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Found 1 result

  1. PLEASE READ IN ITS ENTIRETY. THERE ARE SOME CHANGES AND NEW INFORMATION YOU ALL NEED TO READ AND KNOW PRIOR TO MAKING YOUR PICKS. It’s hard to believe we are already set to pick the Bowls of the 2017 season. It’s gone by way too fast. Now, the new playoff has altered the way I’m doing the bowl season this year. This worked out pretty well last season so this is how we are going to do it again. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a PM and I’ll make notes of all the feedback for next season. This year, this is how we are going to do the bowls. We will be picking ALL bowls at one time like we always have done. With the BCS gone and the playoff beginning, we have some new bowl tie ins so this is how I’m going to score the bowls. Every bowl game is worth 5 points, with the following exceptions. The two new years’ day bowls that are NOT part of the playoff rotation (Citrus and Outback) will be worth 10 points. We have a list of bowls that are part of the playoff rotation: Those bowls are Peach, Fiesta, Cotton, Orange, Rose and Sugar. Those bowls that are NOT hosting a playoff round this year (Peach, Fiesta, Rose and Sugar) are going to be worth 15 points. The two playoff bowls (Orange and Cotton) are worth 25 points each. The college football Championship game will be worth 40 OR 30 points. NOW, READ THIS CAREFULLY. Why 30 or 40?? Well, here’s what we are going to do. In the event that you want to pick the National Champion winner in this selection, you may do so, and if you are correct you will get 40 points for that selection. BUT, if you choose to do this, YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR PICK AFTER THE TWO PLAYOFF GAMES ARE PLAYED. READ THAT AGAIN. YOU CANNOT CHANGE YOUR PICK. Once the championship matchup is set there will be another TDA Bowl thread to pick the winner of that game (and maybe a few bonus opportunities as well for the National Title game). IF you wait until that thread to pick your National Champion winner, the game will be worth 30 points instead of 40. Each player is only allowed ONE National Champion pick. You cannot pick now and then again in the next thread. Choose carefully and make your selections. If you choose to pick NOW, you may certainly still make selections for the bonus points that I may have for that game. When you make your selections, please as always list ONLY the teams you pick to win the game. No nicknames, no abbreviations, turn the CAPS lock off. DO NOT EDIT YOUR PICKS. SEND ME A PM ONLY and I WILL CHANGE IT ON THE SPREADSHEET. There will only be one player totals thread AFTER all the bowls are complete. This thread is going to lock Friday December 15 at 10 PM. The first bowls are on Saturday December 16. Troy North Texas Western Kentucky Georgia State Boise State Oregon Marshall Colorado State Middle Tennessee Arkansas State Akron Florida Atlantic Louisiana Tech SMU Temple Florida International UAB Ohio Central Michigan Wyoming Texas Tech South Florida San Diego State Army Appalachian State Toledo Fresno State Houston Utah West Virginia Duke Northern Illinois Kansas State UCLA Southern Miss Florida State Iowa Boston College Arizona Purdue Texas Missouri Virginia Navy Virginia Tech Oklahoma State Stanford TCU Washington State Michigan State Wake Forest Texas A&M North Carolina State Arizona State Kentucky Northwestern Utah State New Mexico State USC Ohio State 15 Louisville Mississippi State Iowa State Memphis Washington Penn State 15 Wisconsin Miami 15 Michigan South Carolina 10 Central Florida Auburn 10 Notre Dame LSU 10 Georgia Oklahoma 25 Alabama Clemson 25 National champion (OPTIONAL)