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  1. Always enjoy fans "clearly blah blah" comments when it comes to basketball. Dick Vitale: "(UF) player clearly not in act of shooting". (i.e. Take your 2 irrelevant free throws w/ au having 3 pt lead w/ 2 secs left- end of game) His side kick: "are u kidding me?" Also moot (Vols won) but we played UK twice - barely losing by 2 at home and getting crushed at UK. How was neutral site vs UK an assumed AU butt whipping?
  2. Never too early to start the thread. 😁 Actually an excuse for me to point out that among college soccer fans, Auburn had the 10th most team related Twitter posts over the last year. 4 of top 10 were SEC schools. Massive potential for this Auburn soccer team this season! War Eagle!
  3. We're being penciled in some predictions as a 6 in bracket w/ UCF as a 9 . They're same no-win situation opponent in roundball as football - solid talent, capable team & delusional "us vs the world" attitude you do not want to play IMO.
  4. Love how this win comes on the heels of a story by one of the anti Auburn rags ( Saturday Down South? CBS?) re how Vols "are past Bruce Pearl". Not so fast...😁
  5. Ironic - the player is more forthright about this not being an auburn "failure" then positions taken by the Alabama media and even many on this board.
  6. Fwiw, Live Oak is hard core Gator country.
  7. Multiple outlets reporting Bruce apologized for auburns performance to wildcat fans, who "know their basketball". Nobody's a bigger bruce pearl fan than me but that's messed up - I dont think he even owes us an apology for that slop by his players but begging forgiveness from the Rupp Arena crowd is screwed up. IMHO
  8. Canes just accepted UCLA transfer player "medically retired from football" due to head trauma/concussion. Dirtbag central UM, new coaches or not.
  9. Like a really good pickup game rather than serious college basketball. Funny thing is some of our out of control, circus shots occasionally go in.
  10. Good article IMO and one of the few principled (well lets just say it, non-moronic) analysis' we get annually from sports media re a specific player's outlook for a specific college football program.
  11. Amazing feet and there's a twitter video of this 6'6" 330 lber doing a freaky nimble 360 slamdunk after a breakaway during his (high school?) basketball game.
  12. Bump. A little"where are they now" fun. Calvin rock & rolled at Texas - locking down the left tackle position for 14 games. Admit I doubted his plan to transfer from one of the worst offenses in a decade (Rice) to prime(ish) time in Austin but the man pulled it off. Sigh.
  13. Off that wire we could immediately use George Campbell (WR), Richmond (OT), Gibbs (OT), Malik Robinson (ILB) and Trey Bishop (S).
  14. Saturday Down South's notoriously irresponsible, incomplete and innuendo-filled articles have almost become more anti-AU than Almost.
  15. I think JP retires before the summer but for health reasons. Kicking cancer's butt takes a lot out of anybody.