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  1. Idaho State certainly gave us a run of it last year. I had the opportunity to visit Idaho's campus a little over a year ago. Very nice part of the country IMO. Washington State's campus is about 10 miles away, right across the state line if I recall correctly.
  2. lol @ tiger88... I liked the "SEC...SEC..." chant that started up near the end of the 2nd quarter...especially since Auburn finished a game the way a game should be finished.
  3. The defensive #s had to look better in the 2nd half, I'd guess. Great game to end the season with. Feels good to finish with a win. Congrats to all associated w/ the team, and thanks.
  4. He's won wherever he's gone... it'll be interesting to see how long it takes for him to turn the Zips around...
  5. I'd like to take the family, but will have to wait until near gameday to see if I can score some cheap tickets somehow... otherwise, we'll have a NYEve party watching the Tigers. That doesn't sound so bad either, I guess! ct
  6. I believe OU beats OSU and none of the speculation will matter. OSU has had one solid defensive performance this year (6 pts to TTU) and another good one (14 to Arizona), otherwise they're giving up a minimum of 24 points a game to the likes of ULL (34), Tulsa (33), and Iowa State (37). I think OU can throttle their offense more than OSU can throttle OU's. Of course, I have been wrong many many times before.
  7. I may try to go if it's Atlanta or Nashville... both convenient and would make for a fun day-trip. I am all in favor of playing an extra game if allowed. It's not really about us fans anyway at this's about the players, coaches, band members, managers, etc... let 'em go and have a good time and play someone they usually don't get to play. War Eagle everyone. It's great to be an Auburn Tiger...even at 42-14. ct
  8. If Arkansas beats LSU, they deserve to leapfrog both Bama and LSU IMO. Sure Bama beat 'em bad, but of the 3 teams in question, their loss will have come earliest in the season and on the road. You can discount both of those factors if you wish, but they seem to matter. Bama scored on a punt return, an INT, and a fake field goal... all 3 not your everyday variety of TDs. Not playing 'what if', because I think Bama is the better team. Maybe just not 24 points better. This is a fun part of the season to me. I love all the banter and back/forth. ct
  9. A large part of me now wants Arkansas to beat LSU just for the jumbled mess it'd make. Of course, that could feasibly lock out an SEC team from the NCG, but I doubt it...quite likely whomever made it to the SECCG would go (given they beat a resurgent UGA team). I'm one Auburn fan, however, that doesn't mind seeing Bama in a rematch w/ LSU, should LSU win out. It wouldn't surprise me, however, if LSU played flat in the SECCG and lost. OK...I think I've hedged and summarized in about every direction in this post...I'm done now ct
  10. OK... time to revisit, and I'm happy to say "color me wrong". Back when I started this thread, I honestly thought they may go 0-fer this season, now they have 3 wins, including 2 in a row (one one the road and one against a ranked team). They may finish with 4 wins and some momentum heading into next season. Good for Coach Callaway and his staff. CT
  11. My Bama buddy thinks Houston may be Bama's opponent in the Sugar. What are the odds of that?
  12. Shocks...what brings you to Chattanooga? And I concur -- it's a great city. We've thoroughly enjoyed living here for the past 6 years.
  13. I'm pretty sure I have the local Auburn Club leader's email address...but I think their meeting spot is the MM. I'll PM you if I find it. --toe
  14. i predict a 10-point or more win by the Tide. Something like 31-21