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  1. Thanks. Is there a way I can send this to my PAC 12 friends (I'm a computer dummy)? They are WSU alums and don't have any love for UO.
  2. Thank you, LSU friend. Lets tailgate together in future LSU-AU games. Beatdown the Aggies tonight!
  3. Thanks, DD. I'm taking sone AU pins to AZ to give to the Duck fans (new friends) I meet. May I send you one? Safe travels and a great 2001 to all! Dr.Bob/Auburn '61 infil37@bellsouth.net
  4. I'm a 28 year Scholarship Donor/TUF 10 season tickets holder. I've heard nothing about SRO tickets from TUF. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Delta Flight #1915, Saturday night, ATL-PHX departing ATL 9:45pm.
  6. This 1961 Alumnus >1/2 century Alumni Ass'n Life member, Circle of Excellence, Samford Society, TUF, and scholarship donor may be "old"; however, you can depend on "us" to be loud, vocal, and passionate in Phoenix. My "old" battle scarred car flag will be waving proudly on my rental car. And we "old" guys will be courteous and respectful to our Oregon fans (maybe make some new friends). Let not your heart be troubled! WE WILL MAKE YOU PROUD! WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. ...and to you, Wartim. Auburn Family: Be kind and patient. Travel safely. Keep a safe following distance, be especially vigilent when approaching and crossing intersections, and watch closely when backing.
  8. Summer after High School.my Dad had a business trip to Columbus, GA (We lived in Jacksonville, FL) I was supposed to be...a ...'gator. A cosmic force told me to go look at Auburn. Within a few minutes after entering the campus (at Toomer's Corner), destiny struck. Love at first meeting. The rest of the story: a 53 year wonderful War Eagle history. Alumni Association Life member, Samford Society, Circle of Excellence, Scholarship Donor, TUF. SMACK THE QUACK! War Eagle!
  9. Do you mean for the BCS Title Game or for next season. Because we've already decided for the BCSCG. We're wearing blue. Not for the title game but just in general for a third jersey. I would be mad if they wore orange for the BCS game instead of blue. But I would like to see orange jerseys at some point it would be neat. Ons game in Orange during the Barfield disaster years. UGa radio announcer Larry Munsen: "...looks like Tennessee colors". (not that I care what Munsen said).
  10. I don't think Belichick's coaching style would either. But I can dream, right? I hate they lost Heath Evans...still a little bitter over that one. Belichek is a video cheater.
  11. What about no more inane speculation. Cam will be here in 2011. There's a business trip in January.
  12. Ha I like your optimism. Strike, NFL, STRIKE!
  13. Heisman: Auburn: 3 Alabama: 1 Astronauts: Auburn: 7 Alabama: 0
  14. Link: http://content.usatoday.com/communities/gameon/post/2010/12/cam-newton-does-top-10-list/1
  15. Thanks for a good sportsmanship post. However, our fan base isn't "decent". We're rabid, loud, proud, and fanatical over our Auburn Tigers. See you in AZ. Merry Christmas, and safe travels to ALL fans. War Eagle!
  16. Thanks, Rolltide. Good hunting in your bowl game. SEC first, always!
  17. Take MARTA to be sure. Many downtown events will make parking difficult, expensive, and ... your car will likely be stolen, vandelized, and/or booted. Safe travels!
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