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  1. Sorry if already posted somewhere, 6'7" 290 lb OT Kilian Zierer (College of the Canyons, CA) tweeting we're in his top 3 (w/ UCLA & TCU).
  2. I see this as a weird beginning to a weird and (eventually) wonderful season. We barely lose to Oregon who turns around and loses to Nevada but then we lose only 1 more regular season game (Florida away or Bama) vaulting us into a playoff spot! Along the way our D line will mop the floor with at least a couple really good teams šŸ™‚
  3. This guy's a dominant, monster recruit and looks like he's camping a lot - dont see why he's 3 stars.
  4. Bludgeoned T&T but Zardes must start converting more of those quality chances. Having outstanding midfield, adeqaute forwards, better than avg keeping and a typical concacaf (dreadful) defense is not unusual but its funny seeing our best "defender" playing the #6 position, Bradley. Against Mexico we trail 1-0 three mins into this game. Our attacking third work was wonderful 2d half, we'll need that to overcome our defense.
  5. Chizik showed how quickly good will from a NC can disolve around here so IMO had Gus won it in '13 he'd still be on hot water w/ many. '18 UT & last 2 LSU games notwithstanding i dont have specific issues w/ him mainly b/c of our unforgiving schedules and personally dont think but 3 or 4 HCs could have done better w/ those schedules.
  6. Best Twitter post after we went up 13-0: "If Auburn loses this game they'll fire Malzahn."
  7. Nobody backs Gus more than me but if he were to leave, McGriff...nah not going to start that here.šŸ˜‰
  8. Glad no "why another WR, where's the O linemen?" posts. Doh, now I've done it!
  9. My wife being UNC alum, I'm hearing many Tar Heels talking revenge for our 17 point punking/mauling of them in the NCAA basketball tournament this Spring. (It will be hard to get any sweeter than that!)
  10. This article is CBS sports. Same clowns that had a mustache blathering on nat'l news after we won the '84 Sugar that "real champions score touchdowns".
  11. Waiting for Rivals to now officially make Danny Sheridan its "Auburn recruiting expert".
  12. You obviously dont have to duck for this to be over your head.