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    Retired USAF navigator (AFROTC. Auburn 1961)<br>Now operates a construction/industrial/maritime/mining/oil production operations business.<br>Auburn Athletic Scholarship donor (Samford Society), Auburn Alumni Association Life Member
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  1. Univ. of Tennessee/Chattanooga, 1957. Auburn man ever since. All hands...I witnessed a terrible rear end collision on I-85/Atlanta. Two fatalities. I attended a court hearing as a witness. The other driver was an illegal, high on drugs, DUI, several warrants, long time offender, documented sex offender. I say this to be please to be aware of highway threats. Attention to following distance, intersections, DON'T text. HANDS...STAY SAFE.
  2. I was an Air Force navigator. During a mission to the old Congo, about 1963, I walked around Leopoldville, and heard a War Eagle from a group of missionaries. First time since '61 graduation. Made me understand the Auburn family. Why am I so nervous about the Outback Bowl? AUsome 2020! All hands, be safe and blessed.
  3. Evil vultures. I caught a dude trying to boot my sports car (legally parked). We discussed the situation. He became belligerent and threatening. Clearly on drugs. When he started shouting profanities to my wife, he suddenly looked down the wrong end of my old Colt Python .357 with 6 HPs. I told him he can back off and leave or go to jail via the hospital. He turned ashen and got back into his tow truck just as the Auburn PD officers arrived. My wife recorded everything on her cell phone. He apologized. I didn't press charges. Told him to get a real job and if I ever see him again, I will engage surprise, speed, and extreme violence of attack. Lessons learned: A .357 HP has no conscience. Don't park illegally Don't mess with/threaten an old Vietnam Crawler 'n Brawler, Shooter 'n Looter. Hopper 'n Popper with extreme PTSD.
  4. Doc, Vietnam disabled veteran here. Auburn '61. Attention on deck: Be especially cautious transiting intersections, maintain safe following distance, Eye's on the road, NO ROAD RAGE. Ain't worth getting shot by a DUI or Drughead. Resist distractions!.Safe travels.
  5. Above all, all hands...BE SAFE!
  6. Don't Post this crap. Not cute.
  7. NOOOOOOO! Don't fix what ain't broke. Never liked the interlocking AU. Somewhere in the Sahara desert. a reclusive caveman lives with no idea what AU is. He'd more likely understand Eye of the Tiger. PLEASE, this old '61 grad implores you to leave it alone.
  9. Three time zones. Pacific, Mountain, Central
  10. Mark my word: It WAS a Double Dribble Mark my word: some NCAA officials, especially Final Four, are corrupt Mark my word: Don't tell me to "get over it" I'll NEVER get over it. Mark my word: Smack the Duck
  11. 81 Male Acworth, GA Graduated '61
  12. I have 2 UGa tickets, Upper Deck, Section 102, Row 11, seats 11-12. 37 year Athletic Scholarship Donor with high priority. I bought these for friends who had to abort (medical). infil73@comcast.net 404-557-9647 Rocketman...out
  13. Beware of counterfeit tix. Text me 404-557-9647. I'll order through TUF and ticket office. Face value. Scholarship donor and high priority TUF. Live in Acworth. Vietnam disabled vet. Can't use my tix. UGa and 'Bama gone.
  14. Two, lower level, Face Value. infil73@comcast.net
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