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  1. Stidham starting this Fall may be a foregone conclusion but only so long as he stays away from interceptions.
  2. I remember grumbling during 1992 that it was the most underachieving squad in the history of Auburn football but a lot of talent & experience from that team made our 1993 undefeated run.
  3. One of the most unbelievable stats in recent history IMO was that recent season (2013?) we were the first SEC team to ever lead the nation in rushing. EVER.
  4. The media's perennial love fest with Wisco is bizarre. They're coming off a year with one quality win (over 4 loss LSU by a fieldgoal in week 1) and they otherwise lost to every non joke team they played.
  5. Since our football schedule rarely ranks outside the top 20 in difficulty (and is frequently top 10), I have absolutely zero problem with us adding a patsy non conference opponent - especially one that is a charter SEC member and somehow (we've played them ONCE since 1955 - hammered them) has a winning record against us.
  6. In an era of overstatement, there are some honking overstatements in this thread. Scarbinsky onloaded on us this morning too with statements like "youth is no longer an excuse". Compare us to the other teams starting and playing this many freshman...oh that's right, there aren't any. Sloppy last month to a promising season. Period. Next season we start mainly sophomores.
  7. Dual threat QBs need more beef than pocket guys to take the run beating but beware of the Dan Kendra syndrome: going crazy in the weight room (fullback biceps? Really?) instead of working on QB skills.
  8. That's interesting. Jarrett Stidham's college resume on the other hand consists of looking impressive against SMU, Lamar(!), Iowa State, Kansas and KState. Against both Oklahoma and Oklahoma State (the Big boys?) he got hurt and looked very average.
  9. In the first place, most of the world does not have the medical community and technology to accurately diagnose these young mens' disease - they simply would be documented as dying at a young age from "a fever". Second, no country in the world comes close to the US in cancer survival rate. And that's from a Canadian.
  10. I am so damn proud of Auburn for hanging with these guys in the tradition of Shon Coleman and behaving like we expect while so many colleges would have slinked away from doing the right thing. It's not like Hamm & Manning are five star guys either - just a quality humanitarian stand by our people in charge. If the sports media were more than yellow hacks they'd be all over THESE Auburn stories. War Damn Eagle!
  11. Incomplete list. Did strength & speed go up, down or NC proportionately with that weight? The bucks & run stopping middle/strong side linebackers weights for example look SEC/NFL zip code but what did their speed/cardio/strength do?
  12. Journalists tend to oversimplify. 2017 MUSTS (not "would likes") are situations, not necessarily specific wins or losses against specific teams. IMHO. We must be in the mainstream media playoff conversation at the end of the season. That translates to a level of respect that satisfies the BOT and most AU fans and is NOT a "low goal" because in the SEC West it historically means we could lose to two solid teams and still be in the conversation. The number of scenarios keeping us in a playoff conversation is huge - we actually had perennial Auburn nemesis media going to bat for us based on our once-in-a-generation level of key injuries late last season.
  13. More like a crazy proficient offense boardering on thousand yard RB, QB & WR that unfortunately has an insane number of turnovers & penalties.
  14. This story's statement that unless Malzahn beats Bama and Georgia he's gone is absurd, especially if both those teams bounce around the top 5 most of next season. ESPN is still annoyed their Camgate fairytale made them look like what they are.
  15. Tyler Queen as yesterday's news is a bit odd - extremely promising QB after junior year in high school QB that's been hurt virtually ever since and is now (allegedly) injury free. He's the sort of QB that if he transferred could put up phenomenal numbers for a TCU, Texas Tech or...Baylor (not wouldn't that be a story).