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  1. Opening TD by LSU. 7-0. Gary trying to make a mountain out of a molehill when the ball barely moved.
  2. Auburn's offensive line has not received the attention they deserve through the media but opposing coaches have certainly taken notice. You don't lead the nation in rushing from a BCS conference without having solid OL play. Coach J.B. Grimes has done a stellar job, focusing on the details and mechanics of his pupils. It started in the conditioning program and took shape once actual practice began. Raising the performance level of each individual player set the foundation for a "unit" that has improved as the season progressed. Auburn has been fortunate to avoid any major injuries up front, which has resulted in one of the best OL's in the nation. On this play Auburn has a 1st & 10 at the Missouri 13-yard line. The Tigers come out in their Wildcat set with an unbalanced line. Note that both tackles are on the right side of the formation. At the snap Nick Marshall will fake the speed-sweep to Quan Bray as Alex Kozan pulls to his right. As Nick Marshall makes the inside give to Tre Mason, Auburn now has 4 OL to the right of Reese Dismukes, overloading the left side of the Missouri defense. In frames #2 & #3, you can see Alex Kozan chipping the DE first and moving on to crush the MLB. Reese Dismukes is rerouting the DT outside away from the point of attack. Chad Slade initially doubles on the other DT and releases to the 2nd level to engage the OLB. In frame #3, Avery Young and Greg Robinson folds the left side of the Missouri line inside, creating a running lane for Tre Mason. Tre Mason now has the safety 1 on 1, cutting inside the safety on his way to the end zone. Mason breaks the tackle and powers his way into the end zone for the score. Despite Missouri having 8 in the box to start the play, Auburn still manages to overload the left side of the line to power their way in for the score.
  3. Cameron Artis-Payne has been a quality No. 2 RB in the Auburn offense this year, making the most of his 90 carries on the season. The junior-college transfer is currently averaging 6.8 yards per rush and 1/3 of his carries have resulted in a first-down or touchdown this season. He has produced 20 rushes of 10-yards or more and 6 for 20-yards or more. On this play Auburn has a 3rd & 3 at the Missouri 36-yard line. Cameron Artis-Payne checks in to spell Tre Mason. Auburn will run their read-option as Missouri counters with a run-blitz. At the snap Nick Marshall reads the DE, who is playing the perimeter, so Marshall makes the inside give to Artis-Payne. Greg Robinson and Alex Kozan folds the DT's inside, creating a huge running lane for CAP through the "C" gap. Artis-Payne bursts through the gaping hole, picking up 21-yards and an Auburn first down. On the next snap, CAP scores on a 15-yard TD run. Facing a 1st & 10 from the Mizzu 15-yard line, Auburn elects to run inside once again with Cameron Artis-Payne. It's virtually the same play but CAP runs through the "A" gap. Like the play before, the DE plays the outside keep by the quarterback, so Nick Marshall makes the inside give to Artis-Payne. With the LB playing over top, CAP elects to take the "A" gap behind Reese Dismukes. Ricardo Louis slides down from his slot position to pick up a LB, leaving CAP 1 on 1 with the safety. CAP makes an initial cut as if he is going to Ricardo's right shoulder and cuts back inside to Ricardo's left shoulder. The lateral movement pulls the safety out of position, giving CAP clear sailing to the Mizzu end zone for the score. Cameron Artis-Payne might not be as quick as Tre Mason but he has terrific lateral movement. For the season, Auburn has converted an amazing 69% of their 3rd downs of 6-yards or less, running the football. Florida State has allowed their opponent to convert 57% of their 3rd downs of 6-yards or less, running the football.
  4. Rarely this season have opponents been able to put 8 and 9 men in the box against the Auburn offense. The primary look for the Auburn offense is a 3-WR set, which is normally defended with 7 in the box and at least 1 safety playing deep because of the concern of giving up a deep pass to Sammie Coates or Ricardo Louis. Sammie Coates currently leads the nation in his ratio of pass-plays of 25-yards or more. When teams began to cheat both safeties up for run-support, Gus Malzahn would often go to a 4-WR look. This almost always resulted in a 7 on 6 match up inside the box, favoring Auburn. On this play Auburn is 2nd & 6 from their own 28-yard line. Auburn comes out in a 4-WR look with trips to the left. Missouri responds with only 6 inside the box. Auburn is still able to run the read-option with Nick Marshall and Tre Mason. At the snap, Nick Marshall reads the DE playing the perimeter option, so he makes the inside give to Tre Mason. The DE on the opposite side is also playing wide, which allows Greg Robinson to drive him further outside, opening up a huge running lane through the "B" gap for Tre Mason. This leaves a 4 on 4 match up with Auburn's remaining OL against Mizzu's interior line and 2 LB's. The LB's are late in response because of the read-option and the threat of Marshall keeping outside. The OL creases the remaining front-5, which allows Mason to pop into the secondary very quickly. Tre Mason darts for a 21-yard gain and an Auburn first down.
