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  1. Vaccination decision depends heavily on what's most important to you. If you have to walk across hot coals to do what you're burning (yuk yuk) to do, will you do it?
  2. No scoffing here at all - same Northwestern we struggle against in bowl games.
  3. When Bill Parcells was diddy bowdens assistant he ran the "chicken coop" under the FSU bleachers where the GOAL was.to make players pass out, throw up or give up.
  4. Sitting 74th nationally with significant interest from recruits at most needed positions is very different than 74th with all these targets yawning at us. Not good.
  5. Well by that definition, Auburn had a downward talent trend against Bama throughout the Malzahn era - Saban always outrecruited Malzahn yet failed to beat him on some very high profile occasions. (Whoops, wrong forum for those facts).
  6. Ah yes, who doesn't miss the rumor mill when it comes to all things Auburn. I weep with joy when I think of the good ole days preceeding Harsin's hiring. Que to BSPN & SI planting misinformation in the national psyche re Auburn in 3, 2, 1...
  7. Whoops, looks like the bunch here hating Malzahn's practice of using a feature back may have to stay in the fetal position.
  8. This sponsorship thing is interesting in sports/music marketing, the "best" athlete frequently does not get the biggest "consumer" following/attraction or biggest deal. Case in point is whomever is the QB du jour at Notre Dame. If you think Dion Sanders and Brian Bosworth were nauseating, fasten your seat belt.
  9. Exactly. Got hammered here 2 weeks ago by a frequent poster for saying Hunter's probably better than Tank's current back ups.
  10. Morning TV talk shows and sports shock jocks like Jim Rome hammered him for years for publicly displaying his religious beliefs.
  11. Tebows media relations story is odd - media darling as frosh, SEC freshman QB of the year though he didn't throw a TD after early Oct (and UGa & Ark had much much better frosh QBs), - good soph year earned Heisman but wearing Christian beliefs on his sleeve soured mainstream media to him - even better junior year but media doghouse got him little positive coverage - media latched onto his pretty boy persona in NFL (see Namath) and made a very average NFL QB a hero. Again. - current NFL TE coverage, classically mixed.
  12. I think you move both RBs up a couple spots, they're both better backups for Tank than the other current upper class RBs. IMHO.
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