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  1. Just checked the news on The Roc. He ran for career high 409 yds last night. Yowza!
  2. We had a mini Tiger Walk in 2007 at the south end of the stadium as the team got off the bus. There were about 100 Auburn fans and some sort of Auburn arch they walked through as I recall. Then again I may have been hallucinating considering the circumstances. Mighty friendly folks in them parts. Uuuuuuuuuuugly WIN! We held Mcfadden and Jones to 85 yards total. Then Cox to Dunn for 30 yards with under a minute left and Byrum kicked a chip shot thru with twenty-five seconds to go for a 9-7 victory. Saw one of my all-time favorite AU t-shirts there. On the back it had "Welcome to Ziemba's House of Pancakes". Love it. WAR EAGLE!!
  3. Some good notes on what the scouts thought about him here: http://www.sportsline.com/nfl/players/draft/419897 He got one of the lowest scores ever on the Wonderlic (IQ) test. In the time allowed Jr. answered 32 questions and got 2 right. (Alex Smith answered all 40 and got 40 right.) I enjoyed watching him play and wish him the best of luck going the free agent route.
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