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  1. Changes In Football

    Plenty of little yellow salt tablets though. I have another. Bear got to schedule KY and Vandy EVERY YEAR!
  2. Changes In Football

    Yes. JV (junior varsity) ball. Good one!
  3. Changes In Football

    I'll start. One platoon football. That means you play both ways - offense and defense! No Gatorade.
  4. Changes In Football

    No game today. I was thinking how our football game has changed over time. I can think of a bunch, but I'm sure you know some. Let's see how many we come up with.
  5. New Coach

    Who should we get to replace Malzahn? I was thinking about that guy we got from Troy. He had some video tapes. Tony something?
  6. Time to fire Gus.

    Think Gus is getting the message. He looked like a whipped pup on the Review.
  7. Is our fax machine working? *grin*
  8. Spurrier, retired as of today

    It's true. Saban to USC2 - both So. Cal and So. Car. He plans to live in CA and coach "in person" there. He will coach So. Car. Via Twitter. When asked how he feels leaving Bama, he said he really hasn't thought about it but he may at some future time. Right now he's too busy packing.
  9. Play calling DID NOT lose this game!

    I had to chuckle at the "cub reporter" announcers of the game when they talked about all of the yards gained against this "good Auburn defense." I've seen many "good Auburn defenses" and this "ain't" one of 'em.
  10. The Official "Calling of THE NIP 2014 ! ! !

    Yep been too busy to look. I'm looking now. Hope you are too.
  11. Official 2014 Nip Watch

    The "NIP" is more than temperature though it may develope by degrees. There's more movement on the Nip-O-Meter
  12. Official 2014 Nip Watch

    A nip for sure BUT NOT "THE NIP!"
  13. Official 2014 Nip Watch

  14. Official 2014 Nip Watch