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  1. PLEASE READ ENTIRELY BEFORE MAKING PICKS. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE RULES WILL RESULT IN YOUR PICKS NOT COUNTING Week 12 picks. Remember to list the teams EXACTLY as I have them below. Do not change the order of the games, or abbreviate on your own. Turn off your caps lock and do NOT double space your picks. Easiest way is copy and paste the games listed below and then delete one of the teams. The only acceptable form of entry is how they are typed below. Anything different will make that selection wrong. I will not correct them. DO NOT edit your picks. Once you make the post, if you want to make a change, PM me and I’ll make the change. I enter games onto the spreadsheet throughout the week and do not go back through the thread, so if you make a change on your own, the changes will be IGNORED. PM me any changes. This thread will lock at 10 PM Friday evening. In the event that there are games on Thursday night and you don't enter your picks here until Friday, only the Thursday games will not count (provided everything else is entered correctly). So if you forget until Friday, its ok to enter picks as the Saturday games will still be counted for you. If you don’t get your picks in before the thread is locked, you may PM me your picks. I must have them in my inbox before 11AM on Saturday morning in the proper format. The results of this week’s picks will be posted on Monday Night or sometime Tuesday (we have a Monday game this week) . The games this week are worth 39 points (does not include bonus points). The tiebreaker/bonus points are worth 20 points and will be picking the COMBINED score in a selected game each week. This week’s tie breaker/bonus point game is Mississippi State at Arkansas. The tiebreaker/bonus is optional. Remember no editorials on the games, just make the picks. Take any discussion to another thread. Week 12 games are below. I need a little help here from the players: When copying/pasting your selections and deleting one of the teams, PLEASE make sure there are no spaces before or after your selection. I’ve had to correct a ton of these in recent weeks and Its taking a lot of time. Please make sure you delete any blank spaces before and after your picks. To help you understand what I’m referring too, if you highlight your pics like you are going to copy them and the blue highlight box goes past the team name, you have extra spaces in the name and those need to be removed. GAME IS NOW CLOSED TO ANY NEW PLAYERS!!! Louisiana Monroe Auburn Mercer Alabama Mississippi State Arkansas 4 UAB Florida Kentucky Georgia 4 Texas A&M Ole Miss 4 Wofford South Carolina LSU Tennessee Missouri Vanderbilt TCU Texas Tech Virginia Miami Georgia Tech Duke XX