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  1. Argyle H.S (TX) 6'6" 255lbs, according to his Twitter account he just rexeived offer from Coach Morris. Kid not only has offers from Ole Siss & Mizzu but also from Dartmouth and Columbia. A Rhodes Scholar waiting to happen.
  2. Interesting analysis came out this weekend on "LionsWire" after Detroit fans (a pity-worthy group if there ever was one) basically pooped their collective pants after some parts of Derrick's Combine performance. Sorry article is not attached but it does a good job (IMO) of pointing out in a non hysterical manner how Detroit stresses some parts of the Combine for its DLs and is looking at other DLs too. It hints that Brown, though clearly 1st round caliber, may not be an ideal top 3 pick for them..
  3. Of all the years where there's blather about Malzahn needing to earn his keep, THIS is the season I think many powers that be would cut him loose if it's a mixed bag like we beat Bama but lost 4 reg season games. Contract payoff or not. Im one of those heretics that really cut him major slack but this is a tough schedule/team to have to produce across the board without a slipup. Fingers crossed.
  4. Traditionally but not always, the largest pools of top tier high school football talent are California, Texas & Florida. True that Pennsylvania, Georgia & others are often there but it makes sense if you can do it to have a focus in at least 2 of those 3 traditional hotbed states.
  5. I hope these 2 game suckfests (Bama/UF then Mizzu/UGa) don't strike at tournament time. I disagree with those saying this is not a good team or that it has chronic shooting issues. In our 4 losses we had absolutely zero discipline most of those games but in wins vs Ky etc every guy out there was locked in and focused for the most part. A head scratcher & not easy to figure out IMO.
  6. (From multiple mainstream sources). Interesting hire IMO, unlike Kiffin who is arguably the most overhyped coach of our time, Strong was awesome (IMO) at Louisville and headscratchingly inept since. High profile move in any event by Saban.
  7. No dissertation here on his ending career awesome but JB Grimes fought cancer, old age and put in some amazing energy at the end of a good coaching and previously fine recruiting career. Malzahn's loyalty to him was a double edged sword but some of you trashing JB need to get a life.
  8. It doesn't have to be a conspiracy theory to say bad reffing at a bad time cost us the big show last year. Final 4, 8 secs in game, Va guard dribbles ball off his heel, grabs ball with both hands and starts to dribble again. Textbook double dribble the whole world saw except the unscreened ref 4 feet away. Auburn's ball, end of game, no foul on 3 point shooter 4 seconds later, we play in title game vs team Va went on to punk. Crying about reffing can be lazy but THAT non-call in THAT game WAS the difference.
  9. Not a bold prediction IMO, LSU's O in 2020 may be shockingly avg losing so many of their productive players on that side of the ball. Bama is always beatable if you're Auburn, even in West Vance.
  10. Also our worst recruiting cycle in YEARS for left handed Capricorn players. What is Malzahn thinking?!?!?
  11. Considering they're supposed to predict how likely it is that a particular 18 year old will make the NFL, kinda hard to keep a straight face sometimes anyway. See e.g. (pp. 2-3)
  12. Loved AUNerds twitter blurb, "for all those out of practice, Chad calls all the good plays and Gus the bad ones."