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  1. aucanucktiger

    OL Recruiting Question

    Blue chip high school o linemen frequently redshirt when entering top programs - there simply aren't many 18 yos that big with top tier college strength, speed AND technique. Calvin Ashley is just one of many examples. The prospect of having to learn, grow and mature behind a bunch of starters for a year is not heresy in recruiting the o line positions.
  2. aucanucktiger

    Opponent Preview: Washington

    IMHO, UW right now looks like an unfortunate (and inaccurate) early season gauge for our D and specifically a secondary that (after the starters) has inexperienced potential. The UW quality combo of very good seasoned QB & RB is not what we need to see early this season. Sure hope our secondary starters stay healthy in August...
  3. aucanucktiger

    We own Bama

    Be prepared for the Tuscaloosa jiffy mart to proclaim bama sec golf champions...and for bama to run with it.
  4. That doesn't add up - if his grad goal (as published) is truly an MBA, US News & World Report ranks Auburn's MBA program @ #73 nationally. UMass (a fairly unimpressive academic university) has a part time, on-line MBA ranked #204 nationally and it's full time grad biz school is not even ranked by US News.
  5. Solid player, solid guy. It's hard to not be in cynical/snobbish "wait & see" mode when the plan is get GT's into the SEC West from (e.g.) Rice & UMass.
  6. aucanucktiger

    Baseball vs uat Game 1

    Win today and get the series - beating the snot out of Bama most of the time in most sports is becoming an auburn habit. There's the one game basketball collapse and er gymnastics, but this stuff makes them go absolutely crazy. Traditionally things like wacky anti-auburn articles start coming out and bama cherry pick their most classless players to belittle our wins and having lived through this before, it also puts them into overdrive complaining to the ncaa and Pete thalmel under the table hacks.
  7. aucanucktiger

    2020 QB Robby Ashford

    Can we also offer that tall slippery WR that Robby throws to a lot in his highlights?
  8. aucanucktiger

    Who replaces KJ at wildcat

    I hope true frosh Harold Joiner gets a serious look at Wildcat - not only for his 6'3" 220 lb RB shotgun-formation hands ability (and he's at least as good as KJ at the jump pass), but also to keep our future (Malik) from getting unnecessarily injured. Joey has the size but getting pounded at the goal line is not going to make him a better QB, IMHO.
  9. aucanucktiger

    Pearl named National Coach of the Year

    Media et al getting around to scratching their heads and saying hey, Bruce's post-Person damage control was pretty impressive (and oh btw, it looks like feds agree it makes little sense for a well paid HEAD coach to be the bribed middle-man in an agent's scheme w/ parents to get good players to leave college early).
  10. aucanucktiger

    New Assistant named

    This is a stunningly great hire IMHO in the sense it adds an ass't with significant and recent southeast recruiting & HC success (take that Purdue!) as well as plugging a real asset into the vacated Auburn-pedigree guy on coaching staff slot. Welcome back Wes!
  11. aucanucktiger

    Jordan Rodgers on Stidham

    Kind of chuckling at how long this thread has gone about an article written by a freelance soccer writer that looks like he's not shaving yet - about a guess ("if I had to guess" ) by former Butte College QB and undrafted free agent brother of Aaron Rodgers about Jarrett Stidham's state of mind. But it's all good & fun.
  12. aucanucktiger

    If we could get one player

    Bruce is an extremely savvy recruiter that's been around the block so it's a head scratcher to me why he doesn't pluck some of those 3 point shooting giants from the Euro basketball pool (there's a bunch of them). U.S college soccer has shown it's now a predictable & seamless path to getting their youngsters eligible to play over here (even for just a couple years).
  13. aucanucktiger

    Next Years Team

    This is a good read that puts some perspective and comfort going forward in what's going on here right now. Even with an almost worst case scenario, we return the most experience ever in the Pearl era - and as for depth, there are 68 grad players looking for a home!
  14. aucanucktiger

    2019 5* OG Clay Webb

    Yes, definitely 1 in 1000. Every O lineman on every significant team of his era was juicing however - his technique, speed, judgment & attitude set him apart IMO. I only went off on this Rimington tangent because IMHO Webb is cut from the same mold. Moot conversation for us anyway probably.