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  1. The team takes on the personality of its coach. The defense has taken on the traits of Steele with tactical savagery. Does Gus not realize the vibes his body language puts off on the sidelines? During the Clemson game, he often looked anguished, timid, anxious and nervous. Come to think of it, that's exactly how 'his' offense played, especially the quarterback. Your post is 100% dead-on. Gus had me convinced that this was his deepest and most talented team ever. Well, he may have been right when referring to the opposite side of the ball wherein lies his expertise. The defense is truly a Top 10 defense. However, the offense...the offense is as bad as it's ever been in modern history and as we all know, ironically, yet sadly that's the side of the ball that Gus Malzahn is known for. I've been a Gus defender and believer from Day 1, but witnessing the horror movie that was the Clemson game put me over the edge and I felt like I was watching Chip Lindsey trying to do his job but every single decision was being micromanaged by his boss on the headset. Now that may or may not be what actually happened but I can certainly understand why that would be the perception. I agree, I would LOVE for Gus get rid of the headset and especially the play-chart and truly be a CEO type coach of the entire team. The best thing Gus can do is take off the headset, set down the clipboard, do a better job of managing the ebb and flow of the game with clock management/timeouts, hold officials responsible on certain calls, give the 'Yay' or 'Nay' regarding 4th Down calls, encourage players on offense, defense, and special teams as the game is going and most importantly...LET YOUR ASSISTANTS DO THEIR JOB. As someone has already pointed out, Gus needs to remember back in his career when Houston Nutt was dabbling with everything he was doing on the offensive side of the ball when he was the OC for the Razorbacks. Gus, it wasn't fun for you then and it sure as hell isn't fun for us now.
  2. TigerWar

    AU vs Georgia Southern - Wednesday Presser

    If you were the head coach and your star defensive player sprained his knee a few weeks back and your first opponent was Georgia Southern but in your second week you have to travel to the home of the defending national champion, would you rest him for the 1st one to ensure he's 100% against Clemson or would you play him? Consider that your first opponent has an offensive philosophy built on cut blocks. Also it's worth mentioning that the man filling in for Davidson has been labeled a 'freak of nature' and Kevin Steele went as far as to say that the redshirt freshman "has a very high skill set." Nick Coe has obviously busted his tail to get to this point so I'm more excited about his prospects starting in the first game of his young career than I am disappointed that Marlon is possibly gonna be held out against Georgia Southern. If I were the head coach, my star defensive player would be standing on the sidelines with me in that first one.
  3. From Doug Dean & Coach John Ray's podcast 'All-Access Auburn,' a spot-on quote from longtime Alabama high school coach Hunter Adams on Gus "Quarterback recruiting at its very core has been the genesis of any problem that Auburn has faced during Malzahn's tenure. His confidence and coinciding effectiveness are completely tied to his faith in his quarterback. When he has one with an effective skillset, especially a dual-threat skillset, he operates with calculative tactics that can be downright destructive to any defensive scheme and with the tempo that physically breaks down even the best schemes. When he doesn't have a quarterback he seems to overthink plays with attempts to create a utopian personnel grouping to precisely execute each play, slowing tempo, allowing defenses to match personnel and then unintentionally forfeiting his best advantages."
  4. TigerWar

    Mark My Word 2017

    MMW: Auburn and Alabama will both be undefeated entering the Iron Bowl which Auburn will win and will go onto win the SEC. Bama and Auburn both make it to the playoff and will win their semi-final game and meet again in the Iron Bowl rematch for the national championship.
  5. TigerWar

    scrimmage updates?

    Nah, let's allow the team to rally behind 'the man' instead of some foolish guessing game. Besides, it's not gonna make one damn difference if White or Stidham starts against Ga Southern so I don't see your point in trying to hide who our starting qb is for the benefit of some advantage we might have against a 34 point underdog.
  6. TigerWar

    2017 Fall Camp - Sat, Aug 12 (Scrimmage #2)

    I personally don't think this is the case since he missed spring and qb's/wr's continuity and timing development are uber crucial during camp. My guess is he's a little nicked up.
  7. TigerWar

    scrimmage updates?

    Idk, when healthy White proved to be one of the most accurate passers in the country against elite competition and he has in-game-experience. You won't see Willis overtake him as the 2nd man up, at least the coaches won't say that publically, but maybe privately. We need Sean White...everyone knows how physical the SEC is and how it can only take one high ankle sprain to derail a season. That being said, Malik Willis very well could be the star of the '16 recruiting class and had he gone to VaTech and knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have been surprised to see him start as a true freshman for the Hokies - AU got a true gem with Willis.
  8. TigerWar

    scrimmage updates?

    Let's go ahead and get this naming the starter nonsense over with.
  9. We have three more freaking weeks of fall camp, plenty of time to sort it out.
  10. TigerWar

    Thin on the Defensive Line

    Defensive line is one of the deepest position groups on the team. Not sure I would post if I were you. 😬 Sorry, had to bust your balls a lil.
  11. TigerWar

    Marlon Davidson injury

    Heck, I just assume we hold him out till Clemson.
  12. TigerWar

    Marlon Davidson injury

    It's already proven to be true so I'm not sure what you're talking about lulz.
  13. TigerWar

    Marlon Davidson injury

    Someone on SEC Rant wrote a post after Saturday's practice that Davidson was carted off the field with an apparent knee injury, which none of the beat writers had a clue about. Brandon Marcello basically mocked the fact that it came from a message board but it turned out that Marlon Davidson wasn't dressed for Monday's scrimmage and when pressed in the post-scrimmage press conference, Gus admitted that he was banged up and out for two or three days. Today, James Crepea sited that Davidson was wearing a knee brace and walking with a significant limp. I certainly hope that this is nothing but a minor injury but I remember Gus' remarks regarding Lawson's hip flexor injury in 2015 and how we could never get a straight answer. One could argue that Marlon Davidson is our best defensive player so this is like a kick in the nurtz. Can anyone add to the significance of this leg/knee injury? How serious is it? Surgery? How long will he be out, etc.?
  14. TigerWar

    What's wrong with this picture ...

    I very seriously doubt a beat writer is responsible for writing that headline.
  15. TigerWar

    ISO Auburn-Clemson Tickets?

    A little help from the Auburn family would be appreciated if anyone has friends, family, etc. or maybe knows of AU donors that may have some Auburn-Clemson tickets for sale, I'm looking for at least a pair and as many as six. In the past I have always tried to purchase my tickets from an Auburn fan/alumnus/donor, so I try and go that route first instead of stubhub, etc. I can private message my telephone number or if you know of someone that has tickets for sale and you have their contact info then please pm me.