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  1. Alabama vs Auburn - Score Predictions

    Bama 35 Auburn 25 Sorry, I don't think we're over our frequent issues with predicatability/bogging down in the redzone and having to settle for FGs. The above prediction has Daniel kicking 6 FGs. Hope I'm wrong.
  2. Inside the numbers with Bama

    Based on the the last couple Ironbowls: 1., Score TDs instead of FGS when we get into the redzone. 2. CATCH the ball when Hurts throws it right to us - and he will.
  3. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Mississippi State Missouri Alabama Florida Georgia Kentucky LSU Clemson Tennessee Washington State Notre Dame 59
  4. Auburn 42 La-Monroe 14 — Post Game Thread

    Settling for field goals in the red zone killed us the last two Ironbowls. Hopefully we got that out of our sytem after the first half against UGa.
  5. Auburn 42 La-Monroe 14 — Post Game Thread

    Giving up early TDs to the other team is a luxury we won't have in this Ironbowl. Adjusting is good, adjusting without giving up a TD - better.
  6. Arkansas wants Gus

    Gus & staff haven't looked so objectively appealing in an Auburn way since 2013 and the timing of this conversation - right after beating #1 and 8 days before playing #1 again to get into our conf title game - is bizarre. Even if Malzahn loses to La - Monroe & gets punked by Bama & our bowl opponent there would still be a dozen Arky-situation programs interested in him. If he beats or even barely loses to #1 Bama, Arky is not going to outbid/out-attract Auburn for our current coach. Of course they want him after their parade of head coaching trainwrecks.
  7. 2018 3* WR Anthony Schwartz

    UF hiring Kelly would not be any weirder IMO than their McIlwain adventure. My inlaws are Bull Gators & former UF players and they're crying for the good 'ole Spurrier days of untouchable fun & gun offense @ UF. I could very well see UF making the mistake of hiring Kelly and yes, Schwartz would probably be gone then to Hogtown. We'll see...
  8. Should we extend Malzahn's contract?

    Ask me again on Nov 26.
  9. Stidham passing charts

    Exhibit A in the case for adding TE's to our passing game.
  10. 2018 3* WR Anthony Schwartz

    Top tier QB from Georgia de-commits from Penn State, de-commits from Georgia, and signs with Michigan. That would be evil on so many levels. Schwartz would be nice in our Jet role.
  11. Path to a National Title

    Not to be a damp rag but we've done amazing things without recognition so don't count top 4 a given if we beat UGa again and Bama. We went undefeated in 2004, beating 5 top 10 teams - no team in Florida has ever beaten more than 3 in a season - but didn't even get the chance to play for the nat'l title. In 1983 we beat 8 bowl teams including #5 on homecoming, went into the bowls ranked #3, beat Michigan while both #1 & #2 lost so we finished...#3. There are a half dozen others - like 11 undefeated seasons and only 2 national football titles (while we absolutely punked urban meyers gators in Gainesville before they were awarded a national title) but we're Auburn, it's what we do. WDE
  12. 3 point underdogs right now to bama

    Not worried about our O as much now since GusChip (apparently) grew a spine. Nobody is a bigger fan than me of our overall D this year but I rewatched the UGa game and our secondary & LBs are still punctuating excellent play with TD-caliber gaffs that UGa didn't (or because of our epic D line, couldn't) exploit.
  13. Get better this week

    UL-Monroe's 19th ranked O is no joke and it will be good for our D to face a very legit dual threat QB again before Hurts.
  14. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Auburn Alabama Mississippi State Florida Georgia Texas A&M South Carolina LSU Missouri TCU Miami Georgia Tech 60
  15. Looking too far ahead (playoffs)

    Yeah but wouldn't it be sweet if we throttled Bama so bad then the pups again that we made the playoffs with 2 losses and turds didn't with 1? Like u said, way too early, La - Monroe first.