  5. For the season Auburn has run the ball 72.3 percent of the time and hopefully this will hold true against Florida State. Auburn has been efficient throwing the football when they want to but have struggled throwing when they have to. Nick Marshall has converted 20 of 68 third-down situations (29.4%), throwing the football this season. He has converted 15 of 32, running the football (46.8%). If Auburn finishes the game with more than 45 rush attempts, it's probably a good sign but if Marshall is called upon to throw the football more than 25 times, it's probably bad news for the Tigers. On this play Auburn faces a 3rd & goal from inside the Missouri 8-yard line. The Tigers come out in a wildcat set with an unbalanced line. The play will be a play-action pass with Marshall having 2 pass-options on the play. Ricardo Louis will run a pass pattern out in the flat from the backfield and Brandon Fulse will release off the line, running a crossing route into the end zone. At the snap Nick Marshall will play-action with Tre Mason, who is coming on a speed-sweep look. After the play-action, Marshall will roll to his right, where he will connect with Louis in the flat. Ricardo Louis hauls in the short pass and makes it to inside the 1-yard line. The play doesn't convert but it does set up a short 4th & goal, which Auburn converts on the following play for a touchdown. Auburn needs to establish the run so that Nick Marshall can throw the football, when Auburn chooses and not when the defense dictates a passing situation for the Tigers. Rhett Lashlee has valuable time to work with his starting quarterback and to work out some key passing -situations and plays for the game, when Auburn MUST throw the football. Auburn's primary game-plan will obviously be centered around the read-option but it doesn't change the fact that Marshall will be called up to convert critical 3rd down plays during the game.
  6. If Auburn is to defeat Florida State, their running game will need to be explosive against the Seminoles. Corey Grant could play a vital role against FSU, even with a limited number of offensive touches. Grant has only 65 carries for the season but he's made the most of them, averaging 10.0 yards per rush. This includes 35% of his rushes resulting in a first down along with 23 runs of 10-yards or more. Grant's ability to score on the perimeter keeps the inside running lanes open. On this play Auburn has the ball at their own 25-yard line, facing 1st &10. The Tigers will run their speed-sweep with Corey Grant, which is set up nicely by the threat of Nick Marshall keeping the ball inside. Just before the snap Grant motions into the backfield on the speed-sweep. Nick Marshall takes the snap and will ride the play for a split second, which freezes the LB's. Marshall makes the hand off to Grant after freezing the LB's, who follows behind Jay Prosch and Brandon Fulse pulling out of the backfield. Jay Prosch takes out the OLB and Fulse picks up the safety on the wide side of the field. Corey Grant makes a quick decision to cut up field, which allows him to burst into the secondary. Grant speeds down field for a 43-yard gain and an Auburn first down. The play sets up an eventual Auburn touchdown. Corey Grant enters the championship game against No. 1 ranked Florida State, averaging 9.09 yards per rush against ranked competition.
  7. Though Auburn is No. 118 nationally in pass-attempts this season, the Tigers are No. 12 in producing pass-plays of 25-yards or more this season. Auburn hits a big pass-play every 10.7 attempts and the national average is 1 every 15.1 attempts. Because Auburn possesses the nation's leading ground-game, it has created opportunities to make big plays in the passing game, especially off of play-action situations. Auburn will need to have success in this area against Florida State. On this play Auburn faces a 3rd & 7 at the Missouri 38-yard line. Auburn comes out in a 3-WR set. The play is set up to look like the fake-screen and swing-run to Corey Grant, Auburn has run several times this year. On this occasion, Nick Marshall will fake the screen and then play-action off of Corey Grant. While Marshall is going through his double-fake, Sammie Coates is running a deep-corner routes, where he beats the CB deep. The safety over top is caught looking into the backfield for Corey Grant and is unable to get back in time for coverage on Coates. Nick Marshall delivers a very accurate pass and Coates makes a full extension for the ball to score on the play. These are the types of pass-plays that have been open all year but Marshall has struggled at times on his delivery. As Nick Marshall becomes more accurate on these deep passes, the more lethal the offense will become.
