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  1. Footnote re football & discipline: Spurrier's UF teams lead the SEC most years and were always near the top in the nation in penalty yards - mostly because of aggression penalties. Those teams were perennial contenders for national titles. Bottom line: Football is an ultra violent sport - penalties of excessive aggression should probably not be lumped into the same bucket as negligent penalties. IMHO
  2. History (e.g. UT) shows ole Bruce is spectacular at developing scoring machines - less data supports his defensive focus. There are no DC's in basketball so if we hire the Gus Malzahn of basketball get ready for some high scoring games - win or lose. (Remember losing an Ironbowl where we put up 44 against the nations #1? Ouch! Bye bye Ellis Johnson but can't do that so easily in basketball. But hey, now I can wear my "Auburn Fast" shirt during roundball season too! )
  3. I'm going to laugh my butt off if after all this QB hype from every direction a healthy Sean White is once again our starter in September.
  4. Yes a timely comparison IMO is John Franklin to Julian Edelman - a phenomenal small college dual QB. Speed kills - I'd like to see John's put to wider use.
  5. Bingo. TE's are more bread & butter in Lindseyland so bringing in his hand-picked TE coach should not shock. In college, special teams coaches are a dime a dozen - Ron Zook notwithstanding. Fountain put in years of good work for us but IMHO this move makes sense, War Eagle and Godspeed Scott.
  6. We had a 4th or 5th string QB in the 1980s (klein?) transfer out (to TCU?) and promptly break the NCAA record for something like yards in a game. Numerically, Bama has a history of abysmal QB development. Going back to Freddie Kitchens and Hollingsworth they had an impressive parade of top ranked high school QBs enjoying mediocre careers at the crapstone. Even some state media used to shockingly comment about it.
  7. So either he's not coming or this will be another Tommy Tubbervile "only way I'm leaving ole miss is in a pine box" quote the media will use against us forever.
  8. Our new candidates for the secondary have very good shots at meaningful playing time in 2017 IMHO. As much a comment on our need for adequate depth there as anything else. IMO Hunter was our biggest non-get.
  9. A bigger classic than the guy that had a college tattoo'd on his body only to pick a different college. Let's be careful out there...
  10. Wow, that's a lot of scoring ability in one class. We comin' again! -WDE!
  11. A couple spurts notwithstanding, our "bad start" basically lasted until about 7 minutes left in the game. Pearl's outstanding resume and coaching style speak for themselves IMO but this was a shockingly undisciplined game where our offensive plan appeared to be bald athleticism alone.
  12. I remember something about Willie Anderson being a hugely pleasant surprise for us because Bama got Charlie Dare and, at least in the Quad Cities, it was expected Bama would get Willie too - or something like that.
  13. Athletic talent not operating in a vacuum, I like to see how my team's rivals are doing on Feb Signing Day too. Kind of a geekish approach I guess - I prefer to call it "holistic monitoring".
  14. Thought this worthy of a thread for info purposes - please post places you like for your recruiting day coverage (of course mods feel free to merge). ESPN assigned reporters to 16 specific schools - including Cole to Auburn with our currently #9 rated recruiting class but it's interesting to note you could apparently also "get" an ESPN reporter at your school by TV ratings factors alone - Texas (#35 recruiting class currently) got a reporter. War Eagle!
  15. Of course going into 2016 we had a dream RB pool of proven returners and untested talent. It worked out in the end - starting our 3d/4th string RB against UGa, Vandy & Bama notwithstanding - but things were a bit different by August weren't they (Mr. Pettway says Amen). I got yer realistic worst case right here... 1. Stidham injured 2. Sean's chronic injuries take a long term toll with lost zip on even mid distance throws (I don't see the guy transferring from AU - ever) 3. Woody starts but is a redshirt freshman turnover machine so rotates with Jason Smith (this is fun) 4. JF3 doesn't improve 5. Queen transfers 6. Willis is a deer in headlights