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  1. AFTiger

    Offensive Production - Purdue Edition

    Blocker blocked, passer passed, receivers received, and tacklers tackled. Looked good to me.
  2. AFTiger

    Serious discussion

    Maybe an o line would help whoever's the qb is.
  3. AFTiger

    Coe & Williams SEC Weekly Honors

    At least the opposing QB was not the SEC player of the week this week.
  4. AFTiger

    Article "shut down the prayer"

    Atheism is a religion and should not be allowed to impose it's beliefs on us. Maybe the "Freedom from Religion" organization should look at itself.
  5. I have had some bammer fans describe the games as boring. The excitement in sports is the possibility of losing.
  6. AFTiger

    Rod and Stan

  7. AFTiger

    Rod and Stan

    I was able to ask Stan this very question. Stan said they have a fifty yard line monitor by Rod spends more time with binoculars. He believes they will get used to the corner and that corner press boxes are the coming standard in many stadiums. Fifty yard line suites bring in a lot more money.
  8. AFTiger

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Bo Nix looking good, Has a towel in his waist with AU logo visible. WABM
  9. AFTiger

    *** Game Thread: Auburn vs. Washington ***

    No pressure on the Washington QB.
  10. AFTiger


    Not until now. I have been watching ESPN+ for several years without a paid subscription.
  11. AFTiger


    I think ESPN severed ESPN+ from cable provider services. I can't get a straight answer from ESPN, but they are trying to tell me that ESPN+ has always been a separate subscription service, which is not true. To watch games on ESPN+ it will cost $4.99 a month additional. fini
  12. AFTiger


    Is anybody having problems with ESPN+?. Even logged in through Spectrum, it goes to subscription sign up screen.
  13. AFTiger

    Anonymous coach accuses Saban of cheating

    If true then Auburn woud be on probation
  14. AFTiger

    LSU Fans

    COLLEGE FOOTBALL FANS ARE FURIOUS WITH ME BECAUSE I ATTACKED THIS TEAM’S FANBASE David Hookstead | Reporter College football fans are none too pleased that I went after the LSU fanbase. I recently wrote a Pulitzer-caliber piece about LSU’s disastrous quarterback recruiting, and some people in the comments weren’t happy. Here are a few of the best reactions: Hookstead you have no business writing about sports. Go write a Badger blog if you feel the need to write anything at all. LSU fans ares some of the nicest people, and certainly the most fun This clown is the James Brennan of college sports opinions. I think your problem with LSU fans is that they don’t get along well with @$$holes. Also, it’s not their fault that you’re too much of a pansy to be able to handle the spicy goodies at an LSU tailgate. Listen up, folks. I don’t get paid the big bucks to be a biased reporter. I get paid the big bucks to report the facts, and facts are I’ve had way too many encounters with unruly LSU fans. Again, one tried to swing on me because I pointed out the fact that their quarterback was a Big Ten reject. (RELATED: SEC FANS DON’T LIKE TO USE FACTS WHEN DISCUSSING COLLEGE FOOTBALL) For those of you who didn’t read the original piece, here’s what I wrote about LSU’s quarterback situation: It’s just downright pathetic, and I know for a fact it’s a sensitive spot for fans of the Tigers. I know that because I once mentioned to an LSU fan that they were starting Purdue reject Danny Etling last season. Yes, an SEC powerhouse was starting a guy who couldn’t cut it at one of the worst schools in the Big Ten. The intoxicated LSU fan reacted very reasonably by trying to punch me in the face. … Finally — and I hate to do it, but I have to mention this — I know fans from pretty much every SEC school. I like all of them except LSU. Their fans very much rub me the wrong way. You’ll understand what I mean the moment you meet a few. See, I’m not biased. There are 14 teams in the SEC, and I love fans from 13 of them. Hell, the people in Mississippi are some of the nicest people on the face of this planet. Nothing but respect for my people from there, but let’s not pretend like LSU is anything other than how I portrayed them to be. Now, are there some great ones? I have no doubt, but when they send their fans around to SEC games, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending their engineers, they’re not sending their scientists, they’re not sending Nobel Peace prize winners and they’re not sending future Presidents. Again, I’ve been around some LSU fans. I didn’t walk away impressed. In the name of total fairness, I was once told by an elderly Wisconsin fan that the fans from LSU who traveled to Green Bay were much more respectful than those who went to Houston for the game against Wisconsin a couple years prior. Apparently the riff-raff doesn’t travel well. Look, you can accuse me of a lot of things. You can accuse me of being too passionate about Wisconsin, having gorgeous blue eyes and maybe owning too many guns. However, you can never claim I’m unbiased or attack fanbases for no reason. The great players at LSU deserve better than the fans they’ve been given. Is that too harsh? Maybe, but it’s the truth. As for the rest of the SEC, you have my respect, and I know you’re all a real solid crew.