  8. If Auburn is going to capture their second BCS National Championship, it will require the type of offensive production the Tigers had against Missouri in the SECCG. Tre Mason set conference records with 304-yards rushing and 46 attempts against Mizzu. The Associated Press SEC Offensive Player of the Year will be a key component, when Auburn clashes with the Seminoles. Tre Mason will enter the National Championship Game as the leading rusher in the Southeastern Conference and first-team All-SEC. On this play Auburn faces a 1st & 10 from their own 21-yard line. Auburn runs their buck-sweep to the right, pulling both guards to create a running lane on the edge for Tre Mason. Before the snap Ricardo Louis will orbit-motion over the backfield, forcing the Missouri defense to respect the possible end-around option. Jay Prosch seals the DE as Chad Slade and Alex Kozan pull right to create an alley for Tre Mason to run through. Not only must the Mizzu defense respect Louis on the end-around, they must also keep their eyes on Nick Marshall. The motions and multiple running options slows the reaction time of the Missouri defense, resulting in a 52-yard run that would set up an Auburn touchdown. The extra time before the BCSNCG, will allow FSU much needing time to prepare for the Auburn offense but consistency and execution is the key reason why Auburn has been so successful running the football this season. Regardless of how much tape FSU reviews, it will still come down to player assignment and execution.
  9. Game #13 Statistical Evaluation (SECCG-Missouri) 2013 Offensive Report Card 1) Average 6-yards per play on 1st down: 9.39 (pass) 2) Convert at least 40 pct of 3rd downs: 50.0% pct (pass) 3) Average at least 4.5 yards per rush: 7.36 YPC (pass) 4) Score on 1/3 of your offensive possessions: 52.9% (pass) 5) Keep "3 and out" series under 33%: 0.0% (pass) 6) Average 8.0 yards per pass attempt: 12.0 (pass) 7) Score above 75% in red zone: 100.0% (pass) 8) TD Red Zone above 60%: 100.0% (pass) 9) Average 30-yards per possession: 39.8 YPP (pass) 10) 40% of offensive snaps being part of a scoring drive: 57.6% (pass) 11) TD / Turnover ratio above 1.6: 8 TD’s / 2 turnovers (pass) 12) TD ratio of 1 every 17 plays: 10.6 (pass) 13) 8 impact plays: 15 (passs) 14) at least 2 big plays: 5 (pass) 15) Pass rating above 125.0: 212.6 (pass) Score: 15 of 15 (100.0%) Pass Defensive Report Card 1) Average under 6-yards per play on 1st down: 7.96 (fail) 2) Convert below 35-pct of 3rd downs: 16.7% (pass) 3) Average below 4.0 yards per rush: 6.79 YPC (fail) 4) Score below 1/3 of their possessions: 42.8% (fail) 5) Keep "3 and out" series above 33%: 28.6% (fail) 6) Average below 7.5 yards per pass attempt: 8.19 YPA (fail) 7) Score below 75% in red zone: 75.0% (fail) 8) TD Red Zone Pct below 60%: 50.0% (pass) 9) Average under 30-yards per possession: 38.1 YPP (fail) 10) Less than 40% of offensive snaps being part of a scoring drive: 47.9% (fail) 11) TD / Turnover ratio below 1.6: 4 TD’s / 1 turnover (fail) 12) TD ratio of 1 every 30 plays: 17.8 (fail) 13) Less than 8 impact plays allowed: 11 (fail) 14) No more than 2 big play allowed: 4 allowed (fail) 15) Pass rating below 125.0 allowed: 146.9 (fail) Score: 2 of 15 (13.3%) Fail Special Teams Report Card: 1) Punt Average (Above 41.3): 40.0 (pass) 3 of 3 inside the 10 2) Punt Return Defense (Below 7.8 YPR): 0.0 (pass) 3) Punt Return Offense (Above 9.8 YPR): 18.0 (pass) 4) Kick-Return Defense (Below 21.2 YPR): 14.0 (pass) 5) Kick-Return Offense (Above 22.3 YPR): 14.0 (fail) 6) PAT’s (100%): 8 of 8 (pass) 7) FG Pct (75% or above): 50.0 (1/2 point awarded) * Miss was from 57-yards Score: 5.5 of 7 (78.6%) Pass Remember the key is to pass 50.0% of the categories. War Eagle!
