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  1. True, Blaylock is 2019.
  2. UGa getting that 5* WR commit just before this weekend is bad timing for us IMO.
  3. I was thinking Stanton Truitt, but yup.
  4. Real story line here is how bizarre it is we have not played Notre Dame ever before. Two of the top 12 best football programs of all time, one of OUR greatest coaches (Donahue) not only came to us from Notre Dame but was so eternally tied to the Dome he had Auburn wear GREEN jerseys for a few games.
  5. Other interesting tidbits: Nick Saban has one (1) undefeated season. Bama has one more undefeated season than Auburn. If you think Bama's current run is "unprecedented" or "not likely to happen again soon" your knowledge of college football history - even the modern era - is extremely truncated.
  6.'s almost 2pm ET. Friday.
  7. Any word how Justin's toss around in J-H went today with his WR recruit buddy Jackson?
  8. Part of me wants to scream at beating Martinique only 3-2 but then again - and I follow US Soccer extremely closely - I had barely heard of two players we STARTED against Martinique. B team with shades of C. Why. Do. We. Not. Have. Defensive. any level?
  9. Capitalism, free market economy. But associations/coaches with monopoly power colluding to boycott an IMG could be seen as federal antitrust violations. They need to tread lightly.
  10. Last year's LSU game is a nice microcosm of SW - good when healthy but rattled after getting knocked around or when receivers don't perform. Sean's tweet just shows the man's self-confidence and that the coach's will be more objective than media or fan QB hype.
  11. More importantly: WDE, how can I unsee that photo?
  12. First half of Jamaica-Curacao was dreadful soccer, I would have thought Jamaica would be less sloppy having LOST to Curacao in the Carribean Cup final two weeks ago. Hoping the US pulls off in this gold Cup what Germany did in the Confederations it all with your C team. It would be nice to see some US defensive talent waiting in the wings too for the first time since c. 2002.
  13. Gus was hired as our head coach almost exclusively for his offensive mind. If Chip's balanced attack has too many growing pains & losses - & many here will be licking their chops if head coach Gus "meddles" in young Chip's master plan. Here's hoping it fires on all cylinders...and quickly.