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  1. ...and Muschamp with his Jorts.
  2. Operative fact there is 2014. As I said, a veteran (Carlson-level) kicker is potentially a totally different story.
  3. Clemson was a boring topic. Ellis' player pool did not fit his star system that requires an all-world decision-making linebacker - but he tried to force it anyway. Roof when hired was what his resume indicated - a guy with a lot of success at U Mass, Duke, Minn & GT against low-mid level athlete (read: NOT SEC) offenses. He learned well at Auburn but at our expense. Gene Chizik was a terrific defensive mind that as HC did on D what Gus is doing now on O: shelved what made him special in the first place. Whew, that was fun!
  4. The stated plan of throwing 40% of the time easily becomes 30% this season if our backs produce as expected and passing on 30% of the plays probably doesn't even break many Auburn records. Now if Stidham/White stick around for these receivers to develop - 2018 is another story.
  5. This should be a more nuanced discussion. The question is injury risk. A few punts do not significantly tire a Carlson-level kickers leg so, is significantly better field position from consistently decent punts worth risking a clutch/auto 3 point kicker to injury during those punts? That's a tough one IMO. Likely moot anyway - either Shannon gets his act together during the Summer or AU goes the Kevin Phillips/JUCO punter market again. If I had to guess.
  6. Even better.
  7. According to, Jarett also PUNTED for Baylor...TWICE... in 2015 for a 28.5 yd average! (cough cough) Ian Shannon (cough cough).
  8. Age & craftiness beats youth & skill every time. Or something like that.
  9. "Depth" infers experienced numbers IMO and Character has not played in college. Utility guy Sherwood getting significant Spring reps at safety speaks volumes. Anyway, back to Oline - Herb has a terrific resume of moving guys from their "natural position" and having it work out well so the ballet at left guard will probably get resolved.
  10. Left guard is my concern - pretty specific. Fwiw, safety depth - not the O line - is by far my biggest concern on this team at this point.
  11. Which is where Gatewood may end up. His (foreseeably) inadequate high school senior year QB reps suggest Bird's scenario (Stidham - Willis - Nix). Of course recent history proves injuries make QB guessing games hard in the SEC.
  12. As far as "trap" games - after we beat LSU on the road, immediately going on the road again with a high ranking against a very average/nothing to lose Arky team gets my vote for letdown candidate of the season.
  13. Man oh man but NM was a play-action wizard in 2013 - the Freezemaster tricked so many D's that season that almost every Auburn play had a significant head start. (Unfortunately D's were ready for it by 2014). If Malik's fakes are half as good we're in for a treat.
  14. Nope, didn't say that.
  15. For those annointing Stidham starter already, he DID throw a pick 6 today. And for those crowing about Tolbert's prowess - let's talk after Devan Barrett sets foot on campus. Typical spring.