  10. Upon Further Review of the Southeastern Conference Championship During Auburn's last 4 conference games, the key to success in the running game has been success on 1st and 3rd downs. The Tigers have averaged 7.8 yards per play on first-down during their last 4 games, often not requiring a third-down conversion during a given possession. When it has been required, nearly half of Auburn's third-down situations have been of 4-yards or less. Auburn is 18 of 26, when facing third & 4 or less (69.2%) and only 6 of 27, when facing 5-yards or more (22.2%). Auburn entered the SECCG, gaining the most rushing yardage on first down in the country. They added an additional 323-yards against Missouri. How impressive is the Auburn running attack? The 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers averaged 385-yards per game on the ground during the last 9 games of their National Championship season. Auburn has averaged 381-yards during their last 9 games. The Auburn offense has totaled 43 plays of 30-yards or more this season, showing great balance. The Tigers have 22 on the ground and 21 through the air. During Auburn's last 4 games, 88 of their 145 snaps on first-down have gone for at least 5-yards and only 9 have gone for a loss. The Auburn offense has totaled 127 plays of 15-yards or more this season. The Tigers have 3570-yards worth of impact plays this season, averaging 28.1 yards per play. Ricardo Louis has 208-yards rushing on 18 carries this, providing the Tigers with another dangerous perimeter runner. Perhaps the key stats from the game were Auburn's 49 points scored inside the red zone to Missouri's 18 and Auburn converting 50% of their third-downs to Mizzu's 16.7%. Nick Marshall currently has a passer rating of 151.3 on third-down, including 5 TD passes to just 1 interception. During the last 9 games the Auburn offense has compiled 52 touchdown drives. Those 52 drives have consisted of 249 run plays and 71 pass plays. Despite having a season high, 10 penalties and 2 turnovers, Auburn still managed to score on 9 of their 15 possessions not counting the 2 possessions Auburn knelt to expire each half. Auburn's offense has gone "3 & out" only 19 percent of the time this season. It's only 13 percent during the last 8 games. Last season it was 33 percent for the season. Of Auburn's 51 scores inside the red zone, 42 have been touchdowns (82.3%). This includes 19 of 22 during the last 5 games (86.4%). During the last 8 games, the Auburn offense has converted 50% of their third-downs, while the opponent has converted 32 percent. During the first 5 games of the season the Auburn offense averaged 31.9 yards per possession, scoring a TD every 23.6 snaps. During the last 8 games Auburn has averaged 42.7 yards per possession, scoring a TD every 11.8 snaps. Tre Mason has been an absolute beast during the last 8 games of the season. He has averaged 151-yards rushing per game on 6.1 yards per carry along with 17 rushing TD's. For the season he is No. 3 nationally in rushing TD's. He is No. 4 nationally in rushing yardage gained on first-down. Inside the red zone, Mason is No. 1 in rushing yardage and No. 2 rushing TD's. During the post game, Coach Gus Malzahn stated this team has improved week by week and the above numbers support his statement. During the last 9 games of the season Auburn has averaged 381.7 yards rushing per game and 45.3 points per game. With an opportunistic defense that becomes stout inside the red zone, Auburn has more than enough ability to compete for another BCS National Championship against Florida State. War Eagle!
