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  1. Walk on, scholarship-less, backup kicker is #1 holder? Interesting.
  2. Two relatives of Auburn Heisman Trophy winners on the roster at the same time. Cool.
  3. Yes - having graciously granted Joey permission to transfer to an SEC school on Auburn's immediate schedule, Gus must be terrified of his former player.
  4. How are they "opting out"? Says they're out due to surgery recovery. That's pretty involuntary.
  5. 33 - 21 Auburn. Four FGs & three PATs by Anders Carlson.
  6. Trying to be upbeat about that O line narrative coming from a sugar coater with 1 week to go. I'm really trying.
  7. I'm in the "I'll believe we beat UGa when we do it" camp, but I also think we go into 2021 as one of the national champ favorites. We'll rock some very good teams this season.
  8. Glad to hear but I'll exhale when it's December. We've had so many seasons in a row with crazy significant-injury numbers, many (e.g. Caleb Kim) not broadcast until months later.
  9. Close early but we win going away, like 38 -21. AU has more depth and does a good job rotating where it counts, which - come 4th quarter - should be huge. If we turn over the ball more than they do however, all bets are off. Oh and stop me if you've heard this before - what we do on first down is key.
  10. Having an unsettled holder position less than 2 weeks before kickoff is a bit unsettling.
  11. Tricky covid part of soccer, fwiw: shoulder to shoulder set pieces w/out any respiratory footprint protection whatsoever. Germ covered ball, meh.
  12. https://auburntigers.com/news/2020/9/9/auburn-soccer-schedule-announced-by-sec.aspx
  13. Completion percentage - depends what he's completing. I remember a bama QB (Gary Hollingsworth? Freddie Kitchens?) who played chuck & duck with 3 yd dink passes all season but the bama machine had national media praising his amazing completion %. If Bo just hits more open receivers (UF game comes to mind) we'll be golden IMHO.
  14. Stidham was actually a decent punter too, wish we'd seen him in punt formation at least once - just to see other special teams coach's reaction.
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