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  1. Devan Barrett for all-SEC frosh RB watch.
  2. If our goal is truly to sign 4-5 quality 2018 O- linemen, it would be ideal to see more than 1 visiting @ BC.
  3. Exactly - GIVE bill Snyder sumlins recruited talent...because Snyder sure couldn't recruit it himself. You have a burr up your butt about this apparently but if you disagree coaching sec west makes losses more likely and the coaches not winning natioonal titles thus less appealing, you'll need to recruit your like buddies here.
  4. Their recruiting prowess alone backs up my opinion. Sumlin's inability to retain so much QB talent after he gets it is odd and re Freeze, no Mississippi school can win consistently without cheating, but if either guy were (e.g.) at K-State or Notre Dame they'd be on everybody's top 10 coaches list. Again, IMO.
  5. The Auburn Nation's reaction to 1993 IMO epitomizes how different we are (in a good way) from the cross-state blowhards. If we had the West Vance or USC lobbying power, every media outlet would proclaim how we are retroactive 1993 National Champions, how many players belong on the SEC team of the century, etc. I love that we list our undefeated seasons rather than Bama-style dicey titles on Jordan Hare - it makes thoughtful observers scratch their head at Bama's 13 and our 12 undefeated seasons.
  6. freeze and sumlin would be stars in most leagues.
  7. I miss beating 'ole Urban (0-2 vs Auburn - including during one of their joke national title years).
  8. Eventually landing at Va Tech - now THAT would be ironic (Malik decommitted from Va Tech rather late in the process to sign with us).
  9. Falling behind (due to injury or whatever) then coming across as a slow learner (accurately or not) THEN having the new QB on the block play lights out -practice after practice - is a killer combo. Deserved or not.
  10. Unfortunately in sports it's not just how good you are but how good you are compared to your opponents. We play both national title game teams plus LSU, UGa and aTm. If we stay healthy we could field a terrific team and still lose 5 games - all to top 15 teams. Sounds familiar. IF our young LBs and QBs are special, IF starters across the board stay healthy and IF we get a lucky moment or two, we could waltz into Iron bowl with one loss. IMHO.
  11. The jury should still out on this part of our team - they have potential & apparently talent but scratching my head a bit about frequent props they're receiving.
  12. Runs low like Dorsett
  13. Watched the Spring game (again) and it's hard to tell if our starting D line is as good as they appeared or our 2d string O line is really that - not good.
  14. Chatter about Jarrett notwithstanding, IMO the most exciting thing about the Spring game on O was how good our WR blocking looked - both on the wings and down field. The importance of WR blocking (and holding the block without holding) cannot be overstated in many Lyndsey-Malzahn O schemes.
  15. Drafts & success are a longer conversation. Don't forget athletes peak at different ages - mentally, physically and most of all in maturity. Charles Barkley was one huge baby until 76ers teammate Moses Malone gave him a reality check. Some of these guys with off the charts potential are labeled busts because they lose ambition and the desire to go through NFL hits & pain after a couple million $ sets them up.