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  1. lukeduke

    Realistic buyer

    Not so far. I bought early for Arizona and the prices eventually dipped from what I paid, so I'm trying to be patient this go round
  2. lukeduke

    Realistic buyer

    I've been applying K-Y warming liquid for a few days, so I'm ready to buy my tickets. I'll need 3, but want to pay less than stub hub. I'm thinking around 800 each if anyone is looking to sell in that range, let me know.
  3. lukeduke

    SECCG Seating Chart

    That looks like we'll be on the opposite sideline. I may just have to switch em out on stubhub
  4. lukeduke

    SECCG Seating Chart

    I think it will be right, I just looked at a sports travel agency and they are offering Auburn tickets in 108/109 so that's the same side
  5. lukeduke

    SECCG Seating Chart

    It should be on that side since it was the West Div. winners side. I would think?? Not sure if it flips every year or not, he said he thought that it would be that side. I guess if someone on here got theirs from Auburn, that would let me know for sure
  6. lukeduke

    SECCG Seating Chart

    I'm getting some tickets off of a Bama friend of mine in section 320. Which side will be the Auburn side, or do we know yet?
  7. lukeduke

    Gameday sign ideas!

    def out of bounds. i'd cringe if i saw that I would never make that, it came to mind and made me laugh, then felt ashamed that I did.
  8. lukeduke

    Gameday sign ideas!

    Probably out of bounds.... Dee Ford, here to finish what the jetski started
  9. lukeduke

    Gameday sign ideas!

    "Can't poison a wire" "Hey Bama ladies, can I bum a dip?" "I bet Nick Saban can fit in a Summer's Eve box" "Deals at Nick's Dodge Emporium...they're rollin baby"
  10. lukeduke

    First Glimpse of Awaited Obama Harvard Video,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1177&bih=722&um=1&ie=UTF-8&ncl=dj9S4153XNgKc1MwfsNybtk3DWrYM&ei=kTlYT8GSB6j2sQLhiMy1DQ&sa=X&oi=news_result&ct=more-results&resnum=1&ved=0CDQQqgIwAA Not exactly my point, it's obvious the media has picked up the story. It's just humorous that so many democrats try to act as if there is nothing to this when there would be no end to the outcry if the situation I mentioned above came to light.
  11. lukeduke

    First Glimpse of Awaited Obama Harvard Video

    I'm sure if Mitt or Santorum or any GOP member shot a similar video with a known white supremacist, it would be no big deal either. The media would ignore it as well.
  12. lukeduke

    Mr Penny

    I looked for that on facebook and couldn't find the group, is there a link or anything to the page/group?
  13. lukeduke

    'Too Much Auburn in Him'

    Good grief, how old are those on Capitol Hill? I've planted some 1 yr old saplings courtesy of the Toomer's lottery, but my understanding was they didn't grow that fast. From the initial pictures I saw of those trees, they've had quite a bit of growth.
  14. lukeduke

    Reason why I hate bama

    3. (should be #1) Updykes
  15. lukeduke

    Now the Process begins

    Wasn't there a player cut (no link available, I'm wondering out loud) a few years ago on a medical hardship who came out in the press and said he had no medical issues?