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  1. That is what makes it more interesting in UGA’s case. Could be an NCAA investigation started based on recruiting violations. Would explain a lot of the signing day flips. George Pickens comes to mind right away!
  2. UGA next to get busted??? UGA got sloppy with recruiting makes sense to me. 🤑 Oh please let this happen! Smart and Pruitt learned from the master and tried to replicate it without the protections of the REC and the UA NCAA Cash Cow status.
  3. All of that time and focus on this kid and we lost him. The hyperfocus on BC probably cost us Ian Jackson as well. IJ was a 3x Au legacy and chose Bama mainly because he had been all but snubbed by AU for months because we were certain that we were getting Barrett Carter. Had he just been treated like a normal recruit all along the way, he would have most certainly committed to AU. <smh>
  4. Nope. No Fairley. He just wasn’t the contributor that Jamie Howard was.
  5. Top 3 Defense non-Heisman: 1. Aundray Bruce 2. Carlos Rogers 3. Jaime Howard 😎 Top 3 Offense non-Heisman: 1. Tre Mason 2. Brent Fullwood 3. Daniel Carlson
  6. Remember earlier this season when this team won 15 straight and ranked in the top 10? That was fun.
  7. last night was pretty clear about just how fragile we are without our Friday and Sunday starters in the rotation. Our midweek starters aren't ready to be midweek starters and would not be if we had Daniel and Owen healthy. The silence on these two is deafening. They are always in the dugout supporting the team and dressed out, but obviously not about to be cleared to play. What is up?!
  8. Ok. Does anybody have the scoop on when/if we get these guys back in the rotation??? I can’t find anything on their status. We are hurting badly without their arms in the pitching rotation. We could be CWS bound with them. May struggle to win a regional without them. anybody know anything?
  9. Facts don't care about your feelings! And since feelings trump facts in 2018, I have to agree with @jared52 that we need more minutes from Mac and less from Wiley. 😀
  10. You people obviously have not been Auburn people very long. Don't you realize that anytime the expectations for this team are dismal, we always have a 9-10+ win season? 2000, 2004, 2010, 2013, 2017...I mean come on. There is a pattern here. So flame away with your 6-6 predictions. It makes me cautiously optimistic of a big season. Unfortunately, as much fun as it would be, a big season means the Gus Bus rolls on through 2020. It's your typical "rock/hard place scenario" if you are on the #FireGus bandwagon.
  11. Encouraging to know that we can have "that game" and go out and sleepwalk to a 25+ point win. In years past, that was a definite L instead of a W that was never in question even through 35 minutes of subpar play.
  12. @ellitor, Prattville football is in the middle of a renaissance. This past season was a step back toward greatness. I expect the corner to be fully turned after next season. #GoLions
  13. Our boy, Josh Donaldson, has joined up with the Braves! #WarEagle #ChopOn Braves making moves to win it all next year! I love it! Former Tiger now in Braves Country
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