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  1. ROB4AU

    Spurrier on Gus

    The beauty of this offense is that we are not tied to doing only one thing. Got an accurate QB and stud WR's who can fly? Go over the top and score. Got a road grader OL and a QB who can run, and a RB who are on the same page? Run 60 - 70% and when the safties cheat up, burn em deep. Playing a team with big LB's? Spread em out make them defend in space, them pace them until they are gasping for air. Gus has shown that he can adapt his offense to his players strengths, and no two seasons will be alike. Personally I think that our opponents will gear up to stop our running game and we will be airing it out when they do.Take what they give you and make them pay!
  2. ROB4AU

    Does Tuberville Stay?

    very good question. I myself don't really have a clue. However one thing is certain and that is he will do what he feels is best for himself and his family. Eithe ray life goes on. War Eagle
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