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  1. aucanucktiger

    Nate Craig-Myers

    You dont know what you're talking about. Nate had every chance in the world at Auburn and has consistently underachieved. He clearly sees the writing on the wall with this young batch of receivers and is looking for a fresh start. Great young man, sometimes a fresh start makes all the difference.
  2. aucanucktiger

    GUS: football complex is the only thing we need

    Absolutely, just a bit of humor. Hey nobody is a bigger fan of Gus Malzahn than me - he's a very likeable guy IMO and is learning how to be a head coach in the SEC West (something some good coaches never learned).
  3. aucanucktiger

    GUS: football complex is the only thing we need

    The man is trying his best to be a beloved coach to Auburn fans. (btw, there's a really nice tax return benefit that comes with that donation.)
  4. aucanucktiger

    Upon Further Review - LSU Game

    IMHO Brahms could be an outstanding starter within a short period of time if he'd stay healthy.
  5. aucanucktiger

    Question about Gus and play design

    Even "riverboat gambler" coaches like tubberville, B. Bowden and beimer historically became more conservative and for many reasons. Zaney plays are high payoff/high risk and, once you've recruited enough of your own blue chippers, not necessary. On offense there have been wild plays all the way back to rockne's days but in football, there's just not much new under the sun. Defense & "up the middle for 3 yds" wont sell as many tix but these coaches learn it still wins more often than not..IF you control the trenches. Right now we dont (bingo!)
  6. aucanucktiger

    Arkansas Score Prediction

    45 - 3, Auburn. Boobee, Worm and/or Kmart need to get yards this game if our 1k yard rusher streak is to remain alive.
  7. aucanucktiger

    Who do you hate losing to the most?

    Living in Tallahassee, Florida State. (We've actually played them 3 times as many games as Texas A&M). Only Gators & Candycanes rival Noles for bragging without facts or a shred of actual football knowledge.
  8. aucanucktiger

    Media Using Our Posts Bizarre. Maybe appropriate for the media section but the quotes are not from that section.
  9. aucanucktiger

    Still in top 10

    Shhh fifty, don't you know Gus pulls wings off flies and only sunshine pumpers think there's hope after this early season 1 pt loss on the game's last play to a now top 6 LSU team (accord to media AND coaches)?
  10. aucanucktiger

    What they are saying..

    SMH when any team in the SEC west is signed off as done this early in the season. Most years a team or two in this division are "down" (relatively speaking, for the West) but every team in this division recruits enough talent to get the job done on a given day against many top 25 teams. 2018 Ole Miss & Arkansas included.
  11. aucanucktiger


    Auburn Alabama Mississippi State LSU Ole Miss Georgia Florida South Carolina Clemson TCU Oklahoma State Pittsburgh 50
  12. aucanucktiger

    Attendance ... AU vs. LSU

    Living in Tallahassee since '95, even when FSU is top 10 they sell out their 80k stadium 3 times max a season. When I lived in Miami before that during Cane glory days they couldn't sell out games in the tiny orange bowl against top 5 teams. When I was in grad school in Bamaham in the '80s Bama bizarre-ly got in trouble with the IRS for publicly lying about Legion Field sell outs ("Tide Pride") that weren't even close to capacity during their good seasons. We do just fine. It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!
  13. aucanucktiger

    Gus’ Ceiling

    Don't understand the question. Gus' ceiling is apparently 13 seconds from winning a national title.
  14. aucanucktiger

    Scouting Report: LSU Tigers Defense

    Read Greedy's hype so focused on him vs the Candycanes. He was all over the place and I don't mean that in a good way. Hopefully he plays that undisciplined against us.
  15. aucanucktiger

    Jarrett's Moment

    For those that give awards the time of day - early season high profile game and IMHO his best opportunity to rise above the pack with stats, a comeback and/or a "Heisman moment" (i.e. a Sportcenter top 10 moment with legs). Widely watched game with big media expectations for Auburn and Stidham, against an LSU team also getting plenty of respect (especially it's secondary). He'll need WR help and an unexpectedly good performance by our OL but I'm feeling this is when he either seizes the moment or goes to the NFL remembered as another very good college QB - even if he rock & rolls later against UGa and/or Bama. Go Jarrett Go!