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  1. aucanucktiger

    2019 3* LB Dylan Jordan

    #8 football player out of Kansas? #73 OLB? Interesting.
  2. aucanucktiger

    Class Projections 1/13/19're kidding right? Ok as gently as possible, yes had he said a 2 in 3 shot that would not have been ludicrous. 65%? Bwahahaha!
  3. aucanucktiger

    Class Projections 1/13/19

    Oh so Moore's chances are "65%" of signing with us? Not 64 or 66? Gotta laugh at this stuff sometimes.
  4. aucanucktiger

    Place All Transfer Inquiries In This Thread

    Sounds like Martell to the candy Canes.
  5. aucanucktiger

    Chip Lindsey Discusses Leaving Auburn

    Interesting to note in that article where Chip's quotes stop and 24/7 fills in w/ Gus was meddling (vs telling or advising) and he made things more complicated than they need to be on the headset (their words, not Chips).
  6. aucanucktiger

    We Didn’t Finish in the Top 25

    Florida at #7 is the most recent reminder of how stupid sportswriters can be.
  7. aucanucktiger

    2018 Statistical Review, Part I

    Thanks Stat, excellent as always! That include the Music City Bowl w/ its crazy great O numbers but AU's 2018 statistical outlier to say the least - yes? Not being a wet rag, just curious.😁
  8. aucanucktiger

    Derrick Brown returning!

    IMHO Derrick's decision more than offsets Oregon's (better than he looked in the bowl) QB returning for our Arlington showdown.
  9. aucanucktiger

    Manny Diaz to be new Miami HC

    Diaz got plenty of media love as a DC and the U - before playing a decent bowl team - had gaudy D stats this season. But throughout his career his mo has been stuffing the southern miss's and FIU's of the world while looking unprepared against top 25 teams. During his DC stint at UM he put up nice stats first part of every season that the media ran with then every single year his Ds get embarassed as soon as they played top 25 caliber teams. Six yrs removed from DC of the worst D in Texas HISTORY. Better than avg recruiter but as an AU fan I was sad to see him leave Miss St. I think they're getting another Mark Richt.
  10. aucanucktiger

    2019 5* WR George Pickens commits to Auburn!!!

    George was utterly unstoppable at last night's Underarmour All American game and made some dicey throws look good.
  11. aucanucktiger

    ***Music City Bowl — Game Thread***

    Yes and brace yourself for some posted outrage...
  12. aucanucktiger

    Good for gus

    Not to extrapolate here too much while drunk on 56 first half points OR to take away from this performance - IMO punking Purdue is solid, like punking a South Carolina - but the real question, looking at this from 10,000 feet, is why did Gus struggle first time around shouldering both HC and OC duties and what is he doing differently? Maybe putting the minutiae on Dill will make all the difference?
  13. aucanucktiger

    ***Music City Bowl — Game Thread***

    fwiw, these commentators are a Longhorn and a lacrosse player
  14. aucanucktiger

    ***Music City Bowl — Game Thread***

    Man this thread is more entertaining than the game
  15. aucanucktiger

    ***Music City Bowl — Game Thread***

    Last time we played an opponent this hard to predict IMO was UCF. Go Tigers, beat Boilermakers!