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  1. ..for some luck for a change. Every title run requires well timed luck and we haven't had it since 2013. Brown doesnt trip on a blade of grass,nthis year LSU game officials aren't drunk, etc etc and this season's very different. If staff survive until 2021 (get ready for another mixed bag against nations best) IMHO 2021 will be our next run, with experience on these frosh & sophomores and...luck.
  2. Love that there are like a dozen compilations on Youtube of LSU's glaring holds of Brown and/or Davidson on key plays (including 2 TDs). We sacked Howdy Doody 3 times in the 1st quarter and LSUs o-line thereafter grabbed hold virtually without punishment.
  3. Assigning one "reason" to any of our losses THIS season is bizarre (or more likely Malzahn Derangement Syndrome) but if we must, only Minnesota loss was due mainly to coaching. Coaches had us ready for LSU and our D outplayed LSUs vaunted O - only an insane number of holding non calls on key plays cost us that 3 point road loss. UF was also a terrific game plan and if I'm Seth I want to transfer after that game - TDs chances were there for Bo to take. If HALF the blatant UF holds on brown & Davidson are called we probably win (Brown tripping over a blade of grass notwithstanding). UGa game is longer discussion but execution (and again officiating) were as dicey as the coaching.
  4. Clemson "fans" are now starting a thread on their boards questioning if he minds losing.😉
  5. Six teams on our schedule FINISHED in the top 10. We started and ended the regular season by beating a team that finished in the top 10. We lost to the national champion final by 3, #4 & #10 by a TD and #6 by 11 (notwithstanding Derrick tripping on a blade of grass). I don't rant about refs but man oh man if they just called HALF the holding of Davidson & Brown by UF, UGa and/or (especially) LSU...
  6. Our Tangerine Bowl win: Doug Flutie vs Bo Jackson
  7. That's easy, winning game plans botched understandably by a talented true frosh QB.
  8. A very good question. College football Hall of Fame coach Bo Schembechler was a whopping 5 - 12 in bowl games (and at least a couple of those wins were very very lucky). Notice one of his losses ia to one of the best bowl coaches of all time - Pat Dye. The honest answer for Malzahn is long - somw losses were ineptness, some unbelievably unlucky (if any 1 of a dozen things doesn't happen in 2013 we win), some where opponent just played great football and we played average (see e.g. Minnesota). I think folks are freaking out too much about this particular bowl loss.
  9. This is a crazy post and villifies the approach taken by virtually every legendary college football coach. Y'all need to do some research.
  10. That faked punt vs Minnesota when we were down by 7 might have worked had Schenker not been held (or had the hold at least been called).
  11. Nothing wrong with this IMHO but Syposs and Stidham were always clearly one & done guys at Auburn: out of here to try the NFL as soon as possible.