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  1. Just wondering -- and this is questions not criticism, because I am no expert on recruiting -- Why is Auburn accepting commitments from so many 3 star athletes so early in the recruiting period, when so many much higher regarded athletes are as yet uncommitted? Is it because the coaches feel these guys are seriously underrated? Is it because the coaches are okay with settling for lower regarded athletes, figuring they can be coached up? Are the coaches pessimistic about their ability to land top prospects? Is it because there just aren't very many top prospects out there in positions of desperate need? I'm also curious whether it ius typical for Auburn to accept so many 3 star recruits this early in the recruiting period. It does seem that, compared to some of our rivals, Auburn doesn't have so many highly regarded recruits. But I'm not sure this is a concern. I'm just looking for some insight from those of you who know much more about this aspect of Auburn football than I do. Because frankly, I find it confusing. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!