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1/2 price deal on autographed copy of ALL In: Auburn's Run For the BCS....

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I got this link from Living Social Birmingham. You can buy a copy of the book signed by either Kodi Burns or Zac Etheridge for $19.00 It's no scam. I've bought restaurant coupons from them and they're legit. I hope the link works.



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They had this in HSV about a month ago and I posted it here for everyone then too.  I got my copy about a week later (after buying the deal), and it was perfect!  It really is a great deal if you want to add another great piece to your 2010 collection! 

I love Living Social and Groupon, and even tho I live in HSV I get the deals from several cities, because many are like this and it does not matter if you are local to that area or not!

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