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  1. AFTiger

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    From humble beginnings.
  2. AFTiger

    safety CJ Harris ineligible

    So many people have had their dreams snatched from them. Life sucks sometimes.
  3. AFTiger

    A-Day thread

    Eg: 7 on 7. Terrible
  4. AFTiger

    A-Day thread

    Nobody wants to hold on to the ball.
  5. AFTiger

    Legit Question

    He is also ugly.
  6. AFTiger

    Malik Willis looks like a starter

    The best quarterback is always the one on the bench.
  7. AFTiger

    Baseball at UAB

    Who was the poor guy that tried to sing the national anthem?
  8. AFTiger

    Spuat or Thuga

    I am flying my Auburn flag today as a reminder of our regular season beat downs of both.
  9. AFTiger

    Locker Room Renovations

    At the end zone.
  10. AFTiger

    Locker Room Renovations

    How did we survive?
  11. AFTiger

    Where Are You Cheering From Today?

    Not cheering for Fromm at all.
  12. NCM will make fantastic blocks and spring Stove loose for long gains
  13. AFTiger

    Why I Hate bama

    Why do I hate bama?
  14. AFTiger

    ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Can we say "We want Bama" yet?
  15. AFTiger

    next Head Coach

    I'm confused. Did we play an impressive game and win big?