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  1. I’m still not sure what happened here. From where I was sitting it looked like the official who was right there called it a catch, which begs the question how was the ruling on the field an incompletion? Such bs.
  2. Agreed but I’m afraid it’s here to stay. We had a student stop by our tailgate before the game who was already planning it. Also, it looked to me like Boobie was motioning for the student section to do it as soon as it appeared the game was in hand. I was sitting on the opposite side of the stadium so I couldn’t say for sure if that’s what I was seeing, but it looked like he was turned around to them saying “come on!” If you’ve got a player doing that there’s no way it doesn’t happen.
  3. I’ve done this for years. All you need is a DVR. I listen to the radio broadcast via my phone and stream it to a Bluetooth speaker. Using the app puts the radio broadcast behind the tv. All you have to do from there is pause the TV and let the radio catch up for kickoff and you’re good to go!
  4. Top 3 in chronological order excluding the Kick 6 which I was fortunate enough to see in person : 1. 1993- my dad and I sitting in his car because of the TV ban. Nix to Sanders and Fyffe having the crowd count down to 11-0 is my first AU football memory. 2. The Sack Brody game. I was a student then. Really the only time in my lifetime I can remember absolutely manhandling them. 3. The Camback- paid a guy $120 on the street in Tuscaloosa for a ticket even though they were going for twice that. Almost left at halftime but held true to my stance to never do that. Games like that are why even in years like 2018 I still wear AU gear every day of the week leading up to it and still have hope we can win Saturday. Beat Bama!
  5. Exactly why I would like to see him get it. He's an Auburn man to the point he knows our tradition and areas of importance to alums/fans, but not to the point that he is scared of the PTB's and blindly follows. He never had any NCAA trouble as coach and seemed to be good at raising funds to support the program. I know it's not the most popular choice around here but I would really support this.
  6. Exactly. This is why Saban rarely ever smiles until he's holding a trophy in the air. He's always looking to get better and cut some of the mistakes that were made, even after a win. That's the mark of an elite coach, and sadly we don't have one.
  7. This is my $.02 on the protest by not going to games thing. I think doing that will hurt us in the long run no matter who our coach is. Think about it. We have UGA and Bama coming in at the end of the year which will undoubtedly have big time recruits in the house, and these are big time games even if we don't have a shot at the playoffs anymore. The last thing we need to show recruits is our fanbase bailing on our team. They won't know all the ins and outs of what's happened with Gus over the years and all they will see is what we give them during those weekends. We need to stand behind our school and provide the electric atmosphere JHS is known for to hopefully keep the cupboard from having to be totally restocked. Not to mention what several others have said about life being too short.
  8. Does anyone reading this use the official AU app to get score updates? I had this installed and it was working great, but not long after SEC play started it quit sending me Baseball score updates via push notifications. I have checked all the settings I can think of and everything looks fine, and I am getting plenty of updates on sports I don't even subscribe to. Anyone else having this issue? Does anyone know of another app that will send these (other than ESPN)?
  9. Did we ever figure out where Heron has been the majority of the 2nd half?
  10. I'm generally of the opinion that a coaching candidate's character should matter, but am not above hiring someone with somewhat of a past (i.e. Bruce Pearl). However, Title IX is not something you can touch if it's out there. The things surrounding these allegations were really bad for the victims involved, and who knows what all else will come out, plus the bad PR coming from a hire like that is not worth it. I think Nick Saban could do just about anything and get away with his reputation, but even he would be brought down by a Title IX problem. Good job by the AU administration for staying away from this altogether.
  11. I for one really hate this.. Mike is a great guy and will be missed. I think this was a really poor decision for 33/40 and their new management to do this. I hope Mike lands on his feet somewhere.
  12. Count me in with those who say this should be reserved for when Auburn does something well. I remember they had a campaign to roll our trees with crimson toilet paper after they beat us in the IB following the Updyke deal. Only one of them actually tried it, but that goes to show you their lack of class and the fact that we need to be above it.
  13. What's very telling about this is how many people believe this is the best move Rhett could have made and how little confidence there is in Gus. I tend to agree with most of that and hope this move is also a good thing for Gus to get out of his comfort zone, adapt and expand his offense and move us forward. We certainly have the personnel in place talent-wise to do so and there really won't be any excuses if we don't. The question is, with a new OC and QB how much is the AU Family going to put up with next year and what will be deemed a reasonable year and step forward.
  14. Agreed. This year there is going to be some of that with our youth, but the more we fight back the better we will get. I definitely see so much improvement in this team and love seeing the arena full of people as opposed to the 500 who went to games when I lived in AU.
  15. Horribly forced shot but Harper got lucky and drew the foul... let's tie this thing up!!