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  1. I think Mr. Greene checked with some of the "can't-lose coaches": John Heisman: Interested, but unavailable Shug Jordan: Interested, but unavailable Bear Bryant: Not-interested, and unavailable Vince Lombardi: Interested, but unavailable Don Shula: Interested, but unavailable Joe Paterno: Interested, but unavailable Nick Saban: Has current contractual obligations Pat Dye: "a special situation" Gus Malzahn is a mortal and fallible man, but he's "awfully available" Seriously, I think Allen announced the right decision. War Damn Eagle!
  2. I first attended Auburn in 1973. I have been through good years and bad years of Auburn Football. Here is what I have learned: 1. There will be good years and bad years. That is the nature of football. My Gator and Seminole fans can confirm this. 2. Enjoy each victory forever. 3. Let each defeat go by lunch on Sunday. 4. If the quality of your daily existence on a day-to-day or year-to year basis is controlled by Auburn football, your priorities are out of whack. 5. Observe how the players handle victory and defeat. If they are humble in victory and they go back and strive to improve themselves and their teammates whether they won or lost, you are watching Auburn players of whom you should be proud. This is what sports teaches us. 6. The most important Auburn moment for me is Pat Dye after the Tennessee defeat: War Eagle forever!
  3. I'm an optimistic guy, but this thread is at page 47 for a reason. WE ARE DOOMED!!!
  4. Nip....Nip....Nip....Nip....Nip. It is the season of light!!! War Eagle and ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD!!!
  5. The weather taunts us in Central Florida. WarTim calling the Nip is a harbinger and a hope, but we wait with bated breath.
  6. No signs in Central Florida, not even a tropical storm. (Sigh)
  7. This is the best Auburn podcast. 'Nuff said.
  8. I was 15 on October 31, 1970 in Gainesville. I am a Florida Tiger. Florida was crowing about John Reaves and Carlos Alvarez. We brought in the lesser-known Pat Sullivan and Terry Beasley. Auburn won 63-14 . It was not as close as the score indicated. I have never seen a score-board cut off so quickly after the gun!
  9. My daughter, Meg, and I attended the Auburn-Arkansas softball series. Meg is my 22-year old daughter who has a genetic condition that presents like high-functioning Down Syndrome patients. A few years ago, I caught the softball bug. She noticed what I was watching and joined me watching the regionals and super regionals. For the last two years, Meg has been A FAN, and so have I. We drove over to Clearwater, FL to see Kaylee Carlson pitch a perfect game against Ohio State. This year, we set our sites on the Arkansas series. We stayed with my sister in Marietta and drove down for the games. The rain forcing a Saturday double-header saved four hours of driving and was great! Getting to the game was much more pleasant than for football. There were shuttle golf-carts that were very welcoming for Meg, who has hip joint issues. The drivers were probably Auburn students. I can confirm that they were WONDERFUL, extending un-self-conscious hospitality. Jane B. Moore Field is a lovely venue! Meg and I instantly felt at home. The scale of everything was approachable and personal. During the break of the Saturday double-header, I was able to pick up box seat tickets for the second game, which is really helpful with my old hips. I remember attending a few baseball games in 1976. The atmosphere here was similar. The crowd ragged on the opponents, but only in a friendly way. Everyone was displaying friendship and hospitality... and a love for our Auburn ladies, who dug deep to win the series. I got to shake Philip Marshall's hand. I have been reading his columns for about 30 years and agree with and admire his principles. The autograph sessions were wonderful. Meg was able to get pictures with all of her favorite players. Alyssa Rivera, who went to Meg's Lake Region High School was WONDERFUL. That being said, Kaylee, Makala, K. K., Kendal, Tannon, Taylon, Courtney, Victoria, Morgan, Justus, and the others were not to be outdone in hospitality to two rapt fans. I have pictures with all of them hugging Meg. The announcer said the sessions would be "approximately ten minutes," but the players were there for the duration. As long as fans wanted to meet them, they were not leaving. If Meg wasn't with me, it would have been one of my best Auburn sports experiences. With Meg, it was my best Auburn Sports weekend EVER. I thank all the players and Coach Dean. Meg and I are already plotting our return. Bless you all and we will be watching! Beat Aggies! War Eagle! Bob Sammons Class of '76 Winter Haven, Florida
  10. I watched the youtube coverage and she did not sing. I am generally forgiving, but if I was AU SGA president and UAT won, I would suck it up and sing. (If my mike was on, THAT would punish them!) I hope she will grow up and get perspective.
  11. I have never met the young man, (When you are over 60, anyone under 55 is "young"), but I am enthusiastic about giving him a chance. I think the odds are 80% that he will prove to be a superstar and will do wonderful things for Auburn. I do not ignore the 20% downside chance, but every hire has 20% or more of a down-side. Let's give the man the chance to prove himself. WDE!
  12. Is there a fund to help Schmid Elementary scholars through Auburn?
  13. Also a quote: I would have taken Jimbo Fisher in a heartbeat over Malzahn. Reply: I am down here in FSU country. The local FSU fans are delighted that TAM picked up the buy-out. They are tired of the humiliation of the "Florida State Criminoles", only matched by disappointing results. They speculated that he was clinically depressed. I know that Jimbo has good qualities and the admiration of many who knew him at AU, but I am MUCH more comfortable with Gus.
  14. As Phillip Marshall wrote today, most games are won on the line. If our O-Line and D-Line are dominant, we will win. If Bama's lines rule, we lose. I like our chances. WDE! Beat Bama!
  15. Phillip Marshall was right when he said players come to Auburn or Alabama hoping to play in games like this. This has it all....A chance for Glory and a Worthy Opponent. I like our chances. I would guess we win by 2 in the high 20s or low 30s. Enough talk. Put the ball on the tee and play football!