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  1. We need and could still land ready eligible transfer O linemen but understanding what we have and dont have at wr, taking this guy's easy to understand IMO.
  2. Last time we finished runner up for this long with this many top tier recruits was the Terry "No Plan B" Bowden recruiting era. Still, there's some possible benefit to finishing second with this many bluechippers - chances are SOMEBODY will back out of their commitment, in which case we're their most likely Plan B. In theory.
  3. ...because MORE discussion on a "forum" is a horrible thing to see?
  4. Reasons: 1. It's Auburn football 2. 80% of folks here are Auburn football sluts...the other 20% are lurking bamzos and pete thalmel wannabes/Malzahn trolls.
  5. I dont know whether to laugh harder at Lombardi claiming college football brilliance as a pro scout, or his dementia that Malzahn didn't change his Arkansas version of the HUNH. At this point it's like arguing with a Bamzo - his notable football knowledge is lost in his delusional self image.
  6. Unbelievable that this poll highly rates a USC program & team of players that were - even by Bama and Gator standards - cheating on a rampant scale.
  7. A half dozen better highlights for him immediately come to mind as well, rather than the 4 they showed.
  8. Uh huh thats true which is why im scratching my head about why he mentions bruces ancient illinois non issue but not non-ancient Vols issue. For those wondering why now, its the Penn issue w/ our current (suspended) coach gave legs to the sudden overflow of butt hurt blather in blogs & media from bamzos, corndogs etc after our recent final four run.
  9. War Eagle, Phil although the bbq stain (@ TENNESSEE) wasn't 30 years ago. The ten ton elephant in the corner not mentioned in Marshall's article is the difference between Auburn and any other major program is the others would have those facts in your face, coast to coast, for years on end. We - many on this board and or our media relations office - historically take the position: A. I don't give a rip what anybody else thinks (as if it can't hurt Auburn) B. If you complain about unfair/baseless coverage you look all the guiltier (which is a bizarre response to defamation) C. Our media relations office - and i know this from both the Eric Ramsey and Cam situations - "ignore it and it will go away". Of course it doesn't help that we dont have any major paper/media that's pro Auburn.
  10. Sal Canella made a huge jump in the coaching staffs eyes too.
  11. ...and top notch keeper all the way from California, Kate Hart!
  12. The goober SEC network kept referring to him as a veteran junior RB.
  13. Wow that safety valve dumpoff under pessure by Nix was impressive IMO! I have to say the OL is looking like they did in November.