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  1. Guys, relax...but maybe break out the bubble wrap until December. From Scott Griffin: @griffsz .@__Austinwiley50 "talked to @chuma_okeke & he says MRI shows bone bruise" so not a tear or serious knee injury @AuburnMBB incoming FR.
  2. I have had the privilege of watching every one of Bubba's games since his Junior season at Prattville High School, and I can vouch for his quote in the Ole Miss post-game interview. Nobody has wanted to tackle this kid since he was 16 years old. They may give it a shot in the first, even second quarter, but by the third quarter they don't want any part of this man head on. He is stronger on his 30th carry than he is on his 1st carry. The only way they were able to ever have any modicum of success getting him on the ground less than 8 yards beyond the line of scrimmage was to dive at his knees and ankles. I am so proud of the way he remained patient, worked hard and capitalized on his opportunity in this day and age of college football when players will just up and transfer if they are not immediately getting what they think they should be entitled to. Kamryn Pettway's story to this point is what college football is all about. #36 is the definition of a selfless team player who puts the success of the team before his individual success. ...plus, 'ain't nobody wanna tackle him'. Love it! I hope he and KJ can administer about a gallon of warm shut-up juice to the Bammers and to the SEC Network by finding a way to run all over the 'nobody can possibly run on them' Bama defense at the end of this month. They have not faced a run attack like this since 2013 in Jordan Hare, and that outcome, as I recall, was pretty favorable for us.
  3. That's not the song. This is. Listen to Flash by Viv and the Revival on @AppleMusic. https://itun.es/us/Ih8j5?i=958906857
  4. I found it. The song is "Flash" by Viv and The Revival. Awesome song! It is not "thug gang rap garbage". That's pretty offensive, by the way, NoALtiger.
  5. Right on! On Saturday we will go from "close" to "clicking" and we will boat race LeonardSU. Get ready to roll some trees! AU gets this one right and runs the table to the Iron Bowl from here. Final Score on Saturday: AU-38 LSU-20 Pettway and Johnson will outgain Fournette and Guice. White will do what he needs to do, and JF3 will have his moments.
  6. Maybe already discussed here already, but what is the song that is being used for the tunnel video this year? I wish the games this far were half as exciting as the tunnel video and kickoff video! Maybe it all comes together this weekend against the corndogs.
  7. AU wins 34-17. Kam Pettway removes their will to compete by the third quarter and Kerryon runs away with it in the 4th. 17-14 entering 4th qtr. Sean White throws a TD pass on the opening drive to a Davis.
  8. I disagree. OU plays good defense and has outstanding hitting (# 6 nationally batting average). Parker was dominant, but she was just the icing on the cake. The story here is how Auburn almost beat a team that was clearly better in most aspects. That's a credit to coaching and grit. Yep. From what I saw, OU went the hard way through the tournment. uat, Mich, LSU, then AU. All of which OU beat by 2 or more runs (granted they beat uat on a 3 run HR, but uat scored 0 runs). Not that AU had it easy, but OU was certainly the favorite, but AU gave them the series of a lifetime. The 2 best teams met in the finals and it came down to 1 run. It doesn't get any closer than that. And it's a credit to AU to have played them so tough, to two 1 run losses and (effectively) one 1 run win (yeah, it was a grand slam, but hopefully you all get my point). And this isn't a fluke, I have all the confidence in the world that as long as Clint Myers is at the helm, AU will continue to be at the top of the SEC. whatever...all I am saying is this: If OU is sans Parker, we are probably play Michigan for the title. But, alas, they weren't without her.
  9. It's really frustrating when it was clear that AU had the better all-around team, player-for-player, but OU had one dominant pitcher whom they rode to the title. Game 2 was evident of how PARKER is the OU difference. She was 37-3 this season. Pitched every game in post-season except the one that they lost. They are not even in WCWS without that one pitcher. So proud of our team! And excited about the culture Myers has created around AU softball. We are going back to the WCWS, but Cooper, Carosone, Howard, Rhodes will be sorely missed.
  10. Wow. Thanks for clearing that up, and thank you also for looking down your nose at me while you do it. I feel much more informed on the situation and aware of my place. Thanks again. Haha, I love you Turd. Jared52, I probably should have resisted that sarcastic jab, but you know me...I couldn't resist.
  11. Wow. Thanks for clearing that up, and thank you also for looking down your nose at me while you do it. I feel much more informed on the situation and aware of my place. Thanks again.
  12. 22 wins and and SEC runner-up. Bows out of the NCAA tourney in the round of 16.
  13. Anybody have anything on the status of New and Danjel? I know New is nursing a knee. Any indication as to when he will be back? Danjel is waiting on the NCAA Academic Clearinghouse. Anybody have any clue as to when that ruling will come down. Seriously, these two cats may be the best players on the team and they are not on the floor, yet the team is looking light years improved from last year. Imagine if we can get both of these guys in the playing rotation as well! Could be a NCAA bubble team or better!
  14. QBs who went from zero to hero thanks to our D: 1. Andrew Zow (Bama '01) 2. Matt Leinhart (USCal '03) 3. Matt Jones (Arky '06?) 4. Tyler Wilson (Arky '10) 5. Chuckie Keeton (USU '11) 6. Dak Prescott (MSU '14) 7. Kyle Allen (aTm '14) 8. Lamar Jackson (UL '15) 9. Jenkins (Jax St '15) ...and the list goes on... I am sure I have missed a few, but these really stand out as unheard of, 1st start, or just plain avg QBs who figured out how to play against our D and went on to have great collegiate and/or pro careers. We should be getting handwritten thank you notes for what our program has managed to do to bolster the careers of these guys. I am all about being hospitable to the visiting team, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. It would be nice to have that line drawn somewhere off of the actual playing surface.
  15. ^^^THIS^^^ ...and I fully believe that Glenn is still alive!