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  1. The BoBo honking announcers haven’t helped.
  2. 05 @ UGA . 4th and 12 yelling for the timeout then ecstatic .
  3. Wow an off set , that’s an AU win! Smh
  4. We’ve all seen AU get many bad calls but in 10 when AU were the odds on favs for making a run at the title , suddenly AU starts getting calls their way. I do believe that something is going on. I know my example predates the CFP but it is about the money.
  5. The refs back the “cash cow” we’ve all seen AU get screwed until 10 when it looked like AU was the “cow” . Things changed for a tr.
  6. Should have punted even though the D held but with a punt ...
  7. Is it ok if I have an aneurysm now?
  8. If Gus is going to lean on the D ok then by punt and give them something to wok with! It would have worked out.