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  1. Auburn 7 aTm 27 Red zone issues on O and giving up the big play on D kills us
  2. IMO if we either played aTm in Auburn now or College Station in a month we'd win, but not away now. (I may check soccer & basketball here for a week b/c the football Wolves will be in a fetal position after Gus persists in running up the gut vs aTm w/ this week's guards-playing-tackle OL. 😁) I thought we'd lose 3 anyway and getting punked on the road now - though it means we must win out vs the West- may pay dividends vs UF, UGa & Bama.
  3. If you have a few moments, look back at threads posted here after we scored 44 points but still lost to Bama. Very enlightening. It's historically SO Auburn to have batches of years with EITHER a world class offense OR killer defense - just rarely at the same time.
  4. Texas A&M Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Ole Miss Kentucky South Carolina LSU Wisconsin 50
  5. Good question and sure we're in a phase of doing well in many sports but colleges that are always in the running for the DC (e.g. Florida & Stanford) have very few sports in which they are NOT always competitive.
  6. Another slow start on D and silly choices throughout the 1st quarter by individual defenders this game. Bama, UF, UGa & aTm this week will jump out to 3 TD leads if that conti ues. But there's been an alarming intangible on D the last 2 games - failing to regain focus between plays. Watching the jumbotron, etc. When urgency is there our D is very good.
  7. Malzahn can't catch the ball for Boobee.
  8. Boobee doing his best to stay in the doghouse.
  9. Same season Bama snapped a 6 game losing streak to us (IMO Tubbs second greatest achievment) which began a whopping 2 year winning streak for Saban over Auburn.
  10. Interesting that this thread was moved to Non-AU Sports (not wrong, just interesting 😁). This California legislation of course doesn't become effective until January 1, 2023 but where is Auburn's first game currently schedule in 2023? At Cal. Can't make this stuff up.😆
  11. Also interesting IMO that Bama's top rated recruit for each of the last two years have both now entered the transfer portal. 🤔
  12. Well since Kenny posted it I assume there's a source. Now.
  13. Any confirmation out there of Kennypowers post on page 1 of this thread that it's a "sprained ac joint"?😉
  14. NCAA arguing that Cal legislation violates constitution is like Saban complaining about unfair recruiting tactics.