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  1. Maybe Pruitt will be the second coming of Jackie Sherrill: Bama trained, then bounce from program to program realizing the ncaa doesn't look the other way unless you're Notre Dame, USC or Bama.
  2. ...and face plants by the middle-schoolers, pile-ons by the "your mother wears army boots" crowd, and outrage by the pitchforks & torches gang.😆😳
  3. Harsin A- Bobo B Friend A CWill B- Caddy B Beddell B Mason A- Rocker C Schmeddinhg B Etheridge D Pittman B Lorrando (no idea)
  4. Interesting how sports media now spins the "rumors" and false "leaks" durng that whopping 9 days of searching for a head coach as if they had nothing to do with it.
  5. Microcosm of most criticisms of Malzahn. When things went right (e.g. consistent top 10 recruiting classes) it was because of assistants, but when a position wasnt recruited well by oh, say, the O line coach or regional assistant, that's on Gus. Bottom line is he was too loyal to post cancer Grimes and that position suffered from a lack of recruiting energy.
  6. No names so far mentioned in this thread are "uber special" as goober radio shock jock claims. Some would be interesting hires, okay but lets return to the day 3 media hysteria of the HC search shall we?
  7. (Gus to self) "Buckeyes lost to Bama by 28 in national championship game - after beating Saban 2 of the last 3 years, we lost to Bama this year by 29 and I'm playing golf."
  8. Interesting responses from this board - is it that you think they don't cheat, they've stopped cheating, they cheat and that's okay, we can't control their cheating (and the ncaa) so ignore it, or the mere suggestion that Saban oversees systemic cheating is sacrilege?
  9. 9 wins, including some aggravatingly "more of the same" from O line and Bo, and glaring lack of depth. BUT, 2022 is the season to watch for what this staff has done. AND historically our new HCs do big things very quickly. Gus was in natl title game 1st season, Chizik won it all 2d season, Tubbs in SEC title game 2d season, Tator Tot went undefeated 1st season, Dye had us beat Bama 2d season for first time in a decade.
  10. I'm still surprised Morris didnt. His spiral down in coaching effectiveness has been epic.
  11. Yep, I was skinny as a rail but fast so Buddy Moore put me at wing back. Got flung like a rag doll every time a defender got ahold of me.
  12. Small world, Coffee h.s. class of '81 here.
  13. There comes a point where a lack of returning experience becomes a multi season fix. We're now swiftly approaching that at some positions (not OL where it was a multi year fix anyway).
  14. A HUGE part of Auburn's recruiting is selling the family angle, including being able to point to examples of where we support, cultivate and develop our own AFTER their life as a player is over.
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