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  1. This forum jumps on & off bandwagons more than a 12 year old.
  2. Footnote, pay site info is not gospel and in fact, frequently inaccurrate.
  3. Repeat of our Stidham IronBowl win. D rises up and Saban gets flat outcoached on gameday. Again.
  4. Arkansas Florida Alabama Georgia Clemson Kentucky Texas A&M Tennessee Ole Miss Texas Kansas State Washington North Carolina Cincinnati Ohio State Oregon USC 59
  5. There are 204 FIFA-sanctioned nations that want to be in the WC. 32 qualified for the WC including the US. England's 5th best in the world. We're very good whether we beat England or not. Dont listen to US sports media soccer blather - unless you make the semis evey world cup (Brazil e.g. hasn't finished in the WC top 3 in TWENTY years) you're garbage to them.
  6. Remember a couple months ago when Twitter twits were crucifying Berhalter for losing to Japan (beat Germany today) and drawing the Saudis (beat Argentina this week)?🤣
  7. A sign of the apocalypse: a German midfield gets trounced by...Japan! Germany joins Argentina in the lazy loss dumpster.
  8. Dreadfully careless foul by Zim, maybe his Bill Buckner moment? New York Post headline was "Wales Wins 1 - 1". But for pk they had no serious scororing threat. Our mids & Turner were top tier, forwards adequate and...stop me if you've heard this before...D was abysmal. It's popular to trash Ber but what does he have to work w/ in the entire US defensive player pool? England's WC record vs the US is 0-1-1 becsuse they're notoriously overconfident. Even a close US loss to Brits and healthy win vs Iran gets us out of group stage. We've advanced past group stage in 3 of our last 4 WCs. Fun fact, US vs Wales was our 34th(!) WC game, in our 11th WC. Dont let anybody tell you we're amateurs.
  9. Are there click bait threads on this forum? So the sabotage is... Bama conspires w/ Kiffin to drag down Auburn then he'll beat Dabo & the field for Bama HC? In the age of dumbfounding conspiracy theories, this one is hilarious! Btw y'all have seen Kiffins reaction to this dime store reporters sourceless and illogical story ("sources say Kiffin to auburn but auburn hasnt offerred") yes?
  10. "We"? Un-frickin-believable. You played how many snaps, ran in how many practices and laid exactly what on the line for this team?
  11. The WC is usually held in Summer when most pro players are in off season & somewhat recovered. Most players in this WC are mid season and are STARTING this grueling tournament boarderline overtrained. So I anticipate more key injuries to critical players in this WC than any since 1962 (when injury subs were not permitted). We saw it today in Ecuador v. Qatar - non contact injuries.
  12. We're Gamecock-caliber this season IMO. Cocks throttled Vols. Vols beat Bama. Et, voila!
  13. He's always been a .500 record coach, now the only reason to hire him - recruiting mojo - is a thing of the past w/ NIL.
  14. 4th & 23 and they go for it instead of trying to drop a punt inside our 10? Folks, you can be a blithering idiot and make big $$$ coaching in todays game.
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