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  1. Two UGA pay site writers picked UGA? Get outta here... Honestly, I think JF has much more common sense than that. I'd bet a week's salary that he doesn't go to UGA with the youth already at the position. This is one prospect that no one seems to truly know where he's going as evidence by his crystal ball predictions that are all over the board. It's as if each pay site writer is predicting the school that they cover haha.
  2. Fantastic article and helps beat the wait.
  3. Any idea if we'll lose 2017 commit ss Ricardo De La Torre to the Twins after they selected him in the 6th round? I imagine he'll take the signing bonus and go to the minors?
  4. Actually he's going to be in Coach T-Will's room but you're right in that they're going to use him like a buck - basically a blitzing linebacker.
  5. We both know that the ultimate goal of the majority of football players is to make it to the NFL and under Saban, Bama does a lot of that. Kenyon Drake: 3rd Round Corey Grant: Undrafted FA
  6. They have 5-stars holding water bottles for the backups who are 5-stars.
  7. What's the appeal with Ohio St.? Kinda pissed we lost Master Teague lll to them only after they recently offered. I imagine the weather is miserable during the winter and I wouldn't guess they have a lot of hotties up there like southern schools have. Like I said, I just don't comprehend the appeal. Don't get me wrong, I think Urban Meyer is a great coach but growing up, I don't ever remember Ohio State coming to the south and hand picking the players they want, sigh. I guess Urban's got it like that nowadays.
  8. Ummm, Corey Grant was grossly underutilized during his senior year so I'm not sure I'd call him. Not to play devil's advocate, but Bama used a player like Asa extremely well in Kenyan Drake who went on to be taken in the 3rd Round of the NFL Draft by the Dolphins.
  9. "We want you to be our next Cam Newton. Actually, we want you to be our first Justin Fields, but we'd like to show you some film of Auburn in 2010 and what Cam was able to accomplish and how this university went ape s**t. We think you possess the same type of talent that Cam was able to showcase here on the plains and we'd like for you to be our second Heisman winning quarterback since Cam (Stidham 2017). Our program has proven to excel when we have a superstar at quarterback and that's exactly what we project you to be, Justin. Welcome to Auburn and War Damn Eagle!"
  10. I listened to Keith and Kipp's podcast and they both felt like Auburn was in the lead with Cam being his 7on7 coach and Fields previously having a fondness for Auburn while watching Cam take us to the title in 2010. Hard to believe that was seven years ago and Fields was just a kid. Kipp and Keith said Florida and UGA are behind Auburn. They also said anything could change but liked Auburn's chances at this point in the game. They also mentioned FSU being a potential suitor.
  11. As in one of the best players on the team really good.
  12. We almost beat them with the worst offensive gameplan in the history of football.
  13. I won't lie, the Texas gunslinger we have behind center is making this Auburn fan walk around with his chest poked out just a little.
  14. Should we expect Stidham to win 3 Heisman's or only two?
  15. I wouldn't be too terribly surprised to see Herb move Gohlson to another starting spot on the line and pencil in Casey Dunn as the starter at center.