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  1. Fake news.
  2. Well there is moderating and then there is censoring.
  3. Of course the others are. I addressed the article but you kept deleting. Why are you a moderator if this is the way you behave?
  4. Actually the article is blather with no concrete ideas. What I post is never dumb.
  5. I concluded it was about justifying socialism. I addressed that with both simple terms and complex posts but you attacked them and summarily deleted them. I also asserted that AGW was was what I considered a hoax ans also the door to implement socialism on us. But you deleted those. I would seem that to stay off your bad list is to completely agree with you and the other lefties. You are demonstrating why your philosophy and socialism is inherently wrong by closing opposing debate. The problem with socialism is that decisions affecting the people are decided by "elites" who think they know better than the people what is best. Mayor DeBlasio is a good example of the arbitrariness of elites when he decrees arbitrary bans to fight global warming. I highly recommend Mark Levin's excellent book "Ameritopia,"
  6. Titan. You have confused me. What is your topic?
  8. No one is denying that climate changes. The question is whether it is man caused or natural. The projections have been shown to be wrong which should tell you that we don't understand the complexity of our climate. There is no consensus as I have shown you.
  9. Thanks for verifying my point. The 97% consensus has been debunked many times over. Here is one. Stay away from the propaganda sites and study real science. The hacks you refer to are bonafide scientists. Go here to see:
  10. Homer, open you mind and hear the climate scientists that have the credentials and dispute much of the alarmists shouting. What little CO2 there is has been countered by an increase in vegetation. Stop wallowing in the alarmist propaganda and listen to the scientists. As for your accusation that I don't understand science, I can cite your many denials to accuse you of the same. And don't throw your degrees and self promotion at me. You only show the educated are often wrong.
  11. Mr. Sewell of Sewell Mfg in Bremen was a generous man who loved Auburn He outfitted many Auburn athletes who did not have nice clothes. This was legal at the time. I made many trips there myself. Mr. Sewell is the man who paid for our fight song. Olin Hill did not have enough money to be giving free suits to football players. He periodically was too busy going out of business. If you read the link I posted earlier, you will have a better understanding of what happened. TV in the fifties was limited to one televised game per week until the Georgia/Oklahoma suit against the NCAA freed televised college football. We were not banned from radio or print. I believe the other teams penalized were Texas A&M (Bryant) and Kentucky.
  12. Homer, you are the one in denial. You reject real science over a phenomenon that is clearly a natural function of nature. The climate alarmism you support is clearly a political movement to impose leftist ideology upon its But you are wedded to your ideology never to be enlightened to the truth.