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  1. Need 2 AU-TX A&M tickets. Please email me at and put "A&M Tickets" in the subject line.
  2. Great story. Really proud to be a Tiger. If Auburn is not unique, it certainly is special. WDE
  3. Thanks. Appears we could sign 11 more max then. I appreciate your help.
  4. Does that include Golson as well? If so, 10 more we could possible sign max?
  5. With the two transfers in and the fact that everyone qualified in the 2014 class, how may can Auburn sign in next recruiting class and how many need to qualify in December? Can we now get it narrowed between 28 and 31? If 23 puts us at the 85 limit, what is the max we sign with enough attrition? Thanks.
  6. I agree about our O. Our special team is still a ?. It will be hard to find a punter who can control the ball like Steven Clark. I don't know that I've ever seen anyone who had that much control of a punt before.As for our O; I can't see them being worse than Oregon's and maybe better than FSU's There's a chance Auburn's O could be the best in the country. By season's end thay were pretty close to that last year and should be better this year, what with more good WRs. You would have to go all the way back to David Beverly (1972) to find an Auburn punter who could place the ball as well as Steven Clark.
  7. If you Goggle "Gary Waters Auburn" I think you will find one of the drivers for our academic performance in athletics. I received degrees from three different unversities and Gary Waters was the best professor I ever had. He was a great communicator, cared, and connected with his students like few others could. I think you will see this trend continuing.
  8. Can not start a new topic so posted here. I have 2 tickets for TN game. 40 to 50 yard line Section C. Will sell for face. Let me know if you are interested. Live in North Alabama. Tks.
  9. David Beverly was ahead of his time as a punter. Not sure any other Auburn punter had the NFL career David Beverly did. He has been nominated several times for Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. He still has team records while playing at Green Bay in the 1970s. He had amazing hang time and accuracy (inside the 10 and to one side of the field) for his day.
  10. Why are we asking him to grey shirt? Numbers would not appear t be an issue.
  11. Jay Jacobs gave a very respective and professional shot to the nuts of ESPN with just the facts and no commentary. Bravo
  12. District Attorney that agreed to this certainly owes on explanation. He is in jail until trial. Incremental jail days with this plea bargain is not much greater than he would serve if found not guilty at trial. Appears to me DA gave up possiblitiy for lot more jail time with little risk of servinmg less jail time. What am I missing? Financial penalties mean little to a deadbeat. A $500 judgement would bankrupt him.
  13. Great score. My daughter received the same ACT score. Much higher than I made. I am hoping she goes to Auburn where her mother and I went.
  14. My daughter is visiting colleges this summer for Fall 2013. We have done a lot of research regarding colleges and universities over the last few months. One of the things that puzzled me was that Alabama had released their average ACT scores for freshman class of 2010 (ACT 25) but not their frehman class of 2011. My wife and daughter visited Alabama on Friday. I requested they ask the question among many others as my daughter compares universities. The student guide answered that the average ACT was 22 for the freshman class of 2011. A 22 ACT is the 62 percentile for all students taking the ACT. For comparison, Auburn for the same class was 27.2. This is the 88 percentile. Alabama's enrollment has grown rapidly over the last few years but they are doing it by lowering their standards for admissions. For full disclosure, I went to a small high school 30 years ago and did not do much better than a 22 then). I am not repesenting that someone with a 22 cannot be a good college student or be very sucessful. However, when the difference in the average student is the difference between the 62 and 88 percentile, there is a big difference in the quality of student you are competing with. ACT percentile wise, Auburn is twice as close to Harvard as Alabama is to Auburn. 21 states have as high or higher average ACT than University of Alabama freshman.