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  1. Lot of hysterical torches & pitch forks out there too.
  2. Marshall is Auburn through & through but a slightly better than average writer, not extraordinarily original and IMHO historically a very mediocre investigative reporter. Maybe somebody dropped something in his lap? Hope hes not pulling a Thalmel.
  3. Maybe because putting Kevin Steele in Gus Malzahn's place would be epically stupid? These threads were amusing at first but now they are alarming.
  4. The Gus was irate part sounds speculative and piling on by the "we want Saban or Belichick" crowd.
  5. Nothing else to see here, move along...
  6. Auburn Alabama Georgia Kentucky LSU Mississippi State Tennessee Vanderbilt Ohio State Texas 50
  7. Wouldnt call it scheme but there can't be a top shelf, run-first O with an O line that doesn't consistently drive top shelf D lines off the ball. Scratching my head re our big uglies - on paper they should be better. Im a true believer in Grimes historic ability to develop O lines but the only part of our O that is veteran is not getting it done. I think the last month we've seen malzahn coming to terms with this senior/no run block ability O line in that he's throwing in situations he otherwise would not.
  8. Rorschak test. I saw a young man meditating on the phenomenal plays he made to get us back into the game along with the wide open Harold Joiner running the staffs 4th down play Bo threw behind him. As talented youthful athletes will do. I would suggest that 18 year old sticks around because he is loyal and deeper than the childish "give it to me now" attidute that seems to go as a virtue these days.
  9. Yes beating #6 Oregon at a neutral site wasnt a big game. Doweee
  10. If you're done, don't let the door hit you on the way out. See y'all again I guess when things are going well?
  11. That 4th down was a microcosm of the O this season. Good call by the coaches, wide open receiver with nobody near him...not executed by a talented but young player.
  12. If you mean Gus Malzahns entire college coaching career its a myth. If you mean at Auburn only it's stull arguably a myth unless you discount 2013/14 and his OC work w/ Cam (you made the "brilliant" urban meyer yawn at UF).
  13. Am I reading it right? Were 15 (fifteen) posts on the 1st page of that thread - each trashing the hiring of Malzahn - really all by people who had never posted here before (including the creator of the thread)? Pretty fishy...or Bammery.
  14. If Gus wins 1 or both of UGa & Bama he gets to decide. Routing for him. There should be a requirement for every delusional poster wanting him gone NOW to state the replacement coach we can get that would do better than Malzahn with our schedule.