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  1. I hear ya'll, but towards end of Spring drills players see writing on the wall and send out feelers. As much as pondering the probable O line puts me into a fetal position, experienced almost-every-down RB depth (from a top tier program) behind a likely-to-get-targeted Tank is crazy important for us in 2021 IMHO.
  2. Any new news? Radio silence about the time I'd expect us to pull the trigger on grabbing another transfer. Or 2.
  3. Man, if we had a blue field and pink uniforms, every game would be televised in prime time.😉
  4. Interesting to read all the philosophical posts at being told there were problems during an open practice, vs outrage the last 2 years at being told a closed practice went well. It's actually brilliant by Harsin who can say "see?" Whereas Malzahn had to 'splain how on earth an 18 yo can do well in practice but not on natl TV. Gus must have been "lying".
  5. I remember this amazing stat from researching this a few years back. In 2015, half of ACL reconstruction surgeries to football players between 18-22 resulted in the knee being 115% of its pre injury condition in a battery of tests within 3 years. RBs were less, like half being 90% within 3 years.
  6. We historically and almost without exception pull off amazing things quickly with new football coaches, don't count us out from anything.
  7. Three things true in life: death, taxes and if you have a world class coach the world wants that coach.
  8. Can we hire away media relations hacks like coaches? I mean every media outlet is running Bama tying lowly seeded UCLA dramatically in regulation but then mentioning in an asterisk (or as in CBS case, not mentioning at all) that Bama went on to lose by 10 in OT. That level of propaganda is priceless.
  9. Of course he did - he's an important player, it's Spring practice, and this is Auburn.
  10. Beware articles by dudes with profile photos of themselves drinking coffee. He slyly fails to mention something Auburn folk know that the rest of the sporting world probably forgets - Dee signed with Auburn AFTER Malzahn was fired, so he knew he was signing on to a new coach. But to mention that suggests he was signing on to AUBURN rather than a coach. Oh horrors!
  11. Jasper shot 34.5 percent from 3-point range last season and 43.7 percent overall from the field. Strange 3pt %/field % ratio, IMO.
  12. Stidham transferred into and left Auburn with fundamentals he used selectively and that's as much on him as anybody. Watch him go into a fetal position vs mighty Tenn, and his 11 "sacks" vs Clemson. At Baylor he showed he could throw the ball away to avoid losses yet against Clemson, he constantly ran out of bounds unnecessarily for huge losses...i.e. sacks. At some point you have to say the guy had potential but not a professional, prepared approach.
  13. Not sure Pegues needed to gain even good weight.
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