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  1. defensive line can be 'more dominant

    Underachieving generally means not as good as they could have been, not how good they in fact were. Just an opinion and without naming players, 3 specific ones come to mind.
  2. Eli Stove -- Torn ACL

    Some principled c. 2015 data I read around the time of my own (PCL) surgery indicated that up to 50% of elite, cutting movement athletes in Eli's age range recover about 110% of pre injury ACL battery test ability (including speed movements) after the 9 - 10 month post-surgery phase. Kind of makes you want to blow out your ACL doesn't it.
  3. defensive line can be 'more dominant

    This may be true but IMO our upperclassmen defensive leadership has been spotty the last 3 -4 seasons, leading to some painfully underachieving talent on that side of the ball. We'll see.
  4. Can it get any worse?

    You mean other than the title "Auburn tricked unknowing refs..."?
  5. Can it get any worse?

    Could get worse - in classic Auburn target-on-our-back style, a scumbag Yahoo reporter is proclaiming Auburn only advanced because we "tricked" referees into having Harper take a free throw instead of Okeke near game's end. How? Okeke handed Harper the ball. Yahoo willy described it as an old "ploy". Why do our sports info or higher ups not call these clowns out more?
  6. Practice stock report after week 1

    This may be posted somewhere else but just in case, Dontavious Russell was involved in a one vehicle accident - it looks like yesterday. Reported he only dislocated his thumb which amazing if you have seen the photo of his post wreck truck. Apparently his brother had to learn to walk again after a similar accident. Scary stuff. Not known to what extent it will impact this projected starter's Spring.
  7. Who’s Excited?

    I thought this was a.bit of a conspiracy theory but the more I look the more it's slightly too coincidental that every team mentioned in the FBI investigation got either left out as a bubble team or seeded lower than most expected. If the committee has marching orders, refs in close games may be "aware" as well. We'll see.
  8. Men's basketball Fri 6:30 PM

    I wouldn't mind punking a couple in rematches during the NCAA tournament. One in particular comes to mind.
  9. Men's basketball Fri 6:30 PM

    Just for conversation, Charleston is not a joke opponent IMHO and brings at least a couple competitive issues for us to the table. They have 2 really good 3 pt shooting guards and they 3 times this season beat a Northeastern team (RPI in the 50s) that plays zone schemes extremely similar to ours. Glad to see 8 SEC teams at the big dance.
  10. 2018 or 2019 Grad Transfer OT Calvin Anderson

    If this is a purely business decision for Calvin, Texas makes the least sense of any in his short list IMO. They return WAY more talent and experience at his position than Mich, Auburn, aTm, etc.
  11. Any former Auburn players here

    Let me just say Frank Orgel was one of the funniest human beings I've ever met. He'd have players and coaches in stitches and you (kind of) wouldn't mind running off the punishment when you laughed so hard you couldn't run the durn drill.
  12. Any former Auburn players here

    Walked on as a kicker during del Greco's time & got to be a moving tackle dummy. Is that helpful info? But I'm not bitter. Promise. Really.
  13. 2018 Spring Practice - Day 1

    Absolutely. Nick's snaps looked pretty raggedy in those videos, maybe understandably so - inexperienced guy coming off injury rehab. Kaleb's chance to shine.
  14. Projected depth chart to open spring practice

    So did Crapea just forget about our newly signed wunderkind Ausie punter Siposs or did I miss something?
  15. Men vs. Arkansas

    This 21 win Ark team has been playing consistent top tier ball. We're not exactly peaking at the right time but IMHO this was hardly a disgraceful 9 point road loss. South Carolina is a "just win baby" situation.