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  1. I think it's time for Jaylen to graduate and go into the draft. Bama won't do it, because of cynical rules. Auburn should step in to redress this injusice. I suggest that Auburn grant Jaylen a bachelor's degree in kinetic studies, with a double major in receptions and returns. He has attended Auburn and proved his mastery of the subjects on our campus. Further studies at the college level are just a waste of everyone's time. Bob in Winter Haven, Florida
  2. I guess Frank did not have a son ready to play this year. Yes, Bo is young and learning, but he has that ability to perform when the game's on the line. Bob in Winter Haven, Florida.
  3. I guess Frank did not have a son ready to play this year. Yes, Bo is young and learning, but he has that ability to perform when the game's on the line. Bob in Winter Haven, Florida.
  4. I thought it was very well-done. Thanks for posting it.
  5. Linebacker: Jason Miska 1993
  6. Here in Central Florida, the Heat and Humidity seemed to be a notch off today, during my bike ride. Maybe the Nip will show up and kiss War Tim!!
  7. I like this helmet with our regular blue jersey and blue pants. It looks great for once a season. WDE!
  8. It is NEVER too early for a NIP tease! The nip watch is vital to those of us roasting in Central Florida. It will be Halloween before we get relief, but we have hope...remembering last February and March. Bob in Winter Haven, Florida
  9. I think Mr. Greene checked with some of the "can't-lose coaches": John Heisman: Interested, but unavailable Shug Jordan: Interested, but unavailable Bear Bryant: Not-interested, and unavailable Vince Lombardi: Interested, but unavailable Don Shula: Interested, but unavailable Joe Paterno: Interested, but unavailable Nick Saban: Has current contractual obligations Pat Dye: "a special situation" Gus Malzahn is a mortal and fallible man, but he's "awfully available" Seriously, I think Allen announced the right decision. War Damn Eagle!
  10. I first attended Auburn in 1973. I have been through good years and bad years of Auburn Football. Here is what I have learned: 1. There will be good years and bad years. That is the nature of football. My Gator and Seminole fans can confirm this. 2. Enjoy each victory forever. 3. Let each defeat go by lunch on Sunday. 4. If the quality of your daily existence on a day-to-day or year-to year basis is controlled by Auburn football, your priorities are out of whack. 5. Observe how the players handle victory and defeat. If they are humble in victory and they go back and strive to improve themselves and their teammates whether they won or lost, you are watching Auburn players of whom you should be proud. This is what sports teaches us. 6. The most important Auburn moment for me is Pat Dye after the Tennessee defeat: War Eagle forever!
  11. I'm an optimistic guy, but this thread is at page 47 for a reason. WE ARE DOOMED!!!
  12. Nip....Nip....Nip....Nip....Nip. It is the season of light!!! War Eagle and ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD!!!
  13. The weather taunts us in Central Florida. WarTim calling the Nip is a harbinger and a hope, but we wait with bated breath.
  14. No signs in Central Florida, not even a tropical storm. (Sigh)