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  1. WarEagle71


    Auburn Alabama Florida Georgia Kentucky LSU Misissippi State South Carolina Missouri UAB Vanderbilt 45
  2. WarEagle71


    Georgia Alabama LSU Florida Missouri Kentucky Texas A&M Georgia Tech Texas Penn State Notre Dame 55
  3. WarEagle71

    Pick em

    Are you going to have the pick em games this year and when will they start
  4. WarEagle71

    Jay Prosch

    Where was Jay Prosch Saturday??? I seemed to me we could have used his blocking?? Prosch Jay Prosch
  5. OK Moderator time to enforce the Rules "NO cussing" I ask you to do something about this one
  6. WarEagle71

    Need Help Quickly I do not know if there was a nix/sanders picture only saw video
  7. WarEagle71


    Fresno State Central Florida Southern Miss BYU Cal Nevada Ohio Pittsburgh USC Clemson Georgia UCLA Miami Bowling Green Nebraska Houston Oklahoma Missouri Iowa State Virginia Tech Auburn Penn State West Virginia Ohio State Florida South Florida South Carolina Ole Miss Arkansas Texas Tech TCU Georgia Tech Central Michigan Alabama
  8. WarEagle71

    Yes or No, do you want Tubs gone

  9. WarEagle71

    What's cheaper than buying out Tubbs?

    This would put us right into probation. He has a history of "cheating" and the NCAA would junp all over this with the help of "other" SEC schools. Link
  10. Former LSU quarterback Ryan Perrilloux will play football at Jacksonville State University in Alabama, he said today. For more information to You can mark my word they will have problems with him also. The most they can get from him is one year before he jumps to the NFL or flunks out or gets arrested. BUT they do need a QB real bad for this coming year. Good Luck!!
  11. WarEagle71

    Mandel's post spring rankings

  12. WarEagle71

    Tim Hawthorne Involved in auto Accident

    Here is the link. Semms the driver fell asleep and the SUV flipped.
  13. WarEagle71


    Does any one know the schedule of activites on campus for A Day? Any activties for kids?
  14. WarEagle71

    Game Changing Performance Of The Year

    Vote, Vote, Vote
  15. WarEagle71

    Scoring margins for the Cotton Bowl

    Game time is 11:30 am. That can't be good. I agree remember the last two 11:30 games--complete meltdowns. We have not been a morning team. Maybe the coaching staff needs to start now waking up the players early and get on a morning schedule during practice. War Eagle!!