  11. SECCG - Missouri Post game Numbers & Thoughts Auburn captured their 8th SEC Championship and their 3rd during the past 10 seasons. The 3 SEC titles from 2004-2010, is the most by any SEC team. It was a close game but made much closer because of Auburn miscues during the first half. Once again Auburn was able to run against another solid defense against the run and they did so in record setting fashion. If Tre Mason isn't at least invited to New York for the Heisman ceremony, it will be a complete travesty. Mason now has 1621-yards rushing and 22 rushing TD's after the SECCG and Mark Ingram had 1542-yards and 15 rushing touchdowns the year he actually won the Heisman (2009). News broke early on Coach Gus Malzahn's new contract and Auburn's first-year coach celebrated with a 17-point victory in the SEC Championship game. His offense set SEC records with points scored, total yardage gained and rushing yardage gained. Nick Marshall had a solid game minus the fumbles, rushing for over 100-yards and having a pass-efficiency rating over 200-points. The 2013 Auburn run-offense is now the best in school history with 1 more game left to play. The 2010 run-offense had 3989-yards and 41 TD's and the 2013 version already has 4366-yards and 46 TD's. For those that doubted the focus of the this team coming into the championship game, they became betting fools. So much was made of the emotional win over Alabama and the possible let down the week after. Go back to 2010 and Auburn's emotional win over Alabama, followed by a 56-17 victory the next week against South Carolina in the conference championship. This coach staff has done an exceptional job preparing this team week after week and there should have been no doubt about the focus of the coaches and Auburn players. Regardless of how the season plays out from this point on, Auburn will always be 2013 Southeastern Conference Champions. Inside the Numbers: The Auburn offense gained 404-yards on first down, minus the kneel downs to expire both halves. By rushing for over 100-yards, Nick Marshall has now rushed for over 1000-yards on the season, needing 78 coming into the game for 1000-yards. During the last 7 games, Nick Marshall has compiled a pass-rating of 166.8, while rushing for 105-yards per game on 7.2 yards per rush. Auburn now has 4 players with over 600-yards rushing this season. Auburn set a school record with 15 individual 100-yd rushing performances this season. Since featuring the Read-option (Ole Miss game), Tre Mason and Nick Marshall have averaged 257.2 yards rushing per game on 6.3 yards per rush and 27 rushing TD's during their last 8 games together. Cassanova McKinzy led Auburn with 10 tackles on the game. For the 7th time this season, the Auburn defense held their opponent scoreless during the final period. The 2010 Auburn scoring machine was held scoreless in only 7 of 56 regulation periods. The 2013 Auburn team has been held scoreless in only 3 of 52 regulation quarters. Auburn has played over 400 games from 1981-2013. The 2013 Auburn offense became the first Auburn team during that time period to score at least 14 points in every quarter against a BCS opponent during a game. The only other time this feat was accomplished was against Ball State in 2005. Auburn is now 82-5-0, when scoring at least 14 points during the first-quarter from 1981-2013. Auburn has only been outscored during the first quarter in 2 of 13 games this season and only 2 times during the fourth quarter. Start strong and finish strong has been a signature element of this team. Auburn has averaged 381.7 yards rushing during their last 9 games. Auburn's 74 rush attempts during the game was the second most in school history. If Auburn can rush the ball at least 50 times in their bowl game, it will tie the school record for the third-most during a season with 9 such games. Auburn's 545-yards rushing is the second most in school history and the most against a BCS opponent and the most in conference play. Gus Malzahn's offense at Auburn now holds 3 of the top-4 rushing performances (school history) in conference play. The 2013 Auburn team became only the 4th team in school history to play two top-5 teams back-to-back from 1951-2013 and the only Auburn team to defeat both opponents. Auburn is now 5-1 on the season against teams ranked at the time of the game, averaging 38.7 PPG. Final Word... There are only 15 seniors on this Auburn team and many of them had a major influence on Auburn's championship season. The defensive line possessed seniors, Nosa Eguae, Dee Ford, Kenneth Carter and Craig Sanders. The defense was rounded out by seniors, Ryan Smith, Ryan White, Chris Davis and Jake Holland. Special teams was led by Cody Parkey and Steven Clark, who were exceptional this season. Jay Prosch was the only scholarship offensive player and he has been a major component of Auburn's smash-mouth offense. As Dee Ford pointed out after the game, the seniors began their Auburn journey with a SEC Championship and it ended it with another. This miraculous turnaround is the best during the modern era of college football, lifting the 2013 Auburn Tigers to perhaps the most special team in school history. They were not perfect in the win-loss column but they certainly were perfect in striving to be. The coaches and players rallied around one another during the spring and never looked back, regardless of what the fan base and media might have thought. They are finally gaining the respect of the national media and it is certainly well deserved. These young men will have a month to celebrate this conference championship but you can bet they will be prepared for their final game of the season. With Michigan State's victory over Ohio State, Auburn will face Florida State in the BCS National Championship game. For the next month, we will hear how great Florida State is and how Auburn won't have a chance for a victory. We have heard this same song all year long but it has consistently fell upon deaf ears, when it comes to Auburn's football team. This team is confident and will give the Seminoles everything they can handle and then some. This Auburn team has thrived on being down-played all season, electing to turn all the negative comments into motivation. Enjoy the ride folks and rest easy knowing there is one more fantastic finish to come! War Eagle!
  12. Does anyone know if CBS is going to stream the game on their app for iPhone Saturday? I unfortunately am in a wedding at 5:00pm on Saturday. Two people who apparently are living under a rock for scheduling this damn thing. VERY close to saying not coming and going to ATL anyway.