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  1. I love hotel ballroom basketball season!
  2. Doc's 1999 team may have had a shot at this team, but even the 1999 team did not have the big/quick guard play that has done harm to this 2021-2022 team. The 2017 team was not better. They would have been chewed up in the paint by our current team. Our 2019 team may have shot this team out of the gym in a home court setting. Our current team is just more complete than the other teams we have had. Just got to get some Wen, Dev and Flan's head back on straight, and we are going to be terribly difficult to beat on a neutral court.
  3. I never said that they were the greatest in any sport, but I did say that IMO, this is the best basketball team we have ever had, and I will stand by that. Greatest in any sport remains to be seen in March and April. Most talented basketball team we have ever assembled. Failing to reach New Orleans will be a real shame.
  4. Ahhh, but you are having it. Granted, I did not consider Swimming or Equestrian for that matter, and the 2013 football team was definitely magical. All that being considered, this basketball team has the potential to trump them all. Not saying they have yet. As you said, they haven't won anything yet. I am just posing the question - a question that will certainly be answered on the court in the next 30-40 days.
  5. This team is crazy to watch. I've been to every home game this season. For much of each game, it looks like we slop around and turn ourselves over too easily. Then, you look up, and we are winning by 10-15 points. It's not always graceful, not always pretty, but almost always a winning recipe. We just haven't had a team like this at Auburn...ever. A team that doesn't live or die by any one element of the game. Some nights it is our three-point shooting carries us (albeit rarely), when other nights it is our low turnover ratio, or a single player effort, or an all out block party. This team can beat anyone soundly in a myriad of different ways. The strength of this team is undoubtedly our defense. It is the reason why we have only lost three games, of which the worst defeat was by one point at the end of regulation. No one else in the country comes close to making this claim. We are probably only carrying one Double OT loss to UCONN if not for crazy environments like Arkansas two weeks ago and Florida last week. When the defense is the strength of the team, like ours, games can tend to look sloppy at times, but man, its an awesome feeling to walk into any arena on any given night and know that our team should win. It's been a long time since I ever felt that way about any Auburn team in any sport. I believe that we will win the SEC Regular Season Championship outright, and the Tournament Championship. We are probably only carrying one Double OT loss to UCONN if not for crazy environments like Arkansas two weeks ago and Florida last week. This team should decimate all at a neutral site, all things considered. And once we get into March Madness, I can only hope we get some Big10, ACC officials that allow big men to play big boy basketball and not call meaningless ticky-tack fouls in the paint. This team is awfully reminiscent of 1988-1989 Georgetown with Mount Mutombo and Alonzo Mourning, but with better offense and surrounding talent. This is the best team in the history of Auburn Tiger Basketball, and anything outside of a Final Four birth would be disappointing at this point.
  6. The Zags will not lose another game until the tournament. There is no competition in the WCC. We, on the other hand, are bound to slip up at least once or twice in the next 13 games because the SEC is just that strong. We deserve #1. We didn't get it. But in the words of CBP, "It's not how you start. It's how you finish." As long as we win our last game, we will be National Champions. 😁
  7. Wonder if “COVID Protocols” will cancel this game…it’s happening more and more around the country and now to our Women’s team. We are going to have to learn to love with this at some point. Even the NBA has woken up to this fact and is refusing to cancel any games. Come on, folks!
  8. Don't listen to them, @jared52! You are my Ambassador of Kwan and you always will be!
  9. That is what makes it more interesting in UGA’s case. Could be an NCAA investigation started based on recruiting violations. Would explain a lot of the signing day flips. George Pickens comes to mind right away!
  10. UGA next to get busted??? UGA got sloppy with recruiting makes sense to me. 🤑 Oh please let this happen! Smart and Pruitt learned from the master and tried to replicate it without the protections of the REC and the UA NCAA Cash Cow status.
  11. All of that time and focus on this kid and we lost him. The hyperfocus on BC probably cost us Ian Jackson as well. IJ was a 3x Au legacy and chose Bama mainly because he had been all but snubbed by AU for months because we were certain that we were getting Barrett Carter. Had he just been treated like a normal recruit all along the way, he would have most certainly committed to AU. <smh>
  12. Nope. No Fairley. He just wasn’t the contributor that Jamie Howard was.
  13. Top 3 Defense non-Heisman: 1. Aundray Bruce 2. Carlos Rogers 3. Jaime Howard 😎 Top 3 Offense non-Heisman: 1. Tre Mason 2. Brent Fullwood 3. Daniel Carlson
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