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  1. Does anyone reading this use the official AU app to get score updates? I had this installed and it was working great, but not long after SEC play started it quit sending me Baseball score updates via push notifications. I have checked all the settings I can think of and everything looks fine, and I am getting plenty of updates on sports I don't even subscribe to. Anyone else having this issue? Does anyone know of another app that will send these (other than ESPN)?
  2. Men vs. TCU - Game Thread

    Did we ever figure out where Heron has been the majority of the 2nd half?
  3. Wow. May have dodged a bullet on Kendal Briles

    I'm generally of the opinion that a coaching candidate's character should matter, but am not above hiring someone with somewhat of a past (i.e. Bruce Pearl). However, Title IX is not something you can touch if it's out there. The things surrounding these allegations were really bad for the victims involved, and who knows what all else will come out, plus the bad PR coming from a hire like that is not worth it. I think Nick Saban could do just about anything and get away with his reputation, but even he would be brought down by a Title IX problem. Good job by the AU administration for staying away from this altogether.
  4. Mike Raita Contract Not Renewed ABC 33/40

    I for one really hate this.. Mike is a great guy and will be missed. I think this was a really poor decision for 33/40 and their new management to do this. I hope Mike lands on his feet somewhere.
  5. Rolling Toomers after bammer loss

    Count me in with those who say this should be reserved for when Auburn does something well. I remember they had a campaign to roll our trees with crimson toilet paper after they beat us in the IB following the Updyke deal. Only one of them actually tried it, but that goes to show you their lack of class and the fact that we need to be above it.
  6. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    What's very telling about this is how many people believe this is the best move Rhett could have made and how little confidence there is in Gus. I tend to agree with most of that and hope this move is also a good thing for Gus to get out of his comfort zone, adapt and expand his offense and move us forward. We certainly have the personnel in place talent-wise to do so and there really won't be any excuses if we don't. The question is, with a new OC and QB how much is the AU Family going to put up with next year and what will be deemed a reasonable year and step forward.
  7. Men vs. Ole Miss - Game Thread

    Agreed. This year there is going to be some of that with our youth, but the more we fight back the better we will get. I definitely see so much improvement in this team and love seeing the arena full of people as opposed to the 500 who went to games when I lived in AU.
  8. Men vs. Ole Miss - Game Thread

    Horribly forced shot but Harper got lucky and drew the foul... let's tie this thing up!!
  9. New DB Coach discussion (Merged)

    Let's take a look at this logically. I don't know where you stand on Gus, but a lot of people are griping about him succeeding on the recruiting trail but failing to develop the talent he gets to sign. I would consider myself in that camp. I'd much rather have a decent recruiter with a resume who can DEVELOP these kids into great football players and great men rather than wave a towel around and be a cancer to the program. To me, development is the name of the game, not being able to tell these kids whatever they want to hear to get them to commit and then having a lot of transfers and underproducing players. Plus, pushing the limits is how you get yourself in trouble.
  10. Men vs. Ole Miss - Game Thread

    Purifoy out for the game.. not good. Hope he will be ok and bounce back.
  11. Men vs. Ole Miss - Game Thread

    Good first half. I hope whatever Pearl drilled into them after the Vandy game took hold and these guys can put together a full game.
  12. Jeremy Johnson, an Auburn man

    They are in the sense that they all play for Auburn and we care about them all the same as Auburn men, but if you think all these players (or coaches for that matter) love Auburn the way we do as alums/fans you are mistaken. Some of them fall in love with Auburn while they are there, but I would venture to guess a good portion of players are at whatever school they play for, not just Auburn, because they see it as their shot to the next level and nothing more. Hence all the transfers these days, and watch the player dialogue from the Last Chance U documentary as evidence of this. I agree with the statement about JJ because he had a lot of setbacks and his Auburn career didn't turn out the way he'd hoped, but he held his head up and was there for his team, displaying many of the Auburn Creed values we hold in high regard. WDE to #6!
  13. Looking on to 2017 (Merged)

    Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting the same result. I have said this several times and after tonight I will continue to say it. The relationship with Gus and Rhett is one that is not productive or allowing any development to the offense. We have these same discussions year after year. Rhett is his yes man and the play calling and lack of allowing QB's to work with specialists show just how hard headed he is. Gus needs someone to come in and challenge him to evolve rather than running the same stagnant set of plays over and over again. He needs someone to tell him that it's time to do things differently and allow the QB's exposure to different things that will help their mechanics. If he does not do this, it will just be a repeat of this year again, except that if we repeat this year all over again he will likely not have another shot and will have to change things up at his next job.
  14. Hope the AU fans are going to head to get some hand grenades and hurricanes about now. That's the best they're going to get tonight.
  15. That is a Big 10 crew sticking it to the SEC when they have an opportunity. The way this entire game has been called has had my suspicions of that but that last call makes me really believe it.