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  1. It's amazing how many tests can be performed when one has no tests.
  2. As a denier who will not accept facts, you have reacted as you usual.
  3. Don't leave out WaPost or NYT for misinformation. Both are unreliable and unsuitable for reference.
  4. It's amazing how many tests can be performed when one has no tests.
  5. Don't ignore the fact that Obama - Biden were in charge when the stockpile was depleted and not refilled. Blaming Trump is just plain idiotic.
  6. You can ignore or deny facts as you do, it changes nothing. You have been presented actual facts about the mail in ballot. Fraud has been documented and the neo-comm plan to create chaos is clear. People who don't understand the difference between absentee voting and the massive mail in ballot sent to every voter should abstain. Including so called "moderates." Trump may or may not lose but under your scheme, we will not know that days or weeks after election day.
  7. I voted in person in June. As far as anybody can tell, no body caught covid-19 I voted by mail the entire time I was on active duty. Am I positive my vote was counted? NO. 28 Million Mail-In Ballots Went Missing in Last Four Elections https://tinyurl.com/yaetjmq5 Neo-communists are pushing this to confound the results and create chaos in November. I don't think your boy Biden (Bernie) could even find a mailbox.
  8. Knowing the problems and inefficiencies of the USPS struggling with current delivery of mail, I don't see how it could cope with deluge of mail caused by the scheme to send everybody a ballot. We have already seen the problems in New York where a June election is still in limbo. A local CBS news station experimented with bad results. https://tinyurl.com/y5cf763x
  9. apparently not true. https://tinyurl.com/y5eqjapd
  10. Unverified, probably false. Why would Russia pay bounties to the Taliban when they do it for free now?
  11. topic hijack alert I only drink tequila in a daiquiris
  12. Any shovel ready projects How about jobs saved Why don't Democrats address their concerns instead of creating a disaster?
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