your major field of study? Those accreditations are what matter, not SACS.
  12. bigsixfive

    First offensive play of the season

    WR dive up the middle
  13. bigsixfive

    Gus fired up about new headset rule

    Does the rule prohibit swapping headsets between posessions?
  14. bigsixfive

    Lebron accuses uat of copyright infringement

    Is this barber shop open to the entire student body?
  15. bigsixfive

    AU RBs in NFL - Contract News

    LSU has to be in the conversation. They consistently pump RBs into the NFL... and pretty much every other position except QB.