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  1. But it's true. Bammer top 10 having lost to it's only two ranked opponents. Auburn split its four.
  2. I was stationed California watching some PAC 8 game when CBS broke in with final moments of the game.
  3. AFTiger


    Saben's explination of of the substitution penalty sounds like the Japanese at midway. Torpedoes or bombs---- defend play or take punt. Deadly decisions
  4. Nothing wrong at Texas that a few Dodge Chargers won't fix.
  5. Bammer is 10-2 and did not play UGA or Fla.
  6. That truth is true.
  7. They are also not obligated to put money to the buyout or the hiring of a new coach.
  8. I am discovering that truth can be imaginary.
  9. You people are easily offended. Get over it, you people.
  10. Do you people realize that recruits read these boards? What are they to think with the mindless negativity expressed by so called Auburn fans?
  11. Execution execution We need to execute.
  12. Too many three down punts. Nix was not up to this game today. Poor execution by the offense. Play calls were good but throwing behind the receiver or over the receiver was the problem.
  13. It didn't take long for this thread to devolve into personal attacks. Mods should move it to smack.